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Missions Europe UPDATE: had a wonderful, fruitful, blessed and exciting 2017 and looking forward to 2018 and all the wonderful things God has for Rick Fern Ministries, XN’s and Missions Europe. I believe this is the year of supernatural increased and an abundance of extravagant favor. Attached is a little video montage of what took place in 2017. Also you can check out my website to see what are some of the needs for the ministry this year.


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Missions Europe UPDATE: had a wonderful, fruitful, blessed and exciting 2017 and looking forward to 2018 and all the wonderful things God has for Rick Fern Ministries, XN’s and Missions Europe. I believe this is the year of supernatural increased and an abundance of extravagant favor. Attached is a little video montage of what took place in 2017. Also you can check out my website to see what are some of the needs for the ministry this year. http://rickfernministries.com/#/!/giving/ www.rickfernministries.com

Pre-class set up. Starting of a great year I don't northern campus in Dunkerque France. Other campuses in our campuses in Spain in Italy starting The new school year shortly.

Missions Europe UPDATE!! As you have seen in the video, God keeps opening great effectual doors for me here in Europe. So excited about the addition of Spain along with France. There is such a wonderful opportunity right now in Europe to reach the masses of people that need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and as these XN campuses continue to grow, as we continue to send out students who have been trained and equipped to go back into their own country and reap the harvest, that is great news!! We are training people and helping people to step out of obscurity and into leadership roles and key positions and to teach them how to discipline themselves and to do the work of the ministry, to pioneer churches, to evangelize their nations. Just a short update that I forgot to put in the video, In the large refugee camp of around 2,300 people last week a fire broke out in the camp and destroyed 70 of the little makeshift homes they live in because of rival factions between two different Arab groups. Many of those that were affected were Christians the ones that we have been bringing to the church to feed and to teach. "DK live" where our northern campus is located, prepared over 600 meals last week to feed these refugees and I know more meals will be needed. Also they're needing to find places to put the Christians in shelters out of the refugee camp to protect them from harm. If you want to sow financially into Rick Fern ministries to help with the refugees please do so. Again I want to thank those of you who pray and have supported financially Rick Fern ministries and Missions Europe, I continually pray for you each and every day. http://rickfernministries.com/#/!/giving/ www.rickfernministries.com

This is the third service of the day getting ready to get started. All four services were filled up exactly alike on Sunday. Praise God.

Mission France UPDATE: God is called the author and finisher of our faith. He has not only giving you the grace to start; he has giving you the grace to finish. When we are tempted to get discouraged, give up on a dream or give up on a project, you have to remind yourself, I was not created to give up. I was not created to quit. I was created to finish. If we will keep moving forward in faith, honoring God, we will come into a strength that we didn't have before, a force pushing us forward. That is finishing grace. That is God breathing in your direction, helping you to become who he created you to be. So just a reminder, you have the grace of God to finish, quit talking defeat and start talking victory. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, we are full of wisdom, talent, and creativity. When you start saying and talking like that, Grace will help you do what you could not do on your own. http://rickfernministries.com/#/!/giving/ www.rickfernministries.com

Mission France UPDATE!! Our new campus and charter class for Meaux, France started this week, I had a great time with these wonderful wonderful students. I'm very excited about the potential of this particular campus, many of the students came in from Paris, some came a day early and stayed at the campus living facilities so they could be there in time for the morning classes the following day, several were pastors who are interested in training their leaders also. They were definitely an excited bunch, hungry for the word and really pulled to receive from the Spirit of God. Now I need to head back up to northern France to teach at our campus there on Monday. More updates will be coming soon. ATTENTION!!!: it was brought to my attention that my giving address that's at the bottom of my post was not accurate, someone contacted me and we trying to give to RFM for missions France and it would not pull up, so I backtracked and found out there was an error in almost all the postings. I am so sorry if I made supporting this ministry difficult. The correction has been made and there will be no more trouble reaching that link to my website. Again thank you for those who are supporting and keeping missions France in prayer. The address below is correct. http://rickfernministries.com/#/!/giving/ www.rickfernministries.com

