The Episcopal Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle (Dallas, Texas)

The Episcopal Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle (Dallas, Texas)


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We were mentioned tonight on KERA! Come get your ashes tomorrow!
I wanted to express my appreciation to St. Thomas the Apostle Community. Years ago my uncle, Mark Sappenfield was a member from what I know. He was diagnosed with ALS and became homebound. I understand that the church community helped him in many different ways. We did not have a connection, since I was 9 years old, due to family misunderstanding. Uncle Mark was able to connect with us through the pastor at St. Thomas Apostle. Soon members of my family flew to Dallas and visited him in the hospital. I was able to connect with him due to your church community. I can’t thank those who brought us together before his passing. Sincerely.
It's going to be a historic and glorious day. Celebrating and renewing the vows of 9 couples who have previously been married. Now they are able to do it in their own church, before God, family, and friends. January 20, 2019 To the people of God at the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle: At last! Today, Episcopalians across our church rejoice with you that justice has finally come to the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle. My prayers are with all of you, and especially with faithful LGBTQ Episcopalians who for far too long have been asked to bear the burden of the church’s historic struggle to embrace the Gospel promise of inclusion. For those of you whose unions are blessed today, I realize that the celebration cannot fully compensate for the sadness of being unable to be married in your own church. But I pray that your joy in today’s celebration rests in the knowledge that you are making history as you renew your vows in the sight of God and one another. As I rejoice with you, I remember with particular gratitude the saints who labored for decades to bring God’s justice to God’s church, including those who went on before us without seeing their dream come true today. Your parish has a long and rich history of witnessing to the power and beauty of God’s love for every person without exception. Your witness is a beacon of light that shines brightly. I send you my warmest greetings and my great gratitude for your witness, your faith, and the rich and wonderful evidence of God’s blessing in your commitment to one another and to our beloved church. Faithfully, Gay C Jennings President of the House of Deputies
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Famous folks are also Episcopalian

Our doors are open to all. This is the inclusiveness that distinguishes our church's past and promises to further enrich its future.

Service Times Sunday: Rite One Eucharist - 8:00 am Rite Two Eucharist - 10:00 am Wednesday: Evening Eucharist Service - 6:30 pm

Mission: Helping Hands Healing Hearts Welcome All

We're being creative to help you stay connected with your St. Thomas family! Join us for our first church service via Zoom meeting, beginning this Sunday, March 29 at 10am.

(It’s not actually Eucharist)

👉 On Sunday morning, click this link to join the service:

👉 If you need a tutorial on downloading and using Zoom prior to Sunday, click this link:

It may be Holy Chaos, but it will be God’s Holy Chaos!

[03/26/20]   #TouchingStThomas - 3/26-2020

From 3rd Rector of St. Thomas, The Reverend Stephen J. Waller, on the subject of our renovation!

"Once upon a time....begins the standard fairy tale: I received a large yellow envelope in the mail at my office at St. Timothy's Parish, Milwaukee, Wisconsin....the envelope was from St. Thomas the Apostle, Dallas, Texas! Having been born in Louisiana and having always thought Texas was "too full of itself," I opened this envelope wondering what it might contain. St. Thomas the Apostle was looking for its next Rector and my name had come to them from the Great Computer in the Sky called the Episcopal Church. The rest of that part is history.

They called me to be their third Rector. During the interview process I asked if I might spend some time in the room where they worshipped alone to see if I would be able to worship in that was their Parish Hall. The building which had been used for worship was empty of everything a church contains in it but the altar on one end and a coke machine on the other....It did not look like the pictures below posted of that old space.

I accepted the call and came to Dallas, Texas in August of 1989...and began as the Third Rector on 1 September 1989. My first Sunday a lady named Ethel Stewart took my hand after the early Mass and walked me over to the entrance of that old space and said these words: "Put us back into this space, Stephen, because it is the Church and the Parish Hall is not." Ethel did not mince her words. Years later, Bob Walker took me inside that space and said: "Stephen, we can make this into something beautiful." I thought Bob had lost his mind...the only way to make that space beautiful in my opinion was to take it down to the ground and start over. How wrong I was.

