Mt Sinai Baptist Church

MSMBC is a historically vibrant church located directly across the street from Fayetteville Statechoir University. MSMBC is a historically vibrant church located directly across the street from Fayetteville State University.

Our congregation offers fellowships and relationships that promote spiritual growth and wellness for all ages. Mt. Sinai is a church where everyone can be called by name and have a place to serve.

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[07/14/16]   After leaving England in 1607, John Smyth and Thomas Helwys' core beliefs went on to shape later Baptists. These beliefs were: 1) The Bible, not church tradition or religious creed, was the guide in all matters of faith and practice; 2) The church should be made up of believers only, not all people born in the local parish; and 3) The church should be governed by those believers, not by hierarchical figures like bishops.

[07/12/16]   Did you know that most Baptists trace their religious heritage to the early 17th century and have only some subtle differences with the Church of England? Baptists have an understanding of the church as, more than anything else, a community of believers.

[07/07/16]   What is the “Pentateuch?” It combines the Greek words “penta” (five) and “teuch” (scroll) and describes the first five books of the Old Testament. The word dates to about 200 AD, when Tertullian first used it in his religious writings.

[07/05/16]   The earliest handwritten translations of the Bible from Latin into English were created in 1380 by John Wycliffe and his followers the Lollards. These Bible translations were so treasured by those who possessed them, today, more than 150 copies remain in existence.

[06/30/16]   In the history of the Baptist church, it is widely believed that the Anabaptists of the 16th century were among some of its first adherents. The Anabaptists were made up of widely scattered European churches who rejected infant baptism, thus requiring re-baptism (through immersion) of its members as adults.

[06/28/16]   A 1609 letter provides the oldest record of a Baptist worship service: “This Morning exercise begynes at eight of the clocke and continueth vnto twelve of the clocke … [and] is observed in the afternowne from 2 of the clock vnto 5 or 6 of the Clocke.”

[06/23/16]   The world is full of temptation and danger, and you need to use everything available to you to help remain true to your faith. We not only offer a community of devoted believers, but also regular study of God’s word to find the strength to fight this good fight.

[06/21/16]   A Gallup poll indicates that pastors are more likely to be creationists than the American public at large. Creationists believe all things were created substantially as they now exist as detailed in Genesis 1, rather than having gradually evolved.

[06/16/16]   Between 1630 and 1638, a second group of Baptists began to emerge in England. Called "Particular Baptists," they believed Christ died to save the elect or “particular” few, and that, once a person was saved, salvation was everlasting.

[06/14/16]   Small groups for any age group are about so much more than merely studying the God's Word. They also give members an opportunity to make connections with like-minded new friends.

[06/09/16]   Did you know that the largest Baptist church in America is actually located in Texas? It is the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.

[06/07/16]   A Barna study released in August 2012 found churchgoing women are largely satisfied with their level of church involvement, with 72% saying they are engaged in meaningful ministry and 59% reporting they have substantial influence in their congregations.

[06/02/16]   One message that Baptists stress heavily is that there is a gap between humanity and God and that the only way to bridge the gap is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

[05/31/16]   The 19th century was the heyday of First Baptist Church in America, during which time it was the center of all great occasions in Rhode Island. It was also the site of the denominational split between northern and southern Baptists in 1845, when the northern Baptists refused to continue accrediting slave-owning missionaries.

[05/26/16]   Located in Norcross, Georgia, Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was organized by freed slaves in 1865. Because the early church was destroyed by fire and all records were burned in the 1920s, the exact age of the church is unknown. It was resurrected by Pastor William L. Sheals in April 1980 with 200 members and has grown to 16,000 people each Sunday.

[05/24/16]   Did you know that there are more than 5,000 Baptist church congregations in the United States, and that they boast a membership of more than 1 million members? In fact, worldwide, there are more than 42 million Baptist church members.

[05/19/16]   Did you know that the earliest Baptist churches flourished in Holland between 1609 and 1612? Although these churches were comprised of English-speaking congregants, at the time, religious toleration was much greater in Holland than in England.

[05/17/16]   The modern Baptist church emerged from the Separatist movement that developed in England around 1600. Separatists consisted of Protestant groups such as Quakers, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and Baptists who sought reform by separating from the Church of England.

[05/12/16]   While membership in a church is not a requirement for being saved, it does help you know that you are truly saved. Associating with other Christians helps with understanding the full concept of being saved and how to live a good and proper life in the grace of God.

[05/10/16]   Christians are called to spread the Word of God to all peoples and all nations. While individuals can have limited success, working in concert with the Church community means that the message of the Gospels will carry even greater impact.

[05/05/16]   Hardshell Baptists is a term that refers to extreme Calvinists who believe that every soul is inside an impenetrable shell and predestined to either heaven or hell. Very few churches with these beliefs still exist.

[05/03/16]   Prayer requests are a wonderful way for individuals to connect with their church community. Essentially, an individual in need of prayer submits a request, which is then prayed on by a volunteer group.

[04/28/16]   In planning a daily devotional practice, it's best to determine a time you can commit to every day in order to grow this into a wonderful routine. You can structure this special time with God in a variety of ways, including Bible study, prayer, and worship.

[04/26/16]   The Baptist Church rejects experiences, whether miraculous or otherwise, if they contravene the Gospel set down in the King James Bible. Baptists believe that through such false experiences, the devil works to deceive people and lead them to damnation.

[04/21/16]   When you’re part of a Baptist congregation, you’re part of more than just that church. Baptists are the largest direct lineage Christian group in the US. And it doesn’t stop there. There are more than 43 million Baptists around the world.

[04/19/16]   Did you know that today Baptists worldwide number 43 million baptized members in a community of more than 100 million people in approximately 160,000 churches? The largest recent growth has been seen in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

[04/14/16]   Did you know that the roots of the Baptist church date back more than four centuries? Indeed, early Baptists believed (as do modern ones) that worshiping and giving praise to a loving and forgiving God was the only true way to live one's life "with a heart full of love directed by faith."

[04/12/16]   There are many branches within the Baptist tradition, and practices may differ in the areas of theology, mission, and even worship. But the core of the Baptist religion is usually the same, with an emphasis on evangelicalism, baptism, and belief among its tight-knit community of believers.

[04/07/16]   When your children grow up in the nurturing environment that our church offers, it means they will be firmly grounded in their spiritual beliefs and an understanding of what they mean – the most important of which are salvation and everlasting life.

[04/05/16]   'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future' (Jeremiah 29:11).

[03/31/16]   While there are multiple associations within the Baptist Church, the largest is the Southern Baptist Associaiton with over 16 million members.

[03/29/16]   As a parent, you may be concerned about whether you’re doing enough to help your children develop a strong spiritual foundation. Finding the right church will provide you with additional resources for helping your children’s faith grow.

[03/24/16]   While Christian men may be charged with the spiritual leadership of their family, we understand that they still need support and fellowship. Consider joining a men's group to strengthen your relationship with God.

[03/22/16]   Around 1609, the first General Baptist church was established by John Smyth in Amsterdam. Some scholars believe General Baptists were at least partially influenced by contact with the Dutch Mennonite Anabaptists, who advocated religious liberty and practiced believer’s baptism.

[03/17/16]   Many important figures in the historical struggle for religious freedom were in fact Baptists. This includes John Smyth, Thomas Helwys, Edward Wightman, Leonard Busher, Roger Williams, John Clarke, Isaac Backus, and John Leland.




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