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Just my thoughts... I've been walking with Jesus almost 20 years now. I managed to put some nasty cliff-side walks on that path. Actually walked off the path for almost four years backslidden and fallen. In the meantime He never left me and continually taught me. Just want to share a few simple thoughts for today. 1. The opposite of love isn't hate. The opposite of love is apathy. 2. The opposite of compassion isn't uncaring, it's self absorption. 3. There's only 2 things we truly worship, ourselves and God and in this world self idolatry is pretty evident. 4. The devil doesn't stalk me, he waits for me to make a mistake. I have to realize i give him the openings he desires. 5. The devil's one intention in this world, is to make us useless to God. He will use a million different deceptions, but that's his one true desire because detests God that much. 6. The reason God sent His Son to Earth, people. All the rest is just fluff and theology. People, all people. 7. You never met a person Jesus doesn't love. Think about it... 8. Jesus is the epitome of hope. 9. Fear is a fact, but it can become an idol. 10. The opposite of fear isn't faith, that's the action. The opposite of fear is peace beyond all understanding. Love you all, praying for you all & God Bless you all!!! ✝️❤️🙏😁
I came to see you in 1972 at the age of 12 and gave my life to Christ. My life has never been the same, Thank you for coming to Salina Kansas and telling me about Jesus
In February 1973, while in prison for bank robbery and armed robbery, gave my life to Jesus thru The Bill Glass Crusades, now known as Bill Glass Behind The Wall. We started Convicts For Christ two weeks later. The mug shot is one year in prison before accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord. 47 years later, still going strong in Christ and cross walking America. "If the Son set you free, you are free indeed!" --Jesus the Messiah.
When I was a boy about the age of 10, my mom took me to hear this man - Bill Glass - in a meeting. It affected my whole life. He was so bold in his faith and love for Jesus. He was such a role model of manhood for me as a young boy without a father. I can never thank the Lord - and him - enough for his influence in my life. Professional athletes have an unbelievable platform that can truly be used to change lives for the glory of God.
When I was a boy about the age of 10, my mom took me to hear this man - Bill Glass - in a meeting. It affected my whole life. He was so bold in his faith and love for Jesus. He was such a role model of manhood for me as a young boy without a father. I can never thank the Lord - and him - enough for his influence in my life. Professional athletes have an unbelievable platform that can truly be used to change lives for the glory of God.
#MyBillGlassHistory My first Champions Weekend as a Platform Guest (as it was known before), was in 1995, while he was at that time Executive Director of Prison Fellowship, chapter of Puerto Rico. It was an opportunity to learn to present the Gospel of good news in another way and in an effective way. Since that year I have participated in numerous events for over 20 years in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico and the United States. I was the Director of the Fundraising Banquet in 1996, where I received the Cross for over 10 Weekend of Champions. After a pause of several years for various reasons and having moved to Dallas, Texas; We have been able to reactivate by participating in the closing and celebration of the 50 years of the ministry in Dallas, Texas. Behind the 7 World Championships and 6 World Records in Martial Arts that have allowed me to get there, there is a story; because after receiving 13,570 volts of electricity, being dead for 25 minutes, coming back to life, being in a wheelchair for 11 1/2 months without knowing if I was going to walk again; There are purposes. For me more than going to share what I have received by grace with those deprived of liberty, it is more the need to receive being guided in wanting as doing by his Spirit carrying the message that truly changes lives, since it does not there is not just one, but we are all destitute of the Glory of God. "On night I was at a bakery store waiting on the line when a person came to me and ask me if I was Master Camareno. I say yes and he told me that probably I will not remember him but, he said he was in one event at a prison and that day he gave his life to Jesus, finish his years in prison, recover his family and that week he was launching his first Christian Music CD and he took one and gave one to me..." We talk to many hundreds of people, and we probably never will know the results but we believe that the One that start the process, will make it until He finished". I invite you to live the experience and I urge the faith communities to adopt this ministry as part of their prison ministry if they do not have it. Blessed to bless, Master Fernando Camareno Puerto Rico/Texas #MyBillGlassHistory
