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Whether you prefer a traditional service, contemporary worship, or an in-depth teaching series on the Gospels, there is a place for you in one of HPUMC's five ways to worship. Beyond just Sundays, Highland Park offers a wide variety of Bible studies, classes, support groups, and outreach projects to help get you plugged in to our community. Family is a top priority at HPUMC. Our many children's programs are designed to excite kids and equip parents. There is a spot for every age group, from D6 Families, to Youth, and College students. Learn more at www.hpumc.org. See you Sunday!

Mission: Our mission is to help people become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Through Christ, you possess the light of life. Take hope, embrace peace, shout with joy, and spread the love: Christ has come!

Christmas has officially begun at HPUMC! Last night we held our Traditional Travelers service in the Sanctuary and tonight Cornerstone holds their Contemporary Candlelight service, followed by more than a dozen Christmas Eve services on Tuesday. We love this season!

🕯️View the full schedule at www.hpumc.org/christmas

Undeck the Halls

What Jesus wants for his birthday this year is for us to come alive.

🔔"Jingle Bells" presented by HPUMC's Chancel Choir

We love hearing these Christmas hymns from our renowned Chancel Choir!🔔🎄

Tell us below, what's your favorite holiday tune?

Christmas at HPUMC🕯️🎄

From traditional to contemporary, family-friendly to late at night, with 16 Christmas Eve services, HPUMC has something for everyone. Visit our Christmas page to explore all of our service options.


How a Christmas in rehab brought one family closer

Have you ever spent the holidays without your family? Jane imagined her family was having a normal, happy holiday without her while she was in rehab, but she soon found out that wasn't the case.

hpumc.org Christmas is the season of expectations. But what happens when those expectations are shattered?

Undeck the Halls

Don't just plan for rainy days, expect the sunny ones too! Be ready for God to do mighty things in your life.


Celebrating God’s gift of the grateful heart

The scriptures are full of references to gratitude. But what does it mean to live with a grateful heart?

hpumc.org Gratitude is related to life satisfaction, vitality, happiness, self-esteem, optimism, hope, empathy, and the willingness to provide emotional and tangible support for others.


Five tips for celebrating Christmas with HPUMC

Christmas Eve is less than two weeks away! We can't wait to celebrate with you. Here are FIVE things we want you to know about getting the most out of the day at HPUMC.

hpumc.org We are so excited to welcome you to HPUMC on this special day.

Undeck the Halls: Love your enemies

Chances are during Christmas you will encounter someone who frustrates you. But what if this year, you did everything in your power to act out of love for that person whether they deserve it or not?


What if you could rethink how you Christmas?

Sometimes, it's easy for us to get so wrapped up in what has to get done that we forget that no present is as important as PRESENCE. Check out these tips from Hannah Buchanan on how to rethink how you Christmas this year.

hpumc.org Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what has to get done that I forget no present is as important as presence.


What your kids need you to do this Christmas

We share this story every year and every year we get tons of feedback from parents about how helpful it has been for their families.
What about you? Have you ever tried The Four Gift Rule?

hpumc.org Over and above saving money and reducing clutter, we want our girls to understand at their very core that Christmas is a time of celebrating the birth of our Savior. It’s not about them. Or us. It’s about Jesus. And we give gifts at Christmas to...


If you're feeling down this holiday season, that's okay

Whether you are dealing with small annoyances or very serious issues, we know this Christmas may not feel holly or jolly for you. We want you to know we see you!

Here are a few things you can do to ease the stress of the season.

hpumc.org In our support groups, we spend a fair amount of time preparing for the holidays. Many counselors will tell you their schedules are booked solid this time of year as clients anticipate the holiday season in hopes of coming out on the other side...

Undeck The Halls: Rethink how you Christmas

If we're not careful, we can end up seeing God's plan as all about us, when in reality, God's plan is SO MUCH bigger than that.

We are so grateful for our East Dallas Campus, Munger Place Church and the amazing holiday party they planned for all of HPUMC’s staff!🎄🎉

Be a light for others this Christmas!

"I’m so proud that HPUMC is a shining example of service to others. Take a quick look at the data to see the many ways we bring light to the world. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact your generosity has in our community." - Rev. Paul Rasmussen

This year, will you consider being the light to someone in need?
Visit: www.hpumc.org/offering/

We couldn't be more grateful for this gigantic pile of gifts from this year's Christmas Gift Drive!🎁 In all, 1,350 gifts and more than $10,000 were collected for children, senior citizens, and our neighbors in need around Dallas thanks to your generosity.

