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Rules for Life - Week 4

Ask your TPKidz, how can they use what they have been given?https://mailchi.mp/7d1b1a84ff0e/rules-for-life-week-4

mailchi.mp Ask your preteen: "How can you use what you have responsibily?" Encourage your preteen to think of things other than physical items; such as, a good work ethic, intelligence, being friendly, etc.


Rules for Life - Week 3

Take a moment to check out some great resources from what we "When have you ever had to work hard?" and discuss what working hard means to them! https://mailchi.mp/3b1984341e60/rules-for-life-week-3

mailchi.mp Share with each other what you think your "work" is. Solomon says that a wise person doesn't need a lot of reminders to work hard and throw all their effort into a project. Instead, they get the reward of a job well done. What do you think is your reward when you put good effort into your work? Pray...


Rule for Life- Week 2

Oh, parents! You're going to love what we discussed this Sunday in TPKidz service - Responsibility!!! Check out the link below to explore questions and scriptures about responsibility. https://mailchi.mp/c9c66a14916f/rule-for-life-week-2

mailchi.mp Q&A for Kids: What is something you’re responsible for that you really enjoy doing? What is something you’re responsible for that you really don’t enjoy doing? Q&A for Parents: When you were a kid, what kind of responsibilities did you have around the house?


Rules for Life! Week 1

Happy New Year! New Year, New Series ~ We started our new series today "Rules for Life". To live with responsibility, you’ve got to play well and finish strong. That’s how you show you can be trusted with what is expected of you. Hope to see you next week for Sunday Worship at 10:30! To get caught up on today's lesson, click the link below! https://mailchi.mp/8b3754e6b2a5/rules-for-life-week-1

mailchi.mp Pick one thing that you usually do for your child in the morning and let them take charge and be responsible for it. Making sure they have everything for school? Encourage them to prepare the night before and have their bag ready. Making lunch? Teach them to do this and again, work on it the night b...

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Simply Christmas Week 4

Today we concluded our December series, Simply Christmas, by discussing one of the final things the birth of Jesus brought for all men - Peace. We hope that as we end this year, our TPKidz will use the 4 steps we learned today to access this peace that only comes from Christ. Please use this link with your children to explore more! https://mailchi.mp/ae674322faf3/simply-christmas-week-4

mailchi.mp Christmas might be over but plan to drive around as a family and look at all the lights that are still out. Play your favorite music and remind everyone that this will be a "peaceful" experience so no shouting or arguing over where you sit!


Simply Christmas Week 2

This week of our Simply Christmas we discuss why we can have joy! Use this resource to discuss with your TPKidz about why you can have joy this week.

mailchi.mp Q&A for Kids: What do you hope for this Christmas? Q&A for Parents: When you were a kid, what was the biggest Christmas present you hoped for? Did you get it?

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Simply Christmas Family Experience!


Simply Christmas - Week 1

Today we kicked off our first ever Family Experience and what an incredible family experience it was! A full house of TPKidz and Parents/Guardians learning about the true meaning of the Christmas Season. A great big thank you to every adult that made this a fantastic service. Special shout out to our amazing Youth Pastor, Pastor Jacob and the Remnant Youth Band for leading us in worship and allowing us to use the Youth Room. Thank you Remnant Youth!

As always, here is a link of activities for your family to dive deep into the true meaning for this season! https://mailchi.mp/b32890a7cbb3/simply-christmas-week-1

mailchi.mp What is something you want to do this month to celebrate Jesus, our greatest gift?" Write this somewhere your preteen will see it and ask them about it later in the day. Some ideas could be making a cake or doing something kind for someone else to show them the love of Jesus.

This Sunday!!!! We are so excited to have our TPKidz Parents join us for worship! 😁♥


Shout Out - Week 5

Today we concluded our series "Shout Out" where we explored what the bible says about thankfulness and how to express our gratitude. Let us remind our TPKidz they don’t have to keep their gratitude inside. God can help them get in the habit of thanking others. https://mailchi.mp/3b5766bed62a/shout-out-week-5

mailchi.mp What do you think it means to adjust your attitude? Share some situations at home or school where you could "adjust your attitude." Brainstorm some ways you could approach those situations differently. Pray for each other, that God will help you face everything this week with an attitude of gratitud...


