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Wanting always to serve as a son of God. To keep the line of discipleship full with those who want the truth. To share as God gives.

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[02/12/15]   February 11, 2015

Greetings to all who come under the name of Jesus Christ. Blessings to you all, and may God grant you direction in your spiritual life. We again were blessed with a class of those who love the Lord their God. The Holy Spirit teaching and preparing the way of those who want to learn the will and ways of God.

All cannot attend but if in the area of Dover, De, come to the Modern Maturity Ctr on Wednesday evening @ 7pm. Come and enjoy the participation in this group teaching atmosphere. Remember the chance to come through Skype to jamesconnor1000 and even face time for Apple user's.

Leave a word on the sight let us know how you live your kingdom life.
What of Gods' word do you have difficulty with? Do you know who God says you are in His word? We are represented by many things and people. Knowing this allows are clearer view of who you are. These are the truth's God intends we should know and study for.

All glory goes to God for His many blessings. Please share us with your friends and our family in Christ Jesus.

All love in Christ,

Brother Jimmy.

[02/04/15]   Waiting With Purpose

May your life be filled with God, who is the blessing. Good morning all.

The Holy Spirit has given forth a subject that is for Him a matter of concern. The Bible, the word of God speaks of waiting. Encouraging His people to wait on Him. We are to wait on God as waiting ultimately on the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. How we wait is the concern. Not just the wait as in being idle and fruitless. No, God intends for us to be busy about ourselves for great purpose. Busy about our Fathers business. Many young and new believers tend to think that waiting is all that is required of us. Jesus himself admonished the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane, after He went and prayed, found Peter and those with Him asleep. "Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not have watched for one hour?" He asked them. "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. Mark 14:37,38. Jesus didn't fear who was coming. He always the teacher was referring to our posture in his absence. These same words of watching and praying are repeated in scripture in Matthew regarding those pairs of believers ( two men in the bed, two women at the grindstone, and two men in the field ) where one departs in rapture and the other remains. This is the waiting that our Christ spoke of in the garden before His death.

Yet we see as believers a different type of waiting when we read the word of God. We see a waiting in regards to answers of our prayers. The answers we are to patiently wait for, to receive guidance and overall instruction for situations in the life as humans. Remembering that we need proper spiritual living in kingdom matters, so as humans to achieve the proper living of our lives on earth.
Thus we wait on the Lord. This is spiritual enrichment, this type of waiting. Waiting as we read the word and get to know better the ways of our God. Waiting on the Lord as in learning and understanding what He is telling us how to achieve and how to be better sons and daughters of God. Remember the parables of those who were entrusted something of value by their master, to care for in His absence? Two did well by Him as they multiplied that which they were trusted with. They as well as the possession both grew in the waiting for his return. But one placed his in the ground, doing nothing but waiting. He was punished for lack of effort and productivity. He was still saved but would suffer loss of all he had been given and all he would have received. There is good waiting and not so good waiting. Three times Jesus found them asleep in the garden, don't you let this happen to you.

Then there is this question, " Why are we always talking about waiting on God, in regards to things we need and those answers of questions we have placed before Him. Paul said in scripture, "why do you hope for that which you already have?' For many this is a conundrum on a large scale. You see much of the time you have already heard Gods' answer. Or at least He has already spoken it in His word. But because we don't read and study adequately, we are not aware that we already have it. James 1:17 tells us that all good and perfect gifts come from above, from God our Father. In whom those things that are asked for are not subject to unfaithfulness (variableness) nor change of heart by our God (shadow of turning). He does what He says he will do. More importantly it says we already have it. The word of God is clear, if your wait goes beyond that point of you giving up on it, chances are there is something wrong on your end. Questions should be, is it in the will of God to do, or have you not lined up with the will of God to receive that which you are waiting for?

To say that you're being obedient to Gods' commands bringing all things under subjection to us. Jesus said, in My name you should ask, receive it (in your spirit) and you shall have it. Pretty simple huh? We walk by faith not by (Physical) sight. The Psalmist says,
That my soul knows that it should wait only on the Lord. When you are doing as the word of God has instructed us we don't really wait long for anything of God. So if you have to wait long and arduous periods of time, your faith and trust in God may be lacking, due in part to not abiding in His will and His love. That your ways and your ways of thinking don't match up to Gods' ways and His thinking. When your in line with the will of God, He says He shall rebuke the devourer, so that satan cannot steal that which is rightfully yours. This overall is your faith and trust in God that does this. In Isaiah 40:31 we hear, But those who wait on the Lord, shall renew there strength. Your faith and your trust in all things of God. Be that body builder who knows that to complete the full number of repetitions over and over again brings the desired result he seeks to achieve, giving it his all to get it. Let your wait be this way. That you know the end result is so glorious and so awesomely wonderful that it's worth every bit of effort we can give it. Jesus gave of this most precious promise, " In a little while you will see me no more. But in a little while you will see me again." Hallelujah!! To the praise of His glory and of His grace.

In great love for you, as Christ does love you,
Brother Jimmy.

The Word of Truth Bible Study

If there is truth there has to be lies. Do you know the difference? If not, do you want to? In all our ways let us inquire of God, that the truth in him be known. May God continue to bless you and all your household!

