Blessed Family of God

Blessed Family of God Church better known as B.F.O.G is an ALL inclusive ministry that embodies and welcomes ALL races and sexualities to worship!!!

Operating as usual

***Attention: One year from today (7/4/19), E. Winston and I will renew our vows (7/4/20), but THERE"S A CATCH....we want to share the event with other couples. We want to make it an event to celebrate the love of many rather than just us. Soooooooo, if you are an unmarried couple who would like to get married or a married couple who would like to renew your vows, then please touch base with me and we will discuss this GROUP WEDDING plan. The deadline to put in for your participation will be September 1st.

Hour of Power

Hour of Power (pre-recorded) with Asst. Pastor Roni Winston

Hour of Power (pre-recorded)

[03/11/19]   Hour of Power returning to a LIVE near you!

[03/04/19]   Unfortunately, there will be no Hour of Power tonight, BUT there will be a late show Thursday. Hope to see you then!
Evangelist Roni Winston

Blessed Family of God

Game night for God's people

[11/05/18]   Good evening, family and friend,
Minister Roni Winston is exhausted. Love and light to each of you!

Family, for those who are not traveling to Garner tonight, please don't forget that we have BFOG game night!!!! Looking forward to seeing you there! 7:00 pm @ 1905 Gillespie Street

[10/01/18]   Hour of Power family: It is Minister Winston's son's last night in town. She is taking a family day. She loves you and will be back next week. Be bleesed!

Blessed Family of God

Join us

Please join us as we celebrate and birth the expansion of who God is in us!

[07/11/18]   Per Deborah Arosemena

Good morning everyone,
Don't forget we are taking orders for our plate sales for Friday the 13th at 11am, rib/ chicken, baked beans, potato salad and greenbeans at $7 a plate.

You can send myself or Tondra Sanders-Cook your order and pick up at the church....

There will also be another plate sale on Friday the 20th at 11am at the church again.

Thank you :)

Please join me at one or both of these upcoming events. Be my special guest. See you there!

Apostle Dr. D. Phils Montgomery

Situations and circumstances make take advantage of you but God will take care of you.

Always remember that God knew before you were aware and He has a plan. Don't become angry, upset or resentful. There s purpose in every thing you encounter. Be at peace! Release it! God will bless it!


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Join us!

[02/25/18]   We, the Blessed Family of God Church would like to thank each and every individual, church and/or minister that came out this weekend to support and celebrate with us in our 6th Church Anniversary. We are so grateful for Bishop Vivian Murphy Hutcheson and APCH family, Shepherd Samuel Williams and NewBornfellowship OfPraise, Pastor Judson Medlin-Fraley and RLM for their endless love and devotion.

Secondly, we salute the rising ministry soldiers for their successful completion of their ministerial classes. Roni Winston, Ericka Winston, Tondra Cook, Torrie L Coats, and Deborah Arosemena.

Lastly, we humbly express our congratulations to the rising ministerial offices of Pastor, Elder and Evangelist: Martella Preston, Lydia Febo-Preston, Mary Collins, and Roni Winston.

You have the FULL support and blessing of your Apostle.

-Do the work!

+Derrick Montgomery

We're so excited about having you celebrate with us! Come on by. We have a seat for you.

Blessed Family of God's cover photo

Everyday we rise to send our children to school, hoping for a brighter future for them. It's a sad day when our thoughts in the morning are,"Will my child be safe at school?" This is a global problem that requires global attention. We must engage our kids and our neighbors kids. We must increase our support and patience with each other. These incidents are more frequent than ever and it will take the "Village" to overcome it.
Our prayers of strength and comfort are extended to the families and friends of those impacted by such a tragedy.
#wepray4u #unity #nomoreprejudice #thevillagecallsus

[01/21/18]   We are approaching 6 years of togetherness and our Pastor 9 years of serving our local community.
-Nobody told us, the road would be easy but WE don't believe, HE brought US this far to leave US!!!!!

[12/31/17]   Our last worship service of the 2017 year. Wow!!!! It's by Gods grace alone that we are fortunate to celebrate together as one. Join us this morning at 10:30am as we close out our Worship Experience of 2017!
1905 Gillespie st
Fayetteville,NC 28306

From our home to yours!

Apostle D. Phils Montgomery

Make this your declaration:

There is nothing in this day that can consume your Joy! Joy has overtaken me and won't let me go!!

