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Sunday, July 28, 2019
Chaplain Melinda Ryans
Bonnieview Christian Church
"Lessons Learned from Commitment"
Jonah 1: 1 - 10

God uses whom He chooses. We bless God for this powerful Woman of God who encouraged us with the instruction of God.

Minister. Elder. Army Chaplain. Spoken Word Artist. Bank Branch Manager. Author. All rolled into one.

Why focus on the character Jonah, now? Because God says 'where I'm taking some of you, Everybody can't go.' There will always be a person God wants to use.

We are all well familiar with the story of Jonah and his initial attempt to do opposite of what God had commanded him to do. Spot someone who runs from commitment and you'll find someone who lacks character for Commitment develops Character. AMEN.

Romans 2: 4 - the goodness of God brings people to repentance. Not the spirit of bullying. The more we experience God, the more we'll want to follow Him.

Lessons learned from a lack of commitment:
1. We miss the privilege of partnering with God
2. Our choices damage more people than we realize
3. We become hardened and desensitized
4. We loose both integrity and trust

Manifestation of the promises of God comes about after we a) understand the person (self - awareness; why we do what we do) b) understand the problem and. c) understand the process.

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