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Here's a link to Union Cathedral's choir (Voices of Union) in the WFAA Gospel Jubilee contest in March 2008: http://www.wfaa.com/archive/64620972.html

Operating as usual

"Don't Forget God. Frame Your Pain. Stay In His Word! Remember - What happened - was the way it was supposed to be!" Our first Sunday at St. Philip's...join us Wednesday's at 6:30 and Sunday morning's at 9:00. This is an experience that will surely change your life! Enjoy part of Pastor B.'s Inaugural Sermon.

Today is our Inaugural service at Union at St. Philip's! We are excited about the opportunity and about what God has for us to do! Today Pastor B. opens up with - 'What Should Have Happened...Didn't Happen'...the Text comes from Joshua 4:1-3.

[08/13/13]   It's Next Level Time! Join us at our new worship location:

THIS SUNDAY - August 18th @ 9:00 a.m.

St. Philip's School and Community Center Chapel - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Dallas, TX 75215.

Don't miss an opportunity to receive a truly enriching and uplifting worship experience that will change your life!

[08/11/13]   It's a NEW SEASON...It's A NEW DAY! #onward to the NEXT LEVEL...join us next week at St. Philip's - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. here in Dallas - not DC 😉

[08/11/13]   "The next chapter is gonna be better than the last!" ~ Elder Neisha Strambler Butler

Elder Neisha Strambler Butler - helping us celebrate the 8 years we have been here at Cliff Temple and telling us that - "This is not our final destination!"

[08/11/13]   This morning we are taking a stroll down memory lane and being reminded that we are ready and poised for The Next Chapter! "Every chapter is different and God is asking us to move to the next chapter!" ~ Elder Neisha Strambler Butler

It seems like I can feel the spirit stirring in this place today - the youth and children are bringing it and leading us out and onward! #How EXCELLENT! #you betta sing children

The UC Praise Dancers honor Him to Tamela Mann's, "Take Me To The King"! #I don't have much to bring! This is my offering!

Today we celebrate our last day in a place we have called home and thank Him as we move on to what's next. The children and youth led us in worship and opened up our service in a mighty way with Chasing After You! It's Next Level Time! #Let the children lead them

[08/04/13]   You Don't Mind Waiting When You Know Something Is Coming! Sometimes God Gives Us A Sampling...It's Coming

[08/04/13]   Why Does God Make Us Wait? Because He can...It's Not Our Schedule It's His...

[08/04/13]   Easier said than done. We read the word of God, we hear it preached from the pulpit, we submit it to prayer, but in reality it is hard not to worry. We worry about a lot of things. Although our worrying does not change nor improve our condition… We still worry. Although our worrying will not speed up the process… We still worry. Although our worrying only increases the odds for stress and poor health… We still worry. Although worrying occupies our minds with unproductive thoughts… We still worry. Although worry only drains us physically, emotionally and spiritually… We still worry. Why do we keep up an exercise that is futile? Think of worry as we now see cigarettes. Cigarettes slowly destroy the body. Worry destroys not only the body, but our mind and spirit, as well. Put worry in its' rightful place… Dead and buried. Worry may you RIP!!! Be blessed, Pastor B.

[07/28/13]   Admit it and Quit it and God will give you the blessings and desires of your heart with directives on which way to go! - Minister Chasity Bass

[07/28/13]   Turn away from being a 'people -pleaser' to being a 'God-pleaser!' - Minister Chasity Bass

Minister Chasity Bass gives us the word this morning and reminds us to put on the full armor of God - our first piece of armor is - PRAYER!

[07/28/13]   Today's scripture reading given to us by Minister Charlane Russell - comes from Ephesians 6:10-18.

