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phoeniX is focused on showing the love of Jesus Christ to those trapped within the sex industry. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Founded by Rachel Forman and Grace Sykes on August 17, 2013, phoeniX is focused on pursuing the hearts of those trapped within the sex industry.

Inspired by the phoenix who rises from the ashes and symbolizes our redemption with Jesus Christ, this ministry's goal is to provide transition out of the industry for women seeking change via new community, family, and friendship. phoeniX presents an alternative option of a New Life in the most practical way: the love of Jesus. What phoeniX is currently doing: We visit a particular strip club in the DFW area every Friday night bringing gifts, supplies, and food for the women. In October, we were invited to hang out whenever we wish in the dressing room - a symbol of ultimate favor and trust. This is a huge breakthrough and has been crucial in establishing lasting relationships with these women. Every second Thursday at 7:30 p.m. we will be praying at the Grace Community Church House of Prayer (GHOP). Please, let us know if you'd like to join! What YOU can do: 1. PRAY: - Pray that the club continues to accept phoeniX and that these girls will step out of their comfort zone and really connect with us on a deeper level. - Pray for financial blessings! These girls don't even have many basic needs to get them through each night so phoeniX provides supplies for the ladies every Friday night. - Pray for the Lord to release these women from the enemy's bonds over their lives. - Pray for more Christians to enter into these ladies' lives! - Pray for the Lord to show you how to pray and what to do in order to help these women! 2. GIVE What to give: You can donate financially in person or online through our Paypal: [email protected]. All proceeds will go toward bringing gifts and supplies to the girls, which helps us to gain access to the dressing room each visit! List of supplies we weekly need that you can donate: 1. Baby wipes for 15-20 women 2. Deodorant/Body Spray for 15-20 women 3. Water Bottles for 15-20 women 4. Hand Sanitizer for 15-20 women 5. 1 Fruit Tray and 1 Veggie Tray per week If you can't give money, bringing any of these items to Grace Sykes, Rachel Forman, Ashley Rodriguez-Perkins or Geoffrey Sykes would mean the world to these ladies! For more information, email [email protected]

Operating as usual

phoeniX 517 Ministries

Tomorrow we're presenting phoeniX to the Hispanic church at Grace Community in Arlington, Aposento Alto. In preparation for more PR, team member Geoff Sykes completely redid our website to be a bit more modern. Stop by and watch the documentary!

Shared Hope International

Have you seen this? What do you think? This Is a Map of the Underground Sex-slave Bars in the U.S.

Priceless The Movie

Exclusive sneak peak at the upcoming movie Priceless. Coming October 14th! #YouArePriceless #StopHumanTrafficking

“Throughout the Priceless story, Joel and Luke courageously stand on the front lines of a real culture war, vividly illustrating what it means to protect, cherish, and honor women and family.”
—Elisabeth Hasselbeck

[09/10/16]   Thank you to everyone who came out to help us with our garage sale fundraiser! We made $257.60 today despite the rain and some delays!!! Thank You, Jesus!!!

[09/10/16]   EDIT:

Yard sale tomorrow at 231 W Timberview Lane,
Arlington, TX 76014!

Due to rain, we're starting closer to 7:30 or 8 and ending at 12:30pm!

Please, come out and buy something to help us fund a month of ministry! :)

[08/23/16]   A couple of updates!

First, on September 10th, we'll be holding a GARAGE SALE to raise funds for phoeniX phridays! Details to be announced asap! Please, join us and show your support!

Secondly, we're doing Life and Lattes each Tuesday and during our time at the club last Friday, one girl in particular expressed great interest in joining. Please, pray that she not only shows up, but that she is open to the sweet Word of the Lord and the love we have to bring! These girls have been through much trauma and heartache so they are often slow to trust, but the love of Jesus is greater!!! We know He will show up and do mighty things!!

Thank you all so much and have a great week! :)

The phoeniX 517 Team

[08/10/16]   Update:

We invited more girls to our Bible study, Life and Lattes, last week! Several seemed very interested!

One girl is recovering from a serous car accident. She's physically all right, but her car was very badly damaged and she's emotionally in need of prayer.

Thank you all and we hope you're having a great week! :)

Merriweather shows cosmetologists signs of human trafficking

Great lessons in here! State official comes to Fremont salon to talk about human trafficking

[07/21/16]   This week, we officially began our weekly Bible study, to which we will consistently invite members of the club to join us! Obviously, the details of this Bible study and its location and members must be kept confidential, so we cannot share more than this!

Please, be praying for success as we reach out to these lovely ladies and spend time with them in the Word! Pray for open hearts and courage, as many of them have had bad experiences with the church and few interactions - if any - with Christians who've seen them in the club and still want to genuinely spend time with them and love on them.

