King of Kings Anglican Church

Where all are Welcome and Christ is King....10am Eucharist

An Anglo-Catholic Mission/Community with open hearts and traditional values. Our Celebrations are Spirit-Filled, Christ centered, Uplifting, and Charismatic. We are within the Missionary Diocese of All Saints, members of Forward in Faith, and the Anglican Church of North America. We also host the founding group of the Franciscan Servants of Jesus (Secular Order).

Mission: A place where ALL are welcome and the transforming power of God's Love is made manifest.

[06/09/20]   Friends...let us remember that this journey through this life, is not about riches, or jobs, or possessions like cars, boats, houses, clothes, make-up, or stuff...but this life is about our journey through ourselves with God at our side. The "stuff" along the way can be a help or a distraction...that is where Prayer and The Holy Spirit come in. These two help not only to bring Glory to God through us, but help to form, mold, and refocus us back onto what really matters...our Lord and God. When we keep our eyes upon Jesus, we look into the face of the invisible God who is calling us, in every moment, to new life in Him. So if you are down, maybe even broken, reach out to the Lord, take His hand, stand up and be made whole, set your gaze towards His, and walk again!
+In Jesus name, let us be healed, be healthy, be whole. Amen.

Governor Carney Issues Guidance for Churches, Houses of Worship - State of Delaware News

King of Kings will be OPEN beginning Sunday May 24th at 10am for a modified 1 hour service as per the Governor's guidance for houses of worship (
Please feel free to join us in Celebration of The Eucharist and prayer for our country.
+++ Everyone is asked to bring a face mask and hand sanitizer+++
Fr. Attillio Zarrella, Vicar. Churches are encouraged to hold virtual services; 30 percent occupancy allowed for services inside houses of worship WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney on Monday issued updated guidance for churches and other houses of worship in Delaware. The guidance – created in coordination with the Del...

[05/05/20]   In the silence of the day and night, I reflect upon the person I am and strain to see the person You have created me to be Lord. Help me to grow and develop even more into the son/daughter You have called me to be. Amen.

[04/19/20]   Be of good cheer my brothers and sisters, for all is right when God is in control. I miss our time of Eucharist together, but know that our hearts will once again sing the Easter praises together and The Breaking of The Bread and the sharing of Christ will once again be part of our devotion. Until then, remember Christ at your supper table, break the bread in memory of Him and His loving and grace-filled heart! Break your bread in honor of Him and feel His presence in your remembrance! He is alive and among us!

[04/13/20]   Our little church invites you home. We invite you here to share your heart and worship with brothers and sisters who strive to live their lives in honor of Jesus. So come home to small church worship where Christ is King and the Praise is true.
Come be fed by Christ and meet new friends.
+Fr. Attillio

This is so Powerful - The Chosen

Easter Sunday 2020

He is Risen! Alleluia! What a joyous season this is and will continue to be when we come together in worship at the Altar of God in our little blessed sanctuary.

Until then, remember that our Lord told us that His followers would worship Him in Spirit and in Truth...and while we are away from our community gathering, this is exactly how we are drawn together. For our God is not God of a building but of our hearts. Our Cathedral is our praise and prayers and works of love, joy, and mercy. So do not fret as we celebrate this wondrous mystery apart from each other, but rejoice in The Holy Spirit that whether together or apart, our praises still ring to the Highest of Heaven and to the very Altar of God!

Today and through the next 50 days; Rejoice! Celebrate! Let everyone see and know of your faithfulness to our God and in faith of The Resurrection and sure coming again of our Lord Jesus, The Christ! This distancing will not last forever, it is not a persecution, this is simply a quarantine against a sickness which will come and go and we that live will come together to remember those who have died and to celebrate The Resurrection of everyone who has passed, some for judgement, some for eternal life with Christ.

So if you are sad today, be sad for those who died without coming to know Christ and let that sadness bring you to a missionary's heart that will spread the good news that CHRIST HAS CONQUERED DEATH...and that you know that whether you live or die you are The Lord's!

This is what we offer to the world, The Good News concerning New and Eternal Life in Jesus, the First Born of The Dead, Healer of our lives and Lover of our Souls...and The Best Friend one could ever have!

A Holy & Blessed Easter day and a Season filled with the wonder, mystery, and faith of The Resurrection!

