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Produce and Perishables Distribution- setting up now! Come and join. Distribution begins at 8:30 am!
THANK YOU to the faith family of LBC for all of your expressions of appreciation today in recognition of my 15th anniversary with you. I am so thankful for the ministry that we have shared together in this place. May we continue to seek to be His children. Loving Him and Loving Others!
Looking forward to sharing Produce & Perishables this Saturday!
Praying for you my former church during this time of Hurricane Florence. Stay dry! - Dr. Ed Lycett
Please stay safe!
Here's a condensed version of the highlight video from our group's ROAD TRIP to SEESALT! Watch carefully and you will see members of our group throughout the video. Thanks again to Bill and Kathy Cox and all of the SEESALT staff for an incredible week with our GREAT GOD!
The spagetti is smelling good! If you haven't already planned on being here tonight at 6:00, you need to reconsider! 😋 #yum #greatcause #waterstep
Keenagers Thursday April 4th at 10:00, Jungle Jenn is our guest speaker. Please come and enjoy.
Let us join in praying for all of the students and families at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. And please pray that those who are considering similar acts in other communities will realize that they need help and that they will share that with someone who can intervene. God help us all.
Mother's Light. My mother passed several days before Easter two years ago. On that Easter morning, I stayed at the house and with thoughts of her, I sat in her as she did every morning sipping coffee and watching the birds underneath the dogwood tree I had planted for her fews ago. Suddenly the lawn lamp began to flicker. It shown so brightly. I was confused. The lamp only came on after sunset with darkness approaching. Then this wonderful feeling flowed through me as I thought, that's Mother's Light. It was like she was telling me that she was still connected to me. The Light seemed so pure like the Light of the Divine. I wanted to share this with the church because she loved Lafayette Baptist Church and its people with all her heart. Stefan Duncan for my Mother Betty Ward.
My mother, Betty Ward who loved this church and people with all her heart. Mother's Light. Several days after my Mother's passing on Easter morning, I sat in her rocking chair she sat in each morning to sip her coffee and look at the birds under the Dogwood Tree I had planted her years ago. Suddenly, the lawn light flickers on. It is morning with a brightening day. This lawn light is to come on after sunset when night is falling. Luckily, I had my phone with me and took this photo. When I have those moments of really missing her, I pull the photo up. content://C:/Users/Stefan/OneDrive/Pictures/mother's%20light1.jpg

Changing Lives... Building Community... Living With Purpose LaFayette Baptist Church, a body of believers in Christ, seeks to glorify God through worshiping Him and equipping and nurturing His followers according to biblical principles in order to evangelize and meet the needs of our community and the world.

