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Snyder’s theme song is “There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in this Place." Come share the spirit of God as He moves in our lives.

Mission: To grow in our faith, love and service to Jesus Christ

Operating as usual

A Season of...Giving Back

Live @ 5: Join Giles Blankenship as he encourages us to move from a season of uncertainty to a season of thanks and giving back.

Pastor's Perspective 11-03-2020 | Snyder MBC The most recent unrest in the heart of Philadelphia has caused me to reflect on a book I read just a few months ago during my annual two week vacation. Actually, I’ve been reflecting on that book ever since I read it. Even more so now with our national election this week. From the introduction o ....

11:00 Worship Service

"Hero or Homewrecker?" (1 November 2020)

Don't forget!!!

God’s Wireless Plan Prayer, unlimited, time with us, be still, I am God

Want to give back during Thanksgiving! Join us as we pack for our local food banks. Choose one of the time shifts.We will also celebrate 25 years of Operation Inasmuch! Click her to register

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Today's LIVE @ FIVE is brought to you by Richard Suggs as he shares about Waiting and Hoping!

Pastor's Perspective 10-27-2020 | Snyder MBC Based on my conversations in recent weeks, folks are increasingly anxious about the election. I share many of their concerns for our country and its future. At the same time, I have chosen not to worry. Chip Ingram, CEO and Teaching Pastor of Living on the Edge, published An Open Letter to Chris ...

11:00 Worship Service

The Peacemaker (25 October 2020)

Can't wait for you to hear this beautiful music at our 11am worship this morning!

Would love to see you there!

Today's Live at 5 is brought to you by Jon Nahlen, our new Minister to Students. Jon shares about one of the questions he has received from our youth.

Pastor's Perspective 10-20-2020 | Snyder MBC I have had opportunity to meet many of you but in case we have not talked yet, my name is Jon Nahlen. However, if that’s confusing, I also answer to Jon the younger, Jon the bearded one, big Jon, PJ, Pastor Alex (I don’t know either), or Second Jon. As we continue to get the name thing figured o...

Tonight was the finals of the Masked Singer! Shark vs. Mr. Potato Head! And the winner was....Mr. Potato Head...sorry Lisa Orr (Shark)...And congratulations to the winner..Mr. Potato Head...aka...Jon Nahlen!

11:00 Worship Service

Faith Under Fire (18 October 2020)

Burden of Proof Burden of proof, Galileo, scientific truth, we are the proof, God’s love

Live @ 5

Where's your "Goldilocks Zone"?

Pastor's Perspective 10-13-2020 | Snyder MBC Though I usually try to focus on one main thought in this column, I need to communicate with you about several things on my mind this week. I know some of you are anxious to start meeting again in person for Sunday School on Sunday mornings. We’re just not there yet. We have only recently ramped ....

I know you've been waiting for the results! The Masked Singer tonight...Mr. Potato Head and the Dancing Hippo! Yep, Mr. Potato Head won...sorry Bruce Herrmann! Next week is the finals...The Shark vs. Mr. Potato Head!

A Picture of God's Grace (11 October 2020)

A Study From The Book Of Joshua 2:1-15

11:00 Worship Service

A Picture of God's Grace (11 October 2020)

9:00 Worship Service

A Picture of God's Grace (11 October 2020)

So Many Moments Moments, God can do all things, God walks with us, faithful, His presence

Live at 5 is brought by Susie Reeder

Susie shares about the Good Samaritan parable...loving your neighbor.

Pastor's Perspective 10-06-2020 | Snyder MBC To say COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and that things are less than ideal would be a huge understatement. I mentioned a couple of Sundays ago that our daughter-in-law in California has decided to homeschool her oldest two… with a wide open 2-year-old loose in “the classroom.” Their father is...

More pics from tonight’s FAM WHAM!

Our youth choir started back tonight socially distancing in the Sanctuary!

FAM WHAM started tonight with the Masked Singer. The Shark won tonight! FAM WHAM stands foe Families worshipping Him through Arts and Missions. Families are social distanced by sitting at tables.

11:00 Worship Service

The Right Man for the Job (4 October 2020)

Encourage Someone Today! Hope, discouragement, encouragement, sacrifice of praise, satan

Live at 5!

John Cook brings our Live at 5 devotion today on "What is more important!"

Pastor's Perspective 09-29-2020 | Snyder MBC One of the things I try to do when I take vacation is “unplug.” From work. From email. Even from the news. For one reason, I need to give my undivided time and attention to the family members with whom I am spending my vacation. My time with them nowadays is limited. For another, I just need a m...

Children's Ministry Block Party

September 2020

September 2020


David Clark, resident lighting guru at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, is leading a Lighting Master Class this Wednesday (9/30) from 4:30 - 6 in the Fellowship Hall. This particular session will cover introductory level concepts and a basic understanding of Snyder's lighting control systems.

Contact David at [email protected] if interested in this or future opportunities.

Snyder's Worship Tech ministry is also recruiting camera operators; sound, lyric, and video technicians; as well as cable plugger-inners and pulpit mover-uppers and -downers. Contact Todd Coates at [email protected] if you would be willing to help lead worship here at Snyder in one or more of these capacities.

Snyder's Worship Tech ministry is comprised of volunteers operating at all skill levels, and it's been neat to see experienced old-timers come alongside beginners to lead, teach, and show the significance of how every little part helps point the Church to Jesus.

If this is a ministry area that is compelling to you, or which may be to someone you know, we hope that you'll reach out. We'd love to hear from you as our tech ministry continues to grow in both live- and studio-produced applications.

Welcome to Snyder!

If you’re new to Fayetteville or looking for a church to connect with we’d like to meet you. Please join us next Sunday or connect with us online. Let us know how we can be praying for you and your family. is a great place to start.

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A Season of...Giving Back
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11:00 Worship Service
11:00 Worship Service
Live @ 5
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Live at 5 is brought by Susie Reeder
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General information

Here at Snyder Memorial we’re big on worship, family, spiritual growth and missions. Snyder has always been an adventuresome church, trying out new things while holding on to traditional values. We know different people have different tastes so we offer choices in worship styles. We also know that people learn in different ways so we provide a variety of spiritual growth opportunities. A family to us may be one person or it may be eight! Regardless, we have a variety to offer every age group. We’ve learned our folks like first hand mission experiences so you’ll be hearing a lot about mission opportunities at home and abroad.

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 17:00
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