First Christian Church Duncanville, Texas

First Christian Church Duncanville, Texas


Our job is not to judge. Our job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Our job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting. Using those of us who have fallen, been broken and have been hurt.
Okay Why was my comment removed from of yesterday removed ?
When will you Open Again God does not like Zoom all that much He loves people filling his pews.
Bill Swaney obituary
The Museum of International Cultures is observing CLERGY APPRECIATION MONTH during October with FREE tours for your ministerial staff. Hours of operation are 10-4 pm Mon-Fri. If you desire a Docent-led tour call 972 572 0462 and book it with the Director.
Hi, as a Community Outreach Specialist at Life Line Screening, The Nation's leading provider in preventative healthcare, I wanted to let the community know about the Stroke and Vascular Disease Prevention screenings we are having in the community! Below is a link to our event taking place at First Presbyterian Church Duncanville on August 20th. Every Like, Tag, or Share could save a life. Thank you.
Good morning, brothers and sisters in Christ, family and friends.We have started fund raising for our Cuba Mission trip 2019 and you can be part of this mission by donating plates to homeless people if you are not in the area of San Antonio.If want to be part of this blessing and mission please send a check made payable to Primera Iglesia Cristiana and notate "Cuba Mission", mail to P.O.BOX 831058 San Antonio TX 78283-1058. God bless you in advance.We pray that God places it in your heart to help. Thank you once again and God bless you.
Please come join us! Janice Reynolds Sandi Heaton Ron Forston
It's almost time for our annual Bazaar! You can get your Christmas shopping done early!

The PLACE where GOD things happen! Sunday Service in Sanctuary: 9:00 am Sunday Zoom Service: 10:15 am WELCOME to where GRACE is experienced, HOPE is alive and LOVE is lived out TOGETHER!

Come join us throughout the week. Donations drop off: 9-11 am Mondays Thursday Bible Study @ 4:00 pm via Zoom Sunday Worship @ 9:00 am in Sanctuary, @ 10:16 am via Zoom We are excited for you to join us in a place "Where God Things Happen!!"

Dear Friends,
Please take a minute and read about the grant we received from the National Benevolent Association (NBA) for our Bob’s Bags ministry. NBA is the health and social services ministry of our denomination which supports and provides guidance for local churches and regions who are engaged in these focused ministries. If you would like to learn more about NBA, go to In case you are not aware NBA has been supplying the Zoom access for our virtual worship and for many of our Board and committee meetings. We are also using NBA’s network for the Elder’s Basecamp app., which helps the Elders communicate prayer concerns and other needed conversations. Special thanks to Judy Pursell for writing our grant proposal and of course Bob Cawthon for his vision and leadership in this growing ministry from our church!
I hope each of our families will have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving this week! Following Thanksgiving, we will begin the season of Advent and prepare ourselves for the celebration of Christ Jesus’ birth. Sunday we will look at Hope given to us through Christ Jesus for the first Sunday of Advent. Peace, Joy, and Love will be our focus for the following three Sundays.
The folks gathering in the Sanctuary will have the traditional Advent wreath to observe the lighting of the Advent Candles. For those at home we will need to create or build our own. This can be as simple as having five candles and candle holders and putting four of them in a circle with one in the middle (greenery can be added around the four circled candles or left bare). Typically, three of the circle candles are the same color with one being a different color. We will light our candles one at a time each Sunday, so you are encouraged to share in this part of worship at home. I am looking forward to this Advent in part because of its’ uniqueness in this time of COVID and because it is Advent.

In Christ service together wherever He leads,

We are excited to announce that your application has been accepted for a COVID-19 NBA Response Grant in the amount of $5,000.00 from The National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Details regarding these grant funds and other important information are outlined in the attached award letter.
As a reminder, all projects funded by COVID-19 Response Grants funds are asked to encourage and educational purpose for at-risk youth and young adults by including educational materials, etc. to the community as you respond to the COVID-19 pandemic . We also ask that you pay special attention to those age 50+ and consider how your project may uniquely minister to that age demographic within your community.
We pray continued blessings and peace upon you and your organization during this season.
Kara F. Whitehouse Qaoud
Executive Support Manager & Grants Coordinator
National Benevolent Association

Church: A Short Poem on the Nature and Mission of the Church
(Dedicated to the members and friends of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Duncanville, Texas)

The Church is not a building.
The Church is a people –
we come together to worship and praise
beneath the cross and steeple.

When we’re together, we are the “Church gathered”
to worship and praise and learn
and to experience with each other
the grace we can never earn.

When we leave the “Church gathered,”
we become the “Church scattered” –
reaching out to those in pain
and planting there seeds of love
which ever shall remain.

Yes, the Church is not a building.
The Church is a people.

And there is no better expression
of such a truth as this,
no matter how long we search,
than when the man rises to the lectern
and greets us,
“Good morning, Church!”

