The Miracle Series

People typically focus on changing behavior, but this Miracle Series is about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit's power to transform us -- from within.

BEGINS: September 7th, 2013 The Miracle Workshop Series Presented by Dr. Stanley James MD, International Speaker and expert on life-transformation strategies in the Bible. Three key themes: Clarifying Your Purpose, Finding Your Passion and Harnessing Your Power Time: 7:30PM Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday Location: All Nations Fellowship SDA Church 3700 Fairview Ave Downers Grove, IL 60515 End Date: September 21st

Mission: Creating a community that celebrates the miraculous transformation of sinful, iniquitous humans through the power of the Holy Spirit and the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Hating the sin and Loving the Sinner.

LRC on the move!!!

We are super excited about Camp Meeting June 14-22. Prophetic preaching, dynamic music, cooking classes, seminars, youth & children’s programs and activities. Register now

Returned ISS Crew Advanced Journey to Mars, Benefits to Humanity

The miracle of Science is really awesome. We celebrate the discoveries, the advances to science as we welcome the astronauts back to planet earth. We look forward to the miracle when Jesus returns to planet earth to restore you and me to a sin-free life in the presence of our God. New science and technology investigations were daily activities for NASA astronaut Terry Virts, Samantha Cristoforetti of ESA (European Space Agency), and Anton Shkaplerov of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) aboard the International Space Station during Expeditions 42 and 43.

Why Gift Wrapping May Be Overrated!!!

A special Christmas wish for you. What's all the wrap about, anyway? After all the gift exchanging, travelling, parties and church services, wrapping gifts, stuffing bags, hiding stuff under the Christmas tree and drop offs at other places. . . What did you get for Christmas? What did you give. . .? Something awesome you or they can eat, wear, install, play or prou…

All Nations Fellowship SDA Church

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Dancing Christian? I was tempted and fell into. . .
Click link for details. . .

Photopic Sky Survey: See stars like never before - CNET

The largest true-color all-sky survey ever created: 37,400 amazing night sky #astrophotographs gathered over 60,000 miles- compiled. #Marvelous #miracle of God's #creation. Take a peek at a mesmerizingly clear 360-degree, 5-gigapixel image of the night sky.

Are You a Prisoner of Circumstances or a Prisoner of the Lord? - Sabbath School Net

#Miracle #prisoners are #happy anywhere Are You a Prisoner of Circumstances or a Prisoner of the Lord? Posted on June 11, 2014 by William EarnhardtHave you ever felt like you were a victim of circumstances? Due to lack of education or money you have missed opportunities? Maybe if you had notImage © Steve Creitz from GoodSalt.commarried ri…

Community Outreach, Inc.

Fashion Lure Makes Great Bait. Do you agree?

ModCloth Fashions has succeeded - to the tune of over 100 million US dollars per year -- by having customers help design and tweak most, if not all, of their entire clothing line. According to reports, customers feel like they own the company because Susan Gregg, the founder, is always getting their input on just about every design.

This great and wonderful idea spawns great designs, relationships and customer loyalty, so why doesn't God let us design, configure and tweak the plan of salvation so we could feel like we own the plan?

Nonsense!!! Nonsense? Well. . .I agree and. . .

I first submit that fashion design has no life or death issue to it -- unless some fashion lovers want to debate that with me. On the other hand, salvation, in the end, is final and what God has designed needs no tweaking. In fact, the plan of salvation has already been proven to work as His love has already transformed the life of millions of people and will continue to work through eternity -- and that's no fashion statement -- that's eternal life!!! However, . . .

when you give your heart completely to God and accept Christ as your personal Savior, all the fashions in the world will pale to the eternal white robe of righteousness that He alone can give. Now, that's the ultimate fashion statement. I hope that this white robe is enough Fashion Lure for all of us: It’s the only eternal one. God bless you. . .

Isaiah 61:10 CEB
I surely rejoice in the LORD; my heart is joyful because of my God, because he has clothed me with clothes of victory, wrapped me in a robe of righteousness like a bridegroom in a priestly crown, and like a bride adorned in jewelry.

See the Modcloth website at
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Your Power to Negotiating or. . .Miracle?

"What does your fortune cookie say?" One recent fortune cookie from Karrass marketing says, "You will not get what you deserve. You will get what you negotiate". What do you think about that for a fortune cookie?

As I read that, I know I need to sharpen up my negotiating skills. But God has a different way. Through Jesus Christ, He has done all the negotiating for me and for you. In fact, it's no longer negotiating, it's the best "done deal" in town.

Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and you will be saved to enjoy the fulfillment; peace; fantastic, meaningful and deep relationships; 'flying' around the universe; streets of gold; all you can eat everyday; -- all that stuff that God has wanted for you, will be yours.

So, in the final analysis, What do you really want your fortune cookie to say? Tell us your idea.
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Francis Chan-The Thrill Of Obedience

The Thrill of Obedience: Another miracle described.

Cornerstone Simi Va, CA

How God transforms Us through GAMES!!!