My Bill Glass story... (long post) I guess my story and a heart for the incarcerated goes back to the 70's. One of my first bosses on the docks in Cleveland was a man named Bob. When I met Bob he was in his 60's and had done 45 years in Attica prison. We ate breakfast at a bar in the Flat's district in Cleveland called Kindler's. One morning A man named Sonny had his usual breakfast of several barbiturates and two tall glasses of gin, but this morning was different. As he drank the second glass, he fell over dead right next to our table. As it happened I heard something bang on our table. It was Bob. He had his hands palm down on the table and stared straight ahead with a blank look on his face frozen in time. I called his name, but he wouldn't respond, I finally reached over and shook him and he seemed to snap out of it. Bob wouldn't talk about what happened that day till months later. He finally told me when he was in Attica if something like that happened and you didn't put your hands on the table and look straight ahead, they shot you dead, no questions asked. It broke my heart to see a man that treated me like a son go through this. Now move ahead to 2008 I had given my life to Jesus and was preaching at the City mission here in Cleveland. I had just left a Christian strength team (by God's direction) that travelled to schools and churches sharing Jesus. I was praying for God to open another door of opportunity, when my cousin, who had been preaching at the mission for 25 yrs. said "why don't you go to prison with me?" I said to him, ARE YOU NUTS??? I spent 30 yrs trying to stay out of prison and you want me to go in? Well, it took God about 1 minute to remind me about Bob and what he had gone through, so yes it was. I signed up for a Cleveland Weekend of Champions event in July. As time came closer I began to feel I was going to go to Mansfield Correctional. So i called my cousin to tell him about it. He said "they usually don't send first-timers to Mansfield, it's a rough joint." I insisted I was headed there and at the night of our meetings my feelings were confirmed. I was amazed on the ride down for an hour+ I had no apprehension or fear of any kind. I just felt God had this all planned out for some reason. When we got to the prison and checked in everything went smooth. I was the last person in line walking across the compound. As we walked i heard a guard yell "Get Down!!!" so I began to crouch down (a natural reaction from my past Lol!). "Noy You" he shouted and proceeded to Taze an inmate right behind me for getting too close under lockdown rules. We finally got to the yard and the men would come through a set of doors, so we lined up to greet them. I was third in line. First inmate through the door was an African-American gentleman about 6'6" and over 300 lbs. He had 6 other guys with him. He shook hands with the first guy, then the second and came to me. I reached out my hand, looked up at him and said good morning! He immediately pulled back his hand and said "I remember you!" and was not happy. The whole place went dead quiet, I glanced over at the corrections officer and he was pulling out his tazer! I looked up and said really? Where from? He said as a matter of fact I'll never forget you! I continued on, OK, so where from? He came back and said " You like to kill me throwing me out of a bar in Cleveland a few years ago!" At that moment I remembered him. I was a bouncer for years in different bars to make some extra money. He had started a fight and he was so big I put him over my shoulder and ran out through the kitchen with him. He started giving me a really hard time, so I ran his head into the meat slicer to stun him and opened a large cut on his head. I threw him out on the street just as a police car came by and they took him to jail that night. Now it's 10 yrs later and I'm staring at him with different eyes. I said to him, that was 10 yrs ago, a lot has changed, (as I clutched my Bible) and I'm doing much better now and smiled. It seemed like an hour went by and suddenly he began to laugh and shook my hand. That day our speaker was Jack Murphy and as he spoke I sat down next to Midnight Dolan. He said you're going to love this, it's like shootin' fish in a barrel. After Murph was done, he called for volunteers and if anyone wanted to know more. No one was moving to that table where the large gentleman and his 6 buddies were. The Holy Spirit prompted me to go. As I reached the table, I noticed 2 of them wearing taqiyahs or traditional muslim caps. I laid my Bible down and immediately 3 of the 7 got up and left. I sat down and gave them each a tract and shared the Gospel and told what God had done in the years since I had bounced the big guy out of that bar in Cleveland. The four "muslims" all prayed to receive Christ and took Bible study books and a couple other materials we had at that time. We got up to leave and they even gave me a hug! On the ride home one of the other teammates said "you're not afraid of anything are you?" and with that, I knew that God had this all planned out. He had put me right where He wanted me. After all, who else could have told that guy about Jesus except someone he respected for beating him 10 yrs prior. My life is forever changed by Bill Glass and this ministry. I have seen men on the inside and outside (at the City Mission) that have never forgotten me as the guy that was there when Jesus changed their lives. I have men I hadn't seen in 7 years run across a yard and jump on me, hug me and cry. Ok, both of us cried... I have yet to go to an event and not had something miraculous happen by His hand and grace alone. Love you all & God Bless you all ✝️❤️💪

