SE Student Bible Center

SE Student Bible Center


I’m bringing some fresh sandwiches and fruit and pickles for anyone who wants them. I’ll put them in the fridge at the SBC - please help yourselves!
*Monday 7/8- First dinner and devo @the sbc *Tuesday 7:00- scavenger hunt meet @ the sbc *Wednesday 7:00- Bible class at Durant church (gym) followed by ultimate frisbee and breakfast *Thursday 7:00- game night at the Student union *Sunday 9:30/10:30- bible class (old building family classroom) and worship at Durant church of Christ
I talked with Adrean this morning, and she said they could use help today with putting up / down trim, and painting inside the J127 resource center today. If you are available, it would be greatly appreciated. The roof is going on today as well!!

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.God is love & whoever abides in love abides in God & God abides in him. 1 John 4:16

Operating as usual

Super excited to get to have a bible class this semester with Dale Goad, the young professionals, and college students! 💙 we’ll be studying the Holy Spirit. Please join us if you are in Durant Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.! (Mask required)

Monday- dinner and devo at the [email protected] 7:30 & 8 p.m.

Tuesday- The Chosen bible study at the SBC @ 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday- bible class at the Durant church @ 7 p.m. in the kitchen (young adults/college with dale goad)

Thursday- game night @ 7 p.m.

Sunday-bible class at 9:30 (kitchen) and worship at 10:30 @the Durant church

Monday- dinner and devo at the [email protected] 7:30 & 8 pm

Tuesday- Gaylen and Penny Smith: swimming, ice cream, bible study @ 6:30 pm
198 Poltico Rd. Durant

Wednesday- worship at the Durant church @ 7 p.m.

Thursday- game night @ 7 p.m.

Friday- volleyball @ 7 p.m. at Shear Hall court

Sunday-worship at the Durant church @ 10:30 a.m

We had a great first night at devo! Looking forward to an awesome semester 💙

*Monday- dinner and devo at the [email protected] 7:30 & 8

*Tuesday- service projects @ 6:30 p.m.
(meet at the sbc)

*Wednesday- worship at the Durant church @ 7 p.m.

*Thursday- slip n slide kick ball @ 7 p.m.

*Friday- volleyball @ 7 p.m. at Shear Hall court

*Sunday-worship at the Durant church @ 10:30 a.m

SE Student Bible Center

Please join us tonight as we get this semester going! Dinner is at 7:30 and devo is at 8. We’ll be outside at the SBC tonight. Hope to see you all and your friends there!

New Schedule Update!

We’ll be trying to host church services on zoom Sunday mornings at 10 and Wednesday nights at 7. Let jered know if you want to be added to the text updates for this.

On Thursdays he’ll be posting a YouTube video of our bible reading. Links will be found here and on Instagram posts.

Please encourage one another to be a part of some kind of bible study and church meetings! These times we’re in are a great opportunity for growth in the Lord and His will. 💙

Great zoom devo tonight on atonement and what it means for us. We put together the whole picture: Genesis 3, Leviticus 16, Hebrews 2, Hebrews 7, Hebrews 9, 1 John 2, Romans 6, Acts 22, Gal 3, and 1 Cor 11.

*Atonement and propitiation

*Old law vs New covenant

*Animal sacrifice vs Jesus the lamb

*Earthly high priest vs Perfect high priest

*How we become connected to Jesus and have our sins atoned for.

*How we participate in and stay connected to Jesus and his atonement.

*Our hope in the eternal promises.

If you missed it, check out the Bible project video- sacrifice and atonement:

Hollar at Jered if you want in on next weeks zoom devo!

Also, look for our weekly bible reading to be posted Thursday!

Faith by Hearing Bible Study- Philippians 1

Here is our video Bible Study for the week. I'll try to stay humble now that I am going to be a YouTube star.

A brief introduction and my thoughts on Philippians

Schedule for the rest of the Spring Semester

*Monday- zoom devos at 7 pm (text jered to get in)

*Wednesday/Sunday- online recorded lessons from Durant church of Christ website:

*Thursday- recorded bible readings from jered. Will be posted online via Facebook.

We had our first devo on zoom tonight! Jered will continue hosting these on Monday nights. If you don’t know how to get hooked up for next time, just shoot him a text. He’ll also be recording our weekly bible studies to post online. Hopefully these will help keep us encouraged and connected for the rest of the semester!

For a few Wednesdays, Jered is digging into some big foundational words like faith, grace, and righteousness. We would like our understanding of these concepts to be biblically and scripturally based. Jump in on Wednesday night class or get into a personal study with Jered to get some information and build yourself a firm foundation!

