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WE make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace...Ephesians 4:3 Honoring Marriages through the glory of GOD.

SharingHEARTS Mission - To stir up the gifting’s lying un nurtured, uncultivated and somewhat dormant in marriages. SharingHEARTS Purpose – To bring to the acknowledgement that “OUR” marriage talents, gifting’s and wisdom are ALL ordained by our “Heavenly Father“, whom empowers “US” through the Holy Spirit to disarm the fiery darts of Satan’s mission. SharingHEARTS Vision - To witness a global exp

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Lord, please protect and locate this young man for the "PEACE" that his family needs..., in Jesus precious name. AMEN !!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


SharingHEARTS Ministries, embraces, encourages and empowers the broken man and the broken woman, as they come together…, in “Holy Matrimony” learning to release their vulnerabilities as they entrust their Love, their Living and their Life through an intimate 3 cord encounter with our Heavenly Father.

Ministry Foundation:Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace…Ephesians 4: 2 – 3

7 Steps to “Keeping the UNITY of the Spirit”

1. Being in LOVE and feeling an aura of belonging are an antidote to hurting.

2. Remaining in the LIGHT….., by staying connected with living life.

3. Continuing to live LIFE….., in spite of set-backs, ignite the flame of perseverance.

4. Connecting with what brings LAUGHTER……, motivates the inner core of exhilaration.

5. Accepting the desire to LIVE……, creates a glimpse of hope.

6. Willing to share the LABOR of self……, entrusts unity.

7. Learning the promises of reciprocity provokes LIBERATION……, which enhances one’s understanding of the importance of giving.





The Door of Expansion - Bishop T.D. Jakes [March 10, 2019]


Have you ever pondered why God only provides a glimpse into the forthcoming dimension, but will never give a full synopsis of what’s to come? This deliberate...


Disciples of Mime "Something About The Name Jesus"



The Disciples of Mime ministering to "Something About The Name Jesus" by Rance Allen and Kirk Franklin. Be blessed. If an ad pops up I sincerely apologize. T...

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This is also for you.

Lord I come to you this morning, first thanking you for all you are, for your grace and mercy. Thanking you for this life and for peace in the mist of uncertainty. Lord I come this morning lifting up all medical and frontline workers, Lord we ask that you build a supernatural hedge of protection around them as they do their job. Protect them from anything that can harm their health and their spirt. Give them courage and energy and a peace in this battle that surpasses all human understanding. Let their supplies multiply, let their abilities multiply and Lord we will give you and only you the glory. Lord let them realize that they cannot do anything with out you. Let their families not be harmed while they care for others families. Let each one who believe in you know that they can sustain all things through you. It is easy to say we trust you when the waters are calm but help them to trust you when the waves are out of control because all you have to do is speak and every sickness, worn out body and mind will have to obey your word. Lord do what you do in the name of Jesus, amen.




fox29.com 09/06/2019

Tyler Perry uses his private plane to deliver supplies to the Bahamas



fox29.com Actor Tyler Perry is doing what he can to help the people in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands.


The Potter's House of Dallas


Don't be discouraged by the attack of the enemy attack; the day you no longer have to fight is the day that the enemy has won.

Watch #GraspingTheMoment on the T.D. Jakes Ministries YouTube channel at YouTube.com/TDJakesOfficial!



On September 14th I will lead our God’s Leading Ladies session. ⁣

Classes have begun and we are ready to STRETCH, but It’s not too late to register for Online Distant Learners. Visit us at godsleadingladies.com today. If you have any questions reach out to @tphgodsleadingladies ⁣
#GodsLeadingLadies #TPHDebs #GLL #Dallas

gofundme.com 07/19/2019

Click here to support The Moore’s Family organized by Jorriod Moore


gofundme.com This gofundme account is being established to raise money to commemorate the life of the The Moore Family. We will aim to have an annual family event to see each other faces and honor those in our family who have moved on to be with the Lord. We ask that each family member donate monthly (whatever.....


GOD wants to Heal "US", but we can't HEAL holding onto our past !!!




The Root


All the money in the world can't prevent you from experiencing racism.