Bill Glass Behind the Walls equips Christians to share their faith with people who are desperate to hear they are unconditionally loved by a Savior.

Every year, Bill Glass Behind the Walls equips thousands of Christians for evangelism by training them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide a hands-on "training laboratory" experience by taking them into prisons & jails across the country to share their faith. This evangelism on the edge™ experience allows Believers to face their fears; which gives them confidence and ignites them to share the hope they have in Jesus with people in their everyday lives. Plus, they get to witness firsthand the life changing power of the Holy Spirit as those hurting behind the walls make commitments to become followers of Jesus Christ.

Early on, Bill Glass noticed an unusual aspect of athletic success: When he talked, people listened. More than that, people asked him to talk. As a star football player in high school, an all-American at Baylor, and a defensive stalwart during eleven years in the NFL, Glass was regularly invited to stand up and say a few words. As his friends will tell you, Glass has always been an utterly straightforward sort of person. So when he stood to talk, he spoke about the things closest to his heart. He talked about sports, and he talked about Christ. And thus, a dynamic nationwide ministry was born. His Dallas-based ministry is now called Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS. With a dedicated staff and volunteers numbering in the thousands, the ministry is known for its high-energy Day of Champions and Weekend of Champions events conducted inside prisons across the country. Bill says a board member kept badgering him to take his message into prison. “I kept resisting. I was frightened that I wouldn’t fit in with street kids and gangsters in prison.” After overcoming his fears, he saw dramatic results. “I was thrown into it kicking and screaming, but the response from the inmates was just unbelievable,” he said. He has spent much of the last forty years ‘behind the walls.’ He has taken along other pro athletes, champion weight lifters, magicians, tight-rope walkers – as well as race cars, stunt planes, motorcycles, and just about anything or anyone else – to draw prisoners out for a message of hope and deliverance. He discovered that prison inmates are just like everyone else: They will listen to what an athlete has to say, and they will respond to a heartfelt Christian witness. All these years later, Bill Glass is still talking, and people are still listening.

Mission: Assisting the church by equipping and igniting Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the "least of these."

Martin Luther during the plague in 1527:

"I shall ask God mercifully to protect us. Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance infect and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence. If God should wish to take me, He will surely find me and I have done what He has expected of me and so I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others. If my neighbor needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person, but will go freely."

Body Builder Emphasizes Inner Strength

A wonderful interview with Bill Glass Behind the Walls Platform Guest, Franco Santoriello... Franco Santoriello found fame and success as a body builder, but his less-than-idyllic childhood set him up for a life of hardship. Then he tried a new way of life.

~2000 years ago, a sinless, guiltless Jesus died on a cross to pay for all our sin because he loves us. He is offering you forgiveness right now, as you are. If you haven't accepted it, what are you waiting for?

It was the Triumphal Entry, and Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. His disciples began to grasp the prophetic significance of this event. On His way into the city, crowds assembled around Him, and laid their clothes in the way and welcomed Him with palm branches and loud shouts. They cried out, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD! Hosanna in the highest!” (Matt. 21:9).

By the outward appearance, one could say these folks were fans of Jesus. Many had seen or heard of the miraculous healings, the feeding of the 5,000, and His wonderful teaching. However, the crowd who welcomed Jesus with shouts of "hosanna" soon changed their message to "crucify Him." Jesus came in cleansing the temple and teaching hard truths... and in less than a week, what appeared to be fans had now turned against Him. There is a big difference between a fan and a follower.

Followers are different. True followers of Jesus have a personal relationship with Him, not just crowd excitement. Followers stick with Jesus even when they don’t quite understand it all. And followers of Jesus adhere to all of His teachings, not just the parts that are positive and exciting. After teaching some hard truths, many left Jesus and He asked His disciples, “Will you also go away?” Peter responded as a follower when he said, “Lord to whom shall we go: You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68).

