SIBC Daughters of Naomi

Daughters of Naomi is a support network for Christian women that fosters spiritual growth and sisterhood. This ministry was birthed out of the book of Ruth.

Naomi's bond with Ruth was based on their shared love for God and fellowship. We are our sister's keeper and our circle of love makes each of us stronger. We meet every first Tuesday of the month from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at Salem for bible study and have 4 quarterly off campus (outside of Salem) events per year. Additionally, you will receive bi-weekly devotionals. Our curriculum will come from the Women of Faith devotional series. We are currently reading "Discovering God's Will for Our Lives".

Operating as usual

[11/06/18]   Three very important steps led to Peter walking on water:
1. Peter acknowledged who Jesus was
2. Peter declared the power of Jesus
3. Peter’s spirit shifted from wanting to willing

So many of us WANT the fullness of God but we aren’t WILLING to take to steps to get the abundance Jesus died for. Peter knew what he wanted and who had to the power to provide it. But it was the action steps Peter took that transitioned him from wanting in a boat to willing in the water.

Peter sinking was part of God’s design. Not just so you’d know that He was be there to save you. What God wants you to understand is that your willingness has nothing to do with your qualifications. The abundance is indeed beyond your reach, but it is not your everlasting arm that has to grab it. Your power has no place in God’s will, so it should have no place in your decision making process to go from wanting to willing.

May your 2019 be the season of willing. Want no more, will in His power.

[03/01/18]   The story of Annanis and Shapphira is exactly why you should NOT be a "ride or die". Acts 5: 1-10


[01/20/18]   Our relationship with God is built on covenant, not convenience. He promised you plans to prosper, not to be comfortable.

[12/11/17]   God will show them, better than you call tell them. Mark 5: 35-43

When you tell your story without sharing your substance, you sell a half truth. It is not popular to be transparent about your “issues” in the midst of the issue. Talking about how you got over is much easier after you’re no longer under.

Consider the story about Jairus’s daughter being healed by Jesus. (Mark 5) After Jesus told the little girl to get up, He told her parents not to tell anyone. Get this. Before Jesus got there, the child was surrounded by folks who claimed she was dead and laughed at Jesus when He told them she was not dead. Jesus put those folks out the room. While her parents couldn’t tell folks what Jesus had done with their mouths, the child’s transformation was enough for folks to already know Jesus had done a mighty thing.

When we show our scares before they heal, we allow the work of God to speak for itself when they do heal. The resurrection is so powerful because all the talking Jesus did before the cruxifixction compared not to the “Faith in Action” move when folks realized that Christ had gotten up. People saw him beaten, hung, and buried. Oh but when He got up, even the unbeliever had to recognize the works of God.

Sometimes God uses our transformations in life to show the world better than you can tell them. Don’t rob the world of the power of your “after” being afraid to show your “before”. 10/04/2017

4th Annual SIBC Daughters of Naomi Conference, “The Hedge” Based on the book of Job, this conference is a spiritual team building and emotional wellness experience that every woman can appreciate. Attendees will receive bible based training on how to respond to adversity and troubled times. Workshop Sessions Include What the Hedge! – This session explains G... 09/19/2017

4th Annual SIBC Daughters of Naomi Conference, “The Hedge”

It is never too early to register! Based on the book of Job, this conference is a spiritual team building and emotional wellness experience that every woman can appreciate. Attendees will receive bible based training on how to respond to adversity and troubled times. Workshop Sessions Include What the Hedge! – This session explains G...

[09/10/17]   The love that God commands us to give is not based on our return on investment; it is based on His return on investment. We give love in reverence of WHO we serve and not on who serves us. Romans 5:8; John 4:34 Love is an action and an evolving effort. It has nothing to do with comfort or convenience. Love endures ALL things. This means it is not optional. 1 Corinthians 13:7

Love is in the job description for discipleship and should be extended to everyone we come in contact with. Giving love in the manner in which God ordains allows us to experience the fullness of life and abundance that Christ laid down for.

[09/04/17]   Every season is a season of prayer. Ephesians 6:18

[09/03/17]   Take the Step

Go walk into a completely dark room. Take a flashlight or your phone if it has a flashlight on it. When all the doors are closed and it is complete darkness, shine the light at your feet. You will notice that since the light is at your feet, you can see the space around you to take a step but you cannot see the entire room. Psalm 119:105 reads, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Note that it did not say, “light unto God’s plan.”

Many times, we don't move until we see the big picture. We don’t take the step we can see because we can’t see the entire room that our gift makes room for. It is important to understand that we were never intended to see the entire room. God works on a need to know basis. He will tell you what you need to know to take the next step for His plan but He is not going to tell you the entire plan. If you are waiting to hear the entire story before you turn the next chapter, your book will never get written. Take the step!

[08/24/17]   It is not that God doesn't realize that your purpose is out of your reach, He just wants you to know it is not your everlasting arm that has to grab it. Psalm 44:3

[08/21/17]   If your definition of success includes leadership in any capacity, it should also include criticism. Moses lead people out of bo***ge and the entire time this man tried to carry out God's mission to deliver them, they criticized and blamed Moses. Moses did exactly what he was told and paid a heavy price for it as well.