Listen to these wise words by Gabrielle Union:


Hidden Little Chapel

Are "YOU" engaged and live in the DFW area ???


Very "Professional Ladies" !!!


Hidden Little Chapel, no longer a hidden little secret. We are anxious to perform your intimate and quaint ceremony---wedding. Books by appointment only.


I need a WORD


Pastor Michael Todd | The Myth Of Dating | Relationship Goals


We are in our “Holiday Season”..., #StayWOKE #StayCONNECTED and #StayALERT

This is when “Depression, Distraught and Discombobulated” rears it’s ugly head...

Watch “YOUR” family closely !!!





You could do a lot worse than starting every day with Psalm 91, especially like this! It gave me chills. So timely!





Could at least one of my Facebook friends please copy and repost (not share)? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.
#SuicideAwareness but is someone always listening


Black and Married With Kids


I know I don’t want to live life with a bunch of arguing, fussing and fighting with my spouse. I don’t want to live with worry, sadness or depression. All these things rob me of my of peace.


Father GOD, we come in the spirit of humility, transparency and remorsefulness. Father asking for forgiveness...

Father GOD, for running with swift feet - to fulfill our ‘selfish needs and desires.

Father, we know..., that “Thy word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path”...Psalm 119:105

Father GOD, teach us the IMPORTANCE of “submitting ourselves to one another out of reverence of Christ“...Ephesians 5:21

Father GOD, we come thanking “YOU” for our chastisement, because it reminds us of your love for “US”...Psalm 94:12

Father, we are soooo thankful that “we” - my husband / wife and I can come boldly before the throne of grace and petition - a refuge of love, peace and forgiveness.

GOD, we stand together, trusting and believing, in “YOUR” word to guide “US” into your perfect will...John 8:12 in Jesus precious name AMEN



Have “YOU” ever really LOOKED at your husband / wife and asked yourself..., what is the “Purpose of Our Marriage” ???





Could at least one of my Facebook friends please copy and repost (not share)? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.
#SuicideAwareness but is someone always listening

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[10/01/16]   This is a little test, just to see who reads and who shares without reading! If you have read everything, select "like" and then copy and paste this text on your profile, so i can put a thank u on ur profile,😘I know that 97% of you won't broadcast this, but my friends will be the 3% that do. In honor of someone who died, or is fighting cancer, or even had cancer, copy and paste. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!






You could do a lot worse than starting every day with Psalm 91, especially like this! It gave me chills. So timely!







Here is our "SharingHEARTS Platform"

Mission- To stir up the gifting"s lying un nurtured. uncultivated and somewhat dormant in marriages.

Vision - To witness a global explosion of "Husbands and Wives" launching into their marriage ministry..., "Mission", "Purpose" and "Vision", as the "Law of Reciprocity" permeates their spirit.

Purpose - To bring to the acknowledgement that "OUR" marriage, talents, gifting"s and wisdom are ALL ordained by our "Heavenly Father", whom empowers "US" through the Holy Spirit to disarm the fiery darts of Satan's mission.

We invite "YOU" to empower your marriage with "The GODLY Tools" to educate, equip and encourage your marriage. It comes with a "Relationship Healing Workbook", to utilize in the privacy of your love. Just share your email address..., of husband's and wife's at "[email protected]". It will be our pleasure to bring EMPOWERMENT to your marriage.

Please share "YOUR" Marriage MVP !!!

www.prepareenrich.com 07/16/2016

We train you so you can prepare couples for success with the leading relationship assessment tool

Go to www.prepareenrich.com and search for "James and Shirley Ross" in Kingwood, TX and request to empower "YOUR" Relationship Knowledge.




www.prepareenrich.com Become a facilitator to use PREPARE/ENRICH with your couples.


Codeblack Faith


T.D. Jakes prays for Dallas day after police shooting.

go.tonyevans.org 06/18/2016

30 Days of Marriage Prayers free eBook





go.tonyevans.org Get the FREE eBook from Dr. Tony Evans and pray through 30 Days of Marriage Prayers.


https://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/wp/spiritual-intimacy-challenge ?