On this seemingly unusual Palm Sunday, let's take a moment to think about what is going on around us. We so desperately would like to get back to "normalcy." but as Tony Evans said maybe this is a Divine Distraction for us to stop and pause... Are we fans or are we followers? Do we only come to the Lord when we are in trouble or need something? Or, today, are we shouting HOSANNA because we know regardless of the circumstances, HE has already saved us.

Praying for each of you and your families and I am thankful to God to be serving with you all.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday,
Michael Nolan
CEO - Bill Glass Behind the Walls

Special Note: Pastor Jim Shultz shared this devotional thought, and I've added and blended my own thoughts into the text.

Our founder, Bill Glass, introduces Michael Nolan and a word from the new CEO.

The Bill Glass Behind the Walls Board of Directors is proud to introduce Michael Nolan, our new Chief Executive Officer.

Michael is a well-respected ministry and business leader with a storied career of fostering responsible growth for ministries and local church organizations.

Most recently, he served as President of The Operation Andrew Group (OAG) in Nashville, TN, joining the organization in 2018. Concurrently, he served as President of the Intersection Ministries, a consulting firm he founded in 2017 to come alongside churches and ministry organizations with a network of professionals offering help in strategic planning, finance and business consulting, and operational leadership.

From 2005 to 2017, Michael was Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer for GARBC in Arlington Heights, IL. The GARBC is a voluntary partnership of 1,200 independent Baptist churches in the U.S. and over 9,000 churches internationally who are committed to the Great Commission mandate. During his time at GARBC, Michael served as interim COO/CFO at Clarks Summit University (2015-16). Before joining GARBC, he worked with General Motors/GM Financial for eight years as Northeast Director - Sales, Service and Marketing and Executive Officer - Senior Analyst.

"Michael was the unanimous choice from our national search committee from the slate of impressive candidates we interviewed," says BGBTW founder Bill Glass. "He clearly demonstrated how his unique experience will help us equip and ignite more Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the least of these."

Michael and his wife Kristen have been married twenty-seven years and have three adult daughters. He holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Operations Management from the University of Dallas, and a Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Financial Management from Louisiana Tech University.

"I'm humbled by Bill Glass and the Board of Directors selecting me to head up this Gospel-centered organization," said Michael Nolan. "I see tremendous growth ahead as more local churches learn about our proven method to mobilize Christians to obey Jesus's command in Mark 16:15 to go and proclaim the Gospel."

Please join us in welcoming Michael Nolan to the Bill Glass Behind the Walls family!

For His Kingdom,

Billy Glass, Chairman
Bill Glass Behind the Walls Board of Directors

Wednesday night the town of Red Oak, TX came together to help their community giving out free food and praying with the families. Every family also received a Bill Glass tract and many Gospel conversations were had. Coordinator/Teammate Jeremy Lampier had the opportunity to share the Good News with a mom and her son and they gave their lives to Jesus!

We are in uncharted waters and people are scared. Folks are open to hearing about Jesus now more than ever. Ask God to open doors for you to share the life-changing, life-saving message of Jesus!

We love our Red Oak community! Last night, several local community groups collected and provided food bags for 146 ROISD families.

We want to thank our local Brookshires, area churches, businesses, and individuals for your time and support. #WeAreRO #HawksAtHome

📸: Moving Pictures

[03/17/20]   Dear Fellow Teammates,

On behalf of everyone at Bill Glass Behind the Walls, our prayers go out to all those impacted by COVID-19 - this includes not only those diagnosed with the virus, but also their friends and family, those whose jobs have been impacted and so many more. Our focus is, as always, the health and safety of our volunteers, employees, and those we serve both behind the walls and in our communities.

The situation is changing rapidly, and to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus as recommended by the CDC, we have made changes to the following Bill Glass Behind the Walls events scheduled for the next eight (8) weeks. These community events include:

• Huntsville, Texas: March 21, 2020 - cancelled
• Fort Worth, Texas: April 18, 2020 - cancelled
• Chicago, Illinois - Cook County: April 25, 2020 - cancelled
• Perry, Georgia: April 25, 2020 - cancelled (may be rescheduled for later date)
• Denver, Colorado: April 25, 2020 rescheduled for August 29, 2020
• Fresno, California WOC: May 1-2, 2020 postponed to the Fall
• Bonham, Texas: May 16, 2020 - postponed
• Cleveland, Ohio Special Ops Event: May 16, 2020 - postponed

Please Note: All volunteers who have pre-registered for these events will receive a call from their Event Team as well as event-specific emails with additional information regarding these cancellations and postponements.

