Faith Survivors Empowerment Ministries

Faith Survivors Ministry is a Nondenominational Church. Our Goal is to Empower People to use the Word of God as a Tool to Fulfill There Dreams

[11/07/16]   On November 27th 2016 Kevin L Garner Sr will be celebrating 22 years of preaching the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Come be apart of this GREAT SERVICE!


[09/23/16]   Join us for Super Sunday at Faith Survivors Ministries this Sunday!
610 E Belt Line Rd Desoto Texas!
Service Time 8am

[09/18/16]   Join Pastor Kevin Garner Sr this morning for worship! As he teach on "A minor set back for major come back!

610 E Belt Line Rd Desoto Texas
8am service time

[07/04/16]   Pastor Kevin L Garner will start going live next Sunday! Now you can enjoy hearing this powerful man of God preach and teach the Word of God each Sunday Morning!

[04/25/16]   Faith Survivors Ministries first worship service is on the way!!!

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[04/21/16]   Faith - complete trust or confidence in someone or something!

1. How confident are you in God?
2. Do you completely trust God?
3. Do you believe even if he doesn't answer?

Take the time to answer these question this morning!

[04/15/16]   Worrying causes anxiety, and anxiety pushes you to feel that you have to do something about what you are going through. This gives off a false sense of faith. While standing still gives off a sense of fear and unbelief. Belove please understand this is not true at ALL...Standing still actually shows, you are not worried about things that you trust and know God has under control. Don't let people, or things push you to make unhealthy decision that you might regret later. When you have done ALL you CAN do, JUST STAND!

[04/13/16]   When we hope for something, without getting involved in the workmanship of gaining custody of the things we hope for, it is not faith but dead conviction. Remember belove faith without works is dead. In other words your conviction must be supported by your actions. Don't say you are believing God for something and you can't sow into your own business, vision, dreams or goals. Your conviction must be the biggest part in what you believe!!!

[04/11/16]   After a set back many people give up, because they are to afraid to fell again. Belove look at it this was just a MINOR SET BACK, for a MAJOR COME BACK! Put your TRUST and FAITH IN GOD, watch how he gave you SEVEN TIMES BACK what you loss!

[04/08/16]   You CAN and You WILL overcome if you DON'T and CAN'T Give UP!

[04/07/16]   If IS enough faith to step out on, however if is NOT enough faith to reach your goals!!!

[04/04/16]   The more accessible things become, the less faith is needed. Belove sometimes God allows struggle in our life to keep us walking by faith not by sight.

[04/02/16]   Faith is not an individual principles that only one person can have. However faith is extremely contagious. When you are surround by those who live by faith, it can and it will effect your life.

[04/01/16]   Don't be a sign seeker! Be a Faith believer! To require God to convince you of his goodness, faithfulness, or even his presence is not a good and righteous way to approach HIM! However when you can believe without signs, proof or evidence, is the approach that God receives, as pure FAITH. Remember belove God is not on trial. God's legitimacy will exist rather you believe or not!

[03/31/16]   Your Faith is only as strong as your Word capacity! The more Word you can contain the GREATER your Faith Becomes!

[03/11/16]   Dream BIG, work HARD, Stay FOCUS, AND walk by FAITH!

[03/10/16]   Doing your part is important when building faith. Faith without works is dead!

[03/07/16]   Staying focus is hard when your concerns are not center around God's will for your life. When we allow other things to pull our mind away from HIM its very easy to lose faith and sight of the target.

[03/05/16]   Important Prophetic WORD!!! The Lord spoke a fresh word to his servant Prophet Kevin L Garner Sr.

Over twenty plus years my people have quoted a saying " favor ain't fair" The spirit of the Lord spoke to Prophet Garner and said tell my people say this quote no more!

The Lord said tell my people "Integrity is greater than favor"

For every level of favor I give you. Your integrity must match the favor!

Seek not my favor but seek the integrity of my Word, said the Lord our God!

The favor ain't fair saying has cause many to become lazy, slowful, and mentally, spiritually unbalanced.

Consider how I created the body, I gave the body many parts but all work together for the good of the body.

Greed has been incorporated into the mindset and hearts of my people.

They have a lump sum payment mindset, they have made my favor (grace) into a lottery system.

Tell my people to seek the integrity of my Word first! Tell them to grow in (Grace ) favor. Tell them when they walk in my integrity every favor I give unto them will remain with them.

Tell them without the integrity of my Word they shall run the the North, South, East and West with hope but without my favor. They have blessed themselves with favor but it will not last.

Tell them if there integrity doesn't match the favor they seek me for, leave the favor where it is until they have developed a level of integrity that will maintain the favor in there life.

Without such integrity the favor will profit them nothing!

Tell them they can not work hard enough to deserve my favor, but there integrity will keep my favor forever with them said the Lord our God! Amen!

