Ponderosa Serenity Ministries

We are a nonprofit organization and our mission is to minister the Good News of The Word of Yahua, His Reign, and His Messiah, Yahusha to the world.

We got tired of watching movies with violence and s*x in them. We don't even watch TV anymore because it's gotten so bad. Where is the purity and innocence of a child? an infant? a young adult? Gone? That's where we come in. Our desire is to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers and the father's hearts back to their children. We feel the best way to do that is to show children, young adults, adults the way to walk this out by exhibiting it on the TV/movie screen.

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[02/10/15]   If you would like to support our ministry please donate funds through our website. Also please support us by purchasing one of the books we have published by visiting: http://www.livingwellwithlivingfoods.org/published-books

Shalom to you and yours!

[01/16/15]   We've been publishing our books on Createspace.com and have 3 books published and our first one, Debi's Yahsom, Rawsom Un-cookbook 1, sold today! Hurray!

createspace.com 01/16/2015

"Promise Prayers to Survive the End Times" by Debi Mae

Please check out this wonderful book that Debi Mae has written to help you live victoriously in the End Times.

createspace.com If you want to survive the end times successfully, you will need to know how to live and what the Word of God says about you and about Him. This Prayer Book is essential, one you will want to have at your side at all times.


Ponderosa Serenity Ministries




Dallas, TX
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