In this lesson series, we’ve looked into what a true disciple of Jesus is and HOW He made true disciples.

Spent time with people; built relationships with them; modeled good works like serving, teaching, and healing; gave them opportunities to actually do things and grow; discussed these opportunities with them and how to continue to grow; explained that a true disciple does their part to bear fruit and make more disciples.

We must pay close attention to what Jesus says we must do in order to be a true disciple.

We must also follow His pattern and example of HOW to make more disciples.

If you’d like to study this and haven’t been in Wednesday night class, ask jered for notes or a personal study series. These are core principles of christianity that we all should know in detail!

Tonight Jered spoke on how scripture calls us to obey the gospel. The gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ. And more specifically the fact that His death, burial, resurrection, and appearance make is possible for us to live with God for eternity. (1 Cor 15:1-8) But, it seems more like the gospel is a statement. So, we have to look to scripture to see HOW we can participate in and obey the gospel. (Romans 6:3-11; Acts 2:36-41)

Also, once obedience begins it should not end. It should continue. Just as Jesus appeared to many, so should we. We must live life as a constant sacrifice to God and witness to the world. If we continue to obey Him, we will live with Him for eternity. (Rev 2:10)

So what’s our responsibility?
1. Find out what He wants you to do by reading His word. Listen to Him.
2. Allow the Word to change your life and change you.
3. Choose to live in constant obedience to God.

Living in obedience to the gospel is essential for us. Its not just the beginning of our life as a christian, it is the entire way of life for a christian.

*Monday 7:15/8:00- dinner and devo @ the sbc

*Tuesday 6:30- family dinner night at Tim and Nikki’s

*Wednesday 7:00- Bible class @ Durant
church (college in kitchen)

*Thursday 7:00- sardines and other games at the church building

*Friday 6:30- wild game dinner at the church building

*Saturday 9-5: J127 work day

*Sunday 9:30/10:30- bible class/worship (gym)

*other notes:
- Ice skating February 1st $12 per person and money for food
- sign up for T3 (February 14-16, $30) talk to jered if you need help paying
- see katlyn about helping with girls weekend camp in madill March 6th-8th

*Monday 7:15/8:00- dinner and devo @ the sbc. Breakfast and New Beginnings!

*Tuesday 6:30- family dinner night at Alyssa, Phoebe, and Jessica’s House across from the sbc

*Wednesday 7:00- Bible class @ Durant
church (college in kitchen)

*Thursday 7:00- volleyball at the student union

*Saturday 9:00 a.m.- working at J127

*Sunday 9:30/10:30- bible class (family room in the old building), worship (gym)

*Monday- volunteering for MLK day and dinner/devo (even though classes are out)

*Other notes-
-get with Jo Kautt about when you want to go ice skating in February
-sign up for T3 (February 14-16, $30)
-see katlyn if you want to help with a girls weekend camp in madill March 6th-8th

SE Student Bible Center

*Monday 7:15/8:00- dinner and devo @ the sbc

*Tuesday 7- game night @ the Durant church building

*Wednesday 7:00- Bible class @ Durant
church (college in kitchen). New series on
technology continued.

*Thursday 7:00- dinner, weekly bible study AND Christmas Party. Dirty Santa Game, $10 limit.

*Sunday 9:30/10:30- bible class (family room in the old building), worship (gym)

*Monday 7:15/8:00- last dinner and devo of the semester at the sbc

Jered’s lesson tonight scratched the surface on the topic of God’s Holy Spirit. It’s definitely one we should seek out in our studies often. If you missed tonight and want to study this for yourself, check out the verses below and text Jered if you want to know more!

Acts 2:38-39
Romans 8:3-17; 26-30
1 Cor 2:11-14
Gal 5:16-26
John 14:15-18
1 Thes 5:19
2 Corinthians 1:21-22

“Jesus left it all, to give it all, so that we could have it all.”

We too can leave the things that hold us back, to give those around us the good news, so
that they can have eternal life with God also.

So great to have the Lendermans at the SBC tonight!

*Monday 7:15/8:00- dinner and devo @ the sbc

*Tuesday 6:30- Family dinner Night at Billy and Terri Albright’s House. T-shirt’s, shorts, and towels for swimming!