Shout Out - Week 4 (For Elementary TPKidz)

This past Sunday, our TPKidz learned how to "Adjust Our Attitude" the way the bible teaches us. We are praying all our TPKidz families have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday. This week let's remember to give thanks to the Lord for his love and blessings! Use these scriptures and activities to start the conversation with your TPKidz on gratitude! https://mailchi.mp/4baced7564c2/tpkidzwk4

mailchi.mp Celebrate what God has done! Take turns naming off things you can be grateful for and then turn up the music to celebrate. Play this months song called, "(I Want To Say) Thank You" by Orange Kids Music.


Shout Out - Week 3

Can't believe we are already finished with week 3 of Shout-Out!! Hope everyone has enjoyed the resources so far. Here is another week of awesome resources and activities for you to review with your TPKidz this week. https://mailchi.mp/362f31f5e667/shout-out-week-3

mailchi.mp Share about something in your life that hasn't gone the way you hoped. Whether it is big or small, can you think of things to be grateful for? Make a list of at least ten things you are thankful for right now. Pray together, thanking God and asking Him to give you eyes to see all the good things aro...


Shout-Out Week 2

Check out what TPKidz discussed this Sunday in their service. Here are some highlights and take-aways from our second week of our "Shout-Out" series!

mailchi.mp Q&A for Kids: Who has most recently helped you? Did you thank them? (If not, go do it!) Q&A for Parents: What is something difficult you experienced that you're grateful for now?


Shout Out - Week 1

Our new series "Shout-Out" kicked off yesterday in worship service! Here is an awesome resource for guardians and parents to use at home and review with your children - Excited to see everyone on Sunday! https://mailchi.mp/f39943c6279f/shout-out-week-1

mailchi.mp Leave a note by your child's breakfast or on their mirror asking them, "What can you be grateful for today?" At the end of the day, ask them what they decided to be grateful for!


Week 4 Drop the Act

Parents, want to review today's lesson with your TPKidz? Use this link for ideas on how to review what we learned in Sunday worship. - Awesome questions to start meaningful conversations. Excited to start our new series, "Shout Out" next Sunday! Hope to see you there :)

mailchi.mp While in the car, practice celebrating everyones differences. Ask questions about favorite food, favorite music, or favorite movie. Talk about how great it is that we all like different things and be in the same family. We can be honest about the things we like!


Week 2

Parents, want to review yesterday's lesson with your TPKidz? Use this link for ideas on how to review what we learned in Sunday worship this week - Awesome questions to start meaningful conversations. Can't wait to hear what we learn about "Dropping The Act" next Sunday! https://mailchi.mp/74335f91372c/tpkidzweek2

mailchi.mp Q&A for Kids: Do you think there’s such thing as a little white lie? Why or why not? Q&A for Parents: How do you think people describe you and your character? How would you want them to describe you?

[10/02/20]   We can’t wait to see TPKidz back this Sunday for Worship @ 10:30 am in Room 106!!! 🎉❤️

"Do Not Worry" | Ellie Holcomb | OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

Episode I
24 hour video challenge submission videos must be must be submitted via the TPC Family FaceBook page.



My new children's EP "Sing: Remembering Songs" is available now! Listen here: https://smarturl.it/EHRemembering I may be coming to a city near you soon! Chec...

Introducing our Wacky Queen for the second time: Danielle Bland!!! 👑😁 Next one will be in April!

Wacky Wednesday is coming up! January 22nd, have your kids wear their wackiest outfit so they can have a chance at being the Wacky King or Queen! 😆😝🤩👑

[10/18/19]   TPKIDZ Workers!! We are in need of some volunteers to work Saturday’s Senior Adult service to watch the kids. Beginning at 5:45-9:00. Please let a leader know if you are willing to help!
Thank you!