As we slogged through the years of caring for and burying people dying of HIV/AIDS during the early 90's, the lay folk decided to "make something beautiful for God' out of that old, ugly room. Their vision is what you see now when you enter the current St. Thomas the Apostle Church. Ethel Stewart, Bob Walker, Harold Spiegel, Aaron Angle, Tim Coursey and Ron Siebler together created that wonderful Holy Space. The whole project was a collaborative one throughout, involving the ideas of the entire parish. I basically stood by and watched it happening and continued my work as pastor and priest.

My only real input to the final work was to tell Tim Coursey that I wanted the appointments to be simple. My thought was a type of Benedictine simplicity in the structure. Tim's talent as an artisan is all over the space and includes the sacred vessels as well.

I think I am right in saying that we were able to worship inside the redone Church in 1995...Bishop Stanton came to bless it. We had literally carried the chairs from the parish hall into the Church and the temporary altar (now the table in the Parish Hall) before we had our first Eucharist there.

The mensa (altar stone) is the original one, now sitting upon the base that Tim designed and crafted…a base which was seen for the first time during the Easter Vigil that year when the Alleluias of Easter were being sung… The stained glass on the South Wall comes from the old space. The other stained glass throughout the St. Thomas "West Wing" and Parish Hall also came from the old space.

My vision for the entire St. Thomas the Apostle property was simply this: To provide a place in Dallas for people to come be with God, either in the Church, or walking the Labyrinth, or sitting in the garden outside the North windows. God's good people of St. Thomas the Apostle did this and it is a place of welcome for everyone...and, I pray, always will be."


Your #TouchingStThomas moment for 3/26/20.

A watercolor of our beautiful, contemplative garden.


In yesterday’s #TouchingStThomas moment, Fr. Christopher shared a picture of our baptismal font and nave, which dates to the 1950’s. Many asked about when the room was renovated, and so, here is today’s moment, a view of things prior to the renovation.

As a way of keeping us connected, please share any renovation stories and lore you may have!

And look for the daily #TouchingStThomas moments!

And please, as always, spread #TheDoubter word. Share to your wall!


From Bishop Sumner and our diocese.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in Christ. It has been an anxious and uncertain two weeks, hasn’t it? We try to assimilate news about the virus that accelerates daily. We worry about loved ones. It is hard to plan anything. Financial uncertainty follows. But in moments in which our world is shaken, we as Christians discover anew the rock upon which our house is built (Matthew 7:24). We prepare to God whom we know to be our Rock and our Castle.

Last week we announced some temporary changes to our service. That upset a few people- it upset me too! But we sought to balance liturgical continuity with ‘an abundance of caution’ with regard to safety. We have this week more directions, which require the local priest to implement with wisdom according to his or her own situation. Everyone is feeling their way and doing the best they can. But the important thing is that we as the people of God celebrate the accomplished saving acts of Christ, which are solid and immovable in our lives.

Even now, in fact especially now, we need, individually and collectively, to be signs of encouragement and assurance to our neighbors, whoever they may be. We are not people ‘without hope in the world. ‘ ( Ephesians 2:12). A moment such as this reinforces both our sense of human solidarity as well as particular calling on behalf of all.
Though not a discipline any of us would have chosen, what we are going through sure feels Lenten! May we be led on by the Holy Spirit in the footsteps of our crucified and risen Lord. Peace,

After much prayerful consideration Fr. Christopher and your wardens have made the decision to cancel all in-person services and events at St. Thomas the Apostle for the next two weeks. This may seem drastic to some, but we (and obviously many others) believe that we really do need to take a physical “time-out” to be able to allow the COVID-19 virus the opportunity to play itself out. There have not been any cases reported at St. Thomas, but we cannot, must not risk our vulnerable population to this unknown. Join us as we livestream a Eucharist at 10am on Sunday via this page.

