Muslim Students Association - Delaware State University

Muslim Students Association - Delaware State University

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Counting down the days! !0 days to go before this awesome event. If you want access to valuable information about writing and self publishing your own event, you can't miss this Boss Lady Roundtable Discussion! Registration link and QSR scan code on the flyer. Register today! Only $25.00 and includes light fare. Don't Wait! Register TODAY!

We aim to help Muslim students exercise their faith and educate others about the true nature of Islam and its followers. The purpose of MSA shall be to encourage and enable Muslims with basic knowledge and competence in Islam to contribute individually and collectively toward meeting the needs of the Muslim community at DSU.

Our goals for MSA include: 1. Promoting unity and joint action among Muslims on and off campus. 2. Conducting social, cultural, religious, and other activities in the best interest of Islam. 3. Arranging and holding congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times. 4. Promoting friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. 5. Trying to make Islamic teachings known to interested Muslims and non-Muslims.

Mission: Our mission is to make our organization known on campus, and to ensure that Muslims at Delaware State University are given the opportunity to exercise and strengthen their faith.

Operating as usual

Tomorrow ‼️ Crush Misconceptions and Stand With Muslim Women! Hosting our third annual World Hijab Day - encouraging all women to come try the hijab on for a day and gain the experience of one who covers ! All are welcome to ask questions and spread awareness. There will be raffles, music, prizes, and much more ✨

Muslim Student Association presents THE HENNA SALON 🎉🎊 Join us as we create beautiful Henna for a small price ! WEDNESDAY , APRIL 19th at the MLK courts !

‼️Crush misconceptions and stand with Muslim women ‼️
All are welcome to come, ask questions, and learn about hijabs at MSA's World Hijab Day event! Come try on a hijab & gain the experience of a woman who covers. Wednesday , February 1st MLK first floor ‼️‼️‼️

Henna Palooza

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Your Miss. MSA as well as President of MSA 2016-2017 Academic School Year

Need a beautiful Henna done ? Join us at our Henna Palooza event ! Wednesday , October 12, at Delaware State University

Mr. & Miss Muslim Student Association for the 2016-2017 school year 👑 Royalty at its finest

MSA is back! Our first Organization Fair at DSU featuring Corresponding Secretary Noelle 😁

Alhamdulilah for the great turn out at the 2nd annual HBCU MSA Conference! May we continue to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that we're forged this weekend. #HBCUMSA

Pics from this weekend's 2nd annual MSA conference that was held at Howard University. Many thanks to the HBCU MSA Coalition for inviting Delaware State University among other schools. Inshallah we'll be back next year! #HBCUMSA

Here's a recap of the HBCU MSA Conference held this weekend. Many thanks to all the speakers and attendees! #HBCUMSA #HBCUMuslims

Asalamu Alaikum,

The MSA HBCU Coalition is hosting a three day conference at Howard University for HBCU students who are members of MSA. It will be held Friday April 8th to Sunday April 10th at Howard University and the theme is "Being Black in MSA" but its open to all Muslim students and MSA members. They will discuss how to sustain a successful MSA and ways to maintain your deen. They also encourage students to bring their questions or concerns so that other MSA members can offer advice or assistance. Please spread the word about the conference to any current students or alumni you know. It is completely free but donations are gladly accepted. The registration link is below:


Attention Muslim Students Association - Delaware State University We current students of DSU are looking to continue the efforts of the MSA on campus. Let's meet tomorrow at the 4th installment of the Global Societies Program in the Bank of America Building Longwood Auditorium 1st row (middle) at 5:40pm to get acquainted with one another and to support our brother Khalil Ahmad President of DSU MSA. Thank you!

ASA. The HBCU MSA Coalition is proud to present its first MSA Conference! We are looking for current Muslim HBCU students or alums as well as Muslim high school seniors. There will be students and alum from DSU, Lincoln, Cheyney, Howard, and Morgan. Meals will be provided as well as lodging for those who don't want to travel late at night. Please register now so we know how many people are planning to attend. Everyone who registers and attends enters a drawing to win a free LG G Pad 7.0! For any questions or concerns contact [email protected]. The registration link is below:


Introducing the first HBCU MSA Conference. This is going to be a great event, so current MSA members or those interested in MSA please register. The registration link is below

The HijabiBengaliSisters

Now let us imagine the angel of death taking our souls. Can you imagine indulging in that last act of pleasure before you look up and death is staring you in the face? Can you imagine partaking in that last act of nobility and good deed before you look up and death is staring you in the face?

For the Believer, the angel of death is said to come in the most beautiful form, and for the righteous -- the taking of the soul is said to be 'like a drop of water.' Quick, simple, and almost painless. In fact, some hadiths go into depth about how the righteous will also be greeted with angels with bright faces as well. This is what will be declared to the righteous:

27. (It will be said to the pious): “O (you) the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction!.
28. “Come back to your Lord well-pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing (unto Him)!.
29. “Enter you then among My (honored) slaves,.
30. “And enter you My Paradise!”

As for the wicked souls. The souls that disobeyed Allah. The souls that were heedless of Allah. The souls that deliberately remained ignorant of the truth -- there are very specific details said about how the Angel of death will appear to them. In the hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas, Prophet Ibrahaeem (A.S.) wanted to see the angel of death when it came to him taking the soul of a disbeliever. The description is frightening to fathom. Ibraheem (A.S.) narrated to have seen this horrible giant- like figure dressed in black, dark-complexioned and long-haired, with each hair standing stiffly on end, giving off a most disgusting smell, with flames of fire leaping up from his mouth and nostrils! This scared the Prophet Ibraheem so severely, that he fainted. SubhanAllah. In fact, it is also said that the angels descend along with blazing fire and chains, and then the soul of the wicked is then ripped painfully off his body.

