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Wow. This wears me out . . .
I am basically in need of a miracle to find someone that I do not know except for knowing that they are from the State of Texas; however, this unknown Texas lady is very special to our family because she doesn't know the testimony that she gave to our family about adoption and now, I am going to try to help find her to tell her our story.... Many of you know about our adoption story of Hannah Claire and how God proved his love for her, the orphan, when God moved in mysterious ways and used an old Russian man that we did not know and had never spoken too, to place a bible in my chest at the last second as I was exiting the bus that Andrea and I were riding on to fly from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. This bible was the last birthday gift (number 16 of 16) that we had been searching for and praying for to give Hannah Claire as a small reminder from her birth country of Russia. We had not had any success in finding any bible anywhere in Russia from searching through street vendors and bookstores, to looking in Russian churches hoping to buy a bible when God pulled out his "let me give you a testimony" moment in one of the most unique and literally terrifying ways to help bring and give glory back to Him by encouraging families to adopt children! Seriously, if you've heard me tell the story, then you know that the old Russian man who had for some unknown reason been shaking his finger angrily at us but never spoke to us and had moved to sit by the exit door was now staring directly at me as he slowly stood and began reaching in his long black winter coat to pull out, (You probably all know what I was thinking because we've all watched the same movies and it wasn't about to end well for this ole American boy!) a gun! But it wasn't a gun, it was a bible but not just any bible, it was a "Gideon" bible that was written in the Russian language. How cool and awesome is that? We had not been looking for any specific bible such as the Gideon bible that we received, we had just been looking for a bible that was written in the Russian language because I would not have known what I was reading since I cannot read Russian! However, we had now received a Gideon bible that was written in the Russian language and this confirmed to me that this was God tangibly showing me his love and care for the orphan through His word, the Gideon Bible! In 2008, approximately 49 million bibles had been delivered and freely passed out to anyone who would accept this gift by the Gideon's throughout the entire country of Russia but this Gideon bible was meant especially for Hannah Claire! I will never know the name of that old Russian man who probably gave me his only copy of the Bible that he had but I have taken this Gideon bible and shared this God-sized story at any bible believing church regardless of denomination or Gideon banquet to promote adoption to families and to encourage churches to begin orphan care ministries to support both the adopting family and the orphan. Now, this is where I need your help! Part of our story deals with some missionaries and one woman in particular whom we had met at the Atlanta airport while we were waiting at our terminal gate. I had spent some time talking to them before and during our flight from Atlanta to Moscow but I am not sure where they were all from or how they all knew each other. Once we had landed and were looking for either a taxi or bus to board to travel from the international airport to the domestic airport to fly within the country, these missionaries helped us by having someone who was with them translate for us and this is the woman that I am trying to find because this woman from Texas has no idea about that the bus that she put us on is the bus where we received this Gideon bible as I was exiting the bus that day! I want this woman to know how she helped make a dramatic experience in our lives come true because she could have easily talked to and put us onto any bus or taxi that day but God led her to that bus that day. I want her to know about the story that she played a role in without even knowing! I wonder if she even remembers helping us that day? She thought she was making an impact by serving in Russia for those 30 days and I know that she did as well as those other women who were with her, but does she know the impact that she made on my life in helping to encourage others to adopt? I doubt it! So, I will ask for your help in sharing this story with your friends, family, and church and especially anyone that is either from Texas or lives in Texas!!! Here's what I know: 1. This group of 14-18 women were doing missionary work in Russia for about 30 days. 2. This woman can speak fluent Russian. 3. The woman who helped us we were told was from Texas but I do not know where from in Texas. 4. We were all flying from Atlanta to Moscow in February 2009! This gives new meaning to, "finding a needle in a haystack!" Serving the fatherless together, Chris Gray [email protected]
Wow! Lots of you there!!!

Texas Baptists Music and Worship partners with ministry leaders to encourage, provide resources, and develop worship leadership. We help equip churches through training events, consultations, and opportunities for fellowship.

Whatever the size, whatever the style, music and worship are vital components of every church’s ministry. We are here to encourage and to provide resources for the development of church music leadership and ministries through training events, consultations, opportunities for fellowship, and facilitation of peer interaction and spiritual support.


Wow! Take a few minutes to worship with this today! 🙌🌿

"Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all? I can only imagine..."
We hope you enjoy this 3rd installment of our social distancing series!


