Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries

Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries


Hello family I would like to invite you guys to either a couples night out or you can invite the whole family. Lady Williams is singing and acting in her first stage play. Feb 9th at 6:00 pm at the Alpha & Omega church next door to Golden Gate Funeral Home. I have been in on the rehearsals the play is awesome. You can contact Lady Williams or myself for tickets.
To God be the glory. Fresh Wind is Sixteen years old this year. Some say sweet sixteen. We thank God for favoring us with longevity, consistancy, and stableness. In an era when the church is experiencing its greatest trial God has blessed us to remain strong. You are invited to come help us celebrate on Saturday June 2, 2018 at 7:00 2429 Randolph Street Dallas, Texas 75241. This year we have invited Apostle Pierre Bryant of Houston, Texas to come and speak a word over the house. Come hear this anointed young man of God speak from the oracles of God. You will be bless. See you there Senior Pastor Dwight Williams
Registration for Elders & Ministerial classes at Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries is now open. There is a $50 registration fee. The class is open to all aspiring ministers you are not required to be a member of Fresh Wind Fresh Ministries. This is not an accredited class, but if you will receive sound teaching on Ministerial Etiquette, Doctrinal Tenets & Sermon Prep. Because there is a license received, if you are not a member you must present a letter of recommendation. To make application or for more details you can contact Sis. Glenda Hardeman at [email protected], or stop by the church office at Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries 2429 Randolph Street Dallas, Texas 75241.
Fresh Wind Fresh Fire brotherhood is sponsoring a Dollar Days garage sale today from 8:00 To 1:00. Electronics, Sporting Goods, Clothing, Household Goods, Shoes. Come by and pick up items for pennies on the dollar. 2429 Randolph Dallas,Texas.
Consecration thought for the day: Day 2 "Gratefulness" Psalm 50:14 ▪1 Timothy 6:6 - Being grateful for what we have is a form of contentment. Tell God and others how much you value them by sharing with them what a difference they make in your life. Fasting Time: 12 Midnight - 4:00pm Prayer Times: 10:00, 12:00 and 2:00. Pastor Dwight Williams - "Building A Foundation Strong Enough To Support God's Best"
For those of you traveling to the COGIC Convention and looking for Hotel and Car Rental savings visit my travel site we beat the competitors 85 to 90% of the time, or contact me at
HAPPY 32nd ANNIVERSARY BABY 32 years ago they said we were too young to know what we were doing, but we knew we had a love that would last forever. 32 years later we know better what we are doing and we still have a love that will last forever. I may not have been able to give you the world, but in the words of Glady's Knight "I rather live in your world than than live without you in mine". Your wonderful, marvelous your everything to me.

"Building A Foundation Strong Enough To Support God's Best" Luke 6:47,48

The Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Church family is a body of believer’s led by the Holy Spirit. Through the empowerment of the Spirit Of God, we believe in the full manifestation and operation of the Spiritual Gifts that are instrumental in the edification and the building up of the body of Christ. As members of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, we are called to discover and develop our gifts and become sanctified stewards pressing and reaching toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Furthermore, we are called to demonstrate the Love of God to all mankind. May it be always said that the family of Fresh Wind Fresh Fire, will serve and help each other so that everyone is cared for and no one is lost. We do believe in “The Word of God” which is the doctrine we preach and teach, for our structure is founded upon the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit: which brings restoration, reconciliation, healing and divine deliverance. Our church name was founded in the word of God in Acts 2:1-4. May the love of God and the sweet communion of the Holy Ghost abide with you and your family forever.

Mission: The Fresh Wind Fresh Church is a ministry whose purpose is to promote community oneness by re-establishing the Church as the preserving factor in our communities while providing a fresh atmosphere of worship we are commissioned to win Souls to Christ through a burning passion for God’s word in song, music, and Preaching. Come grow with us.

Mother Daughter Legacy Conference

Pastor Margaret sits with Pastors Dwight and Dimple Williams and talks about their expericence of past MotherDaughter Legacy Conference

Mother Daughter Legacy Conference

Check this out!!!!

Pastor Margaret had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Pastor Dimple and Elder Melody Williams. They shared how the past MotherDaughter Legacy Conference has blessed them. Check it out below. Please Share!

We are sorry to inform everyone but the memorial celebration has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We ask that you keep Lik Vee’s Family in prayer. It’s never easy losing a love one but we can always keep their love in our hearts.

It's all about Community, Family & Love. Let's enjoy free food and fun while celebrating the life of Lil Vee! Hosted by Lil Vee's BBQ

July 6th 10am-6pm

We will FOREVER cherish you and your teachings.....”Y’all don’t hear me.”

