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Baptism. Thank you, Emanuel Ministry. I know the angels sing with each new soul that becomes one with Jesus Christ.

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Baptisms in Honduras
EL ENCINO, HONDURAS No matter how bleak the world situation appears, GOD is always at work and still very much in control. The Emanuel Project baptized 4 young people yesterday. The pastors doing the baptisms are fruit from the Emanuel Project years ago. The world may seem like it’s spinning out of control but God is the One controlling it all. Job 37

HONDURAS God is our Hope and Light. Thank you, Wilmer, for sharing His love with so many.

MYANMAR Brick Field near Tamu These photos were taken by Nemi In a Brick Field where these young children live and work. There are around 30 children who haven’t ever gone to school and are totally uneducated. All of them come from near Mandalay. All are Bhuddists. They will be in the brick field till April 2020. Nemi and Danyl will go to this brick field “village” three times a week to teach reading and writing. They will do this until April 2020 when they are to leave. They have been several times already taking clothes, food and supplies. We are asking anyone who has the desire to give to please consider donations for pencils, school supplies, books, clothes, food etc. I know many of my Facebook friends live in or near this area. Please help. For others, you may donate securely through our website and funds will immediately be received in Tamu for this special project. Please help give these children a chance to learn to read and write. The next 4 months may be all the chance they will ever have. Christmas blessings, Lynne

PAKISTAN Professor Asif teaching the “Sharing Jesus With Children Around The World” book which is the plan of salvation. Merry Christmas throughout the world!

HONDURAS The Emmanuel Project A song of thanksgiving. I praise God for these beautiful children and their sweet voices lifted to the Lord. To help support or learn more about this children and youth ministry in the mountains of Honduras, contact:

HONDURAS: Baptism. Thank you, Emanuel Ministry. I know the angels sing with each new soul that becomes one with Jesus Christ.

Our Charis Ministry for Women and Children in Tamu, Myanmar has 100+ pre-school students! We are one and half years old! Thank you Nemi and Daniel for your hard work. Thank you, Lord God, for your faithfulness. All these children are being taught English through Christian literature. God is amazing.

MYANMAR: Charis Ministry Nemi and Danyll teach the children a song while visiting the school.

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC: Our Day Camp is off to a great start!

I am so thankful for ALL who came today to HOW's Open House. So many blessings and so much support from so many. I am truly humbled. What an awesome God we serve. His love and faithfulness are never ending. ❤️ Lynne

One year ago I was in Tamu, Myanmar dedicating Charis Ministry for Women & Children. One year later this is Charis summer school! We now have 11 boarding students signed up for regular school season; women's sewing classes; nighttime English classes, Bible studies and prayer groups and we have adopted one child. With God, all things are possible. To Him, all glory given.

The Living Water System in Kinini Village, Kenya. Pastor Geoffrey has been using it for about one year now. His testimony . . .

A GREAT Inaugural American Warrior 5K!

Video taken at the Charis Ministry for Women and Children Inauguration. Watch to the end!

Nemi tasting the pure water of our H2O EP under patent. Saving lives through His Living Water!

The H2O Essential Provisions water system developed for His Outreach Worldwide and under patent, made its debut this week in Myanmar, the Congo and Rwanda. The villagers are so excited about 99.999999 pure drinking water! We pray it will stop a lot of dysentery and disease. Weighing under half a pound and folding up in its own carrier/bucket, I was able to pack 3 in my already full trunk! I praise God - and thank my great friend Mike for this invention to save children around the world.

Praising God in Myanmar ....

This is one of the first bands of Cyclone Roanu due to hit Myanmar tomorrow. It is over the ocean headed our way. Where we are staying is on a river where the banks are already extremely high. Many areas northwest are still struggling from last year's severe flooding.

I was blessed to be able to share my testimony at the Sister Conference today. Thank you Susanna, Rebecca, Lori, Hannah and all the others for their work. I can't wait to work with you in for Tamu next week!

Praising God! Hallelujah!

"Sharing Jesus With Children Around The World" 121 countries, 57 languages, 1,000,000 in print

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