Fayetteville Pagan Games

Fayetteville Pagan Games


Had a lot of fun! Wish I could have stayed until the end, but the cold and hunger were getting to me! Can't wait for the next one!
Question! Where in the park will it be located? In the center by the Picnic Areas? One of the baseball fields? Or at the open/soccer fields near the exit?
Pan & Hekate Artist: Danny Hirajeta Iron Clown Studios Prize donations for the Fayetteville Pagan Games (Pan's eyes and Hekates tools are actually done in gold paint, which doesn't show very well in a scanner)

This page is for hosting an event that we want to put together in 2020. With all the pagans in the Fayetteville and FortBragg area + in the surrounding areas... I think its important to keep finding ways to meet and remind NC that we are here.

Altar to Athena and Nike...(before offering of grapes and honey)

Have a Blessed Beltaine from Fayetteville Pagan Games

Hope you're all doing ok during this strange time

Police Pagan Association


These are trying times; these are unprecedented times; and once again we find ourselves on the front line, protecting the communities that we serve from a massive and a real threat whilst placing ourselves at risk, as we are wont to do. Again we stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in the emergency services and the armed forces; a committed and very real defence against a global enemy.

That is not to say that we are not allowed to be afraid; many of us have vulnerable family members and friends who are at risk, and yet we face the very real chance of coming into contact with a potentially fatal virus. And this is what bravery is; we are afraid, we are worried, we are scared, but we carry out our duties regardless, because that is what we swore to do; that was our oath to the people. You cannot have bravery without fear.

In our jobs, the opportunities to be brave are frequent and often traumatic, and we spend every day hoping that this day will not be the day that we have to face our worst fears, whilst preparing to do just that.

For many Heathens, such as I, in the emergency services and the armed forces, Tyr is the God to whom we turn in times of need, when we require the courage to do the difficult things, when we steel ourselves to uphold the oaths which we hold dear, when we carry on in the face of fear.

It is fitting then, that if we look at the story of Tyr’s ultimate sacrifice, the binding of the giant wolf Fenrir, we can see many parallels to what we are facing now, and to our duties as protectors of the people.

The story starts with the Gods growing concerned about how fast and large Fenrir was growing, and the threat that he posed if he was not contained, much like the global concern being expressed regarding the current pandemic.

As Fenrir continues to grow, the Gods attempt to bind Fenrir with three fetters or chains, each stronger than the last, but despite their efforts, Fenrir breaks through them all and continues to grow. We have seen many attempts, policies and processes put in place to slow the growth of the thereat that we are currently facing, yet it continues to thrive, much like Fenrir.

It is only through the commission of a fine, ribbon like fetter called Gleipnir that Fenrir was finally bound. Imagine that this ribbon represents you, on the front line, attempting to restrain and contain this threat by your actions and daily duties, whether it be a blue ribbon for our police officers, our Navy or our Air Force, a green ribbon for our ambulance services and NHS workers, or a red ribbon for our colleagues in the Fire & Rescue service and the Army.

As we know, the Gods were initially sceptical of Gleipnir’s ability to bind Fenrir, much as we face scepticism now from some parts of our communities, and from some agencies to whom we are held accountable. In order to be successful in containing this threat we need to practice restraint and balance in a time when people need reassurance that we are working in their best interests, to make them feel safe and confident in our actions with the onset of new legislation; we must wield this power with care, ensuring that we do not misuse or abuse it, and remember our overarching oath to protect the people, prioritising education and support over enforcement, but having the confidence to do so when it is absolutely necessary, and even then only to protect needs and interests of our communities.

Of course binding such a ferocious beast did not come without sacrifice; Tyr, God of Oaths, Justice and Law, lost his hand, but did so knowing that it was a price that he may pay to save everyone from the jaws of Fenrir.

As we all stand on the frontline, knowing that we are at high risk of exposure to this virulent virus, we must recognise that this is the sacrifice we are willing to make to save hundreds, if not thousands more from severe illness or worse.

