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WhoHoo...SquashFest2019 is Sat - Nov 02 @ 9-12 PM!
Come Squash Pumpkins, Play Games, Eats lots of Treats & Hear Stories from Female Veterans that have served our country as part of our Operation:LifeSavers Project!


If you know any female veterans - they receive a complimentary vendor's table at event:

Please Share: #SeeYaSat #Stand4Sisterhood #WhenSistersUnite 😉
What's on your mind? Yes blessed be the lord jesus christ who has made it possible to be alive today and keep this holy ministry so that generations yet uborn will come and see jesus goodness and mercies to all humanities in the whole world glory be to christ our great king and lord amen prayers please for holiness and commitment to christ thanks amen
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My name is Evangelist Ifeanyichukwu Ota. I distribute gospel tracts in hospitals, markets, schools, orphanage Homes, as well as on the streets. There are many lost souls and people eager to read the gospel tracts that they receive.
Please buy me a vehicle to enable the gospel tracts reach families living in the rural communities far from my house. God bless you as you help me take the Good News to lost souls.
[FORWARDED POST] dear members of DLBC. Calvery greetings from DLBC gospel hymns and songs (on yotube) we want to say thanks for your effort and support towards publicizing the news of "G.H.S in now on you tube". we ecourage memebers /viewers to subscribe to the channel. Lets sing and worship the lord in hymns and songs. REMAIN BLESS. [pls share this post]
GOOD news. this is to inform members of DEEPER LIFE CHURCH that GOSPEL HYMNS AND SONGS + THE LYRICS is now on you-tube. click on the link below. please forwards/share this message to DLBC members in your contact/ page/group. GOD BLESS YOU
GOOD news. this is to inform members of DEEPER LIFE CHURCH that GOSPEL HYMNS AND SONGS + THE LYRICS is now on you-tube. click on the link below. please forwards/share this message to DLBC members in your contact/ page/group. GOD BLESS YOU
GOOD news. this is to inform members of DEEPER LIFE CHURCH that GOSPEL HYMNS AND SONGS + THE LYRICS is now on you-tube. click on the link below. please forwards/share this message to DLBC members in your contact/ page/group. GOD BLESS YOU
GOOD news. this is to inform members of DEEPER LIFE CHURCH that GOSPEL HYMNS AND SONGS + THE LYRICS is now on you-tube. click on the link below. please forwards/share this message to DLBC members in your contact/ page/group. GOD BLESS YOU
You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.May have mercy on us to leave our sinful life and hold to him alone.

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[08/20/21]   *DAILY ⓂANNA*



📜 TEXT: PSALM 82:1-8📜

🔑📖```KEY VERSE:``` _*"How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked?" (PSALM 82:2).*_

A Christian brother who was a one-time court magistrate, narrated the unforgettable experience he had while still in the bench. A cousin of his was once brought to his court by the police for a murder charge that carried death penalty. His unbelieving parents and family members came to passionately appeal to him to temper justice with mercy. He said he had severally preached to the young man and counselled him but he remained recalcitrant. He said he had to seriously pray to God on the case to have the needed courage and boldness to deliver the right judgment. The retired magistrate said according to the law, he sentenced his cousin to death by hanging amidst family and friends' condemnation and vilification.

In the Bible passage today, the psalmist cried out for justice in the land. There was partiality in judgment in the land. The poor and the fatherless were cheated. Their rights were recklessly and forcefully taken away from them and the wicked were wrongfully justified and vindicated in judgment. The psalmist was lamenting how men failed to follow the pattern of God who judges without respect of persons. He never takes bribes to pervert justice.

The term "gods" in our text means the people who God has placed in high positions of authority to administer justice in the community of men. The exalted position of the rulers and those in authority who have abused their offices will not protect them from God's impartial judgment. This is because God is the supreme and righteous Judge of the whole earth.

Both in the secular and in the spiritual settings, God demands justice and fairness among the rulers. People and the judges should not give or receive bribes to pervert justice because the Supreme Judge is watching.

