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[04/07/15]   I have recently learned that Dr. Gardner C. Taylor has gone home to be with the Lord. I met Dr. Taylor in 2009 when I was one of the presenters at the E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference. Dr. Taylor preached the initial opening sermon. When he finished preached I went up to assist him as he was dismounting the preaching platform.
Greatness, purpose and a unique calling on a life do not glitter, sparkle, shine or make much noise but when they walk in you will know it. When I met Dr Taylor, there was a greatness about him that populated the room without him making a sound.
Rarely in a life time when a light that burns that bright burns for a very long time but God in His wisdom decided to let Dr Taylor’s light burn longer than normal and our faith and lives are the better because of it.
Our Lord gives His gifts and anointing in measure and I believe that our Lord chose to give Dr. Taylor a rare portion. Fortunately, that light has burned for decades and we as a body of believers will benefit from the afterglow of that anointing and gift until our Lord returns.
When our Lord told Moses to take off his shoes, yes, it was because he was in the presence of God (holy ground) but I believe that our Lord told Moses to take off his shoes because He(God) wanted to walk in Moses’ shoes and for the next forty (40) years God walked in Moses’ shoes. The other day God stepped out of Dr. Taylor’s shoes, brought him home and put his shoes in the archives of heaven. Farewell dear pastor, I look forward to seeing you again in heaven and this time I will not have to assist you as you dismount the pulpit after proclaiming God’s Word. Is God walking in your shoes? 07/30/2013

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[04/04/12]   Do You Know Why You Exist? Do You Know The Will Of God For Your Life? Do You Know Your Purpose In Life? Join me every Sunday Morning @ 10:45 for "The Assignment Session" At Grace Celebration Fellowship @ 3715 S. Westmoreland Rd., Dallas Texas (214) 303-9937 and Listen Each Thursday and Friday @ 6PM on KGGR 1040 AM.

[09/04/11]   Hello GCF Family & Friends: Here it is and it has been a long time coming! Only purpose fulfills a person and if you want to find Your Purpose and your particular Assignment in life, this book is a 31 days devotional that adds a piece to your life assignment puzzle each day for 31 days. Once you have completed the book you will have a clearer and more vivid picture of your purpose in life.

[09/04/11]   (2) Everything that was made was made for a purpose and to fix a problem; your eyes, ears, mouth, doctors, lawyers, parents and the sort all fix a problem. Question: Why in The World Are You Here? What problem were you born to fix? Find out from the book. The book is $15 and mailing address is Grace Celebration Fellowship, P. O. Box 3776, Cedar Hill, TX 75106 or call 214-303-9937. 7 Ps To Finding Your Purpose”, will be ready October 15th.

[09/04/11]   (3) Up coming books are; “What Your Man Wants You To Know But Doesn’t Know How To Tell You”, “How To Be An Original Not A Copy”, “Your Vision From Conception To Completion”, “The Man Nobody Can Stop”. Thanking you in advance for helping me get the word out and remember; “When A Person Knows Why He Or She Is Living It Protects You From Intimidation And The Opinions Of Others.” My new page is entitled “The Assignment”! Check it out!

[05/11/11]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends. Your Reaction to a man of God Determines God’s reaction to you! One of the lost commodities of our day is respect for the man of God. Yet God still honors His Word and the man of God. An older pastor said to me several years ago, “God will go an extra mile for a preacher.” I am sure that the pastor was not assuming that a preacher can do anything he wants and gets away with it.

[05/11/11]   (2) But rather God gives special protection and attention to His messengers. I have known this to be true in my own life and here are a few biblical passages to under gird this reality. In Numbers 12, Aaron and Miriam teased Moses about marrying interracially and God struck Miriam with Leprosy. Korah and others rose up against Moses with 250 people and God opened the earth and swallowed them up.