Wanting always to serve as a son of God. To keep the line of discipleship full with those who want the truth. To share as God gives.

[01/29/15]   Time for Reflection (1/13/2014)

Greetings with sincere desire for all to have the blessings of God overflowing in your life. This is our time of joy in our risen Lord Jesus. Each week I hope that you are exercising your faith in Him, that what God will's for you is what you will have for yourself. Nothing is had unless you go forth to receive it. Believing God always for what we ask of Him. Believing that we have received it as it has been asked for. Just remember believing only gives your faith the right to bring that which is ask for into your spirit, from the spirit world to the physical realm. We are the one's responsible to accept the gift as though we already have it in our hands. But let's not only see the end result of this exchange, by never forgetting the beginnings of hope in Christ, for all things of God for righteousness sake. Remembering always that hope and faith go hand in hand.

Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

The unbelievers, being without Christ, have no hope.
The calling that we receive from God brings us hope.
We have been regenerated unto a living hope. Our
Christ, who is in us, is the hope of glory, which will
issue in the redemption, the transfiguration of our
body in glory. This is the hope of salvation, a blessed
hope, a good hope, the hope of eternal life; it is also
the hope of the glory of God, the hope of the gospel,
the hope laid up for us in the heavens. We should
keep this hope always and boast in it. Our God is the
hope, and through the encouragement of the
Scriptures we can have hope all the time in God and
can rejoice in it. The book of Hebrews charges us to
hold fast the boast of hope firm to the end, to show
diligence unto the full assurance of our hope until the
end, and to lay hold of the hope set before us. It also
tells us that the new covenant brings in a better hope,
through which we draw near to God. Our life should
be a life of hope, which accompanies and abides with
faith. We should follow Abraham, who beyond hope
believed in hope.

All of this message of hope can be found throughout it's place in the teaching of God in the holy Scriptures.

Enjoy your week and in all things good and godly, be assured of your faith yet holding true this support through hope in Christ our lord. May he keep you in all things blessed by the grace of God.

In love founded in Christ Jesus,
Brother Jimmy

[01/29/15]   Reading Gods' Word

Blessings my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Just a few thoughts and words of encouragement for what we are undertaking. For many believers one of the hardest things to get ourselves to do is to read the word of God. Many try, but it gets tedious because of the difference in language presentation. Even now with so many new translations, it still becomes tiresome.

I myself prefer to stay away from the newer translations due to no reference points for studying. Studying as in the identifying of the exact word translated from Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek languages. This to me is very important in allowing the Holy Spirit to provide His duty as the Spirit of Revelation. To reveal to me what God would have Him witness to me. But you have to participate in this endeavor as well. You in the newer forms are getting someone's interpretation. It could be completely off base and also leave you no way of further interpretations. This is my opinion and the way I feel. I want all I can get out of the word of God.

I too was using the newer translations to help understand what I was reading. I didn't feel the Spirit me giving reason to continue daily reading. There was no life to what I was doing. So I asked God in a this way to give me the elements required to make this a strong desire in me. I spoke in prayer the following: from Ephesians 1:17-19 and 3:14-21. This I did over a three to four week period, and up to six to eight times a day. In sincere faith each and every time. Having changed all the plural elements to singular I announced to the Father that this was for me alone. There are other passages such as in Daniel 2, his prayer for wisdom. Parts of Psalm 119 that stood out in my heart, and Proverbs 4:20-22. It began to bring clarity and the opening of my spiritual eyes and ears to better appreciate what was in the word. I now only read the KJV and NKJV.

You may want to give these things an effort to become stronger. I showed God as you can that I wanted to learn. And lo and behold one day after a month I started seeing the reading and not needing the newer translations to help to understand what I had read. You can begin to be as I have become. I would hope you do, but I have a strong hunger for the word of God. It holds the truth in all that I do and will ever experience. Do not let life, worldly things hold you back from these three important aspects: 1. To know who you are. 2. To know what you have in Christ Jesus. 3. To know what you are capable of doing in Christ Jesus.

Finally for now, John 14:26 says, that the Holy Spirit would come and would teach us all things. Let God be in control to do that which He desires to do for His children. Home schooling is His way. I'm not saying forget the church life, but don't think this is the place for you to learn the ways and thoughts of God. So, sit down and enjoy your blessed lessons. In the end you'll realize that this is all there is. Be glad in it!

Love in Christ,
Brother Jimmy

[01/29/15]   Grace and peace to all who love God. Announcing the beginning of classes starting date of February 4th, 2015. In the Dover, De area each Wednesday night at the Modern Maturity Ctr., 1121 Forrest Ave. held in the Craft room. It will be from 7pm -9pm. Bring your bibles, for this is your class and your learning opportunity. For all those outside the Dover area, you can connect and be apart of the sessions via Skype. My Skype ID is: jamesconnor1000. Set up yourself as a contact by calling me with the request. Label it as Bible Study Group. Then when you are prepared to attend, you just call and you are added to the call to watch and listen to the class. Exciting times call for great rejoicing. So come into this ministry along with yours truly. Hallelujah! To the praise of His glory!!

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