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Living in the Black | Pastors & Purpose Part One | Marcus Benjamin

Ok Saints please watch , to better understand the roles of You and a Pastor.

October is Pastors Appreciation Month and Marcus is unveiling the connection between pastors and God’s purpose for your life. In this episodes, you will lear...

Michael A. Blue


As a believer, a churchgoer, a minister, and a listener / viewer / reader of Christian media, etc., how often have I heard a discourse that went this way:
“Our nation (or, the Church, our youth, families, the government, etc.) is in such a troublesome, ___________________ state…” (depraved, declining, immoral, impoverished – you fill in the blank), BUT! We know the answer! God said, ‘If My people that are called by My Name…’ “ (Good preaching moment!)
Usually, this would crescendo into an exhortation to prayer, and sometimes, people actually prayed.
And though most of us would admit that we don’t pray as much, as often, or as intently as we ought, there is some prayer that is taking place. Question: are these prayers, relative to the major issues facing our nation, our churches, our communities, having the level of impact that is promised? Are we seeing God, “heal our land”, or is it increasingly sickening every day? Is God faithful to His promise or not?

The crisis lies in this fact: the promise has a premise. The “healing of our land” has pre-requisites in II Chronicles 7:14, FOUR of them. We are attempting to get God’s full blessing observing only ONE of them – prayer. But before prayer (#2) is mentioned, God instructs us to(#1) humble ourselves. After mentioning prayer, He goes on to say (#3)seek His Face, and (#4)to turn from our wicked ways. He gives a four-fold directive, and often we are negligent in three of the four and a little shady on the one we do observe.

About #1 - come on: how many of us regularly confront ourselves about the subtle attitude of self-exaltation and entitlement that is so characteristic of our culture? Are we not narcissistic even in our view of ministry? “How dare you sit in my seat?” “You don’t respect my gift!” “My season in this ministry is up because they don’t know who I am!” “I don’t go where I’m tolerated, only where I’m celebrated” --- I wonder if Jesus had gotten that memo whether He would have come “to His own and His own received Him not”? “Preacher, tell me how special, unique, gifted, anointed, prophetic next-level, next-dimension, next-galaxy that I am, and I will shout, fall out, and give a generous offering!” On the other hand, “Challenge me about having a servant’s heart, that ministry (or marriage, sex, money, career) is not ‘all-about-me’ , and you may lose me. I am far less likely to shout, fall out, or give anything.”

Pride cost Lucifer his place with God and his anointing. (Ezekiel 28:14-16) Do you remember that THE sin of Sodom was not the obvious physical sexual perversion? Yes, the practices were contrary to God’s will, but the actions were predicated upon a deeper abomination, an attitude: pride. “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride…” Ezekiel 16:49.

And we have the audacity to go before the Father’s Throne, as Lucifer did, and expect / demand/ name AND claim that our prayer be answered!

In the Beatitudes, Jesus intimates that the first step in Kingdom manifestation is to be “poor in spirit” – not materially or financially poor: it means HUMILITY. Until we deal with our own pride issue, until we humble ourselves, we are not prepared for prayer. (To be continued)#Preparedforprayer

Well Said ! Help us Lord

[05/08/19]   Greetings; we will not be having service on 5/8/19 at the Lighthouse ; please come and support our Pastor and church body we will be serving at Outreach for Jesus (Pastor Batts) on 5/9/19 . Our Pastor will be Ministering as well as praise and worship by Lighthouse Praise team . Invite someone to come and be a part !
Outreach for Jesus 29th Church Anniversary.
Location: 3320 Teakwood Dr. HopeMills, NC 28344
Service Date/Time : 5/9/19 at 7pm
See you soon !

[04/25/19]   I wanted to say thanks to Zaxbys on Walter Reed Road , on Tuesday April 23rd ..Zaxbys Sponsored The Lighthouse Harvest Church as we have adopted 4 teachers at Cumberland Road Elementary and we are trying to raise funds to support these teachers in our community..We have been doing this quarterly..Zaxbys truly was a blessing. Thank you and those of your staff and the leadership . Thanks to all that came out and supported this very important cause , and it is very much appreciated by our teachers ! Thanks to our church family and support. Blessings to everyone Pastor Donnie Smith

Powerful Word ; you don’t want to miss the word flowing from these vessels! My God

We have to Reschedule event due to rain!!

