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This is a page for our friends and fans and even past, present, or future clients! If you or someone you know has a prayer request, or needs any kind of spiritual assistance feel free to reach out to us. We are here for you! We do care!

Garland Spiritual Warriors are a full-Gospel, Spirit-filled, God Fearing ministry of Deliverance, setting people free from the clutches of the devil, in the authority of the mighty power of God's name and by the power of the Blood of Jesus. We also are available for house blessings. Yes, we do help Paranormal Investigators if they should need our assistance! (MORE INFO COMING SOON)

Mission: "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free." (Luke 4:18 - NIV)

[04/06/20]   Please join us in prayer for ALL those effected nationwide by the Coronavirus. Let us pray it soon ends and our world can recover from all this time lost. 🙏🙏

Look at this store display! The virus can’t shutdown Easter! He has already risen! Jesus is alive!

(Store location-unknown)

[03/30/20]   TODAY is our founder/minister Kimberly's birthday and, unfortunately, it is spent inside as a result of Rona. Let us show her the love she deserves and wish her a very Happy one so when she comes online later she will see it.

As a reminder, birthday gifts are accepted....the terms are below

1. Message for address to send via USPS (close friends & family only)
2. Cash App - $kimberlyastine
For other options, please ask!

Yesterday I saw a headline about the Corona virus. For some reason the headline jumped out at me. I knew the Lord was speaking to me so I was still for a moment and just looked at the headline:

"COVID19 death rates increase."

I don't write that to spark fear. I just know that in that moment the Lord was trying to speak to me.

I grabbed my Bible next to me and saw it was bookmarked to 2 Corinthians. I looked at the headline again and this is how it jumped out at me:

CO VID 19.

I thought well maybe the CO is talking about the book of Corinthians. So I opened up my bible to 2 Corinthians. I looked up the verse 1:9. And when I saw it, I couldn't believe it!

This is what it says:

"Indeed we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead."

Man!! Did you get that?

How many of you have been relying on yourselves? Have you been relying on your ability to stock up on food? On your ability to provide for your family?

How many of you have started to leave God out of the equation a bit more out of fear and worry?

God is using this to show us not to rely on ourselves but to rely on Him!

His power!
His provision!
His promises!

God is using this to break off pride and fear and to instill complete trust in Him!

But wait.... there is more!

The word "vid" is in the very middle. I decided to look up the meaning of it. Guess what it means?

It means to see.

What if God is asking us to SEE that He is still in the midst of this? He hasn't forsaken us. His promises are still YES and Amen!

As scary as the world may appear to look right now, I encourage all of you to release your fears to Him. Don't rely on your power and your ability to get by.

Seek Him wholeheartedly.

The word corona has a definition of a crown. But it also has another meaning that says "what surrounds you."

If you look at what surrounds us today, it may look like it is not pretty. Lack of supplies, long lines, scared people, closed buildings, etc. But let's not lose focus that in the midst of this, God is here. And He will never leave us. He surrounds us like a shield. He surrounds us with His glory.

"And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the glory that will never fade away."
1 Peter 5:4

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[03/22/20]   ANNOUNCEMENT:
With the recent pandemic of COVID-19, Garland Spiritual Warriors is suspending all out of state visits at this time. We will, however, continue to work online to help our clients. If you are in need of assistance and are ok with doing so online don't hesitate to reach out to us. Prayer request are ALWAYS welcome, as well.

This is my birthday month and yes I had to cancel ALL those plans, as well so it's not just for you all. It is literally for EVERYTHING!

This saddens us to do this but to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we must do this. Plus we have to follow guidelines which are constantly being updated and added to. We thank you all for your cooperation during these trying times and please if you need anything, please reach out to us and we will do our best to assist you.

Stay Safe & Healthy,
Kimberly S. - GSW Minister/Founder

[03/11/20]   DISCUSSION:

Do you feel the coronavirus is man made or not? Also, do you feel it could be the pestilence mentioned in the “bible”? Why or why not?

[03/02/20]   As a reminder, If you are in need of our assistance, please do NOT hesitate to reach out. Have a prayer request, let us know. Would like to book our minister for an event, let us know. Remember, we are here for YOU!

[02/21/20]   Please join us in prayer for the family & friends of Isabella Sharp. Isabella is said to have taken her own life at the age of 18 years old sometime last night. We ask that God give them peace and comfort through this difficult time. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Please join us in prayer for NASCAR driver, Ryan Newman, who was involved in a serious wreck on the last lap of the Daytona 500 today. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Pueblo police get report of 'demonic sounds' at restaurant Pueblo police were left baffled with a frightening tale early Thursday morning after responding to a South Side business where employees heard

We used to be known as Garland Paranormal Society where we used to investigate claims of the unknown. Not anymore! You may ask how did we become who we are today? Our minister didn't grow up in church. She actually grew up in the occult. She grew deeper and deeper and her involvement got beyond anyone's belief. She sank into a hole. She began suffering from demonic attacks more frequently than what she had already been dealing with growing up. Ultimately, dealing with oppression/possession herself. It was the evening of February 3, 2015 she was freed from the grips of the devil.