We will continue to provide additional information on all future Bill Glass Behind the Walls for 2020 as more information from the CDC and local health officials become available. In the meantime, you can continue to register for all upcoming events as usual. We will continue to provide status updates directly to those registered for each event, as well as periodic COVID-19 updates via this email format and on Facebook.

If you have further questions about COVID-19 we encourage you to visit the CDC site with the most up-to-date information about the virus, symptoms, severity, and protection.

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

In Him as always,
Bill Glass

[03/13/20]   Effect of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Future Bill Glass Behind the Walls Event

Bill Glass Behind the Walls is working with prison and jail facilities for all upcoming Day of Champion events, as well as local community public health officials, to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 situation. We are committed to taking precautions in preventing the spread of this virus.

We will provide additional information on all future Bill Glass Behind the Walls for 2020 as more information from the CDC and local health officials become available. In the meantime, you can continue to register for all upcoming events as usual. We will continue to provide status updates directly to those registered for each event, as well as periodic COVID-19 updates via this email format and on Facebook.

If anyone has further questions about COVID-19 we encourage them to visit the CDC site ( with the most up-to-date information about the virus, symptoms, severity, and protection.

God bless each of you.

For His Kingdom,
Scott Jones
Interim CEO

[02/29/20]   Bill Glass Behind the Walls Dayton, Ohio Day of Champions Results: 106 teammates, including 16 who served with the ministry for the first time, had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a total of 326 men, women and juveniles at 2 facilities. 264 residents made commitments to Christ with 125 being first time decisions. Praise the LORD!

[02/25/20]   DFW Teammates: Did you give your life to Christ at a Bill Glass event while incarcerated? Do you like telling your story? Let us know! We may have an opportunity for you to share at a men's breakfast at the end of March.

Representing the ministry at the SBTC Empower Evangelism Conference.

[02/23/20]   San Diego, CA DOC Results: 78 teammates, including 39 who served with us for the first time, had the opportunity to share the Gospel with up to 1,400 inmates at 1 facility. 231 inmates made commitments to Christ with 97 were first time decisions. It was a great day! Praise the LORD!

[02/23/20]   Bill Glass BTW Austin, TX results: 129 Teammates including 32 freshmen had the opportunity to share the Gospel with 2,100 inmates at 2 facilities in the Austin area. 559 inmates made commitments to Christ with 168 of those being first time. Praise the Lord!

[02/22/20]   Prayers for Austin please! The road to the men’s jail is blocked off in both directions due to a fatal car accident.

[02/21/20]   Dez, the front desk guy at the Austin HQ hotel, just gave his life to Jesus! Be in prayer for our new brother in Christ.

SBTC Evangelism

Bill Glass Ministries has been invited to do 2 breakouts on Tuesday afternoon. If you are in the DFW area, you aren't going to want to miss this evangelism conference!

We exist to empower, equip, & encourage churches to engage the 18 Million people in Texas that don't know Jesus.

[01/26/20]   Bill Glass Behind the Walls Houston, TX results: 153 Teammates including 20 freshmen had the opportunity to share the Gospel with 3,000 inmates at the Harris County Jail in Houston, TX. 1,455 inmates made commitments to Christ with 608 of those being first time. Praise the Lord!

[01/21/20]   Are you an ex-offender who heard the Gospel at a Bill Glass event and committed your life to Christ as a result? Do you live in the DFW area? We'd like to hear your story and share it with others!

[01/15/20]   Hey Austin, the deadline is in 2 weeks! We're need ~10 more men and ~30 more women. You don't want to miss out on sharing the Gospel with ~2200 people, do you? You know that friend that needs to learn to share the Good News? Bring them with you!