Mission: The following ten statements reflect a six month intensive effort to clarify the foundational values of our church. While this is not an exhaustive list of our beliefs or values, they do represent some of the things we hold dear as a congregation. Below each statement is a brief explanation that is designed to provide additional information to aid in understanding some of the background and thinking that went into the formation of the statement. You will also notice that each statement follows a similar format emphasizing an essential value that is important to us and a corresponding responsibility which we are called to fulfill. It is hoped that all members will work to embrace these values as their own by fulfilling each of the identified responsibilities. Statement #1 Because being reconciled with God is essential, we are responsible for accepting Christ’s forgiveness of our sins and following His leadership in our lives. Being reconciled with God - This highlights the central need of the human race. According to the Scriptures, all humanity is estranged from God because of sin. Unless that estrangement is corrected, people will forever be separated from God without hope and without life. Accepting Christ’s forgiveness of our sins - This is the first part of being reconciled to God. All people must come to the understanding that no effort on their part can break their estrangement from God. Spiritual transformation is not a matter of beginning good deeds or stopping bad ones. Instead reconciliation comes when a person by faith accepts the free offer of forgiveness made possible by Jesus’ death on the cross. Following His leadership in our lives - This the second part of being reconciled to God. Not only is it necessary to accept Christ’s offer to forgive our sins, but it is also necessary for people to accept Christ’s leadership in their lives. This is known as receiving Christ as Lord. We give as much as we know of ourselves to as much as we know about Jesus. Throughout life believers will discover additional aspects of following Him, but at the beginning, there is the need to make a serious commitment to being an authentic Christ-follower. Statement #2 Because life-long spiritual growth is essential, we are responsible for developing and demonstrating an intimate relationship with Christ. Life long - Developing as a disciple of Jesus is a never-ending process. Though we do not earn salvation, we are challenged in the Scripture to be conformed to the image of Christ. For as long as we live, we are to continue in the process of spiritual development. Spiritual growth - This is another way of referring to Christian discipleship. It is a reminder of the fact that all followers of Jesus are called to grow in their understanding of what it means to know Jesus and apply His teachings to their lives. Developing and demonstrating - As has already been stated, spiritual growth is a process that is never fully complete. We should always be striving to grow in our relationship with Christ. If this process is going well, the believer will express his or her spiritual development in outward actions both in terms of Christian ethics as well as in acts of service. An intimate relationship with Christ - This is the goal of spiritual growth. Believers should strive to have such a relationship with Christ that He is able to express His character and ministry through them. The more this happens, the more effective they will be in living the Christian life and impacting the world around them. Statement #3 Because embracing God’s truth is essential, we are responsible for studying the Bible, interpreting it by the criterion of Jesus Christ, and applying it to our lives. God’s truth - There are many conflicting claims to truth in our world. We hold to the belief that God’s truth is needed the most. We also believe that the Scripture is the record of God’s revealing Himself and His will to us and ultimately pointing us to the living truth - Jesus Christ. Study the Bible - In order to know God’s truth, we must study the Scriptures. Such a study is more than merely understanding concepts and memorizing verses. Through the study of the Scriptures we are brought into a life-changing encounter with God, who takes the truth found in the Scripture and uses it to call forth from us a deepening of our understanding of Him and commitment to Him. Criterion of Jesus Christ - We believe that the primary purpose of the Bible is to reveal Jesus Christ - the living word of God. The Old Testament points to Him. The gospels tell the story of His life, ministry, death, and resurrection. The rest of the New Testament shows His ongoing work through the early church and its leaders. As a result, no Scripture passage can properly be understood without taking Christ into consideration. Applying it to our lives - This is the goal of Bible study. It is not enough merely to gain biblical knowledge. Ultimately, that knowledge is designed to move believers to action. Changes in behavior and attitude are a part of serious application. Understanding this principle moves the believer from merely believing the Bible to using the Bible as a guide for living. Statement #4 Because humanity’s need for God is essential, we are responsible along with all believers for representing Christ to the world. Humanity’s need for God - We believe that all persons -- regardless of race, nationality, or spiritual heritage are in need of a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. While we do not want to discount the sociological value of the religions of the world in shaping morals and providing a sense of direction, we do want to acknowledge their limitations in terms of eternal salvation. In accordance with the teachings of Jesus, only those who commit themselves to Him as Lord and Savior are forgiven of their sins and guaranteed a home in heaven. Those who do not choose to receive Christ in this way are forever separated from God. Along with all believers - The task of telling others the good news of salvation in Christ is not ours alone. All believers in all denominations throughout the world share a common commitment to this responsibility. Therefore, we want to be as broad as possible in our willingness to partner with others in the spreading of the gospel message. Because of the world’s great need for Christ, we cannot afford to be to let secondary matters make us isolationists. Representing Christ to the world - This is the primary means of communicating the gospel to others. We must show them who Jesus is both through our actions and our words. By following His evangelistic pattern, we will demonstrate an authentic and compelling witness to the world of who Christ is, why they need Him, and how they can receive eternal life. Statement #5 Because the need to deal with God directly is essential, we are responsible for creating an environment where people can seek God. Deal with God directly - We believe that salvation is a personal matter. As such, each person is able to deal with the Lord without the assistance of a human mediator. Persons can pray to God directly, confess their sins directly, and experience salvation directly. Though clergy or other church leaders are often helpful in the process of making a connection with God, their involvement is not required or necessary. Creating an environment - One of the things believers can do to assist those who are seeking God is to provide a safe atmosphere in which they can conduct their spiritual quest. This means that no efforts are made to manipulate decisions