[07/24/13]   Do you know what your employer, your place of worship, where you bank, your grocer and the non-profit where you volunteer, all have in common? They all have a mission statement. Why don't you? A mission statement tells who you are; Defines your purpose; It helps to guide you in making decisions, and can make you more efficient and effective in the use of your time, talent and treasure. Given the many options of life. The many things that grab for our time and attention. How do you sort thru them all to determine what to do, and where do I spend my time and treasure? Get a personal mission statement as it will help you assess who, what, when, where and most importantly, why? Take the time to craft your own personal mission statement. If your company has one, your nation has one, and the place where you worship has one, then shouldn't you? Be blessed, Pastor B.

[07/18/13]   I flew into Chicago several months ago on business and was not aware they had experienced heavy rains the previous night. Furthermore, the day of my arrival called for more torrential rains. I was supposed to meet with someone who decided not to come into the city because of the forecast. However, that was not the case when I arrived. It was a picture perfect, Spring day. The sun was shining, with blissfully, moderate temperatures. The rain came, but did not stay. For fear of what was forecasted the person I was to meet with, could have, but would not adjust. Here is the lesson: Do not live your life waiting for the rain to come, or for the shoe to drop, and miss out on the blessing and beauty life has to offer on any given day. I challenge you to remain open to possibilities, because the good Lord might turn what is bad into good. Remember, God is not only able, He is more than capable, all we have to do is Trust and Believe. Be blessed, Pastor B.

[07/05/13]   As we celebrate the 4th of July, we must not forget the awesome sacrifices made by so many for this nation's independence. Lives were lost, ambitions compromised, comfort ignored, plans shelved, victories were intangible, and work unrewarded. We thank God for those throughout history from the founding fathers, to abolitionist, to civil rights leaders, to military personnel who paid the ultimate price for freedoms they would never enjoy. As we enjoy family or share this day with friends, watch fireworks, eat BBQ, rest, boat, listen to patriotic songs, vacation, and enjoy the fruits of our forbearers labor, here is a question for you...What are you personally willing to sacrifice to make not just this nation, but this world a better place? Another way of putting that is - What are you called to do that transcends you? Think about it...Happy 4th of July! Be blessed, Pastor B.

[06/30/13]   Sermon Series: In the Wilderness continued today at UC...Pastor B breaking down Faith, Fear or Foolish...know that with God we are stronger than we think!

[06/30/13]   In the Wilderness continued

Yes, indeed! I am - I am!


~ God Bless You

[06/29/13]   We recently had a black-out in our neighborhood. It made me think about the power of a light. Metaphorically, I thought about what kind of light we are called to be. In other words, are you like a fireworks presentation, a blowtorch, or a candle? I concluded that the world does not need another fireworks show. The longest fireworks show I have ever witnessed lasted about 30 minutes. Neither does it need a blowtorch, which lights up and last a matter of seconds or minutes. What your family, your career, your educational pursuit, and your relationship needs, is for you to be like a candle...consistent and steady. It is un-phased by its' surroundings. The candle may not be fashionable, exciting, glamorous, nor en vogue, but it represents light that you can count on, that will not fade - no matter what is going on! Let your light shine with consistency, focus and faith...Be a candle that will light up a space...as our candle did when we had no lights. Be blessed, Pastor B.

[06/22/13]   Last time it was my daughter, this time it's my son and the 400m race. My son had run the 100 yd dash and the 4x100 meter relay, earlier in the day. Now it was time, for him, to warm up for the 400 meter race. He tried with great passion to get out of running the 400 meter race. He begged and even tried to use those wimpy, sad eyes that usually get me to break. His coach and I agreed he needed to push forward and run the race. To date, he had not placed first in any of his previous events, but he finally earned his first, 1st place ribbon in something he was not willing to try. There is a saying that goes, "If at first you don't succeed try, try, try and try again." I would submit that for some of us it is not a matter of trying again, it is simply a matter of trying the first time. We can talk ourselves out of fulfillment, success, victory, new beginnings, happiness, joy, peace, prosperity and blessings. What win have you forfeited because you are simply not willing to try? Remember, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger and could possibly put you in the winner's circle! Congratulations Ford Butler! Be blessed, Pastor B.