“Church: A Poem on the Nature and Mission of the Church,” Copyright© 2020 by John D. Call

Dear Friends,
The year was 1620, in September, when the Pilgrims set sail for the new world with the intention of joining the already-established Virginia Colony located along the Hudson River. Due to storms, they arrived further north - in mid-November - to the shores of Cape Cod and spent the next month going from ship to shore, building storage buildings and shelters which would prove inadequate for the New England winter. Because they landed outside the Virginia Company territory, some on board argued they were also outside of the Virginia Company’s contract and its’ regulations. To resolve conflict, the Mayflower Contract was drawn up and signed by forty-one men, establishing the governing system for this new colony. The Mayflower, unlike other settlement ships to the new world, were made up of families, rather than young single men, to establish this new territory.
These Puritans were Christians who previously broke with the Church of England and were seeking religious freedom to practice their own version of faith. There were 100 people on board the Mayflower, 35 of whom were these radical separationists. For them, the Church of England remained too Catholic, plus they were wanting a stricter reading of Scripture. They viewed themselves as “saints” and non-Puritans as “strangers” who would be doomed to damnation. Leading these pilgrims was William Bradford, but also on board was Miles Standish, a professional soldier.
After scouting the area, they settled on the western side of Cape Cod, in an area they would name “Plymouth Harbor” after the port in England from which they had set sail. During that first winter, more than fifty of these settlers died due to near-starvation and the cold. Strangely enough an English-speaking native American, named Squanto, came to meet these settlers some time during the winter months and helped to provide some much-needed food. [Six years earlier, Squanto had been captured by John Smith’s crew attempting to make him a slave. He managed to escape on a returning ship going back to England. A year later, he managed to return home to his people only to find most of them dead, due to the plague brought over by the explorers.] Squanto, in the spring, taught the remaining settlers how to plant corn, hunt, and trap beaver. He also served as interpreter between the colonists and the various native American tribes in the area. Our Thanksgiving tradition comes from the first harvest celebration by the Pilgrims as a way of showing their appreciation to these native people who help them survive.
The Plymouth colony would survive for about twenty years in that location before they were blended into the Massachusetts Bay Colony, settled in Boston in 1630. They had a better harbor and grew more rapidly than the Plymouth Colony did. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was also founded by Puritans who had not split with the church of England and were slightly less rigid than the Pilgrims in their interpretation of Scripture. These two new England colonies and those who came after helped to create a lot of the early American ethic and perspective. These folks provided the religious understanding that God was at work in the successful settlement and development of this land, eventually called Manifest Destiny for the Anglo-Saxon settlers over the native inhabitants (who had only been here for the previous 10,000 years).
In this year of COVID, our thanksgiving might be something akin to those first Pilgrims: we are grateful to survive, grateful for those who have helped us in our time of need, and ready to celebrate when it is over! As we approach Thanksgiving this year, maybe we should view our medical folks and first responders as the strangers/friends who have helped us endure and survive this long COVID “winter”. In the meantime, who would you like to come sit at your table (if they could) to be thanked for assisting our families through this time?

In the risen Christ’s service together wherever He leads,

Mystery Reader Project
This year's Disciples Women Project will be to participate in the Mystery Reader Project at Hastings Elementary School. We will be reading to the students via our individual I-phones and recording those readings to allow teachers and students to have access to them at a later time. Possible topics for selecting a book might focus on social and emotional learning to name a few. The idea is to help the students improve themselves after listening to the story.
Any member of the congregation may participate in this special project. Come join us as we reach out to this school to provide a special service to them. Be a reader!

Dear Friends,
Considering our recent Election season and the near 50 – 50 split of the country over our next President, I am drawn back to my opening greeting for this and every newsletter article I have written since 1985. I address this to you and those of the past as friends, in political season and out, in church struggle and calm, because I see us connected. Not just as pastor and congregation, nor employer or employee, nor as shepherd and sheep, but rather as work colleagues in our mission to serve Christ Jesus. Sometimes we are residential missionaries attempting to show our community a different way of living; particularly, as we demonstrate our faith by living it out continuously in the public eye. That is especially true in this time, where the church is frequently pushed off the agenda for multiple other activities.
Sometimes our witness is not so good, like when we discover interior church struggles to be the topic of conversation around town. If those struggles can be managed, resolved, and healed, then we are seen by the community as truly serving as friends, or church family, who gracefully resolve our differences. When they are not, it is hard to maintain friendship, much less family, and the example that we set in the community as “church” is not so good.
As you have learned from some of my ministerial story in these last couple of years, you know I have seen both in action. I still use “Dear Friends” because I am hopeful for our best success, now as in the past. I use “Friends” also following Jesus’ recognition of the disciples in the upper room in John’s Gospel. Jesus tells them in 15: 15 - 16, “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” He also finished that by again saying, “This is my command, that you love each other.” So “friends” bears a distinction in my mind, that regardless of whatever may divide us in the world – we are connected in Jesus, both in the church and outside of it. As friends, we have been given insight into Jesus’ business (God’s business) and are challenged to live by it and live together in it and with it.
So in a time, especially in the U.S. right now, as we have seen (by the election numbers) a political split down the middle; as we have seen the present push for challenging “white privilege” and the push back against it; as we have recognized the powerful service Ruth Bader Ginsberg gave to our country as she pushed for equal rights and indicated we still have a ways to go to make that happen… what more appropriate time to emphasize, recognize and live out our invitation to “friendship”. Friends help and support one another. Friends listen to one another as they share their “truth” and are more eager to understand each other than to correct the other. Friends stand beside each other in times of loss, & cheer and congratulate each other in times of victory and success. Friends will hold each other’s stories and trust one another with their well-being.
I hope by addressing each congregation that I have served, and now YOU, that I do not flippantly use the title “Friend” lightly! I believe now is an important time for the church --and our nation-- to lay claim to and take seriously what Jesus offered us – to be His friend – and friends with one another.