or to force people to move beyond where they are in their journey. Patience and acceptance are vital to the creation of such a non-threatening environment. Seek God - This is the purpose behind creating a safe environment. There is no attempt to reduce our message to make it more palatable. However, we do want to remove any human-based roadblocks that might hinder a person during the seeking process. We also recognize that this seeking process is one that is initiated by God. For it is God who plants spiritual interest in people’s hearts causing them to look to Him for the ultimate answer for their needs. Statement #6 Because serving God is essential, we are responsible for using our individual gifts in ministry. Serving God - All believers are called to ministry. It is an expression of their devotion to Him. The primary expression of serving God is seen in our willingness to serve others as Jesus modeled for us during His ministry. Individual gifts in ministry - Each believer has been given gifts or abilities for ministry. Actually, spiritual gifts are a manifestation of the work of Christ through believers’ lives. This is true of all believers regardless of gender, age, or amount of Christian experience. The purpose of these gifts is to strengthen the body of Christ so that its members may minister more effectively to one another and to those outside the body. In addition, we believe that both men and women can serve as deacons and pastors if God has called them and gifted them for these areas of service. Statement #7 Because declaring God’s worth is essential, we are responsible for worshiping authentically both corporately and individually. Declaring God’s worth - Worship literally means to declare the worth of God. Therefore, the focus of worship is centered on God, not on the worshiper. The goal is to honor God by proclaiming His truth, praising Him for His character and deeds, and calling forth new commitments of faithfulness and devotion from His people. All believers need such worship as a regular part of their lives. Worshiping authentically - It is understood that there is a difference between participating in an experience called worship and actually worshiping. Authentic worship moves beyond mere attendance to an active engagement with God through the worship experience. In authentic worship, the worshiper will often experience conviction of sin, which leads to confession and forgiveness. In addition, authentic worship should result in a deeper commitment to fulfilling God’s purposes in the world. Such an authentic worship experience can occur in many styles. The key is the genuineness of the worshiper and the actual encounter with God in worship. Both corporately and individually - These are the two arenas in which worship needs to take place. Corporately, believers need to unite with other believers in times of shared worship. These joint experiences strengthen the body’s collective spirit as we seek to carry out His mission in the world. In addition to these corporate experiences, believers also need times of private worship where they draw close to the Lord through prayer, Bible study, meditation, and other forms of personal sharing. Statement #8 Because congregational unity is essential, we are responsible for respecting and supporting each other and resolving conflict in a Christ-like manner. Congregational unity - A sense of oneness is a critical ingredient in congregational health. It enables a church to move forward in an unhindered fashion in its attempts to follow the Lord and carry out His mission. Unity like this does not mean uniformity in ideas or beliefs. Rather there is a willingness to rise above differences for the common good based on our shared commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord. Respecting and supporting each other - Respect is vital to congregational unity. Showing respect means that we value each member of the body and their unique contribution to it. It also means that we are willing to see things from another person’s perspective and value that person even if we disagree with them. Unity also is strengthened when members link their lives with one another in ministry and care. Support like this bonds people’s hearts together so that they can face any challenge and remain united. Resolving conflict in a Christ-like manner - Conflict is merely the presence of differences. Conflict as such is not bad. It’s how conflict is handled that determines whether it will result in a stronger bond or a fractured fellowship. Therefore, when conflict arises, church members need to deal with their differences in a way that reflects the character and actions of Christ. The goal is reconciliation and the strengthening of relationships, not winning a particular discussion. When conflict is resolved in this manner, the church’s unity is preserved and its witness empowered. Statement #9 Because local church freedom is essential, we are responsible for following God’s leadership in all our decisions. Local church freedom - As a Baptist church, we are an autonomous local church which has the freedom to follow the Lord’s leading as we understand it. Though we are affiliated with various ministry groups, we can act independently from them based on the convictions of our own hearts. We are also free to partner with any Christ-following group which affirms our values in the shared effort to fulfill the mission of our church. Following God’s leadership - We have a congregational form of church government. This allows each member the opportunity to express his or her sense of God’s will on matters affecting the body. However, the goal is not merely to arrive at a consensus of member opinions. Our goal is to discern together God’s will for the church. This changes the focus of decision making from our opinion to our understanding of God’s leading. Statement #10 Because religious freedom is essential, we are responsible for safeguarding an unhindered expression of one’s faith and for limiting the ability to impose one’s religion on others. Religious freedom - Many of those who traveled to America came because of a desire for religious liberty. This was especially true for Baptists. They didn’t want to be forced into a state run church. They didn’t want the government controlling their religious behavior or beliefs. Essentially, religious freedom is the right of each person to seek and worship God in their own way without interference from the government or ecclesiastical authority. Safeguarding an unhindered expression of one’s faith - For religion to be free it must be able to express itself in the public arena without fear of retaliation either from government sources or other religious groups which might disagree with them. In order for this to work, however, all religions must be given the same protection under the law for equal expression. Certainly this safeguard is not intended to extend to matters such as cultish abuse of children or other criminal acts in the name of God. Even so, the best insurance we as Christians can have for our own religious freedom in the future is to safeguard the freedom of others even those with whom we disagree. Impose one’s religion on others - The principle of religious freedom implies that no one should ever be required to participate in any particular religious practice even though such a practice may be in the majority. True faith is one that is freely chosen not coerced. Furthermore, there should be no favoritism expressed toward any one religion regardless of which religion is held in the majority.