THANK YOU for helping us spread the hope of Christ to those in our community this Christmas season!


Undeck the Halls: Rethink how you Christmas

What do you do when the unexpected comes your way? Do you throw in the towel or trust that God is still at work, even if you can't quite see it yet?


Three ways to give back this Christmas season

Looking for ways you can spread the light this Holiday Season? We've gathered three opportunities for you to serve with us over the next few weeks.

hpumc.org There’s so much happening inside and outside of our church’s walls during the Christmas season. Want to help impact the lives of others at this special time of year?

"The First Noel" presented by HPUMC's Chancel Choir

🎶Get in the holiday spirit with this Christmas melody featuring HPUMC's Chancel Choir! 🎵🎄🕯️

Then come experience the beauty of Christmas with HPUMC's Chancel Choir and members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra THIS SUNDAY at 2:30 pm or 6:00 pm. It's a perfect way to share Christmas with your family and friends!

👉For more details, visit www.hpumc.org/towerarts.


The Jesse tree: A different kind of Christmas tree

When Kevin started putting up his Jesse tree eight years ago, he didn’t completely commit to it. Now, it’s a tradition that his entire family looks forward to every December.

hpumc.org It’s a different kind of Christmas tree with a grand ambition: to take you through the Bible, from the creation narrative to the birth of Christ.

Undeck the Halls

What's the true meaning of Christmas? As Hannah shares, it's about something much deeper than just Hallmark movies and warm memories.

Undeck the Halls: new series at HPUMC

If we aren’t careful during the holidays, we can end up simply going through the motions without even blinking. Then we find ourselves on the day after Christmas wondering what just happened.

This year, let’s rethink how we Christmas by challenging what we do and why we do it and deciding to be fully present.

Catch up on the latest messages in our new series, Undeck the Halls: https://buff.ly/2LhATHr

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We hope you will celebrate the season with us all month long. 🕯️🎄

Visit www.hpumc.org/christmas for your guide to all things holly and jolly.

Happy Thanksgiving

When you choose to be thankful for today, you end up worrying a whole lot less about tomorrow.

🙌Powerful message from Rev. Paul Rasmussen!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This is the time of the year when we give thanks for the numerous blessings we receive from God and reflect on how we can be generous to others. Today we are grateful for each and every one of YOU!

👇Let us know below what you're thankful for this year.


Texas UMC megachurch opens pie and coffee shop run by special needs ministry

"The greatest blessing might be the interaction that grows between customers and crew members. The confidence, pride, and joy with which our crew members perform their jobs is an inspiration to us all.”

We are incredibly grateful for this piece from The Christian Post highlighting Chance's Pie & Coffee Shop! 🥧☕

christianpost.com A megachurch in Texas recently opened a pie and coffee shop at that is staffed by individuals with special needs as a way to help trained them for employment.

The Christmas season is almost here, but before it arrives, can we just take a moment and be grateful for the beauty of Fall?🍂

Try It (Paul Rasmussen)

Have you ever felt like you were waiting for a better day, car, or relationship? You jump from one blessing to the next, never enjoying the moments you're given. if you want to break out of the cycle, gratitude is the key.


Four ways to make Thanksgiving about more

We hope you are just as excited about the Thanksgiving holiday as we are!🦃🥧

This year, we want to challenge you to make this the best thanksgiving ever, by trying something NEW.

hpumc.org This year, why not challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and try something new?

Take. A. Leap.

It may seem impossible or impractical, but what if Jesus is calling you to leave your place of safety and confidence, and boldly take a step out into the unknown?

What's holding you back?

Our Women's Retreat team is already praying for you! We know that God is going to use this time to speak to you, nourish you, and nudge you to TAKE A LEAP into all that he has in store for you.

Will you join us?

🌊Learn more and register today!

The Advent wreath is a Christmas tradition. It comes from a time when people used to light candles on wreaths as a sign of hope for the light that would soon return in the springtime.
At some point, this practice was adopted by Christians to help us prepare for the birth of Christ, who is the light of the world.
This year, we want to invite you to participate in this tradition. Pick up your copy of our Advent Devotional at church or download it online. Each week, we'll explore the different candles of Advent and what it really means to spread the light of hope, peace, joy, love, and ultimately, the light of Christ.