Following her deliverance, she chose to live her life totally for God. She was seen by those whom witnessed the event that they saw her helping others. They were right! She received her calling to help those dealing with these forces as she once had that very night. Garland Paranormal Society became Garland Spiritual Warriors.

For more on her story, she plans on writing her autobiography entitled, Breaking The Chains: The True Story of Kimberly A. Stine. Keep following for additional info.

Below is a photo of her with her minister that saved her and has been a huge role model and mentor to her as our minister here at Garland Spiritual Warriors.

👇👇Our minister, Kimberly, with the famous, Bill Bean! (Photo taken: February 3, 2015) 👇👇

Very true!


[01/28/20]   Garland Spiritual Warriors turns 5 on February 3, 2020...

Comment Below when did you recite the prayer of salvation & become a Christian? (Our ministers is in the comments)

[01/27/20]   Go rest high on that mountain Kobe Bryant and Gigi. Stroll the sweetgrass and Dance along the milky way. May the hand of God hold this family, team, friends and fans close as they adjust to navigating this realm in their physical absence. Abundant prayers to all, and to Gigi's friend's family also. To the pilots family & friends, as well and all others not mentioned effected by this shocking tragedy. Tragic beyond words. 🙏🙏

'Unprecedented tragedy': Gunman kills 2 Hawaii officers, sets fire that destroys at least 5 homes, police say

Please join us in prayer for all those effected by this senseless act of violence.

E ʻoluʻolu e hui pū me mākou i ka pule no nā mea a pau i pili ʻole i kēia hana lokoino.

🙏🙏🙏🙏 Authorities said two police officers were fatally shot Sunday in Hawaii and the gunman is being sought, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

[01/18/20]   Please join us in prayer for Samantha’s Aunt, Laurie who is in the hospital. God knows the reasons and we ask Him for a complete healing for Laurie! 🙏🙏


AoC Network

Worth checking out....

This video explores how to rise above Satan's lies and live within Christ's Love.

Happy New Year 2020, Everyone

If you don’t do resolutions, what are your 2020 goals?

[12/30/19]   Please join us in prayer for Annabella Lambert (Melissa Lambert) who is battling pneumonia.

Get Well Soon, Sweet Annabella! 💚🙏

The journey of life comes with many twists and turns.
But with faith, strength, & courage,
No obstacle can stop you from reaching your goals.
Keep faith, peace, & kindness in your heart today and forever,
And you shall always shine!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


El viaje de la vida viene con muchos giros y vueltas.
Pero con fe, fuerza y ​​coraje,
Ningún obstáculo puede impedirte alcanzar tus objetivos.
Mantenga la fe, la paz y la bondad en su corazón hoy y siempre.
¡Y siempre brillarás!

¡Feliz Navidad a todos!

[12/24/19]   Please join us in prayer for the loved ones of Faith Markley as they mourn her tragic passing following an automotive collision. Her babies are in the hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. 🙏🙏🙏

[12/21/19]   Hello Everyone,
I notice only 2-3 people are active on post. I'd like to know who is active. Please comment below with a simple hello so I am aware you are seeing post. Thank you

Please join us in prayer for all effected by this terrible collision on interstate 80.

*12/18/19* The MHC was dispatched to White Deer Township Interstate 80 for an auto accident, reported multiple car pile up with entrapment and injures. Chief 502 arrived on scene to find approximately 15-20 cars and trucks piled up. Rescue 3 arrived and were ordered to help with extraction. Rescue 3's crew worked on extraction of the patient for approximately 1.5 hours until the patient was out and transported. Crews stayed on scene for approximately 2 hours before returning available.
UNITS: Company 2,4,5,9,15,17, Rescue 3, MHCFP, PSP, Multiple EMS agencies, Life Flight

Sandy Hook Memorial

Yesterday (December 14) marked 7 years since the shooting at Sandy Hook. Here is our very own memorial video made by Kimberly A. Stine

(Yes, she sings too! She says she’s not good, though!)

In memory of the lives lost at the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School

We all know the story of the Titanic, how on April 14, 1912 an iceberg scraped the ships’s starboard side, ripping open six watertight compartments and leading to the death of over 1500 people.

On board the ship that night was John Harper and his much-beloved six-year-old daughter Nana. According to documented reports, as soon as it was apparent that the ship was going to sink, John Harper immediately took his daughter to a lifeboat. It is reasonable to assume that this widowed preacher could have easily gotten on board this boat to safety; however, it never seems to have crossed his mind. He bent down and kissed his precious little girl; looking into her eyes he told her that she would see him again someday. The flares going off in the dark sky above reflected the tears on his face as he turned and headed towards the crowd of desperate humanity on the sinking ocean liner. As the rear of the huge ship began to lurch upwards, it was reported that Harper was seen making his way up the deck yelling "Women, children and unsaved into the lifeboats!" It was only minutes later that the Titanic began to rumble deep within. Most people thought it was an explosion; actually the gargantuan ship was literally breaking in half. At this point, many people jumped off the decks and into the icy, dark waters below. John Harper was one of these people.