Operating as usual

[09/22/20]   Attention LBC Members: Be on the lookout for an email or mailing with important information regarding our upcoming weekend with our Senior Pastor Candidate and his wife. Exciting times!

[09/20/20]   We know that over these past 6 months that we have had a number of folks who have been joining us for our Sunday Worship services because you could do so virtually. Well, today things will be a little different. You will still be able to find us on our YouTube channel as you have been doing, but it will be via YouTube Live. We will be meeting in person (masked and physically distanced) and will live stream our service. Like many things we have experienced over these months, this is uncharted territory so please bear with us. We apologize in advance for any glitches and appreciate so much your patience. We look forward to "being with you" today by whatever means that can happen. We plan to go LIVE at 9:30 am on our YouTube channel.

[09/20/20]   I was glad when they said unto me, "Let us go into the house of the LORD". Psalm 122:1

[09/19/20]   LBC Faith Family, we are making final preparations to gather tomorrow, September 20, for in-person worship at LBC for the first time in 6 months. I wish that I could say that I am COMPLETELY comfortable with the decision. While I can't say that, I do believe that we have put protocols in place which, if followed, will allow us to be as safe as possible in our regathering.

Masks, social distancing, and sanitization are all well and good. But the biggest addition, or negative, to our protocols will be what we have been doing on your own, before coming to meet with our brothers and sisters. If we have been diligent in practicing these protocols in our daily living then we reduce the likelihood of passing along the virus that any of us can have and not even know it. If we are slacking off in our attention to the details, we increase the likelihood.

On this Saturday I hope that you will take a moment to pray over all of this. Pray for our safe regathering. If you are out today why not go by the church and pull in the parking lot and spend a few moments asking for God's protection for us all. And please pray for your ministers and all of the leaders at LBC. And lift the ministers and leaders of other faith families who are wrestling with making the best decision for them through all of this. - Steve

No LBC Kids Zoom tonight; however, families, please check your email later this afternoon for an important update and something special from Ms. April!

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - September 13, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to worship.

September 6 Bible Story Time with Mrs. April

How is God at work in this week's story? LBC Kids, I will be sure to ask you on Wednesday!

Created with Wondershare Filmora

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - September 6, 2020

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - September 6, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to worship.

[09/05/20]   We know that you cannot control the actions of others. But PLEASE be vigilant this Labor Day Weekend in regards to all the things that YOU can do to be safe and well regarding the virus. We are hopeful that the numbers that we are following in Cumberland County will remain such that we are able to follow through with our plan to regather in-person for worship on September 20th. Mask Up! Keep Your Distance! Wash Your Hands! We can do our part.

