Trust GOD..., for "YOUR" COMPLETE unadulterated Healing.Take your focus off of man. Pray for the REVEALATION of your purpose..., walk into YOUR DESTINY.


VladTV - Breaking Urban News


Lazarus Took the Vaccine, 32 of His Patients Died from COVID, Some of Them Young & Healthy




Black and Married With Kids

Hello ???
Did "YOU" watch THIS Video ?


We loved Black Panther - but in our humble opinion “Generation One: The Search For Black Wealth" is the most important movie for our community. ✊🏾

Generation One is a critically acclaimed full-length feature that will:

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Legacy building.


He Wasn’t Ready – My blog

#LOLweCoolBru How People Reacted this on facebook. Let’s see what people think about this. Willbert Carr just commented on our facebook fan page. Let’s just take me 2 jail real quick like U hold that thought 4 me my B officer fk that Win loose or r draw. For credit or removal please contact us on our facebook...


Madge the Vag by Scary Mommy


Yes discharge is normal. Now what about squirting? Madge the Vag is on the case.



Colin Kaepernick receives human and civil rights award from the National Education Association. He was given the NEA's President's Award to recognize his work "to fight racial oppression through education and social justice activism" through the Know Your Rights Camp, a campaign fully funded by the former NFL quarterback.



Yes "YOU" !!!

"YOU" know, who YOU are...

When we choose or refuses to Speak up and out against Work-Place Bullying..., Internet Bullying..., or just Living Life Bullying..., we become apart of the problem.

When we choose or decide to be selective in who we help as a Leader..., we become apart of the problem.

When EVERYONE, SOMEONE or ANYONE is simply busy LOOKING for reasons to throw stones at our neighbors "YOU" are the DISTRACTION.., the DERAILMENT..., and / or the DETRIMENT of our society !!!





TEXT #BuildingALegacy to 469.336.9774

TEXT #BuildingALegacy to 469.336.9774



Let's TALK about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING..., but the real HOT TOPICS !!!




“People who look like me have put blood in the ground, and put martyrs in the dirt for this country, to have it be liberty and justice for all. ... It is beyond insulting to have people lecture us about patriotism.”

CNN's Van Jones weighs in on the NFL National Anthem controversy


Francis Maxwell

Francis Maxwell "YOU" are a Voice of reasoning...

1. May we nominate you to seriously explain to Donald Trump - taking a Knee doesn't have ANYTHING to do the the Anthem..., nor the Flag !!!
2. Please help him understand..., 'taking a Knee is simply about "injustice..., inequality..., and racism". PLEASE ask him does he have the intellect to discuss these concerns..., as well as come to the Table to share and discuss the Vision for solutions..., going forward ???
3. Please ask him - Is he aware or conscious of the disparity..., that he display - when a
caucasian man/woman, finds himself/herself in an compromising predicament vs a person of color ???


I just spent the last hour reading through FB messages and I came to the following conclusions:

1) Trolls have the worst banter, seriously the worst
2) I need to reply more, sorry I’ll do better
3) I have countless outstanding invitations to cookouts that I am going to do everything I can to attend each and every one! Seriously this summer I’m doing it!
4) And lastly the resistance is strong!

Love and appreciate you all. Cheers


NowThis Politics


Colin Kaepernick explained why he sacrificed his career in the NFL to stand against systemic racism as he received Amnesty International’s highest honor (via NowThis)



WoW..., our #BlackWomenAreOnIT

This scene is everything.


CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell

WoW..., #onlyGOD

A good teacher will do almost anything to help a student. But none we know of have gone as far as Mrs. Hoagland. Steve Hartman is "On The Road" with this teachable moment


Holy Spirit Lifestyle


Amazing!! A 10 Year Old Boy Who is Blind and Has Autism Sings "Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord"






"Us Black girls with all kinds of curls, smelling of coca butter out here every day damn saving the world." Amanda Seales did that!! #BETSocialAwards #WeOwnSocial


Discover - Google+ Discover amazing things and connect with passionate people. 10/04/2017

Colin Kaepernick just Dropped $25,000 to Support Urban Farming in North Minneapolis

#StandingUP4Kaeprenick More professional athletes need to follow his example.


For Harriet


We're bringing Black women together for candid conversations on Black womanhood. Join us! #BlackGirlsGather



Evidence for the BIBLE


Rep. Randy Weber tearfully begs God to forgive America for the sins of abortion, gay marriage and for taking the Bible out of classrooms.
Atheists/satanists will hate this guy for what he says, because he is attacking their degenerated way of life, exposing the moral collapse of America.

