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Finally, I read something encouraging in the area of church finance. Hope it is true in my country too
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What Do You Do When In Difficult Circumstances?

Following some weeks looking at who Jesus Christ really is, let me now turn to a New Testament letter – to Ephesians Chapter 1 verse 1.

A pearl is made when a little piece of grit gets into the shell of an oyster - and it begins to irritate and rub against the soft flesh inside. So the oyster protects itself by secreting a hard substance - and a pearl grows. A pearl is produced. What an amazing argument to support Creation!

In that sense this is a pearl of a letter - and as part of the Word of God it is so precious, as well as being practical.

Ephesians is a letter written to a church which found itself in irritating circumstances.

Paul is in prison - chained - miles away - shut up - restricted - limited - away from his loved ones. Paul is an open air man who is presently enclosed in prison.
And yet - some have thought this is his finest letter - although it is dangerous to consider and place one part of Scripture above any other.

Paul was in difficult circumstances as were these disciples of Jesus in Ephesus.

Ephesus was a place where the worship of idols was prevalent - and strong - and yet he never protested against the worship of the goddess Diana.
We may need to look further at this later. What Paul did do was rob Diana of her customers.

I remember visiting the ruins of the temple of the pagan goddess Diana - it could seat some 24,000 people. That was how strong idolatry was in Ephesus - and yet, a church was born with 12 men, baptised in water, and in the Holy Spirit - speaking in tongues and prophesying – Acts Chapter 19.

This letter deals with God's Plan - God's Purposes - and God's Power - and God's Protection.
God has a plan - and He has the power to put that plan into operation.

When we come to the Bible and feed upon the Word of God, we need a balanced diet – Genesis and the prophets and the Gospels and the letters.
We need all these various ways through which God speaks to us.

Paul had poured himself into this Church in Ephesus – and yet many think this was a circular letter which was travelling to various churches at that time. Early manuscripts do not have ‘in Ephesus’ – and there are no personal greetings.

Chapters 1 - 3 are concerned with that salvation which God works in – the blessings and riches of faith.

Chapters 4 to 6 are concerned with that salvation which you work out.

At the end of Chapter 3 Paul writes – Amen – as if to say, well that is that bit over – now I have more to say. It has all to be lived out. God has set you apart for Himself – that is what saint means.

Chapters 1 to 3 deal with belief and experience - and worship and witness and adoration - what we are saved by - and how we are being saved.

Chapters 4 - 6 deal with behaviour - our example to others - our walk and warfare - in other words what we are saved and rescued for!

And there is the application too - where Paul is virtually saying - Have I made my point clear?

What is the real message of this book? Do we learn about God – and about Jesus Christ – about the Holy Spirit – and about ourselves?

What does God want to teach us from these pages?

We are reading of - our relationship with God - our salvation in Christ - and the beauty and wonder and majesty of the Power of God.

Take time, and make time, to read these opening verses – and then read on.

“Lord our God, help us to receive the spiritual riches in this letter and to understand the profound and practical teaching which the apostle imparts to disciples of Jesus. Holy Spirit, illumine our minds and our hearts – we pray in Jesus Name. Amen”

(This week's "Word from Scotland" - previous articles may be found at Studylight.org and livesasif.org in the 'Archives' - every prayerful blessing, in Christ Jesus.)
"Battle tested" without a doubt, 2018 has been memorable for each of us in many, many ways. Some scars are quite evident while others...not so much!!! We've lost some "folks"...seemingly much too soon. But Father, You knew best!! We've gained some quality associations, while existing friendships were re-fortified to go beyond superficiality. A few relationships, on the other hand...to our dismay, forced us to face the harsh realization that they came with an expiration date. Suffice to say, with only a couple of days left in this 2018 calendar year...2019 is coming without any procrastination and/or apologies. We can choose to get on board & fasten our seat belts or remain at the station. Either way, the train is a "load & go", moving on with purpose...
The Ark Was Unsinkable

Noah was concerned about others, but hardly anybody listened. Seven did. Seven believed the truth.