[09/25/19]   Don’t forget!! Just a reminder that your family is invited to join the TP Kidz ministry at the Fall Frenzy on Saturday, September 28. The event will be from 5 PM to 7 PM outside the church in the children’s playground area. Come enjoy a hotdog and some fun fall games!!

Feel free to comment on this post how many from your family will be attending! Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful families we have at TPC!

[07/25/19]   We are excited to jump back into the Incredible Race 🏃‍♀️ Sunday! Remember, bring a friend & offering!

We trust your students are having an amazing time, as we race around the world this summer in VBS! Encourage them to bring their Passports, memorize their Scripture Verses, and Bring a Friend!! We are awarding prizes for all these things and more!!

Currently, our students can be found roaming the continent of South America! We can't wait to hear about all the things they learned while there!! Be sure to ask them questions and find out how they're enjoying The Incredible Race!!

[04/18/19]   CANDY PLEASE!!

TPC- We need 2,000 pieces of candy for TOMORROW night! Please drop by church before 630pm!!

Good morning! Happy 5th Sunday of the month! Friendly reminder that on the 5th Sunday of the month, our Jr. KiDZ and "Big" KiDZ will be with you in "Big Church!"

Please check them out after Sunday Buffet @ 10:20am. Thanks!!

Can't wait to see ALL of our TP KiDZ at the Trunk or Treat, tonight from 7-8pm!

Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Apple Cider, Games, Prizes, and so much CANDY!! Come out for a night of family fun! See you there!

[10/25/18]   Royal Ranger Parents- We spent the evening going through the rocket plans and directions, but we DID NOT have enough time to begin building.

We are asking that boys get a jump start on their model kits at HOME over the next 2 weeks and bring in what they've started on Wednesday November 7th!

We will finish the rockets on Nov. 7th and have a special Launch Celebration immediately after service on Sunday, November 11th!

We will be inviting our Veterans to stay and watch with us, as we launch in honor of their service to our country!!

[10/17/18]   Happy Wednesday parents! Let's not forget about awesome Kidz Clubz happening tonight at 7pm.

Royal Rangers are learning about rockets. Hopefully, you have already ordered your rocket kit, but if not, please do so this week. Boys will be building and launching rockets over the next couple of weeks. Various styles available, no specific requirements.

Stars are studying Latin America and the Caribbean. We will have our Clubz Fiesta next week to celebrate various countries from the region. Please have your daughter prepared to share her dish with us. Wednesday- Oct. 24th

Prims are studying Nature. Unfortunately, weather has prevented going outside, but they are doing neat indoor activities and crafts to earn this FUN unit badge!

We are kicking off October with new units for our Wednesday night Kidz Clubz!!
Royal Rangers will be starting a unit on Rocketry and will be building their very own rocket kits. Launch is set to take place just before our Trunk or Treat, on October 31st!
Prims will be studying Nature. They are looking forward to 2 park trips this month. Permission slips will be sent home this evening. Mothers are invited to come along.
Stars will be taking a look at Latin and Caribbean countries. Our hands on project will involve sampling delicious foods, listening to native music, and enjoying a fiesta!!

Don't be late! Clubz kickoff at 7pm!

Make sure you plan to join us, Wednesday October 31st for TPKidz Trunk or Treat!!!

MPact Girls are studying Sports and Sportsmanship for the month of September! It's been so much fun learning about how to trust God, even when things don't always seem fair!

Royal Rangers are studying Dog Care! They enjoyed a high- energy lock-in, last weekend, and they are preparing to do some Dog Grooming next Wednesday!

Hope to see all of our 1st-6th graders in Clubz tonight @ 7pm!!

[09/05/18]   Don't forget KiDZ Clubz resume TONIGHT!! 7pm We hope you're as excited as we are...

Girls- Kicking off the year studying Sports. Girls should dress comfortably and bring water. We will be playing Kickball!!

Boys- RR will be starting the year studying Dog Grooming. Boys will have the opportunity later this month to bathe and brush some real life dogs!!

Snacks are being covered tonight for boys and girls! Please check out our schedule above and consider what date you'll sign up for!!

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