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Greetings! We invite you to Come and See, Learn and Rejoice, Go and Tell the Good News of Jesus! We are an ELCA Congregation located in Duncanville, Texas

We are an ELCA Congregation located in Duncanville, Texas. As Lutherans we summarize our beliefs with three phrases: FAITH ALONE, GRACE ALONE, and SCRIPTURE ALONE.

Mission: Our Mission: Come & See, Learn & Rejoice, Go & Tell! Come & See! This is the invitation Christ offered his first disciples. He was not requesting them to make a commitment to Him right then... just to come, listen to what He had to say, ask a lot of questions and see if He could make a difference in their lives. Learn & Rejoice! The disciples came and learned from Jesus. Upon hearing the Word of God they came to believe and rejoiced. This did not happen instantly but occurred slowly over Christ's 3 year ministry and over their entire life times. A Christian's faith is constantly growing... Learning never stops. With faith comes worship and true rejoicing! Go & Tell! Christ's "Great Commission" is to "...go and make disciples of all..." In response to God's undeserved gift to us of everlasting life, we go out into the world and serve others. Our service to other in Christ's name occurs as we tell others about Christ and invite them to "Come & See" what God gives to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Wait on the Lord - This is the sum of all the instruction in the psalm; the main lesson which the psalm is designed to convey. The object is to induce others, from the experience of the psalmist, to trust in the Lord; to rely upon Him; to come to Him in trouble and danger; to wait for His interposition when all other resources fail. Compare Psalm 25:3.
Be of good courage - The Hebrew word here means, "be strong." That is, do not faint. Do not be dismayed. Still hope and trust in the Lord. He shall strengthen thine heart - He will strengthen "thee." He will enable you to perform your duties, and to triumph over your enemies. See the notes at Isaiah 40:31. Wait, I say, on the Lord - Repeating an idea with which the heart was full; a lesson resulting from his own rich experience. He dwells upon it as a lesson which he would fix deeply in the mind, that in all times of danger and difficulty, instead of despondency, instead of sinking down in despair, instead of giving up all effort, we should go forward in the discharge of duty, putting our trust solely in the Lord. ✝️☮️🛐💟

Today we observe the Feast of the Transfiguration as the last Sunday after the Epiphany, which is the Sunday immediately preceding Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent. Come join us today.✝️💟☮️🛐

Today is Transfiguration Sunday. “O God, in the transfiguration of your Son you confirmed the mysteries of the faith by the witness of Moses and Elijah, and in the voice from the bright cloud declaring Jesus your beloved Son, you foreshadowed our adoption as your children. Make us heirs with Christ of your glory, and bring us to enjoy its fullness, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.”

- Bread for the Day, 2020, p. 66

Have a blessed day.....✝️💟☮️🛐

Thou shalt be secure, because there is hope — Thy mind shall be quiet and free from terrors, because thou shalt have a firm and well-grounded confidence in God. Thou shalt dig — Either to fix thy tents, which, after the manner of the Arabians, were removed from place to place; or, to plough thy ground, as he had done, Job 1:14, or to make a fence about thy dwelling Thou shalt take thy rest in safety — Free from dangers and the fear of them; because of God’s fatherly providence watching over thee, when thou canst not watch over thyself. And none shall make thee afraid — Thou shalt be in perfect peace, and none shall disquiet thee; yea, many shall make suit unto thee — Desiring thy favour and friendship, because of thy great power and riches, and eminent felicity. ✝️💟☮️🛐

[02/22/20]   From Service committee
LWR IS NOT ACCEPTING SOAP THIS YEAR! If you have been collecting already, we suggest you donate to a local food bank. LWR still requires soap to be included in Personal Care and Baby Care Kits. They will not accept boxes of soap packed separately.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


"By faith, Moses was hidden by his parents for three months after his birth.
"By faith, Moses refused to be called a son of Pharaoh's daughter.
"By faith, he left Egypt unafraid of the King's anger.
"By faith, he kept the Passover" (Hebrews 11:23-28).

Lord, give us faith like Moses.

The Lord hath heard my supplication - Repeating the sentiment in the previous verse, to express his assurance and his joy. Nothing is more natural in such circumstances than to dwell on the joyous thought, and to repeat it to ourselves, that it may make its full impression.
The Lord will receive my prayer - As he has done it, so he will still do it. This allays all fears of the future, and makes the mind calm. The state of mind here is this: "The Lord has heard my prayer; I am assured that he will do it hereafter; I have, therefore, nothing to fear." ✝️💟☮️🛐

Let us remember ....✝️💟☮️🛐

"The church, our church, is forever becoming the perfected body of Christ,” writes the Rev. Linda Boston. “Although we are individually different, we are all shaped by culture and tradition. Culture is to a society as personality is to the individual. Just as the church of the Reformation had its own authentic and legitimate way of re-linking with God, so does the African American worship community. It is not the intention or desire of the African American Lutheran worshiping community to separate the church from the church or the church from the community. Rather it is our desperate aim to make connections at the worship well between the water and those many who thirst for the water. The church, as the body of Christ, is one that is not yet fully what it should be but rather is continually in a state of becoming."