In surat Al-Anfal, (verse 50 & 51), what can be translated as, “And if you could see when the angels take away the souls of those whom disbelieve (at death), they smite their faces and their backs, (saying): Taste the punishment of the blazing Fire. This is because of that which your hands had forwarded. And verily, Allah is not unjust to His slaves.”

SubhanAllah, does it not scare you to ponder which scenario will happen to you ? #WakeUpSeries Part 2.


The HijabiBengaliSisters

You know how they say 'pray your Salah like it's your last one?' Well I want you to think of the Angel of Death hovering over your shoulder. He tells you that as soon as you finish praying and fold your prayer rug up, that He is going to take your soul. Many of us would not be rushing through Salah at that point, in fact many of us would take our time, have focus, not only go through the movements but FEEL our Salah, be moved by our Salah, even pray our Sunnah and Nafl prayers because we know that this is our last time ever praying to our Lord. Perhaps we'd be so shaken up and realize how unprepared we are to the extent that we'd never fold up our prayer rug. This is how we should be during Salah brothers and sisters. This is the kind of in-depth connection we should have with Allah swt EVERY SINGLE SALAH -- the kind of bond that makes us love Him, Fear Him, Ask Him for His mercy as if it was our LAST time doing so. So the next time you see yourself rushing through prayer, or simply going through the motions, think 'What if this was my last Salah? What if this really is the end?'


Pure Matrimony

"The more requests you make of Allah (dua) the more deserving you are of His Mercy"

~Yahya Ibrahim

Dr. Bilal Philips

Be with someone who reminds you of Allah.
The Prophet said, “A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so be careful whom you befriend." [Abu Daawood & Tirmithi] Dr. Bilal

Dr. Bilal Philips

When we love somebody for the sake of Allah, we protect their honor, meaning that if people are speaking ill about our brothers and sisters, we stop them and don’t allow them to backbite or slander. We are not silent in times when their honor is being destroyed; rather we are silent about their faults when there is no need to express them.Dr. Bilal

Dr. Bilal Philips

Living the halal way should be a priority of every Muslim. Do not study in such detail the ingredient of what you eat, while you will easily overlook the haram activities you are in. Live halal!
via Islamic Online University

Omar Suleiman

I feel like the Muslim community struggles with having a safe space to celebrate successes and encourage each other when we do good. Mentioning something good is self promotion. Mentioning something good about someone is over praising or being a groupie. Yet completely assassinating someones character, hating on everything they say, and totally destroying them verbally is perfectly acceptable. - Omar Usman

Hijab Junkie

Just #pray! Always make #duaa :))

●|● Virtues of Friday ●|●

The Prophet -sallAllâhu 'alaihi wassallam- said: "Friday is the master of days, and the greatest of them before Allâh. It is greater before Allâh than the day of al-Adha and the day of al-Fitr. It has five characteristics:

1. On this day Allâh created Adam -'alaihissallam,
2. On it He sent Adam -'alaihissallam- down to the earth,
3. On it Allâh caused Adam -'alaihissallam- to die,
4. On it there is a time when a person does not ask Allâh for anything but He gives it to him, so long as he does not ask for anything haraam, and
5. On it the Hour will begin.

There is no angel who is close to Allâh, no heaven, no earth, no wind, no mountain and no sea that does not fear Friday.”

[Narrated by Ibn Maajah; 1084; Classed as hasan by Shaykh al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’, no. 2279]

Mufti Ismail Menk

No sin is too big for the Almighty to forgive so never let Satan make you feel that you are beyond reach of the Mercy of the Almighty.

Omar Suleiman

Being unashamedly Muslim while excelling in whatever you do is of the greatest forms of Dawah.

[02/06/14]   Asalamu Alaikum every one! Jummah prayer will take place this Friday February 7, 2014 in Conrad 224 at 1:00pm. There will be a khutbah led by Bro. Zafar before the prayer.

Definitely a step in the right direction!

New York Mayor Declares Eid Holidays!

Muslim Public School Holidays Will Be Observed In New York City, Says Mayor de Blasio On The Brian Lehrer Show.

MSA's tables at the faith fair yesterday

Recognize Muslim holidays throughout the school year. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Let's sign the petition to get Muslim holidays recognized throughout the school year. We need 100,000 signatures by February 15, 2014. With the growing population of Muslims in the United States of America (including first, second, third, and fourth generation) we believe it is high time that Muslim holidays are recognized by schools throughout this nation. Unfortunately many Muslim families are forced to choose between their child...

Hijab4Men Should Make You Uncomfortable - Here's Why If you're in a relationship with Facebook like I am (almost nine years, baby!) and your friends list consists primarily of MSA buds, taraweeh teams, the masjid gossip brigade and all those others w...

This week is World Interfaith Harmony Week. Come out to the faith fair on Monday in the MLK from 10 to 3 to learn more about MSA and the rest of the weeks events.

World Hijab Day (Nazma Khan) Nazma Khan tells us about the persecution she faced due to her hijab and why she started World Hijab Day

Malcolm X deleted scene on PORK

Great explanation on why Muslims don't eat pork!

Oink Oink The War on Swine

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1200 N Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE

General information

MSA Executive Board 2013 - 2014 Salihah Hughson - President Yassmine Zerrad - Vice President Zainab Onaneye - Treasurer Fajr Saaba - Recording Secretary Ameera Ash - Corresponding Secretary
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All Are Welcome!

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