HOME | Bridges To Life

Is working with the incarcerated near and dear to your heart? Check out Bridges to Life, a fantastic organization ministering all across the country (and world!) through 14-week restorative justice programs. The mission of Bridges To Life is to connect communities to prisons to reduce the recidivism rate (particularly that of violent crimes), reduce the number of crime victims, and enhance public safety. The spiritual mission of Bridges To Life is to minister to victims and offenders in an effort to show them the transforming power of God’s love and forgiveness.

Today is the last day to make a 2019 gift. Every dollar up to $117,000 is being matched by Bill Glass and members of our Board of Directors. Will you please consider a gift in support of the mighty work we are doing in Equipping and Igniting Christians to share their Faith in Jesus Christ with the least of these? Thank you for your support! Give online here:

Timeline Photos

For a child is born to us, A son is given to us; And the government Is upon His shoulder; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. - Isaiah 9:6

[12/23/19]   From Teammate Kimberly M.: Fran had known Christ, but was far from Him and had no relationship with Him. Fran believed God was "done" with her and would not help her any longer because of all her unbroken promises she had made to Him.

At the same time, Roxanne knew a little about Christ, but again had no relationship with Him. Roxanne had let her family down, again. Although living in the same pod Fran and Roxanne did not know one another; had never even seen one another. Roxanne stayed to herself; while Fran stayed in her bed with the covers pulled over her head-day in and day out.

By the end of our visit, not only had both beautiful, young women rededicated their lives to Christ, and understood what it is looks like to live in relationship with Christ, they were hugging and laughing and making plans on how they would DAILY lift each other up, study their bibles together, and go to church on Tuesday.

I'm sure when Fran and Roxanne woke up Saturday morning they had no idea that God was going to give them this gift of hope.....
For that, I am forever grateful. #MyBillGlassStory

Photos from the Bill Glass Behind the Walls Day of Champions at the Louisville, KY. Metro Jail last month...

Tanya Crevier at the Bill Glass 50th Anniversary Gala

Tanya Crevier has gone with us for a long time so I'm sure she has a ton of stories. This is her sharing at the Bill Glass 50th Gala. #MyBillGlassStory

We're very thankful for the folks at Management & Training Corporation (@mtctrainsfb)! It is always wonderful working with them. Merry Christmas MTC!

We partner with Crossroads. When someone makes a commitment to Jesus on one of our events, we offer them the chance to sign up to become a student of Crossroads Bible Correspondence course. This vital Bible Correspondence course helps to grow these new believers in their faith.

We are getting ready to send out 17,000 Christmas cards to Crossroads students! Each card has an uplifting Christmas message and is signed by all Crossroads staff. For many of our students, the card they get from Crossroads will be the only one they get all Christmas season.

May God bless you and your family during this special time of thankfulness. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Bill Glass Behind the Walls.

[11/16/19]   Results from the final 2019 Bill Glass Behind the Walls Day of Champions: 69 Teammates, including 16 who served with us for the first time, visited 1,450 residents at the Louisville, KY. Metro Jail. The volunteers recorded 572 total decisions for Christ, and 293 were first time commitments! Praise the LORD!!! ❤️

Please pray for the TEAM of volunteers who will be guided by the Holy Spirit into the Louisville Metro Jail this morning. We are visiting 43 pods of men and women - Bill Glass Behind the Walls Louisville Day of Champions Evangelism Training event.
Thank you! ❤️

I see you PG's!

Bill Glass Behind the Walls Louisville, KY Day of Champions Tailgate, Equip & Ignite...

Welcome our newest local team: Roseburg, OR! We’re planning an event in the fall of 2020–if you’re in the area come join us!

John Fuller felt a burning desire to share the Gospel. To anyone and everyone, he would ask, "Do you know, Jesus?" There can be no doubt that there are indeed hundreds who know Jesus because of John.

This Saturday, November 16th, we will be celebrating the life of John Fuller. For those that wish to attend, here are the details. (Please note, the date and time are subject to change pending Brenda Fuller's health.)

John Fuller’s Life Celebration
Saturday November 16, 2019, 12:00PM
Crossroads Church
1930 S. Trade Days Blvd, CANTON, TX 75103

Visitation will begin prior to the service at 10:00AM.

For updates on Brenda's health, her family has created this Caring Bridge site:

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Tanya Crevier at the Bill Glass 50th Anniversary Gala
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