Read more of Rev. Boston's commentary at

Remember ....let us pray..✝️💟☮️🛐

Today is the United Nations’ #WorldDayofSocialJustice! As the ELCA, we are committed to living out our faith through working toward a just society. Find out more at

Photo via ELCA Advocacy Convening 2019

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


Lord, your wisdom calms and calls. Still our spirits and quiet our fidgety limbs so that we might attentively listen for your voice of wisdom calling from scripture and street corner, sanctuary and social hall, that we might articulate truth and justice in every word we speak.

-Bread for the Day, 2020


Moses tells the people of Israel how God had given them three distinguishing privileges, which were their honour, and figures of those spiritual blessings in heavenly things, with which God has in Christ blessed us. Here is election; The Lord hath chosen thee. He did not choose them because they were by their own acts a peculiar people to him above other nations, but he chose them that they might be so by his grace; and thus were believers chosen, Eph 1:4. Here is adoption; Ye are the children of the Lord your God; not because God needed children, but because they were orphans, and needed a father. Every spiritual Israelite is indeed a child of God, a partaker of his nature and favour. Here is sanctification; Thou art a holy people. God's people are required to be holy, and if they are holy, they are indebted to the grace God which makes them so. Those whom God chooses to be his children, he will form to be a holy people, and zealous of good works. They must be careful to avoid every thing which might disgrace their profession, in the sight of those who watch for their halting. Our heavenly Father forbids nothing but for our welfare. Do thyself no harm; do not ruin thy health, thy reputation, thy domestic comforts, thy peace of mind. Especially do not murder thy soul. Do not be the vile slave of thy appetites and passions. Do not render all around thee miserable, and thyself wretched; but aim at that which is most excellent and useful. The laws which regarded many sorts of flesh as unclean, were to keep them from mingling with their idolatrous neighbours. It is plain in the gospel, that these laws are now done away. But let us ask our own hearts, Are we of the children of the Lord our God? Are we separate from the ungodly world, in being set apart to God's glory, the purchase of Christ's blood? Are we subjects of the work of the Holy Ghost? Lord, teach us from these precepts how pure and holy all thy people ought to live! ☮️🛐✝️💜


Cast thy burden] The word rendered burden is of uncertain meaning. The LXX, from which St Peter borrows (1 Peter 5:7), renders thy care. But for this explanation there is no philological ground, and the word seems rather to mean that which he hath given thee, the burden of care or suffering which He hath laid upon thee to bear. He shall sustain thee, not necessarily removing the burden, but giving strength to bear it, upholding thee lest thou shouldest fall under its weight. Cp. Psalm 22:8, Psalm 37:5, and notes. The later Greek Versions and Jerome presume a reading which differs very slightly so far as the appearance of the consonants is concerned: Cast [thy burden, or, thy cause] upon Jehovah, who loveth thee. The form of the sentence would then resemble Psalm 22:8. But the reading is scarcely probable.
He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved] We must either understand moved of final and fatal disaster, or else render, He will not suffer the righteous to be moved for ever: though they may be in distress for awhile, there will be an end to their suffering. ✝️🛐☮️💜

Remember prayers.....✝️💟🛐🛐🛐☮️

No one hath ever yet beheld God. Θεόν stands first for emphasis. and without the article, as meaning the Divine Being rather than the Father in particular: "With regard to God - no one hath ever yet beheld him" τεθεάται, stronger than ἑώρακεν. Why does St. John introduce this statement here? Not, of course, as implying that to love an invisible Being is impossible; but that the only security for genuine and lasting love in such a case is to love that which visibly represents him. Seeing that God is invisible, his abiding in us can be shown only by his essential characteristic being exhibited in us, i.e., by our showing similar self-sacrificing love Ἡ ἀγάπη αὐτοῦ can scarcely mean God's love for us; for how can our loving one another make his love perfect? Nor yet vaguely, "the relation of love between us and God;" but, as in 1 John 2:5, our love for him. Our love towards God is perfected and brought to maturity by the exercise of love towards our brethren in him. ✝️🛐☮️💟

Remember & learn the stories of past leaders.

"The stories in this resource are written for generations now and to come. They are written for this church and the whole body of Christ. They are written so that the world may know God has called and continues to call women of color as leaders for God’s work." Read this story and many more in "God's Faithfulness on the Journey," in which over 40 rostered women of color share their experiences. Find the resource at

#TellTheStory #BlackHistoryMonth

Let us remember the life of Martin Luther who on this day in 1546 passed away.

Today we commemorate the life of Martin Luther, who, on this day in 1546, died in his hometown of Eisleben, Saxony (now Germany), at age 63.