[03/05/16]   This is a crazy season for many of you! On one hand blessings are following you, and on the other hand problems are following you. Can I tell you there is a war between God's Promises over your life and the enemy is trying everything he can to destroy that promise. Listen beloved if it was easy everyone would walk by faith not by sight. Count it JOY that you are in between promise fulfillment and old struggles. God wants you to remember what he did by allowing you to sit in the middle of it all, while he give you victory!

[03/04/16]   Nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep! Wake up and live the dream. Sometimes we over sleep talking about the dream, while letting time pass. Don't let fear of not being able to achieve the dream stop you from having faith!

[03/02/16]   It is always better to STRUGGLE then to give up! If you keep going, one day you will look up and realize you overcame many adversities.

[03/01/16]   Following God will cost you something, however the pay off is ALWAYS GREATER! Keep the FAITH and Let go of anything that holds you back!

[02/29/16]   Obeying God when its not supported by others require extreme faith. Noah had to quickly get pass wanting people to believe God as he believed. His faith had to stand alone, trusting God in a season when it wasn't popular!

[02/26/16]   Losing a love one or facing what seems to be a unexplainable life crisis can shake your faith in God. We feel that God could have made a different decision. This causes our relationship, fellowship and trust in God to be questionable. Stand strong belove, don't lose hope!

[02/25/16]   Hebrews chapter 11 in the Bible is known as “The Hall of Faith". Perhaps that is because Hebrews 11:1 is the best place to find the Biblical definition of faith “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (KJV). It is also the book and chapter that we can review for those heroes of faith, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and others. The Bible uses the words faith and belief or believe interchangeably. Eternal life is received by grace through faith. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world and without faithit is impossible to please God (1 John 5:4; Heb 11:6).

[02/24/16]   Greatest comes with a price. Sometimes God will place you in the middle, behind you is hurt, pain and disappointment, in front of you is the unknown, what looks like impossible goals, and dead ends. This is when your faith has to truly trust God and stand still. Sometimes standing still is the strongest place you can be in your faith in God.

[02/23/16]   One of the most important things to remember when in a war is to dress for battle! The Shield of Faith is Required when you really want to win the battle. There are many directions the enemy will fight you on, don't lose hope.

[02/22/16]   Prayer without Faith is like a conversation with a man who can not hear! Having faith while praying to God is essential for effective response from God. If you can't hear God and He can't hear you, the conversation was pointless!

[02/20/16]   God will give you a prophetic word, to strengthen your faith. Don't lose sight of that word, trying explain your decisions to people who don't believe anyway!!! Let them talk but you keep walking! Soon you will have the opportunity to teach them how to do more walking then talking!!!

[02/19/16]   Don't become comfortable with people who just support where you are in life. It's important to also surround yourself with people who push you to the next level of success! They make you uncomfortable with the lack of your faith, your complacency, and your unfocused mental competency.

[02/18/16]   Peter's Faith to walk on water, had to get him pass church folk! Don't every let anyone talk you out of believing God for what seem impossible to people but is possible to All who believe! #dreambiglivebigger

[02/18/16]   Your Faith Seed MUST be INCORPORATED with a strong mind, passion, the will to stand on God's WORD no matter what!

[02/17/16]   The battle ground for the devil is your mind. If he can convince you to take matters into your own hands, he knows he can defeat you. However keeping the faith, praying and praising God is a loss opportunity for him to defeat you.

[02/16/16]   Going ahead of God, is a sign of unbelief. Wait upon the Lord, and HE should grant you favor in the earth. The way is already made!

[02/15/16]   Your Faith can change a generation and rebuild a generation!


Give someone the gift that can save there life! I was diagnosed with cancer on February 14th 2001. Told I only have 7 days to live! Share my story, my faith with someone facing cancer on Valentine's Day! Download Faith Survivors the Book NOW! Your life‘s expectancy does not have to change because you are unsure of the end result. There is a word called eschatology, for which I would like to share with you. Eschatology is used in Christian studies to describe the end of a person’s life or the events of the end of the worl...

[02/11/16]   When facing a stom, sometimes you have to grab a hold of someone or something that can handle the stom. What better to hold onto then the word of God.

[02/10/16]   God has a plan behind everything you go through! Just keep the faith and hold on to his unchanging hand!

[02/08/16]   Your Faith will cause some people to walk away from you, because they have limits on how far they will walk. Don't be discouraged, not everybody can walk into the new place in God with you. However you can inspire there faith, by walking by faith and not by sight!

[02/06/16]   Careful Faith will never let you achieve your dreams, only reckless Faith will get you to your Destination!

[02/05/16]   Your Faith in God, has to be supported by your Prayer life. How can you have faith in God and never communicate with HIM?

[02/04/16]   Faith only moves forward! Don't struggle with yesterday's, provisions let go and walk with the new opportunities presented by God's will for your life.


Download today and start the healing process! Your life‘s expectancy does not have to change because you are unsure of the end result. There is a word called eschatology, for which I would like to share with you. Eschatology is used in Christian studies to describe the end of a person’s life or the events of the end of the worl...

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610 E Belt Line
DeSoto, TX

Opening Hours

Saturday 11:00 - 12:30
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