✍🏽```THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:``` _*Everyone, including judges, shall be judged by the righteous Judge.*_



*The powers that be are also facing divine judgements*

*1. The definite earthly judgements of God*
a. The "powers that be", including the judges, are referred to as "mighty" and "gods" and in a broader sence are called children or creatures of God in the text, vv1,6.
b. They are called "gods" because they share the delegated authority of God Himself. They are to judge while on earth
c. Three things from the text: One, God is overseeing the activities of the powers that be. Two, He has different ways of judging them. Three, He does not wait till the time of eternal judgements, He continously subject them to judgements whether they realise it or not, v1.
*2. The duties of earthly powers and judges*
a. God has spelt out the duties of people who determine the fate of others either directly and indirectly, vv2-4.
b. They are commanded to be just and avoid partiality, v2.
c. The are expected be the advocates of the poor, the orphans, the afflicted, the needy, the defenceless, and not their oppressors, vv3,4.
*3. The disappointments from the earthly mighty*
a. As it was in the past, so it is now. The powers that be including judges, are void of understanding, walking in the darkness of this world deliberately, v5.
b. Their partiality and injustice had only destroyed moral foundations in the society, v5.
c. They also will die and perish like ordinary sinful people without mercy, v7.

*Checklist* Are you one of those "gods" who has the responsibility of determining the fate of some others one way or the other? Are you fulfilling God's expectations or you are contributing to the mess in the society?

*Prayer points*
Praise God because He is a God of continuous justice🙏
Ask for forgiveness whereever you might have failed🙏
Ask God to plant His nature of justice and impartiality in your heart and activities🙏
Pray that justice will reign in your church and nation🙏

*HYMN* More like the Master

[08/19/21]   *DAILY ⓂANNA*



📜 *TEXT:* 2 CHRONICLES 6:1-6📜

🔑📖```KEY VERSE:``` _*"But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel" (2 CHRONIC. 6:6).*_

The choice of a king over Israel was a permissive will of God, but He later sanctioned it and chose David to replace Saul. Similarly, the building of the temple was not God's original design. It was the initial choice of David but was later sanctioned by God. Sometimes, God gives approval to man's choices, which later becomes His as long as the choice does not contradict His word. It is the realisation of this truth that made David to rever King Saul as God's anointed even after his rejection from being on the throne.

Solomon's temple which took seven years to build has eventually been completed. Its furniture, courtyard and all other materials as well as the temple were now ready to be dedicated to God with elaborate prayer of praise, adoration and repentance accompanied with offerings and sacrifices. It was worthy of God's glory and Majesty.

Any leader that God has placed over us should be reverently accepted and honoured. It is not proper to reject any leader appointed over us since man could never attain a leadership position if God did not permit it. It will be foolish for a man to reject what God has divinely approved. "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resists the power, resists the ordinance of God..." (Romans 13:1, 2).

The church should therefore reverence God-appointed leaders. We should refrain from destructive criticisms of leaders either in the secular or otherwise. No matter what happens, our duty is to pray for them and obey their instructions in as much as they are not sinful. When we reverence our leaders, we honour God who has chosen them to lead us in the way of the Lord.

✍🏽```THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:``` _*Obey them that have the rule over you.*_



*Understanding God better*

*1. Solomon's misconception*
a. Saints, like Solomon, at times, misinterprete what God said to mean what He does not intend.
b. We must be careful and diligent with the our interpretation of His word because misinterpretation will lead to misrepresentation and misrepresentation will lead to misbehaviour.
c. At the dedication of the Temple, Solomon was wrong to have said: "The Lord has said that He would dwell in thick darkness" *but* that he, Solomon, has changed that by building Him house, vv1,2.
d. This statement is giving the impression that "the building of the temple was not God's original design" and God only sanctioned it. This is not true 👌
e. God had told Moses to build the sanctuary "according to the design He showed him on the Mount", Exodus 25:40. Hebrews 8:5 also confirms that there is a temple in heaven. So the temple was God's original design and not man's.
f. Solomon's temple, unknown to him, was just s divine pleasure that "Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven".
g. Solomon was also wrong to have said that the Lord said He would dwell in the thick darkness, v1. God never said so.
h. God only said He would dwell in think cloud, Exodus 19:9, even though the fire that attends the presence of God at times produces smoke and dark clouds, Exodus 19:18, 20:21.
i. The truth is that God dwells in the light which no mortal man can approach and see through in His full glory, I Timothy 6:6.
j. It is therefore lack of honour and respect to God to expect God to give a stamp of approval for a project even when it is not His will.
k. God wants heavenly things to be replicated on earth and it id the saints responsibility to seek out what and how things are done in heaven so that "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".
*Note* The introduction of kingship rule in Israel was not man's will or design. Moses had hinted that God will do that for them Deuteronomy 17:14,16. This was also a replication of what is done in heaven where God is the King of kings. What God quarrelled with is the timing and not the institution.