It is important to hear and listen and believe – and that is as relevant today as it was at the time of Noah.

We are in Genesis Chapter 6. Verses 11 and 12 describe what the world was like at that time. It was corrupt in the sight of God - filled with violence - sacred things were trampled on - honesty and morality had vanished.

The society which God destroyed had already destroyed itself. See that clearly.

God judges SIN in whatever form it manifests itself - but - there is a way of escape - and it is GOD in His Mercy and Love who offers the way of escape.

One day, HE is going to put all things right - why does HE not put things right now? Because - in His mercy He is giving men time to repent and put themselves right - but do people want to be put right? We must ever thank HIM for HIS Patience.
God has a plan of salvation - and He has a place of refuge. He had an Ark of safety and security for the time of the Coming Judgement.

Noah is told to build an ARK – a box or a chest. It is built for floating - not for speed, nor for travelling. The dimensions are perfect.

The designer of the Canberra, John West, based his dimensions on those of the ARK - for safety and stability - and the QE2 was designed along these same dimensions - and modern oil tankers have followed similar dimensions.

Computers apparently had discovered that for stability and security a ship is best and most safe when it is SIX times longer than it is broad.

Wood is durable - and durable wood is preserved and made watertight. It is coated with a covering. The ARK is unsinkable.

God tells Noah what to do. Can you imagine this preacher of righteousness being laughed at and mocked and ridiculed? There had never been a Flood. As far as we can tell it had never even rained! Can you imagine what a cartoonist would have made then of dear Noah?

When people laugh at us today - remember - we are preparing for the future.

From the measurements, we know the ARK could contain around 125,000 sheep – and, verse 20 - we read that the animals will come to you!

Birds migrate today - and we marvel at it - back to the same branch of a tree. So why should there be any question when one day Mr Elephant says to Mrs Elephant - let's go find an ark! I think we should go and find ourselves an ARK!

The word ARK is the same word used for the ark of papyrus into which Moses was placed. God explained to Noah what HE was going to do. Noah listened and obeyed. Those who would not listen to God - those who would not listen to God through His man, Noah, were lost.

Verse 22 - Noah did what God called him to do. It was a monumental task, and he never questioned what God told him to do.

Noah was a voice in the wilderness - an example - a preacher of righteousness - a light in a dark world - pointing to the way of escape - to the safety and security of the Ark of God, which for us, is in the arms of the risen and living Lord Jesus.

“Loving and gracious God, as we consider the Ark, as described in Your Holy Word, and how You provided a way of escape, enable us to hold fast to our faith in Jesus Christ, the One who rescues and saves and forgives. Keep us safe and secure in the Church of Jesus Christ. We thank You and praise You that You are a God Who provides. Amen”

(This week's "Word from Scotland - previous pieces may be found at Studylight.org - in the 'Archives' section - warmest greetings in Christ Jesus.)
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Thanks for the prayers! A long-time pastor of one of the largest and most influential churches in our city committed su***de recently. A number of us have been working toward Oneness on mission together among the city churches, and have not received much response. But this event has seemed to stir vulnerability and, perhaps a sense of brokenness among area pastors who will gather Jan. 2 to process what God is saying to us as a city Church. Please pray for His movement during and after this meeting!

Jim Case
In my retirement years I have developed some ministry opportunities that have been very fulfilling and meaningful. My prayer request is that as I continue to age and become less able to manage these, that they will be sustainable and ongoing according to God's desires. I hope our model of helping people escape the payday loan trap will be a replicable ministry until such time as government authorities cap loan rates.
Please pray for lots of people to find their way back to God this Christmas season.

Helping church leaders move from ideas to implementation to impact Leaders are always focused on What’s Next. What is God doing now? How can we join?

What is the Aha! that we need to move us further? Leadership Network was formed in 1984 to work with leaders of innovative churches to explore these questions to generate kingdom results. Believing that meaningful conversations and connections can change the world, Leadership Network seeks to help leaders of innovation navigate the future by exploring new ideas together to find application to their own unique contexts. Through collaborative meetings and processes these leader map future possibilities and challenge one another to action that leads to results. Through our publications, books and on-line experiences we share the learnings and inspiration to others and surface new conversations worthy of exploration. Leadership Network is a Dallas, Texas based 501c3 nonprofit organization. Its global ministry includes programs around the world.