If you plan to lead anyone other than yourself or if you are currently doing so, find comfort in criticism. If it is constructive, take heed and allow it to make you better. If it is not constructive, take heed to your footstool and watch God prepare a table in front of the speaker.

[08/17/17]   You don't get God's peace without Him having your trust. Isaiah 26:3

[08/15/17]   God will never allow you to get too big for your britches .... and by britches, I mean the mercy seat. If we were all very honest with ourselves, we would acknowledge that we seek to have a problem free life. If all of our prayers were answered all at once, we'd never have to cry out to God again. God sees right through this counterintuitive mission to accomplish a life in which we actually don't need Him. (And to be clear, the goal was for us to always need Him. Just because the sacrificial lamb "paid it all", our life is still very much a revolving account.)

Paul prayed away his thorn three times only to discover that it did more good for him than harm. Job, an upright man, learned that even in times of obedience, God will allow a unfavorable season to draw him closer. Naomi did what every woman was supposed to do during her day and realized that bitterness is not just for the broken.

Paul, Job, and Naomi are three very strong examples that God not only allows His children to lean on Him, He expects it. You will never be too good for grace and you should never seek to not need grace. Long suffering is a fruit of the spirit (patience) and Paul told you that you'd be hard pressed.

Thought to ponder: If God were to remove whatever problems that are plaguing you at this very moment, what would motivate you to continue to seek Him out? If you did continue to seek Him, would it be substantive or poor quality?

Bonus: Faith is built through circumstance, not consideration.


[08/12/17]   Spiritual narcissism is wanting God to be involved but not independent. We want so much for God's work to be at the direction of our hands because we struggle with the idea that He knows better. We surrender but we don't surrender all.

Surrender All involves three steps:
1. Surrender Pride - Admit the problem exceeds the scope of you ability and that you don't have all the answers.
2. Surrender Problem - deliver the problem the the one who has the power to deliver you and does have all the answers.
3. Surrender Power - take your hands out of the situation and let God do God. He doesn't need your help or guidance. He does, however, need your faith and obedience.

[08/12/17]   In the beginning God established three important principles:

1. Timing - God created something different on each day of the week. While He could have done it all at once, He chose not to. This is a reminder that life is not meant to be lived all at once. That voice in your head that says, "you can have it all whenever you want it all", is a lie, a myth, and a shame. Life happens in seasons.
2. Rest - God knew His people were going to endure rough times and have intense responsibilities. He rested as proof that if even the All Mighty takes a break, you need to as well.
3. Praise - He said, "it is good" after He had created the world. He acknowledged Godly work and called it out as such. The Bible says, "let the redeemed of the Lord say so." You're redeemed. Say so.

These principles go back to the beginning of time and should be constant principles we incorporate into our daily lives. They are not new concepts and should not be foreign to our walk with Christ.

[08/10/17]   Often times when we pray for peace, we are really praying for God to remove whatever problems we are facing at the time. In that context, you are praying for peace as you understand it and not the peace that God promised you. Philippians 4:4-7 provides a process to submit requests to God. Prayer, Petition, and Praise. Immediately after this process, it reads that God will give you peace that surpasses understanding. Note that the process did not say "deliverance" before God transfers His peace unto you. It is called peace that surpasses understanding because it transcends the trouble all around you. God wants you to stop looking to get out of the problem and start looking for what can you get from the problem. (What can you learn from being in this space and how can you use that lesson to be a better version of yourself.)

Remember you have to "go-through" to "get through" and deliverance from the problem could mean deliverance from a path that takes you exactly where God would have you to be in His will. Again, God heard you, did you hear Him? He has given you His peace, but since your flesh can't compute it, your spirit isn't processing it. It is there.

[08/08/17]   Save the Date! The 4th Annual SIBC Daughters of Naomi Conference, “The Hedge”, from Job 1:9 – 12 will be held on October 21, 2017 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM. The cost of attendance will be $50.00. Registration fee includes conference workshops, t-shirt, lunch, and workshop materials. This conference is open to every woman and every church.

All registration will be done online from August 21, 2017 until October 8, 2017.

[08/02/17]   Unmet expectations in faith create fatigue, disappointment, and isolation. The reason why God tells us that His ways are not our ways and to lean not into our own understanding is because He knew there would be times when our perception and reality did not line up. While the Bible tells us to be in great expectation of what God has for us (Malachi 4), it is damaging to our spiritual growth to be in great expectation of what we want for ourselves. Until the heart lines up with God's will, there will always be some personal desire that God did not honor.

When we experience the disappointment of the unmet expectation: [reality doesn't match our perception], we start to distance ourselves from God. Logic would hold that if some one doesn't meet your needs, move on. The problem is that there is none other like God and we can't just move on from Him. This is when disappointment leads to isolation. After you've distanced yourself from the source in which all your help comes from, you are left fatigued. You pour from an empty pot and your distance from the one who has the power to refill and refuel, keeps that pot empty.