In the risen Christ’s service together, wherever He leads.

Volunteer readers needed!

Dear Friends,
Technology is great when it works and an expensive paperweight when it does not. As most of you know, the Sanctuary service has had technical glitches for the last several Sundays. Bill and Deb Faulkner, Robert Richards, and Jeff Hillery, plus AV Pro have been consistently working to get those straightened out each week. And thanks to our Elders – Anne Rowe, Lori Sutherland, Suszette White and Peggy Hillery - they have been improvising to work around the problems each Sunday to make worship happen in the Sanctuary! I am very appreciative of all of them for their work each week to serve the needs of our Sanctuary worshippers!
In college, my Accounting and Business major friends were often carrying around bundles of computer cards to feed into the bigger computers on campus. They each had their appointment time when they were able to go in and feed “the monster” computer with their stack of cards – hoping the cards were in the correct order and that their program was correct. The occasional tragedy happened when either someone’s rubber band broke (holding their stack of computer cards together) or they accidently dropped them on the ground where the bundle exploded like a water balloon hitting the floor. In either case, it meant restacking and getting them in order immediately and skipping whatever else we had planned. “The Monster” computers were state of the art and filled up an entire room. The magazine Popular Science predicted a time in the future when we would have computers small enough to sit on our desks and that story was right next to the one about flying cars like the Jetsons.
Five years later in Seminary, my Dad gave Dani and I one of the first Mac computers, called a “Big Mac,” and it did sit on the desk. It had that wonderful dot-matrix printer which made Dani extremely popular with our fellow students when it was time to turn in class papers. I think, at the time, we might have been the only ones with a computer in our seminary apartment complex. Using the mouse to click on the screen icons was about all one needed to know. After seminary, I think we progressed with different computers every time my Dad bought a new one for himself, we got one of the hand-me-downs. When we were in Iowa, I remember us having at least three old computers in their boxes up in the attic. I used them primarily as advanced typewriters for sermons and Bible studies I put together, all stored on those little hard floppy discs. They are now fossilized because the technology is outdated, and I do not have a system that will access the discs.
When we were in East Texas, we had to get a new car and bought a Dodge Neon. The salesman touted this car as having more onboard computer systems than the Gemini Space capsule had. We thought that was a plus at the time! Technology has continued to get more powerful, more complex, and smaller. Micro-circuits have gone past my early electronics training which means I am dependent now upon folks like Bill and Deb, Robert, Jeff and Glenn to address computer issues when they arise, and obviously they keeping coming up!
So, thank you AV folks for your know-how and your willingness to keep plugging away at tech issues! And thank you again for those who lead us -- willing and able to adapt when the technology does not work, and we must go “old school” and use candles, pencil, and paper!

In the risen Christ’s service together wherever He leads,

Rev. Kyle Fauntleroy will be the guest speaker at both worship services this Sunday, November 8.
Rev. Kyle Fauntleroy joined Brite in 2020 as Director of Development. He was previously an Area Director for the Pension Fund of Christian Church, a financial ministry that provides retirement, death and disability benefits, and savings products for ministries and organizations across the globe.
Kyle joined the Pension Fund after a more than 30-year military ministry career. He served the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard and their families around the world, in periods of combat and calm, serving a diverse and pluralistic work force. He is the only chaplain in Department of Defense history to hold both the positions of Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. Under his leadership, the Naval Chaplaincy School and Center received the first education excellence award in the school’s 60-year history. Among his many achievements, he is proud to have recruited and retained the first woman to serve as Executive Officer in the history of the Navy and Navy Chaplains Corps, led the Coast Guard Academy transitional working group upon the repeal of the “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy, and initiated the Academy’s first Religious Diversity Council and Religious Diversity Symposium.
Kyle received his M.Div. from Brite and serves on the National Advisory Committee of Brite’s Soul Repair program. He received a B.A. from Tulsa University, did post graduate work in Pastoral Care and Counseling at Claremont School of Theology, and did an M.A. in Strategic Studies and National Security at the U.S. Navy War College.

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