Just as Tyr stepped forward and knowingly risked his hand for the benefit of all, we know step forward, staring into the widening maw of the giant beast, knowing that we are doing what must be done in the most difficult of times, because we are the people who step into the fray so that others do not have to.

Whether you are a serving member of the emergency services or the armed forces currently on the frontline, or someone who wishes to support those who are, you can seek the support and courage of Tyr with a simple offering or invocation.

When making offerings to Tyr, remember that he is less interested in the objects that you have to offer, and more in your deeds, it is through these that we, and our honour, are defined. However suitable objects with which to adorn an altar to Tyr would include weapons, but these must be well maintained, as a rusted or dirty blade is indicative disreputable conduct. Additionally you could use knotted cords, traditionally used when making oaths, and the Rune Teiwaz.

Colours relevant to Tyr include grey, representing the steel from which swords are made, and dark red, the colour of blood and of sacrifice. As with most Heathen Gods an offering of mead, meat and bread would suffice.

In addition to our everyday actions through which we define ourselves, an apt act of respect and recognition would include a donation to a suitable charity or organisation and, given the demands on us all at this time, such organisations may include the NHS, the SSAFA, Help for Heroes, or Care of Police Survivors.

You may have your own suitable invocation for Tyr, or would rather write one yourself, but here is an example of a prayer to Tyr, taken from the Pagan Book of Hours:

Honour is not comfortable.
It demands all you have,
All you are, and all you can do.
It wraps you like a chain
So that you may only shuffle where others run
And yet that chain will bear you up
When others trip and fall.
It limits you, like the loss of a limb;
You reach, and fall ever short,
Brought up by honour's limitation,
And yet this limiting hones you sharper,
Like a tool that must be ground down to work,
And as every sharpening removes some of you.
O Lord of Honour, you whose name
Invoked, seals bargains without
A thought of cheating, you whose
Word is law and whose law is will,
You who are never afraid
To do what must needs be done
Even when there is no question
That there will be great loss,
May we all have half the steel
That lies in you, God of Honour,
In your spine, in your hand,
And in your soul.

Hail Tyr.

We are a massive army fighting against this global threat, and whether you be a nurse, a care worker, a member of police staff, a retail worker, a service provider or someone adhering to the current restrictions, we each have our role to play. We will defeat this virus, and we will do so together.

In Frith and Friendship, and with the brightest blessings of to you and yours, from your colleagues in the Police Pagan Association.

[03/23/20]   In the meantime...
Got any paranormal experiences or dreams you wanna share?
Gods ghosts cryptid beings

Hope everyone is having a blessed Ostara despite our situation.

...kinda glad I didn't have the Games set later in the year now.


The Greeks Who Pray to Zeus: VICE INTL (Greece)


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[02/03/20]   Alright its been a couple of days since the games... It's time for anyone who went to please write a review or message us directly about what you liked, didn't like, or want to see at the next Fayetteville Pagan Games.

Thank you again everyone!

Altar to Athena and Nike...(before offering of grapes and honey)

Fayetteville Pagan Games 2020

photos by the fantastic John Nichols,

feel free to tag yourselves, perhaps get permission before you tag someone else, as you may not know their situation with being pagan and the outside world

if there is a photo of you that you'd like me to remove just message me.

photos by the fantastic John Nichols,

feel free to tag yourselves, perhaps get permission before you tag someone else, as you may not know their situation with being pagan and the outside world

if there is a photo of you that you'd like me to remove just message me.

And now after a long day of trials...we feast

[02/01/20]   AMAZING!!!
The Fayetteville Pagan Games first ever Champion of the Green!!!
Thank You all for a great time

Just a heads up. There is a big pavilion we'll probably use if it gets rainy tomorrow. However, rain or shine. I got prizes to give and if we got to, I will lightning round this whole thing. But hopefully the weather gods will do us a solid and it should go pretty well.