[05/11/11]   (3) In Numbers 16:41, they murmured about the 250 and 14,000 was hit with a plagued and died. 2 Kings 2:19-25 43 kids called Elisha bald head and 2 she bears came out of the woods and ripped them apart. In 1 Kings 17 the widow of Zarephath followed Elijah’s instructions and was given a years worth of supply in a time of famine.

[05/11/11]   (4) A man of God will always have flaws, he’ll make mistakes and his life in some instances may be questionable but He answers to the Lord. Whatever you do in life do not cast a dark shadow of your pastor or a preacher to your children. Never dishonor or disrespect a man of God. Do not sow disrespect into your children about your pastor and never criticize truly called men of God.

[02/05/11]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends, it’s been a while since I have populated a post and much of it is due to the demands of what I do coupled laziness. However, I was prompted to post now one of the latest nuggets that God has deposited in my heart. Have you ever considered one the benefits of Jesus’ deity and His death?

[02/05/11]   (2) The 1st premise is; His deity it what makes His death valuable. That is to say, many have died in the past and I am sure their death was important to their families or perhaps no one at all if he/she was a homeless person. Yet, because Jesus was God, that factor alone made his death valuable to the whole world.

[02/05/11]   (3) Jesus was God wrapped in human flesh, it was that conundrum that made His death valuable to God Himself, you and me as well! The 2nd premise is; His death is what made His deity knowable. That is to say, because Jesus died as the God-Man it made it possible for us to know God in a personal way.

[02/05/11]   (4) No other death on earth apart from the death of Jesus Christ made it possible for you and me to have a personal relationship with God The Father. Beloved, the death of Jesus made it possible to have eternal life with God the Father. In closing, “Jesus baited Satan with His humanity and hooked Satan with His deity.”

[01/12/11]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends. Where you are determines what grows in you, your strengths and your weaknesses. Beloved “where you are is just as important as who you are.” When Jesus was in Nazareth His ministry could not grow but when He moved it to Capernaum it flourished. That is, the strength of His ministry grew in Capernaum. When Sampson was with Deliahla his weaknesses grew and his strength diminished.

[01/12/11]   (2) When you and I are in the presence of God, our fears, doubt and weaknesses diminish but our faith, strength and walk with the Lord strengthens. It is for this reason that it is important that you and I go to church regularly to be in God’s presence. Where you are right now is either feeding your weaknesses or your strengths; beloved it is important that you be in a place where Jesus Christ rules.

[11/29/10]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends: I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and full of the all of the turkey treats. Last Sunday 11/14/10, The title of my sermon was, “When The Lights Go Out On The Road To Hell” (Matt 12:22-32); dealing with the “Unpardonable Sin”. It is the text where the Pharisees attributed the miracle of healing the blind & dumb man to the Beelzebub (The Lord of The Flies).

[11/29/10]   (2) Initially, let me tell you what the Unpardonable Sin is not: It is not a Moral Sin like murder, theft, adultery, lying or the sort. It is not an Intellectual Sin like atheism, agnosticism, skepticism or the sort. It is not a Verbal Sin like cursing, swearing, slandering or the sort. Actually you can commit the Unpardonable Sin without saying a word just as you can pray without saying a word.

[11/29/10]   (3) One of the questions I am often asked as a pastor, apologist and a professor is “Have I Committed The Unpardonable Sin?” Well, what is it? For CDs, send $10 to: Bright Light For Dark Days, P. O. Box 3776, Cedar Hill, Texas 75106.

[11/20/10]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends. One of the controversial subjects in Christendom is “does God heal all people.” In passing it is worthy of asking God to heal you for whatever you need. However, it is not guaranteed that He (God) will do it. When the apostle Paul did not know if God would heal his friend it is suggestive of the fact that we do not always know what God has in mind.

[11/20/10]   (2) God’s ways are far above and beyond our ways, He has a different perspective than we do and we cannot always gauge what He will do. God sees first, farther, deeper and wider which puts Him at an advantage. One of the questions that I am always asked as an apologist is “why did this happen”?