*Wednesday 7:00- Bible class @ Durant
church (college in kitchen/ young adults in
old auditorium)

*Thursday 7:00- volleyball at the student

*Satuday 6:00- SE home football game

*Sunday 9:30/10:30-bible class (old building
family classroom) and worship (gym) @
Durant church of Christ; Evening worship
visit to Mclish in Ardmore- leaving at 4:40

Wednesday classes are rolling for the semester!
If you’re in the college group you’ll be in the kitchen area with jered. If you’re more of the graduated/young adult age, you’ll be in the old auditorium with Joseph. Both are great opportunities! Hope to see you all there next Wednesday at 7 💙

Our first Tuesday night Family Dinner was awesome. The Goad’s hosted us in their home and fed us a great meal. We also had some bible study and game time. There are several purposes to our Tuesday nights this semester:

1. Get outside the church building in order to grow in fellowship with one another.

2. Help others get involved in the group better.

3. Get to know other adults in our church family outside of the church building.

4. Invite friends to meet the group in a smaller setting.

5. Learn more of the scripture in a small group setting.

If you have any Tuesday nights free, please consider joining us! You won’t regret it! 💙

SE Student Bible Center

It was a great first night at the sbc!
Good food, fellowship, and thoughts from God’s Word.
The lesson was on the stages of Christianity we can all go through. From being outside of Christ completely, to possibly sitting idly by, to becoming a mentor who makes other disciples of Christ. No matter what stage we find ourselves in, we’ve got to be striving to grow and move on to the next chair.


*Monday 7/8- First dinner and devo @the sbc

*Tuesday 7:00- scavenger hunt meet @ the

*Wednesday 7:00- Bible class at Durant
church (gym) followed by ultimate frisbee
and breakfast

*Thursday 7:00- game night at the Student

*Sunday 9:30/10:30- bible class (old building
family classroom) and worship at Durant
church of Christ

Tonight is the last devo for the semester! What a better way to end the semester and start off your summer than spending your evening with your friends and in God’s word! Come out at 7:15 for dinner and devo at 8:00!

Tonight is the last devo for the semester! What a better way to end the semester and start off your summer than spending your evening with your friends and in God’s word! Come out at 7:15 for dinner and devo at 8:00!

Jered will be teaching Christian Evidences for college credit for the Fall of 2019! If you need some extra hours take this class! Tell all of your friends about it too!

What a better way to start off the last week of classes than coming to dinner and devo TONIGHT! Dinner will start at 7:15 with devo at 8! Bring and friend and enjoy food and fellowship!

Join us @ 7:15 for dinner, singing, and a devotional! We are having chicken tamale casserole, rice, and beans for dinner! Invite a friend and be here!

Commit Camp 2019
Norman, OK

Dinner and Devo TONIGHT @ the SBC @ 7:15!

Chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight! Dinner starts at 7:15 with singing and devotional starting at 8!

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215 W University Blvd
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General information

About Us: The purpose of the Church of Christ SBC is to provide a "home away from home" for the students of Southeastern. We strive to provide an atmosphere rich in fellowship, stewardship, and relationships. Our prayer is that students will find an environment here that encourages them and strengthens them through the Word of God, and if they have not heard His Words, we do our best to tell them! You can actually wrap all that we do into three specific areas of focus. We provide a home away from home. We organize several events throughout the semester with the idea of comfort that can only come from the home. Each Monday night we prepare a home cooked meal in which we all sit down, pray over, and eat together. Throughout the year we share birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and other holidays or special times together. We also strive to worship together each Sunday and Wednesday. We encourage spiritual growth. Each week the students have the opportunity to participate in several activities that promote spiritual growth. On Monday nights we meet after our meal for an hour of singing, prayer, and study. Each Wednesday night and Sunday morning a Bible class for the students is conducted at the local congregation. Nearly every week we travel to one of the supporting congregations where our young men have the opportunity to lead singing, lead prayers, and preach. Our young ladies also meet together in order to perform service projects as well as participate in other women's ministries. We participate in several other events throughout the year as well to include retreats, campouts, and local and foreign mission trips. We teach the Word of God. Not only do we offer Monday night devotionals, Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes, but we also have been blessed to have a unique opportunity here on campus. Southeastern has allowed our past and present directors to teach a religious course for credit each semester. The class is handpicked by the SBC Director, and they are open to all Southeastern students. The topics for the classes include Life & Writings of Paul, Minor Prophets, Story of the OT, Story of the NT, Apologetics, Revelation, and many others. This opportunity provides for God's Word to be heard by students who may have never had the opportunity to hear it before. Our SBC students also participate in several events during the semester that provide for personal opportunities to share the Word of God. As you can see we stay rather busy around here, but it is our goal to throw off the things that hinder us and run the race with endurance (Heb. 12:1) so that in the end we may hear the words "well done, my good servant!" (Luke 19:17) Director: Jered Hyatt 580-239-2672
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