Ever taken "A Stroll in the Dark"? I feel like that's #life and you may feel the same way after reading this post - at least sometimes. The correct name of the 25-year old German game is, "Dialogue in the Dark" a simulation game done in the DialogMuseum in Frankfort, Germany for the last many years. The goal: Teach teenagers what it's like to be blind. Among different activities, the teens are made to 'play soccer', 'cross the street', 'respond to a voice calling them over' -- all while blindfolded. The game of soccer is like "air kicks" with a few accidents, I would imagine and well, I believe that you can imagine that 'crossing the street' is full of funny incidents especially when the voice tells them, "turn right" as they all bump into each other since no one is even facing the same direction. Instead of feeling like a game or even a workshop, it all becomes a moment of fear. . .at least that's what the teens say.

But, here's the real situation, we are all #blindfolded in life. We cannot tell what will happen in the very next moment. Sometimes we 'kick in the air' not knowing even where the ball is or we just 'bump into life's challenges and other people' just like a "blind" person. When we hear God's voice and try to respond, are we even facing the right direction to make the right turns that follow His will and command?

I trust that we recognize our true condition - we are blind -- and that we determine to live by #faith and trust in God to lead every aspect of our lives. . .and, should we bump into the 'things' of life, we can trust that God has some important #GOAL for us to learn. . .that we are indeed blind and need to walk by faith. May God bless you with a life of faith in Him. Maybe we should all wear a sign -- "Blind Person Walking by Faith".
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Amazing Story --PHS Teachers Teach "Intentional Excellence" - Troy told us on Skype

Many #Miracles start in the mind of the receiver. These teachers are making it happen for most of their students. See the first video here and watch for the next one coming straight from Port Antonio, #Jamaica #poverty #education #mindset Video: In the video that we posted on Facebook and also on our website recently, we were all introduced to Troy.  Well, Troy's real name is Travain -- see his Skype quality picture in this post.  What a g...

Community Outreach, Inc.

Is prayer about us or about God? Ever surprised when God actually answers your prayer? Or, disappointed when He doesn't? Just preparing our hearts for prayer tonight and wanted to let you know that our group has prayer every Thursday evening at 8pm. Let us know of any requests that you have so we can pray. Send prayer requests to us with or without your name and let's pray about your concerns -

So, is the problem about prayer with us? . . .or is about God? See possible answers from Michael J. Svigel at

A DAY AT THE BEACH: Just What the Doctor Ordered
A great inspirational story I found in the 7 habits book by Steven
Covey. Start you own miracle of transformation using this 'day at the beach' story.

"Arthur Gordon shares a wonderful, intimate story of his own spiritual renewal in a little story called “The Turn of the Tide.” It tells of a time in his life when he began to feel that everything was stale and flat. His enthusiasm waned; his writing efforts were fruitless. And the situation was growing worse day by day.

Finally, he determined to get help from a medical doctor. Observing nothing physically wrong, the doctor asked him if he would be able to follow his instructions for one day.

When Gordon replied that he could, the doctor told him to spend the following day in the place where he was happiest as a child. He could take food, but he was not to talk to anyone or to read or write or listen to the radio. He then wrote out four prescriptions and told him to open one at nine, twelve, three, and six o’clock.

“Are you serious?” Gordon asked him.

“You won’t think I’m joking when you get my bill!” was the reply.

So the next morning, Gordon went to the beach. As he opened the first prescription, he read “Listen carefully.” He thought the doctor was insane. How could he listen for three hours? But he had agreed to follow the doctor’s orders, so he listened.

He heard the usual sounds of the sea and the birds. After a while, he could hear the other sounds that weren’t so apparent at first. As he listened, he began to think of lessons the sea had taught him as a child—patience, respect, an awareness of the interdependence of things. He began to listen to the sounds—and the silence—and to feel a growing peace.

At noon, he opened the second slip of paper and read “Try reaching back.” “Reaching back to what?” he wondered. Perhaps to childhood, perhaps to memories of happy times. He thought about his past, about the many little moments of joy. He tried to remember them with exactness. And in remembering, he found a growing warmth inside.

At three o’clock, he opened the third piece of paper. Until now, the prescriptions had been easy to take. But this one was different; it said “Examine your motives.”

At first he was defensive. He thought about what he wanted—success, recognition, security, and he justified them all. But then the thought occurred to him that those motives weren’t good enough, and that perhaps therein was the answer to his stagnant situation.

He considered his motives deeply. He thought about past happiness. And at last, the answer came to him.

“In a flash of certainty,” he wrote, “I saw that if one’s motives are wrong, nothing can be right. It makes no difference whether you are a mailman, a hairdresser, an insurance salesman, a housewife—whatever. As long as you feel you are serving others, you do the job well. When you are concerned only with helping yourself, you do it less well—a law as inexorable as gravity.”

When six o’clock came, the final prescription didn’t take long to fill. “Write your worries on the sand,” it said. He knelt and wrote several words with a piece of broken shell; then he turned and walked away. He didn’t look back; he knew the tide would come in."