Texas Baptists - 5 simple activities the Church can engage in while the doors are closed

texasbaptists.org The faith community has a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in one of the most trying times in recent history


Be Still and Know That I Am God


resourcingworship.com Be Still and Know That I Am God April 3, 2020 “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” – Psalm 46:10 This is a powerful verse in God’s word that deserves all of our attention. How effective are we at following this command? COV....


Love in the Time of Corona: Doing a Wedding During the COVID-19 Quarantine


resourcingworship.com Love in the Time of Corona: Doing a Wedding During the COVID-19 Quarantine April 3, 2020 Performing a wedding with social distancing rules and Zoom. Check it out. Filed Under: Feature, Worship

Your TXB Great Commission Team is meeting again for our weekly Zoom update as we head into a new week during these uncertain days. So good to hear prayer requests and pray together!

Texas Baptists

As COVID-19 impacts the country, medical personnel and support staff are facing many challenges, including concern for their own physical, mental, and emotional health. Please join Texas Baptists in prayer for the protection of all medical personnel and provision of resources.


As promised, here's the 2nd installment of our "Social Distancing Series"! This song has brought so much peace into our own lives and we hope it does the same for you.
"...and say goodbye to everything that silenced the songs you love to sing..."
#veritasfive #socialdistancing #cometotheriver


Keith Getty – How Music Has Served God’s People in Times of Trouble


resourcingworship.com Keith Getty – How Music Has Served God’s People in Times of Trouble March 30, 2020 Ed Stetzer interviews Keith Getty as part of his new coronavirus podcast series. Visit the page. Filed Under: Feature, Worship

The Woodlands First Baptist Church

Amazing job by The Woodlands First Celebration Choir this morning!! Don Barrick, you are the man!!


What Does Shelter-At-Home Mean for Worship? | Renewing Worship


renewingworshipnc.org What Does Shelter-At-Home Mean for Worship? Posted by Kenny Lamm | Covid-19 | 0 Many communities have shelter-at-home orders that severely limits the reasons people can leave their homes. As more stringent restrictions escalate, what does that mean for our livestreaming worship services each week? T...

Texas Baptists

In today's daily encouragement video, Executive Director David Hardage reminds pastors to preach the Gospel this Sunday, as many are listening and ready to respond. Also, draw strength from Ephesians 5:15.

Churches doing drive-in church, this is great info from FBC Kaufman on what they learned from last week’s launch and rules for moving forward this week.


How to approach Easter amid COVID-19 | Renewing Worship


renewingworshipnc.org How to approach Easter amid COVID-19 Posted by Kenny Lamm | Covid-19, Recent | 0 Easter is the highlight of the Christian year—the culmination of the gospel story. Redemption. Resurrection. Eternal life. With churches not being able to celebrate Easter together due to social distancing and limits ...


A group of Nashville studio singers perform an epic cell phone choir


wsmv.com NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -- Many people are working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, but what if your job is as a studio background vocalist?

www.resourcingworship.com Baptist State Convention Worship Consultants have partnered together to compile worship resources to help churches during the COVID-19 crisis. Our colleague, Kenny Lamm from Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has created this collaborative website to share those resources.


5 Helpful Guidelines for Selecting Songs for Online Worship > Oklahoma Baptists

Worship Pastors! Take heed to these great tips on selecting music for your online worship experience from our friend, Randy Lind, Oklahoma Baptist Worship.

oklahomabaptists.org Randy Lind - Worship & Music Ministry Partner



Important info for church leaders to know regarding rights & licensing for streaming.

baptistandreflector.org By Lonnie Wilkey [email protected] FRANKLIN — As more and more churches begin livestreaming their services due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is imperative that they do it properly and legally, according to Scott Shepherd of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board. “The issue is not whether chu...


Status • Church Online Platform Status

Churches using online.church for your streaming platform, here are some updates for the issues they believe to be resolved.


status.online.church Welcome to Status • Church Online Platform's home for real-time and historical data on system performance.


Just because we’re “social distancing” in 3 different states doesn’t mean we can’t still make music together. The 5 of us grabbed our laptops and decided to make this for you. We hope this brings a little peace to whatever situation you find yourself in today.
#coronavirus #quarantine #quarantunes #covid19 #veritasfive #simplyveritas

[03/22/20]   Worship Leaders, think about not picking too high a key if you are expecting people to join you in singing!


