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Waiting for drive in church att Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. We love our church home!
Things are getting CRAZY‼️‼️ please sign Oppose HR 6666 the TRES Act Please Act Immediately Thanks for raising your voice!
Even our dog Buddy is listening to the Resurrection Message today with us.
I’ve been a struggling Christian since 1983. As a cradle catholic and not knowing any difference of how to worshipping Christ had been a struggle. In 2014 I suffered a stroke that should have killed me. I survived with very little chance of walking or even working. It took 6 years of depression, being lonely, having a hard time to fit in, and loosing contact with my own kids. I was angry, had questions, had up and downs and felt unnecessary to life. After living in the world and in god DID NOT MIX and it took 53 years and a stroke for me to fully submit to Christ. I had remember reading a book of Pastor Raul Ries in the 90’s and I looked him up and reconnect it with Somebody loves you app and I’m so blessed to have pastor Ries with me as I drive my semi to Albuquerque NM every night. I’m going through the Bible and then reading behind. I’m so in love with Christ and my life is so much better. I can go on forever about my testimony but I will not since I don’t like to type😂😂😂. pastor Raul Ries, thank you so much for your preaching..
Pastor I just wanted to share this vid of an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit and you will see it before your eyes - I've never seen anything like this before but God worked in this angry young man's heart while the preacher was still speaking. ** Disclaimer - there is profanity in this video but then you will see the turnaround by the infinite grace and mercy of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - this IS the gospel of Jesus Christ and it needs to be spread stronger, wider, farther, harder and greater than it ever has before in all the centuries past. God bless you Pastor.
Hello Pastor, in your online devotional today regarding showing mercy, I understand but how is we are living in a time where men are allowed societal and legally to marry men, women to marry women and create this as family unit, pedophilia is being groomed to be accepted as normal and mainstream, parental rights and control are being taken away and taken over by state, there are laws on table now for mandatory explicit sex education from kindergarten and up (some lawmakers want earlier) to indoctrinate from infancy their satanic agenda that there si no gender, homosexuality is ok and acceptable, homosexual marriage perfectly fine, etc. And ppl, Christians, men, priests, those in ministry have allowed all of this - in the name of what, tolerance? In this case, God is not requiring mercy on this - he is requiring the people of God to rise up, stand up for Him in this unbelievably satanic culture and fight back. That are out for our children and it is time for the men in our society, particularly the christian men and all Believers to fight back and not allow what you see today. I live in NYC and work in major cultural venues, I cannot repeat to you what I see on a day to day basis and what is being 100% wholeheartedly applauded.
Bless you pastor Raul and all your family, I am confused with these scriptures in the book of Genesis, chapter 1:27 thru 28 and chapter 2: 21 thru 23, seems like they contradict each other, can you help me understand the differences between these scriptures? May the Lord strenthen you and all of your family one day at a time.
I remember when my husband first started listening and watching Raul Ries...seems so long ago.
I heard it said that it is believed the original, unconfused language is/was Hebrew. Here's why I argue against that: Consider that the particular people whose language remained intact might get the big head about being the chosen people. Knowing that I AM is totally against idols, I am of the idea that the original language is that spoken in Babylon following the confusion.
A Happy, God-anointed and God-blessed New Year for you, Sharon and your family Pastor Ruis. Thank you for your years of service and ministry - I cannot tell you how many thousands must have been blessed by it. I started listening to you when I came out of college, then just recently re-connected with your ministry. You are simply as anointed as ever but with the years of wisdom - thank you again and thank God you had the mentoring of Chuck Smith (who I had listened to in person at Costa Mesa). You can see his presence in your life. A Happy, prosperous, joyous and blessed New Year!
Because I was a part of Somebody loves you, Crusade n it changed my life forever.
I know you feel it. God can overcome any obstacle. I have seen physical proof a hundred + times. But it's not about that anymore. We have already come to an understanding about our position in the world. I mean, you see the world dying. The only question I haven't answered is how are we going to make sure the human race stands by the law of love when caring for all life and all creation. How, If God does allow us to have a stewardship with creation, will we stay loyal to the law of love. We need to invent a way not only to survive but care for all matter alive or not. With my experience, I could teach people how to communicate with the spirit/ or father. I know you've seen proof that God is real. So why stand around so helpless? If we unite all religion in the name of love it's possible to overcome. We could slow down global warming long enough to help me, and people like me, think of a way out. You can't abandon other good people's faith because it has slight differences. The good people want to live and would give up sin for life. We just have to give them the knowledge of reality, But before I get down to the details. I need to tell you this is not blind ambition. I have been thinking about this for the 7 years I have been preach/writing. I feel like if religion is correct then there is a reason humanity is trusted by the God of love. Whether it be enemy aliens or a mass proof ball that could blow the universe away, we could be there with God's help. Isn't that good news? Information is a savior. We need the moon to pull the polar oceans back and forth. This is because we need the cold air for weather. We need the ice caps because they keep the polar oceans back and cool. Plus, they have been there for thousands of years. There is no excuse. It is directly human-related and we know whats causing it. That makes it 100% preventable. The icecaps are down to about half the size they were 70 years ago. You are only left to imagine where we would be without them. Once they melt wouldn't the water evaporate more quickly, which would turn the sky black. And wouldn't that force all the water to freeze causing the ice age. When the ice age starts, wouldn't everyone die? That means the world will be cold for a very long time allowing all the vats of toxic waste people have to leak out. This would burn all existing life on this planet for eternity. We are running out of time and options. I don't know what I have in me but I have faith in whatever "it" is. It's VERY GOOD. My reality doesn't even feel real because of what I've seen. I'm very worried about the end and our roll in the universe. I think it is young and probably the only one existing. I also like to believe it is good and I'd like it to stay that way. Like I said before, I think we need to work together with other religions and faiths to make sure we make a system where love is in charge of these future escapades. And, keep in mind, stabilizing the universe is just as, if not more, important than loving all life in it. I do believe I am Zechariah but before, I did not have faith. I believed chance existed and I had an ulterior motive. I did not thick humanity could be trusted. I didn't know the truth about the universe needing our help to be stabilized. And, let's keep in mind. I was freaking out because of what is forbidden. I don't even know how I would even begin saving anyone. Now I at least have ideas. It's mostly pretty easy. Just make sanctions and inform people so the forbidden free zone will grow. I can't live with who I am. I am not in the position I have to help or plan on having one in the near future. I can't live with myself because I can see the world dying around me. I have these powers so I feel like I could stop it. Sitting around helpless is the worst anxiety I have ever felt. It makes me sad to see people so lost and misinformed like I used to be. I need help. I need loving people to spread this message and help me.

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We have an all new episode of Rewind out now! Let us know how the Lord has been ministering to you through these episodes. 👇🏼
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We're back today with a new episode of Rewind! Join us as Pastor Raul goes through Revelation 17. Let us know how the Lord has been ministering to you through these messages? 👇🏼Watch now on YouTube!
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