[12/08/18]   We are excited to say we are having breakfast in the morning before service from 9:00am to 10:15am. FWFF is all about family, unity and giving. Why not enjoy all of that right before having an encounter with our father above!!! See you soon!!

2429 Randolph Rd.
Dallas, TX 75241

[09/04/17]   Hello,
my name is Pastor Dwight Williams, CEO of Breakthru Enterprises. God has blessed me to be in a unique position to help you put $10,000 or more dollars in your church's building fund, church's ministry, or just to be a blessing to your leaders in the next 30 days or less. If you are serious about kingdom building. In box me with a contact email, or number and I will give you more information.

[07/21/17]   This Week's Manna
"He Has The Power To Finish " - Philippians 6:1
Whatever it is that God started in your life, intersession for a loved one, agreeing with someone that a situation will turn around, or trusting God for a break through. The key to seeing anything God started in your life come to completion rests on three pillars. 1) self assurance in the faithfulness of God, 2) boldness to know you are walking in His will, 3) courage to stay in agreement with God. God has something unmatched, unparalleled, something never seen before coming your way. Wake up each morning thanking God for the immeasurable unlimited favor He has over your life. According to 1 John 5:14,15 God has the power to do exceeding and abundant things in your life. Be encouraged to hold and stay in faith until you see the finish.
Pastor D.Williams-"Building A Foundation Strong Enough To Support God's Best"

Appreciation Dinner 2016

Appreciation Dinner 2016

[12/10/16]   Registration for Ministerial classes is now open. There is a $50 registration fee please contact Pastor Dwight Williams for more information.

Melody Williams

[12/04/16]   Congratulations to the Desoto Eagles on their victory tonight against the Cedar Hill Longhorns. Their this year's holds up at 14-0!!!!

Go Eagles!

Yes this post was made by Melody Williams 😂

"Exceptional Future" - Proverbs 4:18
The reality of life and this world is that, of a certainty at some point you will experience trouble (John 16:33). Average people have average problems, ordinary people have ordinary problems and exceptional people experience exceptional problems. You may feel the problems you are facing today are to big, or overwhelming. In actuality the size of your problems identifies the depth of character and potential of success God is trying to pull out of you. According to Solomon the preacher, as the sun rises higher and higher until it reaches its zenith so it is with the path of the righteous. We don't think it strange when we encounter firey trials. We know that every problem is a mere stepping stone to a greater destiny. Through every problem continue declaring the Promises of God over your life because you have an exceptional future.
Pastor D.Williams-Participating In The Vision

From Pastor Dwight and Dimple Williams and the Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Family...

With mixed emotions, we send our heart felt condolences as well as celebrate the legacy and transitioning of a giant in the Lord, our dearly beloved brother Superintendent Elijah Kelley Jr. Our prayers go out to First Lady Sheila Kelley, Mother Kelley, his devoted children and the entire Deliverance Chapel Family. Please know we are available to assist in any way that you may need. We love you.

[10/27/16]   Question Of The Week:
When storms and difficulties arise in our lives, is it more productive to use your faith to control circumstance, or to control you?
Pastor D. Williams-Participating In The Vision

[10/24/16]   Prayer, Worship and Service Hours

"The Blessing Of God's Kingdom - Hebrews 12:28
There is a vast difference in being a part of God's Kingdom and being aligned with the Kingdom's of this world. Kingdom citizens have a different agenda and live according to a different system of principals. God's Kingdom agenda is righteousness, peace and joy through the Holy Ghost. God's Kingdom principal is that if we give it will be given back to you. In God's Kingdom your 3 fold benefit is prosperity, good health and soul contentment. God's Kingdom is not dependent on the success of the Stock Market, Housing Market, or Gas Prices. God's Kingdom cannot be shaken by what happens on earth. This goes far beyond just mere church membership. If your life is not experiencing the benefits of the Kingdom today, you may need to check your citizenship papers. It may be that you are in the church but your not in the Kingdom. Church can bring you to the alter of naturalization, but relationship with God grants you access to the Kingdom. Be Blessed
Pastor D. Williams-Participating In The Vision

[09/25/16]   Hey Facebook Fam!!!! WE are having our annual FWFF Come Back To Church service tomorrow morning!!! If You were ever apart of our church we want to see You. If You want to come and fellowship with us we want to see You. If You are even looking for a church home.....we want to see You. There will be giveaways and gas cards. I would love to see you guys!!!! I will try to tag everyone whom I'm friends with but if I miss someone get the message to them. "COME FEEL THE WIND AND EXPERIENCE THE FIRE!!!!"
Service starts at 10:30am - casual dress code

Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries
2429 Randolph St.
Dallas, Texas 75241

This Week's Manna
"Simple Faith" - Luke 17:6
The example of the mustard seed is a revelation that Jesus can operate through a little bit of faith and bring tremendous result. "It don't take a whole lot just use the little you got", sound familiar. The reality is you have enough faith embedded in the fabric of your salvation to overcome any obstacle. The same spirit that raised our Saviour from the dead is the same spirit that works through your faith. The only thing God asks of us is simply to believe. God wants to work through your faith today. With and through God all things are possible. Remember your faith is birth through hearing (planting seeds of the word) the word of God. Read the word and declare I may not see it on the surface, but God is working behind the scene to move the mountains in my life.
Pastor D.Williams-Participating In The Vision

Come hear a REMA word from the Lord through these anointed vessels. August 17th-19th. For more information contact Lady Williams at 972-898-5502.

[06/13/16]   I recently read an article that stated, in the new Millennial Age authenticity and individual expression is becoming more important. "Allowing People To Wear What They Want Leads To Better Engagement". Is this an area in the church that we as leaders are going to have to embrace if we expect greater engagement and success in the New Millennial Church. Hop over to our page at [email protected] to give us your comment.
Pastor D. Williams-Participating In The Vision

[03/23/16]   Hey everybody!!!! We are so excited for this Saturday's Easter Extravaganza festivities. We have a bounce house with a slide, cotton candy, popcorn, balloons, face painting, hot dogs and more. There will be one big Easter egg hunt and one big scavenger hunt. Everything starts at 10am and ends at 3pm. Please feel free to bring all your kids and their friends as this is carnival style.

2429 Randolph Rd
Dallas, Tx 75241

[02/26/16]   This Week's Manna
"Who Or What Are You Relying On" - Psalm 121:1-2
These verses actually ask a question rather than make a statement. Who, or what can you say your confidence is in today. David is saying do I look to the hills (where princes and great men dwell) for my help and confidence. David is saying no, my help, security and confidence comes from the all sufficient God who made the hills, heaven and earth. Anytime you are facing an issue, the first thing you should do instead of relying on friends, money and even your own know how, acknowledge and rely on the Lord. God will be your peace in the midst of storms and God will be your help in troubled times.
Pastor D. Williams-Participating In The Vision

[01/29/16]   This Week's Manna
"What's All In A Thank You" - Colossians 3:15
Peace is a choice not a chance. The word peace comes from the Greek word eirene, which means to set at one again, or come back into unity with. God is the author of unity demonstrated in the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the HolySpirit. Things, nor people can be the source of peace, because they are dependent upon external forces that cause them to change and move. Anything that changes and moves is hard to come in alignment with. God is God and he changes not, Malachi 3:6. The next time things, or people threaten to upset you, or get you worried make the choice to reconcile your mind and heart to God your true source of peace. You do this by changing your attitude. Be thankful to God that He is working behind the scene on your behalf. The more you thank God for His goodness the more you realign and reconcile yourself to Him. Your peace is the product of your thank you.
Pastor D. Williams- Participating In The Vision

Are you and your special someone looking for something special to do and good to eat but are dreading the lines you may have to stand in for Valentine's Day? Come dine with Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries at our "Valentine Day of Love Dinner." Valentine's Day Sunday 2pm - 6pm come enjoy a delicious meal and gift while dining in an elegant ballroom atmosphere then go home and relax. If this is appealing to you. Call or send me a text to reserve your meal. Pastor Dwight Williams 469-223-5184 "Participating In The Vision"

This Week's Manna
"If God Is For You" - Romans 8:31
Regardless of what your present circumstances are. If God is on your side, you were created for Greatness. Everything God creates contains a seed which allows it to reproduce itself. You have the seed of the Almighty God in you, which allows you to produce after His greatness. No obstacle, or disadvantage can prevent your greatness. God has already equipped and empowered you to produce greatness. If God is for you and you are for Him, look for the right people to come across your path, look for divine favor to always intercept your plans. Till the seeds in you heart by speaking well of your future. You are anointed and your best days are ahead of you. Nurture the seed planted in you with your faith, water the same seed with the word of God. Keep the weeds of doubt and disbelief out by removing yourself from the company of people that don't think great like you. Have a Happy, Holy, Heaven-Sent new year.
Pastor D. Williams - Participate In The Vision

Here is a clip of this morning's sermon.....enjoy!!!!!