[11/20/10]   (3) The simple answer is, “You do not have to know why, when you know you know the one who knows why!” In closing it is also worthy of knowing, “If God does not give you your miracle, you will be a miracle to someone else!”

[10/30/10]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends. Are you struggling with your faith and goals? Perhaps this will help; “The Clearer Your Goals The Stronger Your Faith!” If I were to visit your home will I only see pictures of your memories or a museum of past events? Beloved, you need some room or place in your house as a “vision room, future room or dream room.”

[10/30/10]   (2) That is to say, you need something in your house to forecast where you are going, what you want in life and a gallery of your goals. Your goals determine your mentors and what obstacles you are willing to overcome. Your goals and your focus with birth out of you amazing creativity!! Whatever the hearts is determined to do the mind will create a pathway to get there!!

[10/29/10]   Hello GCF Family & Friends: It is well said beloved “you are what you think.” “Your Self Portrait Determines Your Self Conduct.” You act like what you think you are. Beloved your focus determines your feelings. Whatever picture in your mind that you have of yourself will determine your feelings and your future. Muhammad Ali said, “I said I was the greatest long before I became the greatest.”

[10/29/10]   (2) David Cho, the pastor of the largest church in the world said before he had any members in his church, when he preached he would close his eyes and envision thousands of people in his church. Today he has over 1 million members in his church in Seoul, Korea. I cannot change your situation until I change the picture you have of yourself in your mind.

[10/29/10]   (3) The bible clearly says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” (Prov 23:7). A young bellman was working at the largest hotel at the time and as he took the luggage of the guess he had a picture of that hotel under a piece of glass and as he came back from taking the luggage, he would look at the picture of the hotel and he said to himself, “I will own this hotel one day.”

[10/29/10]   (4) Well beloved he did and that young man was Conrad Hilton and today his name is on hotels all over the world. You need to act like what you want to become. To change your self portrait you need to “go into the future and see where you want to be and come back into the presence and make provision to get there.”

[10/01/10]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends. Do you know why you were born? Do you know why you exist in the world? Do you know your purpose and meaning in life? Do you know what problem(s) you were born to fix?

[10/01/10]   (2) Until you are able to specifically and accurately answer these questions, your life would be useless, worthless, meaningless and empty. Like a feather being carried by the wind, like driftwood or a dead fish being carried along by the currents of the water.

[10/01/10]   (3) My mission and assignment in life is to help you find your calling and assignment in life. Join us each Sunday at 9:45am, at Grace Celebration Fellowship, where heaven and earth connects and you find your purpose in life! True success is when a God size problem connects with the consciousness of the human being that was born to fix it.

[10/01/10]   (4) Creativity explodes when a God size vision connects with soul of a man or woman that is not willing to abandon the vision due to the fear of the impossibility. Beloved, whatever God asks you to do it is impossible without Him! See you this Sunday! God bless you! Get my CD on the stages of the God given vision from conception to completion!

[09/26/10]   Sunday's message "How To Say YES When God Sends A Test! Gen 22:1-19. In school they teach us and then they test us, but with God He tests us and then He teaches us! Our faith is not truly tested until "God asks us to bear the unbearable, do the unreasonable and expect what seems impossible!" True faith can see heaven through the darkest clouds. Our faith is never sick as long as our hope is well! God Bless You!

[09/25/10]   (1) Hello GCF Family & Friends: As a pastor I think it is necessary that I address the issue about the latest news. I have told my people to not address this issue because we do not want to be known as one who kicks our brothers or sisters when then are down. To many Christians are dragging our brother through the mud and we really need to stop it.

[09/25/10]   (2) If you were the person or his wife, what would you want your brothers and sisters in Christ to do now? I can only imagine how he feels, the church feels and his wife feels. Lets cover our brother in prayer and let the media do all of the dirty work, they are good at that, I assure you.



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