That night 1528 people went into the frigid waters. John Harper was seen swimming frantically to people in the water leading them to Jesus before the hypothermia became fatal. Mr. Harper swam up to one young man who had climbed up on a piece of debris. Rev. Harper asked him between breaths, "Are you saved?" The young man replied that he was not.

Harper then tried to lead him to Christ only to have the young man who was near shock, reply no. John Harper then took off his life jacket and threw it to the man and said "Here then, you need this more than I do..." and swam away to other people. A few minutes later Harper swam back to the young man and succeeded in leading him to salvation. Of the 1528 people that went into the water that night, seven were rescued by the lifeboats. One of them was this young man on the debris. Four years later, at a survivors meeting, this young man stood up and in tears recounted how John Harper had led him to Christ. Mr. Harper had tried to swim back to help other people, yet because of the intense cold, had grown too weak to swim. His last words before going under in the frigid waters were "Believe on the Name of the Lord Jesus and you will be saved." Does Hollywood remember this man? No. Oh well, no matter. This servant of God did what he had to do. While other people were trying to buy their way onto the lifeboats and selfishly trying to save their own lives, John Harper gave up his life so that others could be saved.

John Harper knew what it meant to live life with urgency.

Four years after the sinking of the Titanic, a young Scotsman by the name of Aguilla Webb stood up in a meeting in Hamilton, Canada and gave the following testimony:

“I am a survivor of the Titanic. When I was drifting alone on a spar that awful night, the tide brought Mr. John Harper of Glasgow, also on a piece of wreck, near me.
‘Man,’ he said, ‘Are you saved?’‘
'No,’ I said, ‘I am not.’
He replied, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.’
The waves bore him away; but, strange to say brought him back a little later, and he said, ‘Are you saved now?’
‘No,’ I said, ‘I cannot honestly say that I am.’
He said again, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved,’ and shortly after he went down; and there, alone in the night, and with two miles of water under me, I believed. I am John Harper’s last convert.”

Apparently God wanted Webb's amazing testimony to be shared, because only seven people were plucked from the icy water that night to join the survivors in the lifeboats. Webb was one of them.


Kimberly A. Stine's Books and Publications Spotlight

Our minister is, also, a published author- here are her deals for this evening and tomorrow:

Are you still Christmas shopping? If you said yes, than why not gift a book? I’ve got the perfect selection for you or your little ones! Head on over to today before midnight (CST) to receive 40-50% off plus use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY25 before midnight and receive an additional 25% off.

Can’t get what you want tonight? No worries books will be 25-40% off Monday for Cyber Monday till midnight (CST).

So snag your copies at an amazing discount before they go back to regular price Tuesday! Any questions or for booking, feel free to contact her! Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Kimberly was the subject of extensive bullying throughout her school years. Growing up, she never felt like she could fit in and dressed in a goth- like fashion. Kimberly is a severe haunting survivor, wife, and mother to 2 beautiful daughters. In her spare time, she...

Laura Harris NBC 5

Please join us in prayer for all those effected by this senseless act of violence 🙏🙏🙏

BREAKING | Police: At Least 11 People Shot in New Orleans' French Quarter

What we know ⬇️

[12/01/19]   With Christmas this month, what is the best gift you've ever received? and what do you hope to receive this year?

[12/01/19]   Happy Birthday and/or Anniversary to all those celebrating in December!

(Our minister, Kimberly, and her husband celebrate there wedding anniversary on December 10.)

FOX 4 News

Please join us in prayer for all effected by this terrorist incident 🙏🙏🙏

JUST IN: Police said the stabbings and shooting at London Bridge have been declared a “terrorist incident” and that a man was shot dead.

Kimberly A. Stine's Books and Publications Spotlight

As many may not realize, our minister, Kimberly, is also a published author. Today, Black Friday, she is offering 40-60% off her titles. Do you want in on that sale - head on over to:

ALSO, her author page where she post giveaways, future titles, and sometimes her PA travel dates: Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Kimberly was the subject of extensive bullying throughout her school years. Growing up, she never felt like she could fit in and dressed in a goth- like fashion. Kimberly is a severe haunting survivor, wife, and mother to 2 beautiful daughters. In her spare time, she...

[11/28/19]   Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours

[11/21/19]   Please join us in prayer for the friends & family of one of my neighbors/tenants, Mr. Craig Hess, who was found deceased in his unit yesterday (11/20/2019). 🙏🙏

Saugus High shooter opened fire on crowded quad in 16-second attack that left 2 dead, 3 wounded, sheriff says

Please join us in prayer for all those effected by this senseless act of violence. Two students were killed and three other teens were wounded in a shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita on Thursday morning, authorities said.

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