"He is God of The Bottom"
Deuteronomy 33:25-29
Pastor Dwight Williams

This Week's Manna
"In Everything Give Thanks" - Colossians 3:15
If you were raised in Church Of God In Christ, you recited this verse every Sunday during the responsive reading before Sunday School. Don't let your thankfulness be just a recital though, let your thankfulness flow from the inside till it overflows and spills out to the people around you. Let no acts of kindness go unnoticed, thank the people around you, those closest to you, family members, those who love and support you. Take the extra effort to show thankfulness to those around you. The seeds of gratitude you plant to day, will be the harvest of God's unmerited favor tomorrow. "For with the same measure that you mete it will be measured to you again.
Pastor Dwight Williams-Enlarging Our Territory

If you would like to partner with our ministry, or support our vision by sowing a seed, you can click on the following secure paypal donation link to submit a tax deductible gift.¤cycose=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF%3Abtn donateLG.gif%3ANonHosted

You are invited to be a special guest at our Annual Celebration of Family & Friends. Good singing, Good preaching and a whole lot of Praising God. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries 2429 Randolph St. Dallas, Texas 75241. November 22, 2015 - 4:00pm.

[11/13/15]   The video from this past Sunday will be uploaded in a few hours!!!!!!

"He Cast About Your Casting"
1 Peter 5:7

[11/04/15]   This Week's Manna
"He Prepares A Table" - Psalm 23:5
I'm sure you are familiar with old saying "every time I make one step forward, I get knocked back two", or lately has it seem like you've hit road block after road block, running into things and people that are impeding your course. In spite of every obstacle I'd like to touch and agree with you today that no matter what, God is preparing a table for you. Things may not be unfolding the way you thought, but belive God has gone before you to make crooked places straight and every rough way smooth. You may be going through a difficult time right now, but keeping speaking words of faith and listening for the voice of God. Your invitation to come to the table is coming. God has heard your request and a special blessing is being prepared for you.
Pastor D. Williams-Enlarging Our Territory

You owe it to yourself and your spiritual walk in Christ to be at this worship experience and prophetic encounter with God. Three services filled with vital information on equipping the saint's to fight the good fight of faith through prayer. October 16, 17 & 18. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries has yoked up with GAP Standers International for a Prophetic Prayer Conference you don't want to miss. 2429 Randolph Street Dallas, Texas 75241. Prophetess Brenda Todd, a dynamic woman of God, from Tulsa, Oklahoma wants to impart to you the tools you need to be effective in intercessory prayer. Come be a part of the breakout sessions and receive a word from God. Registration is only $35.00. For more information call 469-223-5184.

[09/18/15]   Question Of The Week
Is there any scriptual justification for the condemning of gambling? If so should other things such as (betting, lotteries, raffles and get rich quick schemes) be grouped in the same category. What do you think?

It's That Time Of Year Again. Come Fellowship With Us On Our Annual "Come Back To Church & Give Away Sunday". September 27th 10:15am. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries 2429 Randolph St. Dallas, Texas 75241.
Pastor Williams-Enlarging Our Territory

You owe it to yourself and your spiritual walk in Christ to be at this worship experience and prophetic encounter with God. Three services filled with vital information on equipping the saint's to fight the good fight of faith through prayer. October 16, 17 & 18. Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries has yoked up with GAP Standers International for a Prophetic Prayer Conference you don't want to miss. 2429 Randolph Street Dallas, Texas 75241. Prophetess Brenda Todd, a dynamic woman of God, from Tulsa, Oklahoma wants to impart to you the tools you need to be effective in intercessory prayer. Come be a part of the breakout sessions and receive a word from God. Registration is only $35.00. For more information call 469-223-5184.

Just a reminder we will not have service this morning.

Come out and celebrate our leaders, Pastors Dwight & Dimple Williams, in their 13th Anniversary service today. The start time is 4pm. You don't want to miss it!!!!!!
2429 Randolph St., Dallas, Tx 75216

[07/13/15]   This Week's Manna
Enjoy Your Own Portion - Ecclesiastes 5:18
Get excited about your life! Be excited about who you are, how you look, what talent you have, your own abilities, or your own personality. God uniquely designed you how you are and has given everyone different measures of faith. You are fitfully and wonderfully made to accomplish God's purpose for your life. You don't have to desire to be like someone else. Embrace who you are, the life you have has been perfectly matched for you. Be thankful and take what you have and develope it, that's when God will breathe in your direction and equip you for your destiny.

Pastor Williams-Enlarging Our Territory

Orientation is now open for the 2015 Fresh Wind Fresh Fire Ministries Ministerial Training/Ethics class. Study to show yourself approved unto God. For more information and to register please contact Pastor Dwight Williams at 469-223-5184.

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2429 Randolph St
DeSoto, TX

Opening Hours

Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00
Thursday 19:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 11:00
Sunday 10:15 - 12:30
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