*2. Saints Choice*
a. Jerusalem was chosen by God as His earthly capital and David as the king of Israel, v6.
b. The loving and all knowing God should always be given the honour to choose for us.
c. In order to know the will of God, we should always ask, "how is it done in heaven"? How did Jesus do it while on earth? How is it commanded in the scripture of truth?

*Happy are they who consecarate their lives to doing the will of God alone and nothing else*✅

*Prayer points*
Pray for more understanding of God and His will🙏
Ask God to always reveal His will to you🙏
Tell God that you are now consecrated to do His will alone🙏
Pray that each person in the church will have renewed grace and joy in doing His will only and always🙏

*HYMN* I Surrender All

[08/17/21]   *DAILY ⓂANNA*



📜TEXT:EXODUS 23:1-13📜

🔑📖KEY VERSE: _*"If thou meet thine enemy’s ox or his ass going astray, thou shalt surely bring it back to him again" (EXODUS 23:4).*_

One of the Anabaptists who died during the sixteenth century persecution was Dirk Willems. Dirk was captured and imprisoned in his hometown of Asperen in the Netherlands. Knowing that his fate would be death if he remained in prison, Dirk made an escape, and a guard chased him. Frost had covered a nearby pond with a thin layer of ice. Dirk risked a dash across it. He made it to safety but the ice broke under his pursuer who cried for help. Dirk believed the Scriptures that a man should help his enemies. He immediately turned back and pulled him out of the frigid water, only to be arrested by the same guard, condemned and burnt to death on May 16, 1569.

Similarly, the passage under consideration presents a catalogue of actions that fits into the new life and the righteous requirements of truly converted saints. One of those commands required God's people to help rescue the livestock of their enemies and avoid oppressing and taking advantage of the poor and the strangers. The same command was given through Christ's sermon on the Mount on the need to pray for those who hate and persecute us (Matthew 5:43-48).

Clearly, it will be difficult to obey these laws without a corresponding deep change within. The unregenerate man is carnal, selfish, self-centred and sinful. After the experience of salvation, we need to proceed to have the experience of sanctification or holiness which removes the adamic nature or the root of sin and circumcise our hearts to love the Lord and our fellow men.

The new prayer genre of 'the enemies must die by fire' does not enjoy the support of Scriptures. God wants His people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of salvation (1 Timothy 2:3, 4). When grace comes into our lives, it produces the fruit of love, peace, joy, longsuffering, sobriety, justice and mercy.

✍🏽```THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:``` _*True grace makes you pray for your enemies.*_



*The foundational pilgrims charge and charter*

1. Don't be a party to false information in any way or form, vv1, 2b, 7a.
2. Distingush yourself from generally accepted or societal wrongs, vv2.
3. Detest poverty as an excuse for injustice and partiality, vv3,6.
4. Don't forbear to help any on the ground of hatred; keep on doing good as unto the Lord, vv4,5.
5. Disallow bribery and partiality as they are evil twins of ungodliness, vv7,8.
6. Do good to foreigners and those who are of different descent from you, v9.
7. Devote a portion for the poor and needy in all your budgeting, vv10,11.
8. Damn every resemblance of idolatry, v13.

Is there any of these areas you need to set right and ask for grace🤔

*Prayer points*
Ask for a deeper touch of love for the truth and hatred for falsehood🙏
Ask for more grace to show practical love at all times🙏
Ask for the Saviour's heart that always remember the poor and the needy🙏
Pray for grace to be living as heavenly kingdom citizens as brethren 🙏

*HYMN* Somebody needs your love

[08/16/21]   *DAILY ⓂANNA*



📜 *TEXT* :1 SAMUEL 21:10-15📜

🔑📖```KEY VERSE:``` _*"And David arose, and fled that day for fear of Saul, and went to Achish the king of Gath" (1 SAMUEL 21:10).*_

_"Endurance The Thresher"_ was a submarine that could go great depths because of its great strength. The steel bulkheads were built to withstand great pressure of tons of sea water. But on one occasion, it went too deep and was finally crushed into little pieces like a plastic model. Yet there are little fishes that live even deeper in the sea than the submarine went. How do these little fishes survive? It depends on how well you can deal with pressure.