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Add this to your Christmas list?
For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10
Enjoy the pictures from our #Nativity Scene Collection as you allow Christ to work His #miracles in your life. Look out for items from our collection

SEASONAL Thoughts: No Wonder God is So Happy

Christ is the ultimate Gift to mankind and the ultimate Giver -- since He offered Himself up for us. It is no wonder that because we are created in His (God's) image, that when we give, we are happier - even with just $5.00. I quote from the research which says: "this experimental study provides support for the causal claim that spending money on others leads to higher happiness than spending money on oneself. Moreover, these results suggest that the spending amount need not be large to facilitate positive hedonic gains, as prosocial purchases made with as little as five dollars were sufficient to boost happiness levels.
Here's the link to the complete study - - No wonder God is so happy when we receive what He has for us each day -- Happy giving this season.
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Seeing INSIDE clinched it for me!!! Did you need to see inside, too?

INSTANT MAKEOVER RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!! -- See below for the #miracle in your life:

Focus on the Family

"There have been times when the opinions of others have practically crippled me.

The secret to weathering the opinions of the crowd is to ask, 'Lord, what do You think?' Then listen."

When You Feel Judged -

Pastor Rick Warren

Quiet prayer doesn't always end the storm,
but it always steadies me in the storm until it passes.

Keep praying. . .God's awesome transforming. . .miraculous. . .power.
Click the link to send prayer requests --
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Community Outreach, Inc. - Teen Christmas Project

Hi: Please LIKE the page just started by the teens at our church. They are excited to do their part for James 1:27: "To care for 'orphans and widows' in their time of distress" for the #Christmas Season. Go to the page and LIKE it, please.

Community Outreach, Inc. is a faith-based organization that provides services to low income youth and their families to empower them to become self-sufficient, self-confident and skills-capable. We also assist homeless families in need with food, clothing and other supplies. During the Christmas s...

Here's The Best WIRELESS Plan You Can Have.

When I travel to certain remote areas of the country with my All American Cellular plan, I still pay roaming fees, but. . .
that is very rare these days and, I imagine, that it is the same for you.

But God had a jump start on all the cellular plans when he made prayer available to us. Prayer is indeed 'wireless' access to God and you guessed it. No roaming fees – never had and never will. God’s ‘wireless’ plan is awesome. Let’s use it to the max. Let's pray for the miracle of deep personal transformation by the Holy Spirit – Join in this Thursday evening 8pm CT. Dial 605.475.6006 PIN# 954453

Send in any other requests from the desires of your heart using this link -- The 'Just for Prayer' team will pray for your request. Anonymous requests accepted here.

Image from

Let's pray for and with each other. Let's pray, especially, for the miracle of personal transformation so we all can be more attuned -- obedient - to the voice of God.

Post a prayer request on this - The Miracle Series - page and the 'Just for Prayer' team of #prayerwarriors will pray for your request. If your request is private or if you wish to be anonymous, use --

It's a brand new world order with #Jesus Christ. . .now and in the hereafter, too. Are you surprised?!!!! He made it!!! You made it. Let's thank God for the #Miracle of His #Forgiving, and #Eternal #Love.

Daily Scripture

He spoke to me

"Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified
freely forever
One day He's coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day"

It's Yours for the Taking Everyday. . .Right Here!!!
#Miracle #Transforming

Why Praise God? He may phase out your job!!!

We quickly discover that politically correct behavior, high performance and productivity on the job, may actually work against us. . . well, here's why!!!

God's purpose for mankind is to give Him glory, praise and honor. In Luke 19:40, Jesus tells the Pharisees, that as the crowd was praising God for all the #miracles that they had witnessed, that if they were to keep silent, instead, “the stones would cry out” giving Him the praise He is due.

Praising God openly in the workplace -- and just about everywhere else -- has become politically incorrect and as Christians, we are challenged by Jesus that the ‘stones’ may take our job away. I suggest that we ‘praise God in loud voices’ (v.37) whenever we see evidence of a transformed life. . .of healing. . .of answers to prayer of any type. . .of just having Him in your life – otherwise our ‘job’ is on the line. I believe that the Psalmist got it right. He pretended insanity with Abimilech and that saved his life. So, he exclaims -- no, rather, he “extols the Lord” (Ps 34:1) and affirms that “his praise will continually be on his lips”.

The #MIRACLE of God’s saving grace alone is enough to bring us to a daily rejoicing – if we truly check out its meaning. In Ps 34:3, David calls us to, “glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together”. Will you join him. . .today?

Jesus continues to make the point even clearer in Luke 19:42-44 where He says, . . .“I wish you knew today what would bring you peace. But it is hidden from you now... Not one stone of your buildings will stay on top of another. All this will happen because you did not know the time when God came to save you.”

Ironic, it is, that we should seek to put His #praise on our lips boldly, because the very ’stones’ (v.44) that our enemies dig up to bring us harm, may be the very same ‘stones’ (v.40) that will praise Him -- will take our job away -- if we keep silent.

May God be praised. . .our lips. . our job. . .our miracle. . .His glory!!! Keep your job, please...

(Check out Luke 19:29-44 for the whole passage)

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