I love all of you and keep you dear to my heart. Be well, be at peace, be in love with Christ, and be assured of my prayers for you and our gathering at His Table.

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[04/11/20]   Holy Saturday:
Mary, did you know that when you said yes to Love that your heart would be broken into so many pieces? Shattered and torn, a sword piercing through you as it did the side of your son, our Lord. So is the price of such an ascent to love. For in loving we share our soul and empty it out to our beloved so that all we are may rest in the other as a hidden treasure to be loved and adored. The price of love is nothing short of ourselves, our whole selves. In pouring ourselves out we find fullness only when we pour ourselves out in selfless abandoned. And when we find that our love has been beaten and scourged and punched and crowned with thorns, dragged through the street and nailed up high for all to see..our arms outstretched in eternal vulnerability, only then can we say that we have died to ourselves for the life of others, only then can we say that we have loved. And when our loved ones take us down from the crucible upon which we were stretched and lay us down upon the ground to heal, only then, when we are silent, can our ears hear that faint whisper in the passing breeze saying "I am He that comforts you." So keep the silence on Saturday, a graveyard vigil, for soon the Son will rise and we along with Him. Amen.

[04/10/20]   On this Holiest of Days, in the Holiest of Weeks, we pause to remember the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus in the midst of this pandemic. We cannot help but remember those who are sick, those who have died, and those on the front lines caring for our brothers and sisters...and for those in mourning, so many in mourning. Pray for them when you remember our Lord's passion and death and the suffering and the grief of those who were witness to this brutality. Let us grieve with those who grieve just as all of creation grieved on that fate-filled day on Golgotha. Let us mourn as all the world mourned on those three lifeless days. Let us join our sufferings and those of our brothers and sisters together with that of Christ's so as to share in the suffering of God and carry but a shadow of the Great Burden carried by Jesus that day. Let us cry with those who cry at the gravesides of their beloved and drop earth upon their graves with the seed of Hope that one day we will rise, with them, when He calls our names. But for today, Good Friday, we remember and weep.
+May The Good Lord comfort the hearts and souls of all of us who have been negatively affected by this virus and the burden of sin. May we ALL come to The Saving Love of our Lord Jesus Christ through His Life, Death, and Resurrection. Amen.

An explanation of Spiritual Communion

Spiritual Communion: A teaching from Archbishop Duncan.

Anglican Church in North America

March 31, 2020
As the Governor of Delaware has issued a "Stay at Home" order, we as good citizens, giving to "Caesar what is Caesar's" and being considerate to our brother and sister citizens, King of King's Mission will remained closed until the time the Stay at Home Order is lifted. There will be no admittance to the worship site for the public. Please stay at home and give to God what is God's by reading and reflecting on Holy Scripture. Please use the internet to search out inspiring material. has live stream services from across the Province, please feel free to view and enjoy these services. I will continue to remember each of you in private prayer and devotion. Remember that we all strive to worship our Lord in Spirit and in Truth, our gathering is not limited by the physical but radiates into the Mystical Body with Christ as our head. So for this short time, be patient, be prayerful, and be healthy. I look forward to the day when we will once again be able to gather in Memory of Our Lord in The Eucharist. Until then, we remember that we are more than what is seen in public, we are truly The Body of Christ throughout the world, the universe, and throughout The Very Kingdom of God! Anglican Church in North America

[03/22/20]   My Dear Brothers & Sisters, in obedience to our Bishops, King of Kings is closed to public worship in response to the COVID19 outbreak. We will re-open in conjunction with Wicomico public schools.
In the mean time, I will be praying a private Eucharist each Sunday at 10 am for your continued strength and well being.
I encourage you to read, pray, and reflect upon the appointed reading for each Sunday we are apart, knowing that it is The Word of God and Faith in Jesus that binds us together in His Mystical Body.
I look forward to the day when we will once again Celebrate the Great Feast of His Love and Devotion. Fr. Attillio

[03/18/20]   My Friends, as we are called to distance ourselves from one another for the sake of public health and for our loved ones, we may start to feel alone and isolated. However, remember that we are never alone when we take out the time to remember each other in our thoughts and our prayers. Remember that we are members of The Communion of Saints which comfort and uphold us especially when we join them in the Prayer and Praising of our Lord, Jesus. Remember Emmanuel, God is with us. Remember the words of Jesus "Do not let your hearts be troubled, trust in God and trust in Me..." John 14:1. So be at peace, be in prayer, and most of all "Be still and know that (He) is God" Psalm 46:10. +May God Bless us all as we offer this time as part of our Lenten practice. Amen.