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In the latest episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Rusty George shares his ministry journey succeeding church planter Kyle Idleman at Real Life Church in Southern California. He explains what he has learned about leading a church that someone else started and discusses the challenge of planning without becoming a control freak. Finally, he gives us a glimpse into After Amen, his new book on the topic of waiting on God for answered prayer. https://cdfcapital.org/lilr-rusty-george


Danielle Strickland has served the Kingdom in planting churches internationally, equipping leaders and disciples, starting missional training centers, and creating social justice departments and advocacy campaigns. She's the latest guest on Steve Carter's Craft & Character podcast: cdfcapital.org/danielle-strickland


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On the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter interviews teacher, author, and advocate Danielle Strickland about her preparation process. When Danielle preaches, it’s obvious that she not only spends time marinating in the Word, but she also actively looks for ways to put it into practice. In this episode, listen for Danielle’s advice about hanging on, letting go, and surrendering. She’ll take us step-by-step through some spiritual practices that you’re guaranteed to find helpful as you prepare your next sermon. https://cdfcapital.org/danielle-strickland


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In the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter talks with Fellowship Church Monrovia senior pastor Albert Tate about how preaching racial reconciliation is an act of spiritual formation. “Racism was discipled into the church,” he says, “and it must now be discipled out of the church.” As church leaders, we cannot avoid this conversation, and Albert offers great wisdom and insight. https://cdfcapital.org/albert-tate


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In this must-listen episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Dr. Dharius Daniels shares with Sean Morgan about his upbringing as a pastor’s kid in small-town America. They discuss disciple development, criticism, and the temptation to live our lives according to the opinions of others. Dharius talks about the shape of the American Church—what are we getting wrong, and what direction do we need to head in 2021? https://cdfcapital.org/lilr-dharius-daniels


STARTING SOON — As leaders of the church, how should we respond to what's been happening in Washington, and what can we learn?
Shawn Lovejoy and Todd Wilson will talk about it today at 2pm ET here: exponential.cc/washington


We must allow our words to be the aroma of Christ to those who are far from him. Read more here: https://multiplication.org/learning-from-washington/?utm_campaign=blog&utm_source=LN&utm_medium=email&utm_content=referral


What can church leaders learn from Washington? Join Shawn Lovejoy and Todd Wilson today at 2pm ET as they talk about current events and how church leaders can respond. Register for this FREE, LIVE conversation here: exponential.cc/washington


In this episode of Craft & Character, author and pastor Steve Cuss talks with Steve Carter about his book Managing Leadership Anxiety. They review what anxiety actually is and how to best take care of your personal struggles while shepherding your congregation through worry and anxiety. https://cdfcapital.org/steve-cuss


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In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Sam Acho talks about handling success as a Christian influencer in the NFL. He and Sean Morgan discuss the power of a good name and the importance of being a lifelong learner. Sam talks about using his relational gifts to influence those around him. Finally, Sam shares how he has been able to see God's blessings during the storms of life. cdfcapital.org/lilr-sam-acho


The usual optimism surrounding the new year just doesn’t seem to be present, at least not at the level we’d hoped for. 2021 is here, but the unknowns from COVID still linger large. That can feel discouraging, but don’t let it get you down. Here are some things that will help alter your perspective. leadnet.org/perspective


In the latest Craft & Character podcast, Steve Carter talks with Eastside Christian Church senior pastor Gene Appel about effective leadership through preaching. Gene is an incredible mix of strategic leader and kind pastor, and he leads with integrity. He refers to this mix of strategy as “directional leadership” and explains that his goal of shepherding his congregation influences both his message preparation and his sermon calendar. Gene’s clarity of mission plays a key role in moving the Church forward. http://cdfcapital.org/gene-appel


