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[01/21/21]   Hey y’all! 🔥

You are invited to join us for the FREE TSSM Pocket Course this Saturday from 3pm-5pm at Trinity Church of Cedar Hill 1231 E Pleasant Run Rd, Cedar Hill, TX 75104.

We started last week, but you can still come even if you couldn’t make it to the first class.

Please RSVP to let us know if you're coming, because there is limited space.

We look forward to seeing you! 12/09/2020

LEONARD RAVENHILL — "Our Need of Revival" Listen to Leonard Ravenhill pour out his soul in a heart-felt plea for revival in our generation. In a power-filled way, God used him to address the avoided ... 12/09/2020

David Wilkerson "You're Changing" Sermon Jam

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Please be sure to give us a "like" on facebook, follow us on Twitter!/1REALMinistries and to le... 12/08/2020

LEONARD RAVENHILL — "Our Need of Revival"

Our need of Revival............... Listen to Leonard Ravenhill pour out his soul in a heart-felt plea for revival in our generation. In a power-filled way, God used him to address the avoided ...




May you be filled with joy on this beautiful Monday.....


What’s Good H Town,

I wanted to reach out to everyone, to let you know we will be live tomorrow at Ingrando Park At 1PM for Worship at the Park.

If you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by and join us even if it’s for a couple of mins just want to in stand in unity with you and share a moment together with Jesus.

If you can’t make it, tune in live with us to worship Our Great Father!

We hope to see you either way.

Please Like, Share, Or Comment if you have any questions or need prayer!

We love ya,

God Bless!!



Calling out to all of H Town! Come out and join us next Saturday for a day of Worship at Ingrando Park!!!

[04/07/20]   If anyone is in need of prayer please comment or message us so we can pray with y'all.


TruVine Apparel

We are unashamed.


Family Handyman

This hammock for your neck gets rid of tension and headaches. A great gift for the handyman of your home!

(via @In The Know)


🔥 Fire Starters 🔥


Saturday Night Awakening Service

Our first sermon teaser!! This clip has been taken from last Saturday’s message by our own Pastor Tommy Evans !! Please be encouraged and excited by his message. Stay tuned this week for the full sermon. Also please like and share this video!!


JR Life Muzik

Official Music Video "LET GO" by J.R.
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JR Life Muzik

Now available for free download.


JR Life Muzik

JR Life Muzik featuring CARLOS

JR Life Muzik featuring CARLOS


JR Life Muzik

"Truth To Elohim" by JR Life Muzik

From the album, UNTOLD TRUTHS. Download for FREE, link below.

For more music and videos go to


"Truth To Elohim" by JR Life Muzik

From the album, UNTOLD TRUTHS. Download for FREE, link below.

For more music and videos go to


[06/26/17]   GOD GOOD / devil bad


Bethel Music

Find me thankful. // Jenn Johnson leads a powerful version of “Find Me” by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser during a recent service at Bethel Church, Redding. #happythanksgiving


JR Life Muzik

JR Life Muzik featuring CARLOS


As I reflect on what Cinco De Mayo means for my culture I also remember the unlikely victories that I have overcome. The Lord is always working in our lives. Forming our lives before we were in our mothers womb to going before us in every obstacle. GOD BLESS AND DON'T FORGET THE VICTORIES IN YOUR LIFE YOU HAVE OVERCOME THAT LEAD TO A NEW LIFE. JUST HOW THE BATTLE OF PUEBLA INITIATED MEXICO'S INDEPENDENCE FROM SPAIN INITIATE A NEW LIFE IN CHRIST FROM THE VICTORIES YOU HAVE OVERCOME. #CINCODEMAYO #NEWLIFEINCHRIST

Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

Deuteronomy 31:8

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged

Matthew 10:39

Those who try to gain their own life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it.