Thank you all so much! Your prayers are so valuable.

the phoeniX team

[07/13/16]   We hope you're all doing well! If you have prayer requests, feel free to send them to us or post them in the comments below! You've all been so supportive and we would love the opportunity to return the favor. :)

Share this post with your family and friends and we'll join in prayer for them as well!

The phoeniX team

[07/08/16]   Our prayers are with those in Dallas at the moment.

Lord Jesus, please surround them with Your peace and love. Protect them, and please bring an end to this violence and hate.


[07/07/16]   We hope everyone had a great Fourth of July this past weekend! :)

[07/02/16]   Ready for tonight! Please, keep us in your prayers!! :)

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We need help reaching our goal now more than ever!

Our ministry has quickly grown each week from 10-15 girls to 40! That means our weekly donation need has increased to $200 to cover costs, not including gas!

So please, head on over to our website and click the large DONATE button at the top to help us meet the weekly spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of these lovely ladies! HOME


Hello, phoeniX fans!

We really appreciate your prayers and support! But now, we are in need of a very specific type of support: donations.

If you can give even $5, that will be enough to sponsor one girl for an entire week! If you give $20, that's four girls in a week or one girl for a whole month!

Your gifts are so meaningful to these girls! And they are our ONLY key into the club! Otherwise, there is no reasonable explanation for our presence there to the managers.

So please, give however you can by clicking the Donate button at! :)

Thank you again and may the Lord bless you and keep you! HOME

[06/02/16]   We hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

[05/28/16]   Praise report!!

As we mentioned in our previous post, there's a new house mom.
That's because the first one quit and she gives the extra Bible verse magnets to her family! She often contacts us just to keep in touch!


Prayer request!

One of the girls' mothers in Cuba has just been diagnosed with cancer. Please, pray and declare that she and her mother will be given peace and that her mother will be fully healed in Jesus' name!!

[05/28/16]   IMPORTANT NOTICE!

The club has exploded in growth. When we first began ministering there a couple of years ago, it was unusual to see 15 girls on a typical Friday night. That number moved up to 20-25 about the time we created this page, up until only a month or two ago. Well, tonight we learned that according to the new house mom, there are on average about 3 times the original number! Yes, 40-45 girls are showing up at the club to dance every single Friday night! And that was true of tonight. There were so many girls, we didn't get a chance to meet them all and we weren't able to get supplies to all of them!

This means we can no longer get by with the money out of our own pockets, and donations - sadly - have been scarce. We are so grateful for all the support that you've given us through prayer and financial means, but we're asking for an increase of both where you can supply it!

Instead of $100 per week for vital supplies, we'll need at least $200 per week, as it is still $5 per girl to ensure that each one is taken care of for the week to come. That's $800 per month, and we simply cannot fill in the gaps ourselves!

You can donate by clicking the Donate button at the top of our web page:

So please, pray and provide where you feel led. Your support is so valuable and we are so beyond grateful for however you can afford to help us!

Thank you so much, and we look forward to sharing more with you about how the Lord is moving in the club every week!

the phoeniX team


Our FULL DOCUMENTARY is up on our website now! Watch it here: HOME

Elijah Wood Says Hollywood Has A Child Sex Abuse Problem

A reminder to pray for those in Hollywood! There is a darkness gripping one of the most influential organizations in the world, and many children are growing up in the middle of it all.

It is no wonder child stars so often become emotionally unstable! Lord, we declare an end to this darkness in Jesus' mighty name! Former child star Elijah Wood says Hollywood has a big problem with child sex abuse. He said the industry protects powerful people who abuse children.

[05/22/16]   We are incredibly thankful to declare that we were allowed entrance back into the club last night with more favor than ever before! Armed with our giftbags, we stepped out in faith and our weeks of prayer and fasting were greatly rewarded.

Thank you all for your prayers and please keep praying for more favor. We need to be able to pray over the girls as the Lord leads without the need to be secretive. The girls themselves welcome this and often request it, but the managers don't always understand it and consistently fear the girls leaving the club because they assumed we will judge them. We declare an end to that fear in Jesus' name!

Please, also keep "Gemstone" in your prayers as she seeks to go back to school and start her own business.

And we also recently found out that the managers are benefiting from prostitution which has been rampant at the club behind the scenes. There is an ongoing investigation, but there doesn't seem to be enough evidence yet to shut it down.

Pray that it will cease. In Jesus' mighty name, that ground will be used for His holiness. We declare it!

Thank you again! Amen.

~ the phoeniX 517 team

Affidavit: Man lived in dorm with UNT student, forced her into sex trafficking

Remember, Texans! This is happening HERE.
Thank God she's all right now. WICHITA FALLS --  A man authorities say forced a UNT college student into sex trafficking and violated his parole by obtaining firearms has been arrested.