Dr. Charity Byers is the Executive Director of Blessing Ranch Ministries and the co-author of the new book Unhindered: Align the Story of Your Heart. She is on the cutting edge of combining theology with psychology to provide counseling, coaching, and resources to Christian leaders, families, and churches. Read more here: https://leadnet.org/charity-byers


In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Hosanna Wong dives into her trajectory as a spoken word artist. She helps us learn how to stay authentic and to be truly seen by those we influence. Hosanna talks about handling success, influence, and the personal battles that arise in our hearts, including the challenge of killing one’s own ego. Finally, she offers these 4 keys to developing female leaders in our ministries: invitation, inclusion, provision, and permission. http://cdfcapital.org/lilr-hosanna-wong


Brady Boyd, senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has recently released his seventh book, Extravagant: Discovering a Life of Dangerous Generosity. Using the parable of the Good Samaritan as the backdrop for the book, he shows us that we can live lives of genuine generosity by consistently offering our time, talents, and hearts. leadnet.org/brady-boyd


In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Hosanna Wong dives into her trajectory as a spoken word artist. She helps us learn how to stay authentic and to be truly seen by those we influence. Hosanna talks about handling success, influence, and the personal battles that arise in our hearts, including the challenge of killing one’s own ego. Finally, she offers these 4 keys to developing female leaders in our ministries: invitation, inclusion, provision, and permission. http://cdfcapital.org/lilr-hosanna-wong


Dr. Chuck DeGroat wrote When Narcissism Comes to Church to help ministry leaders recognize and combat unhealthy narcissism within themselves, their ministries, and Church culture as a whole. In the latest episode of Craft & Character, he and Steve Carter dive into what narcissism looks like and the destruction it can cause. This is a must-listen for anyone leading a ministry or church. http://cdfcapital.org/chuck-degroat


Senior leader transitions are the most impactful seasons in an organization’s lifecycle. Today Sean Morgan offers three keys to finding your stride as a new senior leader or as a staff member assisting in the transition. Read more here: leadnet.org/leading-transition-we-all-play-a-part


As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” What most leaders don’t fully understand is that culture is a constant. Like energy, it can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only be reshaped. Read more here about shaping character in your organization. http://leadnet.org/be-culture-wise


In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, skiing pioneer and 2-time Olympic gold medal winner David Wise takes us along on his faith journey. He recounts his meteoric rise in his sport and the reaction of his grace-filled church when he confessed some huge mistakes. We relive the story of David’s 2 harrowing crashes which led up to his breathtaking gold medal run in 2018. Finally, he tells us about his current walk with Jesus and his pastoral calling. http://cdfcapital.org/lilr-david-wise


“So, what exactly does your husband do?” This question plagues Heather Whittaker because she never knows how to answer it. From worship leader to social media maven to speaker and writer, Carlos Whittaker can best be described as a “hope dealer.” In the latest episode of Craft & Character, he and Steve Carter discuss his obedience to God’s call to preaching and teaching, the keys to effective storytelling, and the importance of consecrating your day. http://cdfcapital.org/carlos-whittaker


From a spontaneous white-board mock-up, Patrick Lencioni developed a system for discovering team members’ specific types of genius and helping them find joy and energy in their work. In this episode of Leaders in Living Rooms, Pat sits down with Sean Morgan and explains what inspired his 6 Types of Working Genius system, how it can be used in church organizations, and how to maximize each of the 6 types of genius. Be sure to take advantage of the 50% discount code “LIVINGROOM” and get your team started on the road to using God’s gifts strategically for the Kingdom. http://cdfcapital.org/lilr-patrick-lencioni


Some of us fear the threat of the pandemic, while others sense that we’re making the cure worse than the illness. Where we land on that spectrum affects what steps we believe are needed as precautions.

As the nation experiences its largest spike in COVID cases to date, we are seeing it further polarize our church families. Read Sean Morgan's 3 Steps to Avoid Covid Church Division here: https://leadnet.org/3-steps-to-avoid-covid-church-division/


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