[04/26/17]   Many Christians think that they are not worthy or good enough to receive the Holy Spirit. O yes, it is true, that we will never be good enough for the Holy Spirit! But we do not have to be. Indeed, we cannot even hope to be. He is utterly holy. Please note! Our weaknesses do not repel but attract Him. We may be hopeless, but the Spirit is God’s gift specifically for the weak, to make up for our feebleness. “He gives power to the faint and to those who have no might He increases strength.” Our worthiness? It is the Blood of Jesus. It alone makes us worthy, which is answered by the Spirit. “And they were all filled with the power…” But Christ sends the Spirit upon us not because we are wonderful Christians but precisely because we are not! God’s heart is passionate for the salvation of his creatures. He did not make earth’s millions as fuel for the flames of hell or to populate a cold Christless eternity. He made them for heaven. He sends the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the real worker and we are only his servants, his agents. He can do it – he only wants our cooperation. He is the power. It is not our holiness that is the power. We may be discreditable, perhaps stumbling in our walk, but that makes it so necessary for us to receive the Holy Spirit. He is not given on condition that we are perfect. He is given because we are not perfect. We need him. If the lost cannot be reached until the church has achieved a state of high spirituality, when will they be reached? Waiting for us to achieve anything at all, never mind a perfect life, will ensure that heaven is empty and hell full. God wants it the other way around. He has made his greatest effort, his greatest sacrifice for people to be saved and he does not make it depend on the extent of our perfection, waiting until we are a walking rule-book. We must seek holiness – and are encouraged by the Bible to do so – but the salvation of souls cannot wait until Jesus has perfected us. God’s plans always included the gift of the Spirit as the power-motive and power-effects behind the Great Commission. There is no way without it. I trust that this has blessed you. REINHARD BONNKE

[04/21/17]   If you put your trust in blunts to relieve the stress or forget about what's going on around you I ask you to put that same faith into God and see the miracle he can do in your life. Seek righteous my brothers and sisters! It's not about 420 it's about Jesus every single day of the year not just on Sundays or Wednesdays praise him and give him glory because he deserves it. He sacrificed his life for you even though he was innocent because he loves you. He showed obedience to the cross give him that same obedience. Not only by being obedient whenever your able but at all times so people may see Christ through you love yal brothers and sisters, God Bless! #420 #JESUS



new verse 🚨 for a song I'm featured's called "confetti"...tell me what y'all think !!! #Zeefeatures #truthmusic #newmusic #comingsoon #ridewithus #priusraps



Christian Rapper Bizzle Re-Creates Classic 1994 West Coast Sound!!!


Kingdom Muzic

Why is Gods order so important. In our life. Pastor Botello. And brother bryann


Trinity Church

Tomorrow night!! Join Gabriel Allred, Niya A. Cotton and team for a Night of Worship here at Trinity Church.


Bethel Music

We're coming to Dallas, Texas on June 14th with special guests Housefires and Bill Johnson!
Get your tickets at:


Kingdom Muzic

Attention. Attention
Two ways to show the love of Christ to a person who is unhappy with self ...
1. Don't feed into the misery .. reverse the misery by loving and building up the person self esteem... (for example ). The person says. Mann why is the church so greedy for money why do the pastors judge people. I would rather be at home. Church is a bunch of hypocrites ! You should reply to the person like this.... I'm sorry you been wounded or offended by the church. But let me reassure you Jesus is for you and not against you. Everybody has imperfections and flaws and makes mistakes. Just focus on Christ and his eternal love and you can love those around you the same way ...
2. When ever a miserable person is unhappy with self they will always say offensive things to others to make them feel
Better about them selves or to make some one miserable also. (For example ). I'm just gonna keep it real nobody is gonna lookout for me like me , you dumb if you think anything is for free in this life. .. you better start watching out for you before anybody !!! this is how you should reply. To the unhappy person ,,, The gift of salvation is free bro. And it honors God when we share with others in need. Besides. The real blessing and treasure is in Christ. Not in man . Those who refresh others will also be refreshed .. God said it. Not me ...
I know you can't always throw your pearls to the swine. But. I hope this helps you. Fight back negativity with righteousness and wisdom. Overcome evil with good. In Jesus name. Kingdom minded.

[02/22/17]   Reach the Street bible study tonight will be cancelled


I Am Homeless Mission

Salute to my brother and sister in Christ! #BootsonHolyGround #HolyGhostRidaz

I Just Wanted To Say Thank You To Everyone Who Watched #HolyGhostRidaz Brand New "Who I B" Music Video. We Hit 1,000+ Views In 5 Days. #GodIsGood #IAmHomeless #HomelessNotHopeless


Only God can make upside down feel right side up.... LOL 😂😂😂

[01/10/17]   Did Jacob see God face to face? Wednesday night Reach the Street Live at 7 pm we will be talking and sharing on this everyone is welcomed 1313 W. Davis St. @ Oak Cliff Barbershop see you there or stream live on Facebook

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