Baring the Aegis - Ancient Hellenic Clothing [Hellenismos]

A little DIY video for anyone looking to get those "dress up" points or anyone who wants to dress up for the day. Al you really need it a big piece of cloth


A relatively long video by me on ancient Hellenic clothing and how to put it one. Best used as inspiration for your own festival or ritual wear. More informa...

[01/29/20]   YEAH! we are over 200 followers and almost 200 likes for FPG!!!
Now I'm just waiting for Saturday and its game on!

[01/29/20]   :) So far so good, looks like it'll just rain a bit the Friday before the games :)

Final update video!!!

Final update video on the Fayetteville Pagan Games! News on changes and more importantly, How to get as many points as possible if your'e a competitor this Saturday! Blessed Be!

[01/27/20]   Success and Luck spells for the Fayetteville Pagan Games...
...Are absolutely approved and authorized. We are pagans and we do magick and I would not frown upon its use within our community. However, we ask that you keep the focus of your spells on your competitor succeeding and nothing malicious against the other challengers.
We already plan on working a blessing thru Athena and Nike for all competitors. So the rest is up to you. See you at the games! Blessed Be!

Another prize donated by Moon Garden Apothecary

only one week to go!!! hope to see you all there and if you plan on competing for the many MANY prize bundles, remember its just $5 for tickets


only one week to go!!! hope to see you all there and if you plan on competing for the many MANY prize bundles, remember its just $5 for tickets


I am proud to announce that the Fayetteville Pagan Games have two more donors!!! @newmoonnc and @pressednc They donated these lovely gemstones, Palo Santo , Sage, and "Mistletoe Lure" soap! Go check them out and give them all the love they deserve online and at their shop on Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville. See you at the games!!!

#fayettevillepagangames2020 #fayettevillepagangames #fortbragg #paganism #pagansofinstagram #pressednc #haystreet #newmoonnc #prizes #Wicca #witchcraft #amethyst #rosequartz #blacktourmaline #sage #palosanto #crystalbarsoap

Fayetteville Pagan Games

Sphinx riddles~ Competitors will run a gauntlet of easy/medium/hard riddles. A correct answer moves you forward. A wrong answer moves you back. 3 points will be awarded to anyone who finishes or whomever gets the farthest. A tiebreaker riddle will decide the winner.


[01/22/20]   Got another set of donors about to drop some more goodies into the prize bundles!!!

Eyes of Argus - Zenner card challenge

Competitors will be sat at tables across from volunteers and staff and have to try and using ESP, "see" what cards they are looking at. Competitor with the most accuracy earns 2 points. If there is a tie, they both receive 1point. Play again and that winner receives another point.


Gaia's Bones - The Rock Throw
Based on the ancient greek story after Zeus flooded the bronze age away. Competitors will choose between a smaller 1 point stone and larger 2 point stone to throw backwards over their heads. Only the furthest will receive a point and then extra points by which stone they chose.


Occultist prize bundle
Abaddon bookmark by Iron Clown Studios
Abaddon sigil plate by Paw and Caw: Magic and Occult Supplies
Drauga by Michael W.Ford
Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark
(2)Skull sculptures
Leather journal (unlined pages)


Essentially how the entire day is going to run, start to finish. Feel free to ask about any of the challenges. Also the order may change and other challenges might be added depending on how many people are signed up.... Although I know from experience this will probably run 4-5hours in total

[01/16/20]   going Live in 5 mins.

[01/16/20]   Ok apologies on yesterday. It got crazy and there was no time to do a livestream.
Today tho, 5pm. Seriously.

[01/15/20]   16 more days to go... I'll do a live stream around 5pm to go over updates and answer any questions.
So if you have any and can't make the stream leave some in the comments or DM me and I'll get your answers as best I can.

Blessed Be

The shields and swords are ready for the games!!! Who else is getting ready?


Have a Blessed Wolf Moon

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Final update video!!!



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