From our text, David, now under pressure from King Saul, decided to seek refuge in the Philistine town where Goliath, Israel's enemy came from. He soon discovered that he had walked right into an enemy territory and now clearly in danger of losing his life. In that confusion, he decided to feign madness before King Achish, who ordered him to be thrust out of his presence.

David's asylum request from Achish the Philistine king of Gath was a wrong move. And coming with the sword of the giant he killed a few months earlier added to the obvious miscalculations of the moment because it gave him out as David the enemy who slew their champion.

Before we rush to condemn him, we must understand that David was too young to face the avalanche of pressure coming from Saul and his sycophants. He acted the way he did due to his precarious situation.

When pushed to the wall, we may take decisions in a hurry but let us realise that such decisions taken when our minds are disturbed are most often miscalculated. People have left their families, the church, or even the faith entirely in their bid to respond to pressure. We should rather pray and wait on the Lord for direction under such circumstances. He has promised to be with and deliver us.

✍🏽```THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:``` _*Moments of pressure are times to look up to God.*_



*What to do when you are between the devil and the deep blue sea*

*1. The warrior's dilemma*
a. The young and brave David, who was a teenager at this time, was obviously treading through "the valley of the shadow of death", Pslam 23:4.
b. If he remained in Israel, he must be ready to face the blood thirsty Saul who had at his full disposal the military and the might of Israel.
c. If he left for other neighbouring countries, those neighbouring countries had a friendly diplomatic relationship with Saul and they would easily deliver him up to Saul.
d. The only option was to seek protection from Gath, the enemy nation to Israel, with the hope the the king would be glad to have David on his side and release security information of Israel to him.
e. However, David was gripped with fear when he learnt that servants of Achish could recognise and knew him very well. The best option to him at that time was to feign madness, vv11,12,13.

i. If you were in David's shoe, what will you do?
ii. Are you in a confused and fearful situation that such knowing what step to take is an issue?
Let us learn how this young man, who later became the most popular and successful king of all times, overcame.🤔

*2. The way out of danger*
His Psalm 34 was composed at this dangerous time and it will give us a lot of insightful secrets.
*a. Concern*
David had a concern which made him take some actions out of reasonable fear, v13. You must not resign to your fate as hopeless and helpless. Have some concern and fear that will drive you to take needful actions.
*b. Course of action*
You must outline a definite course of actions. David felt the best strategy and defence as a shrewd military man at that time was pretence, v13. Inaction during distress is a symptom of hopelessness and helplessness. Impatient decisions will complicated your travails.
*c. Counsellors*
David was never alone. He was always with loyal brilliant "young men" (I Samuel 21:4). You need the advise and counsel of wise and God fearing people when you are in this kind of situation because you are likely not to be in a frame of mind to make wise decisions. Loneliness leads to depression and suicidal thoughts, so avoid it. Be committed actively to fellowship of the saints even though you may lose interest or appetite at the initial stage.
*d. Conviction*
It is in Psalm 34 you can see this. Look at the note on top of Psalm 34. "The angel of the Lord encamps round about" me (Psalm 34:7), "many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all" (v19). Read vv9,15 for more.
*d. Confession*
Read Psalm 34:8,21,22. No complaint, no negative confession except positive confession based on the word of God.
*d. Crying*
Cultivate the habit of secretly crying to God in prayer. See vv4,15b, 17,18 to see how David did his own. It is the crying to God that will give inspiration and guidance as to the right step and calculation.

Can you think of other examples of people in the Bible whose situations are like between the devil and the deep blue sea and they triumphed? What were their secrets?
*What to fear in times of troubles is neither the challenge nor the enemy but foolish fear, faithlessness, firelessness in the inner man, feebleness and falsehood*👌

*Prayer points*
Take time to praise God because He is always by your side and He is greater than all your challenges 🙏
Ask for the Spirit of a conqueror that will never succumb to challenges no matter how severe and perseveringly 🙏
Pray for anointing that is always greater that all negative things that may come your way🙏
Pray for courage, faith and victory for brethren passing through tough times🙏

*HYMN* Tell it to Jesus

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