Amen....Happy Tuesday...✝️🛐💟☮️

Trust in the Lord with all thy heart — Wholly and securely rely upon God’s wisdom, power, and goodness, and upon his providence and promises, for direction and help in all thine affairs and dangers. Lean not to thine own understanding — Think not to accomplish thy designs by the strength of thine own understanding, without God’s blessing. Under this one kind of carnal confidence he understands all other kinds, such as confidence in bodily strength, wealth, or friends. In all thy ways — Designs and undertakings, both respecting the things of this life and those of the life to come; acknowledge him — Hebrew, דעהו, know him, namely, practically; or own him, his wisdom, by following his counsels; his power and goodness, by expecting success from him; his sovereignty, by managing all thy affairs in such a manner as to please and glorify him; and he shall direct thy steps — So that thy ways shall be safe and good, and at last have a happy issue. ✝️🛐💟☮️

Today is #PresidentsDay &
Honor both. ✝️🛐💟☮️

In addition to Presidents Day, today is #RandomActsofKindnessDay! What are some ways you spread kindness?

Have a blessed Monday...✝️💟🛐☮️

Yet the Lord will command — Will effectually provide and confer upon me; his lovingkindness — His blessings, the effect of his lovingkindness, which God is often said to command. In the day-time, and in the night — Both day and night, that is, continually. His song shall be with me — I shall have constant cause for singing and praising God for his loving-kindness. And my prayer shall be unto the God of my life — The giver and preserver of my life from time to time. I will boldly and believingly direct my prayers to him, of whose readiness to hear and help me I have had such ample experience. I will say unto God my rock — I will expostulate the case with him, who hath formerly been a sure refuge to me; Why hast thou forgotten me? — Why dost thou now seem quite to neglect and forget me? Why go I mourning? — Why dost thou leave me in this mourning state, and not succour me speedily? ✝️💟🛐☮️


Dear God, let us walk beside you. May we listen for your voice and allow it to guide us to do your will. Although we may stumble and fall, we know you will be there to pick us up and brush us off. Thank you, Lord, our guide and comforter. Amen.


Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. The past is an earnest of the future, As God's "goodness and mercy" have always followed him hitherto, David has no doubt that they will continue to cling to him while his life continues. And I will dwell. in the house of the Lord for ever (comp. Psalm 27:4, "One thing have I desired of the Lord, that I will seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple"). Such passages are, of course, not to be understood literally; they express the longing of the soul for a sense of the continual presence of God, and a realization of constant communion with him. ✝️💟🛐☮️

In Honor of Black History Month, 14 Heroes You May Not Have Heard Of

Thank you for your role and achievements of African-Americans in the United States. #BlackHistoryMonth #honoring These are life stories worth knowing.

Recycled wood for gardens at Bridges Safehouse

Check out our recycled wood garden beds!
Bridges Safehouse Bridges Can Help NT-NL Synod, ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Living Lutheran
#greengardens #recycledwood #sustainability #heathyfoods

Upgrading our beds with recycled wood made out of plastic bottles! Started on 2 of them today. Check them out! Thanks Jacob for the help! Bridges Safehouse. Bridges Can Help NT-NL Synod, ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Living Lutheran #recycledwood #susainability #growinggreens #healthyfoods

Gardens still have onions & turnips.
Bridges Safehouse Bridges Can Help
NT-NL Synod, ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church in America #growinggreen
#Sustainability healthy eating

Have a blessed Saturday.....✝️💟🛐☮️


The beauty of the Lord, i.e. his favourable countenance, and gracious influence, and glorious presence. Upon us; or, in us. Do not only work for us, but in us. And because the glorious work of thy hands is hindered by the evil works of our hands, be thou pleased by thy Holy Spirit to direct or establish (for this Hebrew word signifies both) the works of our hands, that we may cease to do evil, and learn to do well, and turn and constantly cleave unto thee, and not revolt and draw back from thee, as we have frequently done to our own undoing. ✝️💟🛐☮️


“This was not a calling I sought, nor did it come about by my effort,” said Rev. Louisa Groce. “It has all been God’s work from beginning to end, so that I may sing with the prophet: ‘For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart you’” (Isaiah 54:10).


Today we wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Remember, let all that we do be done in love.



With natural disasters devastating the United States and the world, we pray for all those in harm's way.

Lord, in your mercy.



Happy Valentines Day, have a blessed day....Amen....✝️☮️✝️☮️💟🛐

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God.—In St. Mark’s report (Mark 12:29) our Lord’s answer begins with the Creed of Israel (“Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord”), and so the truth is in its right position as the foundation of the duty. It is significant (1) that the answer comes from the same chapter (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) which supplied our Lord with two out of His three answers to the Tempter (see Notes on Matthew 4:4; Matthew 4:7); and (2) that He does but repeat the answer that had been given before by the “certain lawyer” who stood up tempting Him, in Luke 10:25. In their ethical teaching the Pharisees had grasped the truth intellectually, though they did not realise it in their lives, and our Lord did not shrink, therefore, so far, from identifying His teaching with theirs. Truth was truth, even though it was held by the Pharisees and coupled with hypocrisy. ✝️🛐💟☮️

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Recycled wood for gardens at Bridges Safehouse
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