Lighthouse Harvest Church Inc

Lighthouse Harvest Church Inc


Thank you all my church family for all your loving care today on my birthday. It meant so much to me. I have read many times that God is Love, and today I finally understood that passage. As it is always challenging for me at holidays or special days, I really wanted to forget today. Today at church- As each one of surprized me and spoke kind words to me - I felt the love from you. In turn, I could feel God's radiating and healing my broken heart. GOD IS LOVE! Thank you Lighthouse Harvest Church. Pastors Donnie R Smith and Yolanda Renee Smith
This is the information about Christy Thomas-James's sister, Karen Elaine Thomas Salazar's, furneral information: The service will be held at Addcock furneral home in spring lake. Saturday September16th at 2 pm. Please let any of the church family know if they have not already heard.

The Church is a 5013c and all deposits are documented . For your convenience Tithes or Offering can be sent to: Lighthouse Harvest Church: Cash App $Lighthouseharvest

Operating as usual

[02/20/21]   Great news; Lighthouse Harvest Church
Will be open for Service 10:30 am Sunday Morning 2/21/21 . Please remember proper precautions that needed .Pastor Smith


Saints we need to share one of our loves have gone to be with the Lord . Sis Mary passed very unexpected . Mary will always be apart of Lighthouse family and truly be missed a faithful warrior . Even with good and bad Mary knew how to touch the heart of the Lord . Through it all God is still faithful!


[01/30/21]   Lighthouse Harvest Church will only be doing Virtual service until further notice.
10:30 am Sunday Morning. Had a few people get COVID and we don’t want anyone bringing it to the church . So stay home and we will keep everyone updated . Thank you and remember Pray ye one for another! Pastor Smith


Had to share again ! What a day !!!

Awesome time of worship and the word today!! Thank you Lighthouse Harvest Church for the invitation!!! Unique By Design Conference was awesome!!!


New year service starting 10:30 PM
Churches are the exception to the stay home orders . If you don’t feel safe due to weather conditions; please join us on F/B live


Michael A. Blue

Enjoy Saints : Our Bishop Michael A. Blue

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 -Bible Study

[09/07/20]   Thanking you All for your Hard Work and Labor to make America Great !!!

[08/23/20]   Sorry Saints , Lighthouse is having data streaming issues . Pray that we get it resolved by next service . Blessing LHC


As we celebrate Memorial Day ; Always Remember Freedom Wasn’t Free.


Michael A. Blue

The faith that you have is a #RefinedFaith! You are invited to join us this evening for Prayer and the Study of the word.
Join us LIVE at:
Michael A. Blue Facebook LIVE


Thank God for our Mothers Lighthouse Harvest Church ! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers; not only today but each and every day ! Blessings to you all ! 05/06/2020


Blessings to you all on the front lines helping us to get better . Thank you ! NATIONAL NURSES DAY National Nurses Day is observed annually on May 6. On this day, we raise awareness of all nurse contributions and commitments and acknowledge the vital role nurses play in society. This day is also the first day of National Nurses Week and is sometimes known as National RN Recogn...


Sermon : God is in Control

we do not own the rights to these songs.


Light House Harvest Church ( Will Not Be having) our mid week service tonight March 25th 2020 or other mid week services until further notice.

Instructions from our governmental authorities gave guidelines gathering of 50 people or more so we are good to go but we want to limit it to Sunday Morning service only .

So please join us Sunday, March 29th 2020. Starting at 10:30 am !

Light House Harvest Church ( Will Not Be having) our mid week service tonight March , 18, 2020

7:28 pm : Just got a update approval. Instructions from our governmental authorities gave new guidelines we are good to go!!! To Have Churchhh!!!

(We Will Be Having) our Sunday Morning service on Sunday, March 22, 2020. Starting at 10:30 am !

Please join us at Lighthouse Harvest Church .

We will keep everyone updated ! If anything changes !!!! Blessings

Most of all, we will trust in the Lord!!!