Christmas 2019

[12/25/19]   A Blessed and Holy Christmastide to all God's faithful! May your hearts & homes be filled with His Grace, Peace, Love, and Blessings!

[12/21/19]   In our walk through Advent, we pass through a silent valley where all of time holds it's breath as we look forward to the Celebration of Our Lord's Birth. As the rest of the world celebrates "Xmas" with heightened materialism, we, the followers of Jesus, Celebrate the birth of The Savior of our Souls and Redeemer of all of creation (Christmas!). Our material gifts will one day fade away, but the gift of love and the presence of Christ that we give to each other and share with the world will remain forever and bear fruit in witness to His Holy Name and Lordship. What a blessing it is to walk in Him. May your Advent reflections be ones that bring you love, joy, and peace.
+ A blessing to you all! Amen.

[06/23/19]   Ordinary Time. Like walking with your best friend to school, or to the store...side by side, nothing special, just you and them. Thank you Jesus for the ordinary moments of my life.

[04/21/19]   How does "Alleluia" even come close to our souls ever expressing the gratitude for what God has done? Easter eggs and bunny rabbits is the world's solution to The Lamb of hilarious! Oh my souls dance for joy for we are alive forever in Christ, never to sleep in darkness again! Arise creation and reflect the Hymns of Heaven in exuberance of His Resurrection! He Lives!

[04/20/19]   We await the morning of Eastertide in the silent stillness of this night, when we remember the Lord of Life being placed in the silent were the souls awaiting their liberation..knowing that soon He would walk among them bringing all the dead to New Life in Him. So now my friend, where will you stand? Come, sit with us as we await the dawn...I can hear the faint notes of the Exsultet on the horizon.

[03/24/19]   Further into our walk through Lent. Yet tomorrow we pause to celebrate The Annunciation to Mary by the Angel Gabriel. A moment when all creation held its breath to await the young virgin's response to God's question..."will you be...?" The same Lord God asks that very same question of us..."will we be for Him, all that He asks us to be?" No more, no less than who He has made to be...So renew your "Yes" to God...take a moment to rededicate yourself to The God who left Heaven for us..the One who would rather die than to live without us in Paradise.
+May your journey be matter what stage you are in..and may your trust & faith remain always in Him. Amen.

Saint Mark's Parish Burlington, VT

[03/08/19]   The Season of Lent. Now is the time to draw away from those things that distract you from becoming who you are meant to be in relationship to God. Turn to our Lord and gaze into His heart and see the beauty that you are in His eyes. May your journey be one that shakes you up so as to see the power and Majesty of The Lord in your life.

[02/21/19]   During this ordinary time, we relax to enjoy the presence of Christ in the world around us...can you see Him? His handiwork is everywhere, and He lives in the hearts of so many of our brothers and them out, come together, form a bonfire to which others, who are still in the cold, may come to enjoy the warmth, and light, of His presence, and children.

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Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

[01/07/19]   2019. A New Year full of many possibilities, so which ones will we choose? I would say, lets choose those that lead us to the side of Jesus and one another. We are all on this road of life together and are all earthen vessels created by our Master's hand. Let us choose to be filled with His light, so that we may carry this light into every aspect of our lives...good, bad, or ugly...let The Light shine on it all! Thank you Lord for loving us all the time.

The Secret Small Churches Know Best Small churches may not have the best musicians, children’s ministry, or website. But they have a unique gift from God.

[12/23/17]   December 24th Service:
The 10am service has been suspended.

Please join us in celebrating the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ at 7pm on December 24th.

Our regular Sunday 10am will resume next Sunday.

[11/02/17]   Our Dear Brother, Father, Husband, Pastor, Friend, Fr. Ernie Alt passed onto the other side of Eternity on October 11, 2017. +May his soul, and those of all our other dear friends, through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace until the day we see them again, face-to-face, in Paradise!

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Mothers Day 2017

Mothers Day 2017

Lenten 2017

But nothing as spectacular as when The Lord comes to us once again, in the Breaking of The Bread!

In the mindset for Lent...Come walk with us as we travel through the Lenten Season in a mindful and intentional manner...shaping our hearts in imitation of The Master.

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