Touching with agreeing is the MOST powerful thing a husband and wife can do together. When “WE” know, that we are our own best “Team Player” and it’s truly up to “US” to accomplish our said…, “Goals”, “Task”, “Dream”…, etc. Even Jesus tells us…, “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven…Matthew 18:19
HE said “TWO”…, that’s a Husband and Wife team !!!
See, it’s a principle – a fundamental or general truth or law.
Touching and Agreeing is the core of a “Healthy Marriage”.
1. It speaks to TRUSTING one another to keep our word.
2. It serve to encourage HONESTY.
3. It strengthen our COMMITMENT with and to one another.
4. It sustain us through moments of COMPROMISE or uncertainties.
5. It supports our abilities to maintain ACCOUNTABILITIES and RESPONSIBILITIES.
6. It shows that we really are CAPABLE of setting goals and accomplishing them.
7. It simulates our desire to become more SUCCESSFUL in our endeavors.


Relationship Rules


Never ignore someone who does these things

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GOD wants to Heal "US", but we can't HEAL holding onto our past !!!



Marriages walking, honoring and glorifying GOD's word.



DeSoto, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 14:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 14:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 14:00 - 18:00
Thursday 14:00 - 18:00
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Other Religious Organizations in DeSoto (show all)
Miracle Temple Church of Deliverance Miracle Temple Church of Deliverance
1301 Parkerville Rd Ste C
DeSoto, 75115

The worship ministry of Miracle Temple exists to “develop worshippers who glorify God by living a lifestyle of worship (Rom. 12:1).” Through the worship m

New Nazareth Tabernacle of Praise New Nazareth Tabernacle of Praise
DeSoto, 75123

We are a small body of believers called for the glory of God to make disciples of all nations. Rev. Marques D. Cameron Sr., Pastor

Adult & Teen Challenge of  Dallas Adult & Teen Challenge of Dallas
1401 Meadow St.
DeSoto, 75115

Adult & Teen Challenge- Dallas is a Faith-based solution for the substance epidemic. The mission of Teen/Life Challenge is to build bridges & restore hope.

Spirit Fellowship Spirit Fellowship
1735 W Belt Line Rd
DeSoto, 75115

Learn how to become a specialist and not settle for being a generalist.

Disciple Central Disciple Central
901 N. Polk Street
DeSoto, 75115

Click like or follow and join us! DC3 IS THE PLACE TO BE! Marcus D. King, Senior Pastor Service Time: 9:30am DeSoto Campus and online) Youth and Children Services weekly at 11am on youtube.

Jr. Deacons Ministry Community Missionary Baptist Church Jr. Deacons Ministry Community Missionary Baptist Church
115 W Beltline Rd
DeSoto, 75115

We are a Christian based ministry for young men designed to teach servant leadership skills. Our ministry is committed to positive development of youth.

Family Life Bible Church Family Life Bible Church
104 Chowning Dr
DeSoto, 75115

We envision Christ centered families of integrity, learning the truth, living free, serving one another, and worshiping God.

God Is Ministries God Is Ministries
2021 N Hampton Rd
DeSoto, 75115

Experience the Anointing! Enter at your own risk you will not leave the same

Appointed Time Ministries Appointed Time Ministries
1670 N Hampton Rd
DeSoto, 75115

Apostle Nakaie Dorsey, an internationally renowned author, prayer warrior, intercessor, prophet, teacher and midwife ordained for such a time as this....

Windsor Park Baptist Church Windsor Park Baptist Church
750 W. Pleasant Run Rd.
DeSoto, 75115

Sunday School begins at 9:30am. Morning Service begins at 10:45am Evening Service begins at 6:00pm

Star of Hope Baptist Church Star of Hope Baptist Church
820 Peggs St
DeSoto, 75115

Star of Hope is located in DeSoto, Texas at 820 Peggs in DeSoto, Texas

Jubilee Church - Desoto- Healthy mind, body, spirit & Finances Jubilee Church - Desoto- Healthy mind, body, spirit & Finances
108 Lyndalyn Ave
DeSoto, 75115

Our Healthy Finance 7 day Challenge May 1-7, 2016. No eating out, No shopping only basic needs, No credit card purchases, No impulsive buying