[06/16/13]   Today scripture comes from Exodus 12:31-42 and we are starting a new series today called: "In The Wilderness".

[06/16/13]   Today we honor our Heavenly Father and all our earthly fathers down here with us! Thank you for all you've done! #Grateful

My daughter is running summer track. She enjoys running the 100 yard dash and the 4X100 meter relay. What she does not want to run is the 400 meter race, but her coach is requiring her to do it. My daughter acknowledged to me that she had found her comfort level and that it was not in running the 400. She said, "I am comfortable and do not want to push myself, so I avoid running the quarter/400." My daughter is no different than most of us. We get comfortable and do not want to stretch our bodies, minds, hearts, attitudes, spirits and faith. We are fine just the way we are and the way things are...Here's the irony - my daughter has unrealized potential in the 400 meter race. What she fears could be where her greatness lies. Am I speaking to you, " Mr. or Ms. Comfortable?" Be blessed, Pastor B.

UC Youth lead in Worship Today!

[06/09/13]   We rejoiced today as Malik spoke to our hearts when he sang his rendition of, "I Need U Now!" #Praise God

[06/05/13]   Climbing Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro or any other vast mountain range cannot be accomplished in one leap nor in a single jump, this type of feat requires mastery of lesser challenges goals, preparation, the right equipment, proper diet, and taking on one rock at a time - so I challenge you today to put away your red, sequined Dorothy slippers, your Wizard Wand and your dream-filled genie bottle - roll up your sleeves and stay the course, knowing that your work, your efforts and your living is NOT in vain. Be blessed, Pastor B.

[06/02/13]   On the Brink continued..."We've come too far to give up now!" ~ It's okay to have a moment!!! For example - Florida Evans :) was with us @ UC TODAY - had to be there to understand...today's scripture, one I have been reading and letting resonate for the last week was Psalm 23! #What a comfort 2 b home ~ come on home and join us sometime - Sunday's @ 9am, in the chapel 4 Cliff Temple BC!

[06/02/13]   The other day I attempted to move my car out of park and into drive. I did something wrong because I thought I was in drive, but I couldn't move and I heard this grinding sound. I quickly moved to park and back to drive, still the same results. No movement and grinding gears. I repeated this at least three more times with the same results. No movements and grinding gears. I finally put it in park and let the car sit idle for a moment, stopped trying to force my will on the car, then shifted into drive and I was able to move forward. Clearly, I got out of order. Like many of us in life, we rush around and want to force transitions. Shifting from park to drive is a transition. We cannot rush it nor force it to fit. If so, our lives will be full grinding and no movement. Stop rushing and attempting to force God's plan for your life. This transition you are in is simply God's way of getting you out of park and into drive. If you are ready to roll, then chill and embrace the transition. Be blessed, Pastor B.

[05/27/13]   May God bless and keep all the fallen, veterans, active duty soldiers and their families! Thank you for your service, all that you give and especially for those soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice and their families. May God bless U and keep U always!

[05/26/13]   Today's scripture comes from Exodus 2:1-3. The word was preached by Minister Chasity Bass - she reminded us of the essentials elements needed to travel this journey with PURPOSE. #more on this later.

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Mission Union Cathedral is a "glocal" community of faith where the Word, worship and work intersect. Union is in the business of reviving the human soul while revitalizing the urban core. We are building people and community through our relationship with God and others. Vision Union is called to be a spiritual & community epicenter in the center of the city reaching all quadrants of the city & the world. Belief We believe God loved us so much that he offered the very best, Jesus Christ, to deliver, liberate and save us. John 3:16. He loves us all and we are called to love each other. We believe that God desires a personal relationship with His creation. Until we come into communion with our Creator, we will never truly know our purpose for life, Jeremiah 29:11. Therefore, we will never reach our full potential; nor will we be all that we can until we are in relationship with God. We are called through our relationship with Christ to not only exhale – but also to excel! Union is a no limit congregation because we believe and serve a God who can do anything but fail.
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