Congregation Beth Sholom - Dover, DE

Congregation Beth Sholom - Dover, DE


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Please Join Congregation Beth Shalom next Thursday for The 2019 Women's community seder. Click on the link below for additional information.
This is a true loss to Congregation Beth Sholom and the Dover Community. He will be missed.
Shabbot Shalom!
Hi. Are you services open to the general public? Thank you and God bless!

Congregation Beth Sholom is affiliated with the conservative movement. However, our membership is diverse, representing a wide range of paths to Judaism.

We welcome the non-Jewish family relatives along with the Jewish members. Contact the office at 302-734-5578 for service schedule.

Operating as usual

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute/Hallelujah, Central Synagogue- Rosh Hashanah 5781

How "Hatikvah" (The Hope) Became Israel's National Anthem The colorful history of the Israeli national anthem.

Jewish Federation of Delaware

We’re officially one month & four days into summer. Wishing you a celebratory, summery Shabbat!

יונינה Yonina


קאבר ל-״מודה אני״, בביצוע שלנו ועוד מגוון אמנים מארה״ב ומהארץ. היה כיף להפיק את הפרוייקט הזה- לקבל במייל 7 הקלטות שירה שונות מרחבי העולם ולהפיק את כל המוזיקה אצלינו באולפן ב48 שעות בשביל פרוייקט של virtual Shuls בארה״ב.
מוקסס על ידי בן ווליק.

This was a really fun project we produced from over seas for Virtual Shuls, receving 7 different vocal tracks from singers in Israel and the US and arranging, recording and producing all of the music to this cover of #modeani in 48 hours in our studio. Thank you Ben Wallick for the super quick and professional mix! Featured at this years virtual Celebrate Israel Parade.

Featuring ‘Modeh Ani’ by Omer Adam performed by us, Eli Levin, Cantor Yanky Lemmer of Lincoln Square Synagogue, Shloimy Bluth, Arik Dvir, Yitzy Spinner, Cantor Nathan Fetman and Amiran Dvir.

#kavodovercovid #celebrateisrael #thankyouhealthcareworkers
Eli_Levin_Music Yaakov Lemmer Lincoln Square Synagogue יונינה Yonina Arik dvir Amiran Dvir - העמוד הרשמי Yitzy Spinner Music Celebrate Israel עומר אדם - Omer Adam

יונינה- שיר של בוקר | (Yonina- Shir Shel Boker (Morning Song


הופעות קרובות Upcoming Concerts: Jerusalem Musical Tour, Jan. 19th פרדס חנה, 30.1 Pardes Chana, Jan. 30th להזמנ...


Did you know that world-famous mime artist Marcel Marceau was a Holocaust survivor and saved the lives of Jewish children? Marcel (né Mangel) was born to a Jewish family in Strasbourg, France on March 22, 1923. When the Nazis invaded France, Marcel and his family fled to Limoges. His mother survived, but his father was captured by the Gestapo and deported to Auschwitz where he was murdered. Marcel and his brother Alain joined the French Resistance and changed their name to Marceau to hide their Jewish identity. In addition to forging identity papers, Marcel helped smuggle Jewish children out of an orphanage and into neutral Switzerland. In order to do this, he made use of his acting and miming skills. For example, he once posed as a Boy Scout leader and led a group of children through the forests to the border. Marcel mimed to keep them quiet on the perilous journey and the children felt at ease. On another occasion, upon running into a group of German soldiers, he pretended to be a member of the French Army and demanded they release him. Marcel’s fist big performance took place in 1944 in front of 3,000 American soldiers following the liberation of Paris. He was serving as a liaison officer for General Patton’s Third Army. He went on to become a legendary mime and performed all over the world for more than 60 years. Marcel passed away in 2007 at the age of 84. May his memory be a blessing.

Source: American Society for Yad Vashem

Jewish Federation of Delaware

Virtual Interfaith Vigil starting now

Stronger Together

With Distant Cousins, teens from our Delaware community and our sister city, Arad in Israel, we created this beautiful song!

Mi Shebeirach - San Diego Jewish Men's Choir

Mi Shebeirach - (A Song of Healing) composed by Lisa Levine, is a gift from the San Diego Jewish Men's Choir to the world during these turbulent times. Direc...

Chag Sameach Shavuot

Shabbat Shalom from CBS!

Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek

Thank you to Rabbi Michael Knopf for this important way to make a life-saving task even more holy. Feel free to use and share.

Congregation Beth Sholom - Dover, DE's cover photo

What are you doing with your time at home? Our long-time congregant, Sabrina Marelli, poured her ❤️ into this poem. Great job!

Shabbat Shalom from CBS


As we mark Yom HaShoah tonight and tomorrow, we’re mindful that anti-Semitism remains a serious threat. We cannot afford to miss our best chance to build healthier, more secure communities through Holocaust education. Urge your senators to pass the Never Again Education Act today!

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Governor Carney - Passover Message

Chag Sameach from Gov. Carney 🙂

Governor Carney shares a message ahead of Passover.

[04/08/20]   Chag Pesach Sameach!

God Does Not Bring Plagues
by Rabbi Naomi Levy

At every Seder, as we recite the ten plagues over Egypt we pour out a drop of wine to symbolize our sadness. We are heartbroken that any soul had to suffer, even those who hated us,
tormented us and enslaved us.
And still, we sing lighthearted songs with our children about “frogs here, frogs there.”
And as we enumerate the plagues we find ourselves muttering the final plague beneath our breath, not wanting to frighten our own children,
not knowing what to make of a God who would murder innocent children.