[08/29/17]   #GetKNOWLEDGE



Change YOUR THOUGHTS..., change YOUR words.
Change YOUR WORDS..., change YOUR actions.
Change YOUR ACTIONS..., change YOUR life.
Change YOUR LIFE..., change YOUR living.
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Change YOUR THOUGHTS..., change YOUR words.
Change YOUR WORDS..., change YOUR actions.
Change YOUR ACTIONS..., change YOUR life.
Change YOUR LIFE..., change YOUR living.
Change YOUR LIVING..., now really enjoy “YOUR” Family, Finances and Freedom !!!






IMPORTANT: ID Number 962


The Purple Flower


Forgive because...

[01/08/17]   #SpentSomeTIMEwithGOD




“No is no, do not touch young women or women of all ages.”

When this man saw a girl being touched inappropriately on the bus, he took action. 12/03/2016

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“If rich folks' kids get in trouble, they go to rehab. Poor folks' kids get in trouble, they go to prison.”

Van Jones talks to us about how mass incarceration is hurting our communities.


Emeka Mbadiwe


Somebody NEEDS to hear this Right Now
Lisa Nichols


Roland Martin

I just LOVE when a black man..., stand up.






My man @ShannonSharpe laid the wood on @FOXSports @undisputed today about @Kaepernick7 @DougBaldwinJr protests!


Occupy Democrats

WoW..., is it really HARD to undestand this ???




Wow! Every American needs to hear this powerful, hard-hitting response from this Football legend.

Shared by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!


Roland Martin

Interested is assisting Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green in her cancer research ???

"YOU" have the power..., to make a difference.

@drhadiyahgreen /




WATCH! Black physicist pioneers groundbreaking cancer treatment using lasers that leaves little or no side effects. Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green shares what inspired her research and what is needed to take it to the next level.

To support @drhadiyahgreen's research visit or #NewsOneNow


Roland Martin








[email protected] Quarterback #ColinKaepernick takes a stand against social injustice by sitting during the National Anthem. #NewsOneNow


Roland Martin








[email protected] Quarterback #ColinKaepernick takes a stand against social injustice by sitting during the National Anthem. #NewsOneNow


FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay


Video of these excited triplets greeting their favorite Florida sanitation workers on "Garb" day with cold drinks and hugs is the most adorable thing ever! "Garb" day is their favorite day of the week!

Video courtesy: Martha Sugalski.





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Inspiring Body of Believers Baptist Church Inspiring Body of Believers Baptist Church
1223 E Belt Line Rd, Ste 118
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We are a newly organized church and we are inspired by Faithfullness, Dedication, and Committment

DeSoto First Church UPC DeSoto First Church UPC
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Apostolic in Principle, Practice & Power

More Than Conquerors Christian Center More Than Conquerors Christian Center
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Bishop Dr. Charles E. Leach is the Founder and Sr. Pastor of More Than Conquerors Christian Center in Dallas, TX.

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A bible believing church, where God is changing hearts and changing lives.

Community MBC Community MBC
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The Community Missionary Baptist Church is one church with two locations in the Desoto and Cedar Hill Communities. We are led by our esteemed and revered Pastor, Oscar D. Epps Sr., and his lovely wife, Belenthia Epps. We are here to serve you!

Dallas Hillside Church of Christ Dallas Hillside Church of Christ
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Dallas Hillside Church of Christ 5725 Marsalis Ave. Dallas, TX 75241 972-533-1668

Jr. Deacons Ministry Community Missionary Baptist Church Jr. Deacons Ministry Community Missionary Baptist Church
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We are a Christian based ministry for young men designed to teach servant leadership skills. Our ministry is committed to positive development of youth.

Faith Bible Church Nursery Faith Bible Church Nursery
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This page is for volunteers and parents of children who attend the Faith Bible Nursery.

The Living Word Church House of God The Living Word Church House of God
106 Terrace Dr
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Apostle Henderson released out of his spirit The Living Word Church House of God to proclaim the revelation of who Jesus Christ is to us and through us, and to expose the lies that the enemy has told to the body of Christ in times past.

New Nazareth Tabernacle of Praise New Nazareth Tabernacle of Praise
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We are a small body of believers called for the glory of God to make disciples of all nations. Rev. Marques D. Cameron Sr., Pastor

God Is Ministries God Is Ministries
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Experience the Anointing! Enter at your own risk you will not leave the same