On Point with Pastor Greg Locke

Pastor Donnie Smith approve this message

I am literally spitting mad in this video. This is disgusting New York. What is happening in America is unbelievable and it's time somebody says what needs to be said. BRACE YOURSELF. This is straight and I WILL NOT apologize.

[01/06/19]   Pastor Donnie Smith will be preaching at
Powerhouse of Love & Faith
4919 Murchison Road
Fayetteville NC 28311
Today- January 6 2019
Service Time 4:00 pm
Sermon Title : Rejected by man, but approved by God .

[01/06/19]   It’s the 1st Sunday into a new year and someone made a resolution . I’m not doing that this year ; but you find yourself use the statement you used in 2018 . That statement is used in our sermon today : Oops I Did It Again .
Lighthouse Harvest Church 1069 Southern Ave . Fayetteville NC 28306 service 10:30am
Come and be a part of the year of Access
(Rev 3:20)

[01/04/19]   Pastor Donnie Smith will be preaching at :
Live By Faith Outreach Ministries
5329 Ramsey Street Suite 19.
Tonight - January 4 2019
Service Time 7:30 pm
Sermon Title : No More Free Rides
God Bless!!

[01/02/19]   Lighthouse Harvest will not be conducting service:
Wednesday Jan 2 2019
Due to schedule Engagements .
We will see you Sunday 6 2019
Service time 10:30am
Please pass the word . God Bless

New Vision Ministries

Blessings Saints if you are in the area show some love and support this great man and woman of God !!! Pastoral Celebration !!! Chosen 2018

[10/20/18]   Just thinking. We make all kind of excuses ; feel as if he's not important ; even put him in last place in our life . But yet we can go to the mall ; the store ; the beach ; concerts; ball games; you name it and we can find the smallest reason not to seek him ; The lord has heal people ; fixed relationship; even help us come through things most people would had quit on life . Help us love people we didn't even want to forgive . What would we be like if he would treat us the way we have treated the lord . We really need to get our priorities in line . God has been good to us saints . Let's quit asking him to help - and you not there to receive it . Just have him on my heart !!! God!!! We really do need you in our life. Pastor

[10/12/18]   Saints ; with all the flooding and devastation; continue to stay in prayer! At times of uncertainty and loss people need to look unto the Lord ! It's not a time to be mad or let angry control what we can't change ! But his word tells us I will never leave or forsake you ! Know the Lord is with us in the storm!

Hi wanted to Invite everyone to come out and support one of the greatest preachers I know and love . Today 10/7/18 Sunday morning 10:30 AM at Lighthouse harvest church 1069 Southern Ave Fay 28306 . Blessing

[09/15/18]   Praying everyone is ok , with down trees some building even some have lost their life . Pleas keep you fellow man in prayer ; reach out to one another and check on people , family and friends . Our prayers go out to you all . Thanking the Lord for covering us under his blood ! We will not be having church Sunday ; it’s time for recovery. Blessings to you and may God grace carry you through . Pastor Donnie

Blessings Saints

We celebrate America’s independence each year, with parades and gatherings, in recognition of the birth of our nation. In the American holiday calendar, there is no day more significant to who we are, as a nation, than the Fourth of July. For many, Independence Day is a reminder of the value of our freedom.

Almost all of us are from immigrant families in this country, who were afforded an opportunity to advance our lives. This freedom is what makes us a truly great nation. I hope everyone, will appreciate the value of freedom and civility towards those in our society that are different. Let’s celebrate our country as a great nation and melting pot!

No matter how we choose to celebrate, I think we can all agree that this holiday means more than festivities and parades. I hope you take a moment to reflect on the history of our independence the price that has been paid ! Enjoy the freedom we know today. Blessings to you all Pastor Donnie Smith

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Free Conference: Unique By Design 7/21/18

Pastor Appreciation

[03/04/18]   I wanted to say thank you for everyone that came out to our 31st year Anniversary . We had a great time in The Lord . We had group called : The Tylers and they truly blessed us. To all the great saints of the Lighthouse Harvest Church thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice you had to make ; to make this possible. We wouldn't been able to do it without your dedication to The Lord . I love you very much . To those that were not able to make it , I hope you will come by and be apart of where God is taking us . God bless you all Pastor Donnie Smith.

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