[09/04/20]   Hey LBC Friends
If you are Friends with Lorie Martinez she is on Facebook Live sharing her Senior Recital. Check it out at her profile.

August 30 Bible Story Time with Mrs. April

Our weekly Bible Story Time is available now!

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - August 30, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to worship.

August 23 Bible Story Time with Mrs. April

Who will we meet in this week’s Bible Story Time?

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - August 23, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to worship!

[08/20/20]   LBC Members: Be on the lookout for an email regarding plans for us to regather for in-person worship. The email that went out was sent to multiple recipients so be sure that it didn't get directed to your Spam or Junk folder. Those without email addresses on file at the church are receiving a hard copy letter.

Dean’s Award | Divinity School | Campbell University

Here's a great article about our very own Dr. Cameron Jorgenson, recipient of the 2019-2020 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching at Campbell University Divinity School! Congratulations, Cameron! Dean’s Award | Divinity School Award for Excellence in Teaching Dr. Cameron Jorgenson Dr. Cameron Jorgenson, Associate Professor of Theology… More on this post

August 16 Bible Story Time with Mrs April

Do you ever wrestle with God's Word? Join us this week for the story of Abraham and Isaac.
What does this story say about God?!?

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - August 16, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to worship. This morning we welcome Dr. Andy Wakefield as our preacher!

This distribution is NOT happening at our church. But, it is closer by than last week's. We hope that if you are needing food you will make your way there THIS Saturday.

August 15, 2020 at 9:00am
@ South View HS, 4184 Elk Rd #HopeMillsNC
📝 Drive thru only. Until supplies last
By Second Harvest Food Bank of Southeast North Carolina

August 9 Bible Story Time with Mrs April

This week's Bible Story Time is ready to be shared with your family!

LaFayette Baptist Church - August 9, 2020

Good morning! Welcome to worship. Today is Dr. Cameron Jorgenson's last Sunday as our Interim Preaching Pastor. What a gift Cameron's preaching has been to us each week over the past year! Thank you, God, for the gift of Cameron, Kelly, Mary Grace, and Ellie!

Sadly, Second Harvest will NOT be able to make a delivery of produce for distribution this month. BUT, there WILL BE a Drive-Thru Distribution THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 8 beginning at 8 am at their warehouse. The address is on the flier below!

We will be hosting a Drive Thru Produce Market this Saturday at 8 a.m. at Second Harvest Food Bank (406 Deep Creek Road). We hope to see you there!


August 2 Story Time with Mrs April

Here is this week’s Bible Story Time! Hope you and your families enjoy.

LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - August 2, 2020

Good morning! We welcome Rev. Chris Walk as our guest preacher again today. We will also hear a special word from our beloved Dr. Cameron Jorgenson at the end of worship.

July 26 Story Time with Mrs. April

This week's Bible Story Time focuses on Noah and the ark. Hope you and your kids will join us!

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LaFayette Baptist Church Worship - July 26, 2020

Good morning! We welcome Rev. Chris Walk as our guest preacher today. Join us for worship!

Our LBC Kids Zoom Meetings are continuing each Wednesday from 6:30-7pm. This week, we will begin using our VBS curriculum to build our foundation on Christ. Hope you will join us! The link will be shared with families by email. Contact April if you need it!

July 19 Bible Story Time with Mrs. April

Families, here is this week’s Bible Story Time!

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LaFayette Baptist Church - July 19, 2020

Good morning. Welcome to worship!

July 12 Bible Story Time with Mrs. April

LBC, did you know we now have a weekly Bible Story Time for our families? Each Sunday, a new Bible Story Time is posted on our YouTube Channel. This week features the creation story from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

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LaFayette Baptist Church - July 12, 2020

Welcome to worship!

Meeting the needs of our community with some produce.

Great fruits an vegetables RIGHT NOW! COME ON 0VER! FREE!

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