Focus on having a heart for God and not a head for His ways. It is called peace that surpasses understanding for a reason. God doesn't make sense, He makes faith. Our life projections are based on logic. Who we are called to be is not. The only expectation we should have for God is for Him to be God. It is not within our capacity to understand all that He does and it never will be.

[07/28/17]   You have to "go through" to "get through." Many times we ponder as to why God hasn't delivered us from certain circumstances. We look over our spiritual resume, cite "we reap what we sow", and then question if God heard us. The truth is that God heard your cries. He also heard you when you said you wanted to be closer to Him, live for Him, and discover the purpose in you from Him. You see, if He delivered you from the problem, he'd be delivering you from the path. And it is that path that connects you from where you are to where you said you wanted to be, closer to Him. God is more concerned about where the path takes you than He is what plagues you along the path. As cliche as it sounds, there can be purpose in pain. Lean on God and ask Him to show you His grace in the storm.

[05/22/17]   There will be days when you jump out of bed ready to take over the world. Then there will be days when you will struggle to put one foot in front of the other. I hypothesize that both days are imperative to spiritual growth. The days with you wake up with an immense amount of energy, you are checking things off your task list. The days where your new mercies don’t come with renewed energy, you are to be still in silence so that God can give you the tasks on the list.

Here is what happens. The steps of the righteous are ordered but before you start moving your feet, you need to HEAR and KNOW the orders. Otherwise, you will be busy but not productive. When you have moments when you can’t quite get going, get quiet. Find refuge in stillness and be open to receiving whatever God uses to fill the silence. God may need to fill that silence with instruction, rest, or both.

Being busy in the flesh and stagnant in the spirit is averse to growth. It will yield unrealistic expectations, consistent disappointment, and an unhealthy resentment. Be booked but make sure you are heeding the instructors of the one whose grace goes before you.

[11/28/16]   As we go into the holiday season, let's debunk a major myth. You CAN worry and have faith at the same time. God has the power to do ALL things but that does not mean He will do ALL the things you want Him to do immediately or at all. He CAN step in at any time to give you what you are praying for but that does not mean you're not going to obsess about the request until He does.

Christianity does not make you super human. Your faith will not insulate you from human emotions like anger, fear, regret, disappointment, loneliness, and grief. God never said that it would. What He did say is that He would comfort you during these time. Why would he need to be a comforter if he didn't think you were going to be in situations where you'd need comfort? Why would he make you human, if He had no intention of you experiencing humanness? Why would we need a lamb without spot to be sacrificed if we weren't going to be born with some spots God had to work through?

Stop allowing false teaching to force you into thinking your sorrows are because you aren't holy enough. That is not how this works. That's not how any of this works. At the end of the day, God wants you to believe that the outcome will work in your favor and for His glory but until that happens, let Him comfort you. That comfort might come in different forms such as therapy, small fellowship groups, a good cry with your village, retreating to a safe space, etc.

If you are waiting for God to do something, give yourself time to be anxious until your prayer and thanksgiving calms you. Peace is not in pretending.

[11/18/16]   Truth Moment:
Ruth was a woman who did everything "right" and made all of the "Holy and Acceptable" decisions yet she still experienced extreme hardship. Strict Obedience does not guarantee Instant Abundance. That was never the promise. What He promised was that there was light at the end of the tunnel. (See Romans 8:18)

Life includes some dark places and your tunnels will feel like dungeons. The quality of your steps will not always change the quality of your circumstances. They will, however, change your distance from the light, one step closer. The keyword to going through is "through", there is another side to the story. Keep pushing until you get there.

P.S. God would have never said He would be a lamp to your feet if He wasn't planning to get you through some dark days.

[11/16/16]   It is a common saying, "you get out what you put in." Many subscribe to this idea in every area of life except when it comes to self-care. We invest heavily in our careers, children, relationships, external appearance, public opinion, family, etc. However, after we have poured into all of those pots, we fall short when we have to pour back into ourselves. And what little we have in our reserve, we give to others but we dare not use that for ourselves. We bully ourselves into thinking this mindset is christianly by saying, "God doesn't want me to be selfish!" We continue in this vicious cycle because we surround ourselves with a bunch of people who are doing the exact same thing. And after all of that, we have the nerve to cry out to God in confusion when we are tired.

Consider this. YOU put others' needs in front of YOU. YOU ran out of energy because YOU used it all on every one else. YOU exhausted all your resources because YOU spent them on everything and everyone but YOU. So, yes, YOU are tired because YOU haven't changed. God increases your territory and every time YOU increase your portions into all things NOT YOU. You have so little of you left because you invest so little into you in the first place.

Stop making excuses and feeling the need to justify taking a break. Walk away and rejuvenate yourself. Don't explain what you are about to do. Don't announce when you do it. Just. DO. IT!! Abundance is not running on E in the name of the savior who died for you to have it in the first way. Don't waste the crucifixion avoiding self-care and don't spend the days of resurrection self-loathing. Take care of you, it's a mandate. Look it up. Its in the thing.



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