Read the full letter from Father Christopher:

[03/13/20]   Bishop Sumner released an updated Pastoral Directive today outlining additional changes due to growing Coronavirus concerns. In a continued effort to protect everyone, especially the vulnerable, the following precautions are recommended. Read the full letter at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Father Christopher at [email protected]

We are blessed to have Christopher Henry, age 3, as part of the St. Thomas family. Please stop by the table leading into the Parish Hall to see this heartfelt collection. And as it says, take one if it makes you happy or brings you comfort.

Join us tonight at 6:00 pm for our Wednesday night Eucharist in the Church. Following the service, we will share a family style meal of vegetarian chili and homemade cookies in the Parish Hall. Father Ray will then teach the second part of his 2020 Lenten Series, "Becoming the Beloved Community: Practicing the Way." Everyone is welcome!

Our Wednesdays in Lent series continues this Wed, March 11. Eucharist begins at 6pm, followed by dinner and education/discussion. We will be taking extra precautions to help mitigate the spread of germs, as noted in the latest pastoral directive by Bishop Sumner. Everyone is welcome!

Set your clocks forward 1 hour this Sunday! It's a good time to change smoke alarm batteries too! Maybe even do a little "spring cleaning"? 😀

Bishop Sumner released the following Pastoral Directive yesterday outlining changes in our weekly church services due to Coronavirus concerns. While there are no reported cases in the Dallas area, like the Flu, this virus is highly contagious. So in an effort to protect everyone, especially the vulnerable, the following precautions will go into effect immediately. Read the full letter at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Father Christopher at [email protected]

Join us for our Wednesdays in Lent series, beginning this Wed. March 4. Eucharist begins at 6pm, followed by dinner and education/discussion. Everyone is welcome!

Who's joining us after church at Cafe Express this Sunday, March 1 at Noon? Fabulous food, friendly conversation and lots of fun! (Cafe Express is located at 5600 Lovers Lane just east of Inwood.) Invite your friends and neighbors too! See you there!

This morning we had a local TV station camera crew stop by, plus 22 people drive through our Ashes-to-Go line as Fr. Christopher and Chris Reed braved the cold and wind! If you'd like a warmer, more traditional Ash Wednesday experience, please come to our 12 Noon or 7:00 pm service with Eucharist, Blessing and Distribution of Ashes.

Come celebrate Ash Wednesday (Feb. 26) with our "Ashes-to-Go" from 7:00am-9:00am, near the Inwood Entrance. We will also have two church services that day, 12 Noon and 7:00 pm, with Eucharist, Blessing and Distribution of Ashes. Everyone is Welcome!

Openly called - Dallas Voice

Beautifully written article featuring our very own Rev. Christopher Thomas! Read, Like & Share! The Rev. Christopher Thomas becomes first rector hired at St. Thomas the Apostle as an openly-gay man DAVID TAFFET | Senior Staff Writer [email protected] When Christopher Thomas was hired as the new rector at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church in Oak Lawn, he was not the church’s first ...

Our own transfiguration story

This Sunday will be the last Sunday of Epiphany, before we begin our observance of Lent. On this day we mark and consider the transfiguration of Christ. Come hear about an initiative that we, me, and your Vestry, on your behalf, have embarked as part of our own transfiguration story. See you Sunday morning at 8am or 10am! My Dear People of St. Thomas, This Sunday is the last Sunday of the season of Epiphany, the final Sunday before we begin our observance of Lent, our holy journey toward the passion, resurrection, and ascension. It’s on this day that we mark and consider the transfiguration of Christ, his journey u...

The St. Thomas Supper Club is an Outreach Program co-captained by Rev. Virginia Holleman and Roy Guerrero. The second Thursday of each month, they serve dinner at the Ewing House to residents that are HIV positive. This month, the team surprised Rev. Virginia, celebrating her birthday during the dinner.

Join us for Grace this Sunday at 8 and 10 am!

Lent 2020: A Call to Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance Leading to Action

Take a moment to read or watch Bishop Curry's inspiring Lenten message: As the season of Lent approaches, Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry invites Episcopalians and people of faith to turn and pray on behalf of our nation: “In times of great national concern and urgency, people of faith have returned to ancient practices of repentance, prayer and fastin...

