Quest Children's Ministry of Reston Bible Church, Dulles, VA Video January 31, 2021, 9:30pm

Videos by Quest Children's Ministry of Reston Bible Church in Dulles. Quest Children's Ministry of RBC is dedicated to raising a generation that knows Christ and makes Him known.

2021-01-31 Awana

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From the Heart

2021-02-14 Quest clubhouse

2021-01-31 Awana

Awana outdoor 2020-11-01

AWANA council time 2020-10-25

Jungle Trading Post
A special episode from the Jungle Trading Post that goes along with this week's preschool lesson!

Jungle Trading Post Lesson 30
Here's an episode of the Jungle Trading Post to go along with this week's preschool lesson!

Chuck and Toucan and the Birdhouse
Chuck has a new hobby, and Toucan is able to share with him a lesson about God's Word that he learned from Mr. Meatball ...

Preschool Service 5-10-20
Check out the video below for Sunday's preschool lesson!

Preschool Worship and Lesson 5-3-20
Preschool Families--here's a video for your family for this week! You can use this with the Jesus Storybook Bible guide,...

Preschool Lesson 4/26/20
Hi Preschoolers! Here's Mr. Meatball to tell you about how Jesus is The Way!

Preschool Message 4-19-20
Here's a special message from Mr. Seth!

Flowers and Birds
A special message from some old friends!

Preschool Lesson 4-5-20
Hi, preschoolers! Mr. Seth and Mr. Marius team up to bring you another great video--this time focusing on learning how w...

Jonah and the Whale
Mr. Meatball (aka Mr. Seth) is joined by a special guest as he shares about Jonah!

Ms. Sarah, from our 9am 3's class, here to say hello and encourage you to remember how big and strong God is!

Communion This Sunday!
During the main online worship service this Sunday, those who are believers in Jesus will be partaking in communion. For...

Here's a special message from Ms. Liz, one of our awesome 3's teachers!

A Message for Preschoolers!
Hi, Preschool Families! Mr. Meatball (aka Mr. Seth) from our 5's class with a special message for you this morning! #RBC...

Welcome to Quest’s page!
Hi, Quest Families! Watch the video for a special welcome from Tony Cho! Just fyi, my mic was not working very well so y...