Mission France update: every Wednesday night we hold a Bible Study the reaches into the Iranian and Syrian refugee camps in northern France. For several months now we have been taking food and clothing into the campus to help meet the needs of these precious people along with sharing the gospel. Tonight we had 12 Iranian refugees for our Wednesday night Bible study. I must say I had a wonderful time teaching the word of God. So many wonderful questions were asked by them and I thank God His Word has the answers for them. It blesses my heart to see the light go on in their eyes and the freedom the word brings to them. After the Bible study we gathered in another room and fed them like we do every Wednesday night. It was beautiful to sit around the table and sing with them and laugh. This is a very special time for them every Wednesday night, the sad thing is once were done we have to take them back to the refugee camp. They are persecuted because of their newfound faith, so we are looking for a way to move them out of the camp into some type of housing facility for their protection. If you want to be involved with this very special out reach of Rick Fern ministries go to the URL address below. For those who have been supporting this ministry this is part of the fruit that your reaping along with those attending our Bible schools. Thank you so much again for your prayers and your support, it's changing lives daily. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Mission France update: here is a video of where food is stored when brought in and also of the kitchen area where the cooking is being done for hot meals, other than what the refugees are trying to prepare for themselves with more selective bags of food we give them. As you can see there is much need for increase in the quantities of food, and a much more developed and healthier community kitchen. Thank you again for your help and your support which has enabled us to help their physical needs and has opened the door to minister to their spiritual needs. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Today three Syrian men were led to the Lord and said they want to learn more about God and are interested in attending our Bible school in northern France, God is good!! This is what this is all about! Yes feeding and clothing the refugees is important for humanitarian reasons, and Jesus told us to do that, but the main reason is to see these men, women and children get the ultimate help, that will help them for the rest of their life and eternity and that is excepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If you want to help us to move forward and continue to pioneer these Bible schools and help in these refugee camps you can do so by going to the website below and becoming a partner with us. Thank you so much for those who already have, you're so valuable and precious,not only to us only, but to the kingdom of God. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Want to wish everybody a glorious Resurrection Sunday, I was able to spend it in northern France in Dunkerque were our northern bible school is located, as we remember what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us, and then raised from the dead to seal our redemption and freedom from spiritual and natural bondage. I was able to celebrate today not only communion service, but a baptismal service watching these wonderful people get baptized with great celebration showing forth their decision to follow Christ and to die to the old self, by being buried with Christ and raised to live life anew. What a wonderful way to celebrate Resurrection Sunday !! Here's just a couple videos of that great celebration. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Well, so much for my morning run LOL

This video was taken by one of our students, while our campus director and myself prayed for a man who was in tremendous pain in his hip and leg area. You minister to the natural needs of people with food and clothing etc. it shows them how much you care and opens the door for us to to pray and share the gospel with them, This is amazing considering The fact that most people in this camp or Muslim. If you want to help out with meeting the needs of these refugee's, naturally and spiritually, please send designated funds to the giving web address Listed below. merci beaucoup. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

If you want to help out with meeting the needs of these refugee camps please send designated funds to the URL address Listed beneath, thank you so much. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Here is an example of what we did from tent to tent, we go up and ask if they would open their tent,that we had food for them, we would ask "do you have any children" if so, we had special things for them. Such a great need in this refugee camp. Our students did such a great job. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Here is some video footage of us in the refugee camp one tent at a time delivering food, prayer, and actually asking what they need the most so that we can bring that our next trip in. Talking to the mothers about what their children need, and the main answer we received is they need clothing. Will be posting more videos. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/


This dear woman of God who's been working at the refugee camps volunteering, taking in food helping people get medical attention was one of our key people that enabled us to get into the refugee camp, I videoed her talking about some issues that will give you an idea of what is going on in these refugee camps. When she talks about women leaving the camp, she's not talking about leaving the premises of the refugee camp but the protection of the woman's facility for women and children. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

This video will give you an idea of some of the conditions that we dealt with today, and these refugees have to deal with 24/7.http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Spent time today in the Syrian refugee camps in northern France. The favor of God was with us to enable us to enter into the camp, the refugee camp was heavily guarded by the French police. We were able to feed the refugees and just demonstrate the love of God, somethings are in the working that will allow us to do more ministry, cannot say any more than that since the government has made it very clear that there is no religious meetings to take place at these camps. They literally bulldozed down a makeshift Christian church and a mosque. But God will make away. There is a tremendous need of over-the-counter drugs, food and most importantly the The Gospel. They all came to northern France because of the political unrest and war in Syria. this area they are in is where they were planning on crossing into England. England's not letting them in. So If you would like to get involved with helping send supplies and food etc. you can send designated financial gifts to Rick Fern ministries. You can find how to give on the Rick Fern ministries website. http://rickfernministries.com/#!/giving/

Enjoining a valentines day service in Dunkerque France. Looking forward to teaching on Christ the Healer tomorrow night at the bible college.

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