Start your Lenten journey by joining us for our Ash Wednesday services on February 26. Back by popular demand, "Ashes-to-Go" from 7:00am-9:00am near the Inwood Entrance. We also have two church services, 12 Noon and 7:00 pm, with Eucharist, Blessing and Distribution of Ashes. Everyone is Welcome!

AIDS Walk South Dallas, Inc.

Good people of St Thomas, friends and beyond:

Our parish has a long and storied history in the fight against and support of those suffering with and through the HIV/AIDS crises, which is not over.

Please consider joining your Rector for the 10th Annual AIDS Walk South Dallas as we continue that tradition by doing the simplest of things- walking to honor those who can no longer walk in the hopes that no one else has to endure this horrible disease and it’s ultimate loss.

Saturday, March 28th
Martin Luther King Jr Community Center
2922 MLK Blvd
Dallas, TX 75215

Information and registration can be found at: AIDS Walk South Dallas , Inc.

This Sunday’s Gospel will be from Matthew: “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” You, good people of St. Thomas, have shown your light, the light of Christ. This city has been built on a hill and the light will not be hid; rather it will be a beacon to all who have been in darkness. See you Sunday!

Father Christopher's First Sermon & Reception

New Beginnings, New Friends, New Hopes for a beautiful future... exciting things are happening at St. Thomas!

New Beginnings, New Friends, New Hopes for a beautiful future... exciting things are happening at St. Thomas!

Your presence IS important! My Dear People of St. Thomas, I can only begin in this space to express how thrilled I am about this new beginning upon which we embark! I hope and pray that you are equally as excited, for you have been in my prayers from the very beginning of my conversations with your search committee through thi...

Your presence IS important!

Please join us in welcoming Father Christopher as he begins his new ministry with us, and delivers his first sermon this Sunday, Feb. 2. Reception immediately following the 10am service in the Parish Hall. Remember to wear your name tag so he can learn who everyone is. (If needed, additional parking is available one block to the south at Primrose School of Park Cities at Inwood and Oriole.) Your Presence IS Important! Read more: My Dear People of St. Thomas, I can only begin in this space to express how thrilled I am about this new beginning upon which we embark! I hope and pray that you are equally as excited, for you have been in my prayers from the very beginning of my conversations with your search committee through thi...

Legalizing gay marriage has caused a dramatic drop in LGBT suicide rates A victory for America.


Last night the St. Thomas Team of Stephen Toon, Kathy Carson, Charles Mullins and The Rev. Virginia Holleman, participated in the 2020 Dallas Homeless Count.

Be good to one another. Have a blessed day 🙏❤️

Join us for a reception following the 10 am service this Sunday, Jan. 26 to thank Father Leo for his service as our Assisting Priest and Interim Rector. We're forever blessed by his inspiring leadership in the church and active role his wife, Melody and son, Benjamin had in the life of this congregation!

Volunteer for the 2020 National Homeless Count

Join the St. Thomas Team for 4-5 hours tomorrow, January 23, to help with the 2020 National Homeless Count. Read more at: Please consider joining the 2020 St. Thomas Team for approximately 4-5 hours on Thursday, January 23, to help with the 2020 National Homeless Count. Members of St. Thomas have been participating in this event since 2017. One year, we met John, a 43-year-old veteran, living in his car. He was between...

Headlining 50th annual Martin Luther King breakfast, Presiding Bishop decries political injustice - Episcopal News Service

“When love is behind every law, America will be great!” [Episcopal News Service – Boston, Massachusetts] Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s keynote address at the 50th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast on Jan. 20 was full of Scriptural interpretation, …

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6525 Inwood Rd
Dallas, TX

General information

St. Thomas is located in Dallas, Texas, and is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. We currently have about 250 regular communicants. In 2000, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the parish’s founding. We enjoy a diverse community of young and old, families and single people, and different ethnic backgrounds. We seek to build our common life in Christ through shared worship, service, learning and teaching, and social activities.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 16:00
Thursday 10:00 - 16:00
Friday 10:00 - 16:00
Sunday 10:00 - 11:15
Sunday 08:00 - 09:00
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