Belong Sunday

Today we are celebrating all of the amazing milestones taking place in our Belong disABILITY Ministry in 2020. Belong welcomes people of all abilities, ages, and faith to be part of an adaptive, inclusive community at HPUMC. We are incredibly excited to see how God continues to grow these incredible ministries over the next year!


Night OWLS held their annual Family Camp this last weekend. The camp gives families with loved ones who have disabilities a chance to feel acceptance and God's love all around them. It's a spiritually rejuvenating weekend with lots of fun activities for the whole family to take part in.💜



How I teach my kids to be thankful

Thank you cards are an easy way to teach your kids about being thankful this holiday season. We encourage you to download and print out these thanksgiving cards and fill them out with your kids. 🍁

hpumc.org Hearing your child’s little voice say those two important words is like hearing the embodiment of gratitude. When our kids show gratitude to other people in public, we feel like we have mastered this parenting gig; bonus if it’s without being asked.

Guest Speaker Ben Malcolmson

Look at the nations and watch- and be utterly amazed. For I am doing something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

Habakkuk 1:5


Ben Malcolmson: Faith, purpose, and perseverance

In college, after unexpectedly making the USC football team as a walk-on, Ben Malcolmson felt called to start Bible studies and lead prayer groups with teammates. Time after time, he failed to accomplish what God was asking him to do. Or so he thought.

If you didn't get the opportunity to hear former HPUMC Youth member Ben Malcolmson's story watch it here!

hpumc.org In college, after unexpectedly making the USC football team as a walk-on, Ben Malcolmson felt called to start Bible studies and lead prayer groups with teammates. Time after time, he failed to accomplish what God was asking him to do. Or so he...

How cool is this? Wesley House brought 66 students to Cedar Hill this weekend for a college retreat. They talked about Moses’ encounter with God in the burning bush and how we’re called to follow God alongside others.



Chance's Serves Up Tasty Pies And A Purpose

The Grand Opening for Chance's Pie & Coffee Shop was only a few months ago, but the sweet shop is already connecting with the community.☕🥧

Check out this great piece from the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church featuring the great work of these participants and volunteers with HPUMC's Belong disABILITY Ministry.



Ben Malcolmson

"Don’t miss this Sunday. I’ve been looking forward to this for nearly a year. I’ll be joined by a special guest with an unbelievable story. And it all started 20 years ago in the
HPUMC Youth Department! Invite someone. You’ll be glad you did." - Rev. Paul Rasmussen

Check out Ben's website to learn more about his incredible story before he speaks to us on Sunday.



Words have power

While we can’t resist the power of words, we believe we CAN figure out how to deal with them, and how to use them well.
HPUMC is hosting former Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, as well as a panel of four other people, most of whom are from our community, on Monday, November 18 at 7:00 pm in Wesley Hall to discuss the power of words and how they are influencing and impacting our children.

hpumc.org But sometimes I’m shocked by what comes out of my kids’ mouths. Words, phrases, whole sentences. Funny things, and weird things, and mean things, and scary things. Statements that express ideas that I’m not ready for them to be thinking. And I...

Starting Point HPUMC

We are a big church, with a big heart. Because of YOU, hearts, lives, and futures are being shaped within our church community and around the world! ❤️


235 students attended HPUMC's Youth's Big Breakfast yesterday! 🍳 🥞 🥓

Each semester, these students go through the stresses of school, midterms, and sports, and sometimes what they need most is a chance to reconnect with each other and live in the moment. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give our youth a much-needed breather!

Please, take a moment and help us wish our own, Rev. Paul Rasmussen a Happy Birthday?! 🎂🎉 We're so blessed to have him as our Senior Minister and we hope he has another great year.

Its story time at HPUMC today! We love when we get to share these moments reading with our kiddos. A huge thank you to Rev. Rasmussen for spending a part of his afternoon reading to the Rising Stars Book Club!

Getting Over a Grudge (Paul Rasmussen)

In life, you deal with situations that you might not agree with and can't seem to let go of. Don't let these moments weigh you down, rise above them because your life is too short and callings are too great to be distracted by them.

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🔔"Jingle Bells" presented by HPUMC's Chancel Choir
Undeck the Halls
Christmas at HPUMC🕯️🎄
Undeck the Halls
Undeck the Halls: Love your enemies
Undeck The Halls: Rethink how you Christmas
Be a light for others this Christmas!
"The First Noel" presented by HPUMC's Chancel Choir
Undeck the Halls: Rethink how you Christmas
Undeck the Halls
Undeck the Halls: new series at HPUMC
Try It (Paul Rasmussen)




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