Tonight, more than ever, it is time to liberate the God of the Universe from “Acts of God”. There was a time in history when we didn’t understand what caused earthquakes or floods or fires or contagious viruses. In order to feel less helpless in the face of nature’s fierce capricious power, religions found comfort in blaming the victims of plagues for their own suffering. The Torah ascribes mass slaughter to God as divine punishment for sin: “They brought this upon themselves, they had it coming.”

But God is praying to be freed from this monstrous portrayal.
Tonight is the time to liberate God from this twisted, sadistic depiction.
Tonight is the time to proclaim God as the One who lifts us up, frees us,
shelters and blesses us each day.
Passover will survive without a belief in a God who visits plagues upon any soul.

The key to Passover is a belief in rebirth, a belief that tomorrow can be better than today;
a knowing that we each have a critical part to play in the unfolding of hope.
Freedom begins with open eyes and ears and hearts.
Seas will part, answers will come, cures will emerge,
New ways of believing will sprout up and take root,
A universal love that mirrors God’s love for every living creature
And for our world.

In the book of Exodus, we are told that Pharaoh’s sorcerers were able to replicate the plague of frogs. The only difference between Moses and the sorcerers was: only Moses could remove the plague.
When the sorcerers witnessed Moses reverse the plague they cried out: “This is the hand of God.”

The truth is, it doesn’t take any great supernatural powers to bring about a plague. We all have the power to destroy life and to destroy the earth and our atmosphere. But it does take great holy powers to reverse a plague, to heal the sick, to heal our planet, to heal hatred and war. The Healing Hand of God acting through us is what will save us and lead us from constriction to wide-open spaces,
from fear to faith, from darkness to light, from worry to peace of mind,
from economic hardship to abundance, from illness to health.

Let us raise a glass and drink a Cup of Praise to the Soul of Souls
who fills us with the power to end all plagues.
And let us say, Amen.

In Uncertain Times, We Grow Stronger TOGETHER


As we go into Shabbat, here are some words from Rabbi Peggy. Stay safe.

CBS Weekly Newsletter - a special message

Delaware Jewish Community COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Shabbat Shalom from Congregation Beth Sholom - Dover.

Siegel JCC

Virtual Community Shabbat!

If Heaven Had A Flavor

Hey all,
This is from our prior secretary, Barbara Jastrow Hayes. Check it out if you have a chance. She needs our help!!!

Hey everyone, 47 ABC news has just contacted to let us know our episode will actually air tonight. Should be on by 615!! So tune in and check us out!!!

We are doing our part to not spread COVID-19. Stay home and stay safe. We will be here when this is all over.

Federation News & Notes - March 13, 2020

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340 N Queen St
Dover, DE

General information

Congregation Beth Sholom is the only conservative synagogue in Central Delaware. Our current facility was constructed in 1963. With pride, we remain committed to vibrant and contemporary programs for all, from our Hebrew school and bar and bat mitzvah classes and our Sabbath services, Friday night and Saturday mornings. We reflect very warm, accepting, personalized, and intimate bonds among the members of our Beth Sholom family. Traditional worship in an egalitarian setting, strong rabbinical support, opportunities for new friendship and spiritual growth, are part of our priorities and philosophy. Our facility is housed in a beautiful, recently refurbished, handicap-accessible building. I welcome your interest and inquires at any and all times. Please join us.

Opening Hours

Thursday 10:00 - 14:00
Friday 19:00 - 20:45
Friday 11:00 - 14:00
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761 S Little Creek Rd
Dover, 19901

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St. John's Lutheran Church Dover St. John's Lutheran Church Dover
113 Lotus St
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Living life in God's love. Worship services are Sunday 8 am and 10:30 am. Bible Study is at 9:15 am.

CEF of Delaware CEF of Delaware
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CEF is an interdenominational ministry of bringing the Gospel to children K-5th Grade in the state of Delaware

Carolyn McNeil Global Ministries - Apostle Carolyn McNeil Global Ministries - Apostle
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God's Banner Ministries God's Banner Ministries
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The Church The Body Of Christ The Church The Body Of Christ
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The Word of Truth Bible Study The Word of Truth Bible Study
Modern Maturity Ctr, 1121 Forrest Ave
Dover, 19904

Wanting always to serve as a son of God. To keep the line of discipleship full with those who want the truth. To share as God gives.

Wesley United Methodist Women Wesley United Methodist Women
209 S State St
Dover, 19901

Our community of women seek understanding through Jesus Christ, support one another and missions locally and throughout the world.

Maranatha Fellowship Maranatha Fellowship
60 Deer Track Ln
Dover, 19904

A Mennonite church in Dover, DE, affiliated with the Conservative Mennonite Conference.

Dover First Seventh Day Adventist Church Dover First Seventh Day Adventist Church
647 Wyoming Ave
Dover, 19904-4354

Pastor Evan Knott Sabbath School: 9:45 am Worship Service: 11:00 am

Unitarian Universalists of Central Delaware (UUCD) Unitarian Universalists of Central Delaware (UUCD)
340 North Queen St (At Congregation Beth Sholom)
Dover, 19904

The Unitarian Universalists of Central Delaware promotes a liberal approach to religious and spiritual nourishment through worship, education and celebration. Minister: Hope to announce a new minister soon. Visit our website at

Mt Carmel International Church Mt Carmel International Church
1406 Forrest Ave Unit D
Dover, 19901

Mt. Carmel International Church is a place where the Spirit of the Lord dwells. Like our page for updates on ministry related business. Church Cashapp $anointed222

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