[03/15/20]   LHHC IN SERVICE: Light House Harvest Church will be having its regular Sunday Morning service on Sunday, March 15, 2020. We have awaited any instructions from our governmental authorities, and the advised precautions will be observed. As has been recommended, please take personal responsibility that if you are ill, with a cold, flu symptoms, etc., that you would avoid group gatherings. If you are elderly, or care for the elderly, with pre-existing ailments, you have been advised to keep them out of large gatherings as well. If and when our state and / or county advises that there be no gatherings for a time, we will comply. Otherwise, we will continue to observe all the hygienic and other guidelines. Most of all, we will trust in the Lord to bring all of us through this health crisis with a good report: He is Jehovah-Rapha, the Lord our Great Physician. When we have done all that we can in the natural, we can rely upon Him to do the rest.


Praise Tabernacle International (OFFICIAL)


It's Church time !!! Home Coming with 3 Power Houses
1.Pastor Germel Hoffler, 2. Psalmist Minister Shontae Hill , And the one and only , the one you can't have church without!!! That's right GOD !!!!! We will see you all !!! You don't want to miss it !!!! Blessings


Living in the Black | Pastors & Purpose Part One | Marcus Benjamin

Ok Saints please watch , to better understand the roles of You and a Pastor.

October is Pastors Appreciation Month and Marcus is unveiling the connection between pastors and God’s purpose for your life. In this episodes, you will lear...


Michael A. Blue


As a believer, a churchgoer, a minister, and a listener / viewer / reader of Christian media, etc., how often have I heard a discourse that went this way:
“Our nation (or, the Church, our youth, families, the government, etc.) is in such a troublesome, ___________________ state…” (depraved, declining, immoral, impoverished – you fill in the blank), BUT! We know the answer! God said, ‘If My people that are called by My Name…’ “ (Good preaching moment!)
Usually, this would crescendo into an exhortation to prayer, and sometimes, people actually prayed.
And though most of us would admit that we don’t pray as much, as often, or as intently as we ought, there is some prayer that is taking place. Question: are these prayers, relative to the major issues facing our nation, our churches, our communities, having the level of impact that is promised? Are we seeing God, “heal our land”, or is it increasingly sickening every day? Is God faithful to His promise or not?

The crisis lies in this fact: the promise has a premise. The “healing of our land” has pre-requisites in II Chronicles 7:14, FOUR of them. We are attempting to get God’s full blessing observing only ONE of them – prayer. But before prayer (#2) is mentioned, God instructs us to(#1) humble ourselves. After mentioning prayer, He goes on to say (#3)seek His Face, and (#4)to turn from our wicked ways. He gives a four-fold directive, and often we are negligent in three of the four and a little shady on the one we do observe.

About #1 - come on: how many of us regularly confront ourselves about the subtle attitude of self-exaltation and entitlement that is so characteristic of our culture? Are we not narcissistic even in our view of ministry? “How dare you sit in my seat?” “You don’t respect my gift!” “My season in this ministry is up because they don’t know who I am!” “I don’t go where I’m tolerated, only where I’m celebrated” --- I wonder if Jesus had gotten that memo whether He would have come “to His own and His own received Him not”? “Preacher, tell me how special, unique, gifted, anointed, prophetic next-level, next-dimension, next-galaxy that I am, and I will shout, fall out, and give a generous offering!” On the other hand, “Challenge me about having a servant’s heart, that ministry (or marriage, sex, money, career) is not ‘all-about-me’ , and you may lose me. I am far less likely to shout, fall out, or give anything.”

Pride cost Lucifer his place with God and his anointing. (Ezekiel 28:14-16) Do you remember that THE sin of Sodom was not the obvious physical sexual perversion? Yes, the practices were contrary to God’s will, but the actions were predicated upon a deeper abomination, an attitude: pride. “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride…” Ezekiel 16:49.

And we have the audacity to go before the Father’s Throne, as Lucifer did, and expect / demand/ name AND claim that our prayer be answered!

In the Beatitudes, Jesus intimates that the first step in Kingdom manifestation is to be “poor in spirit” – not materially or financially poor: it means HUMILITY. Until we deal with our own pride issue, until we humble ourselves, we are not prepared for prayer. (To be continued)#Preparedforprayer


Well Said ! Help us Lord


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