We can end abortion

This is horrible.

Sex abuse leaves lasting scars, but nothing is beyond Jesus' healing power. Those doctors will have to give an account for her murder.

Behold, the new "compassion"!

[05/11/16]   PhoeniX prayer warriors, thank you.

Thank you for standing in the gap with us.

Thank you for unleashing angels to walk with us where Jesus has called us to tread.

We have claimed this club in Jesus' mighty name and many of us have received visions that it will be transformed into a church. We believe that this is the Lord's heart for this place.

But as you know from the PSA we sent out a few weeks ago, the general manager is an atheist and despises the verses that we place on the lockers and asked us to leave for a month and come talk to him to see if he'll allow us back in.

Well, we know that he doesn't truly have authority over us, though we will respect his position. It is the Lord who will have the final say in this and all other matters regarding phoeniX 517 ministries. We have been praying fervently and fasting every Friday over the club during this time and now, the month is coming to an end. A lot of chaos has been unleashed in the club in our absence as we've heard from the house mom who oversees the dressing room. We believe that this is the enemy trying to reclaim a territory that was never his to begin with.

But we also believe that the Lord is using this to bring evidence to the general manager that - for whatever reason he wants to use to explain it away - our presence in the club brought peace and blessings. We are believing that somehow, by the Lord's power, we will walk straight through the crumbled walls of Jericho back into the club this Friday with an invitation from the general manager.

We wish to be respectful of his leadership, but we answer first to the Lord and we know He will make a way for us regardless of any obstacle. We will not rebel against the GM and enter the club before we are invited back in, but we believe that Jesus will open that door once again.

So please, continue locking shields with us. Stand in the gap once again, and we'll see these phoeniXes take flight together this Friday.

Thank you.

The phoeniX 517 team

[04/29/16]   Gearing up for another night of prayer with the team!! We've been fasting and praying all day. Pray with us tonight that God's love would transform the individuals in the club.

[04/23/16]   Tonight was an incredibly intense night of prophetic prayer and the Lord's miraculous providence! We hope to have many, MANY updates for you faithful prayer warriors soon.

Thank you for your commitment to pray for us!

- the phoeniX team

Please, please pray!


Last weekend was so powerful and the Lord definitely showed up for us at the club! Through the chaos of life, one girl actually expressed interest in going to church! Thank you all for your prayers! Please, keep praying for us as the club has changed some rules in their desperation to get more revenue and we believe that is darkness pushing back!

If you'd like to sponsor a girl this week, please consider donating $5 to! We really need your help to reach $100 by Friday! Thank you all and may the Lord bless you for blessing His ministry!! :) HOME


We at phoeniX are against all forms of human slavery and trafficking! This is excellent news! :)

Products made by slave labor are now banned from coming into the U.S.

Exciting things are happening in Kansas City, Missouri!
Praying that more people can learn how to prevent sex trafficking - a vicious crime that affects all of us whether or not we're aware of it!

Come learn from John Eldredge, Naomi Zacharias, Benjamin Nolot, and others, and get equipped to win the battle against commercial sexual exploitation. Save $20 on Early Bird Registration today! #AbolitionSummit2016

[04/03/16]   This is a fantastic nonprofit as well! The Polaris Project specifically aims to help stop the trafficking of children and they created a code to text: 233733 (BeFree) that connects you immediately to an operator. While not a perfect means of communicating in a dangerous situation, texting can be done very discreetly if the child still has access to their phone. Polaris just celebrated their third year of the BeFree Text hotline!

In the coming years, phoeniX aims to grow as the Polaris project has, and reach out to those trapped in the sex industry beyond only local clubs!

We're thankful for your support and hope you also will support these nonprofits as well if you feel so led! :)


It's April Fool's Day and we're fools for Christ's sake! (1 Corinthians 4:10)

Despite sickness in some of our team members, fatigue, and other issues, we're relentless in showing love to these girls.

If you want to help us out, please pray for us tonight as we go in to the club!

If you are financially able and feel the tugging of the Lord to give, you can donate electronically via Paypal at! Just click on the Donate button at the top of the page. Every little bit helps! Even $5 covers one week's worth of supplies for a girl.

Thank you and bless you all! :) HOME


We hope everyone had a great Easter! phoeniX 517 has some exciting things in the works for May! We can't wait to show you what we're planning!

Remember, if you'd like to help us to bring the love of Jesus to women in the sex industry, please just visit and click the Donate button at the top! You can even choose to make it a monthly gift!

Thank you all and have a blessed day! :) HOME

Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.
Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die. Do you believe this, Martha?”
John 11:25-26 NLT

Happy Easter a.k.a. Resurrection Day from all of us at phoeniX 517! :)

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