Apostle D. Phils Montgomery

Let me share a little wisdom!
If you are a Spiritual Leader and your sheep are out of order, mad at you and/or handling you wrongly. You do NOT have authority to argue your point. You do Not have permission in Holiness to pick up the attitude they possess. You are the parent of them. Children get mad and disobey parents all the time but you still must hold your peace and let brotherly love continue.
You cannot serve effectively throwing temper tantrums and play tick for tack. Cry your tears and keep holding on.
Don't let the wrath of God have to deal with them and you. LEAD them, don't Follow.


Apostle D. Phils Montgomery

I beseech you by the mercies of God to pull up your camera, think about what troubles you, then say: ANYTHING can happen in here!
Oh there's power in reminding yourself who maintains the resolve.


Apostle D. Phils Montgomery

If it wasn't for the challenge, there'd be no need for the press. You just got help to become stronger!!!!! It's working!

Apostle Dr. D. Phils Montgomery

Bulls are a representation of strength biblically. -Proverbs 14:4
We find that God is even compared to one in Numbers 23:22.

Message: Simply in Numbers, but if you missed it, here it is: In everything you do, do it in the strength of God for if God be for you... It's more than the whole world against you. If a wicked prophet (Balaam) called it so, then WE who profess HIM and OBTAIN Him in our hearts, can and will exemplify it.. Not tomorrow, NOW!
The strength of God is rising in You even as the fresh wind is flowing around you. Inhale POWER and allow it to take root in your belly.


Apostle D. Phils Montgomery

Don't forfeit your longevity for a popcorn experience.

The thought of long term commitment is waxing cold. Impatience is becoming the new patience. Self righteous behavior is becoming the new righteousness. High mindedness is becoming the new humility. Process, endurance, honor and respect is quickly fading with the spirit of opportunistic practices taking over. This isn't something new but it started with low self commitment and follow thru of oneself. Once taken root spread into popcorn relationships on all levels. Ending in a spirit of division and setting up of many kingdoms. This isn't new, Israel whom is considered Gods heart found themselves often times growing weary in well doing. Thus resulting in establishing tangible infrastructures that would give them a sense of purpose and immeasurable peace. This never worked for them and found themselves repenting and suffering in measures that could've been avoided IF they'd only kept busy in the Lords work.
This even took place in heaven when Lucifer and his band of about 66,000 angels thought they'd take over Heaven because they could do it better and could govern best. Even in that quantity God remained victorious and Lucifer with his followers were kicked out of heaven, never to experience that quality of life again.
They forgot that The Father is at the center of it All.

In closing, I know it's challenging and pulls on your humanity to allow yourself to endure and outlive the struggle but don't allow your present mortal self to corrupt everything you've worked so hard, with the Lords help, to accomplish. Stand against this spirit of Jezebel that is working to dismantle Gods throne and faith. The Bible speaks of a great falling away but it NEVER said YOU had to be one of the fallen. Wipe your face and remember what got you to your now and draw strength from the fact you outlived it then and you'll outlive the now in Jesus name.


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Hour of Power
Hour of Power (pre-recorded)




1905 Gillespie St
Fayetteville, NC

General information

Are you interested in God but tired of being pushed out because you are different. Have you felt pushed out because you are gay, because of being divorce, because of your race or the race of who you are with, or for being disabled,? Do you believe in helping the community but not want to be pushed into a box? If so, you may want to check us out. We are an inclusive Christ-centered, Bible-based church that believes in Jesus, there is no prejudice or discrimination. We were founded as a Bible study outreach to the gay community and, while we still have a major focus on welcoming gay people into God's family, have grown into an all-inclusive church. We are a church where it doesn't matter if you are black, white, Native American, Asian, Hispanic. We are a spiritual family where it doesn't matter if you are married, single, or divorce. We are a church home where gay couples and straight couples are welcome. We are working to make things better for the disabled, the poor, and the homeless because that is what Jesus would do. We are a "come as you are" church where most people come in jeans and t-shirts, and no-one will judge you for your clothes or how you dress. We have services Sundays at 10:30 AM, choir practice on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, and bible study at 7:30 PM at 829 Gillespie Street. We also offer a choir, and programs for the homeless, folks overcoming addiction, and folks feeling pushed out for their sexual or gender orientation.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 19:30 - 20:30
Sunday 10:30 - 12:30
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