Can I mix in MultiTracks or stems in our online audio feed during a live streamed event?

As of March 18th, 2020, in light of COVID-19, MultiTracks has partnered with master owners and record labels to grant their customers a temporary gratis "master use" license that allows you to legally use Master MultiTracks in the live streaming of your online services until further notice. Open the link to see details.

multitrackscom.zendesk.com As of March 18th, 2020, in light of COVID-19, and the number of churches that are transitioning to online services, we have partnered with master owners and record labels to grant our customers a t...


COVID-19 and the Church: An Emergency Physician’s Thoughts | RELEVANT Magazine

Good word for churches right now

relevantmagazine.com Author’s Note: I am an Emergency Medicine Resident and a Resident Representative for the Christian Medical and Dental Association. My Wife, Elizabeth, works as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and we…


Kentucky church held service against governor’s warning. Visitor now has coronavirus.

El Paso Baptist Association Executive Director, Dr. Larry E Floyd says, “Pastors, if you still haven’t shut down physical worship services, here is the reason it is not conducive to continue to decide on meeting for worship services.”

charlotteobserver.com Kentucky governor Andy Beshear urged last week for church services to be canceled statewide amid the coronavirus pandemic. A church in Murray went against the suggestion, and a visitor at Sunday’s service has now tested positive for COVID-19.


Texas Baptists - Worship in the age of COVID-19


texasbaptists.org As churches and communities are forced to adapt to “the new way of doing church” in the age of the Coronavirus outbreak, here are some ways to help make the...


Legally Streaming Sunday Services

linkedin.com Licensing Regarding Streaming Your Sunday Services I recently had a friend ask me about how they can stream their services legally. This is something I am hearing a lot with the recent situation.


LifeWay Worship Offers Gratis Streaming License


LifeWay Worship has empowered Music Services to provide churches with a gratis streaming license for any/all LifeWay Worship-owned audio masters throughout t...


Texas Baptists - Distance Discipleship: Facilitating Virtual Group Connections

texasbaptists.org “Social distancing” has to be the phrase of the month! Yet we all really need social and spiritual connection throughout the current COVID-19 event.


The Church Digital || Consulting for Online Church, Digital Communications


thechurch.digital The Church Digital offers consulting for Churches and Non-Profits looking to do more with Digital Communications, Online Discipleship, and Church Online.


Resources for Family and Small Group Worship in Response to COVID-19 – Artistic Theologian

A great resource for small groups to meet for family and small group worship during these days.



PCBC Midweek Online

pcbc.org PCBC Midweek OnlineWednesday, March 18, 2020, 7:00 PM We will gather online via Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE from the Great Hall for PCBC Midweek Online. This week will feature a "Fireside Chat" format with Pastor Jeff Warren, Travis Cook, Han Oh, and Rolando Aguirre. We'll talk about how our live...

Texas Baptists

In the midst of uncertainty, there is peace and rest to be had when we look to our Lord. Join Texas Baptists this week as we meditate on the truths of scripture and pray for healing in our churches, state, nation and world.


Corporate Worship Amidst the Coronavirus | Renewing Worship


renewingworshipnc.org Corporate Worship Amidst the Coronavirus Posted by Kenny Lamm | Recent, Resources, Worship Leadership | 0 Everyone is well-aware of the impact the coronavirus is having around the world. We are seeing hardest hit areas moving to extremes of asking people to not gather in public assemblies, work from...

Charles Billingsley

Worship leaders, in light of the coronavirus, here’s a suggested set list:
•Are you Washed?
•Give us Clean Hands
•Special Music: Strange Way to Save the world.
•Closer: It is Finished
#coronavirus #worshipleader #setlist #christianhumor

Great end to our Everlasting Choir Celebration! Around 900 registered for Grand Prairie & San Antonio and we are already looking forward to next year with Benji Harlan!

Super day in San Antonio for Everlasting Choir Celebration!


Regarding the coronavirus

Wise words from our friend Jeff Berger at First Baptist Conroe.

jeffbergerblog.wordpress.com Most Christians know that the most frequently-repeated command in Scripture is “Fear not.” It doesn’t mean that it’s a sin to feel afraid. After all, Jesus clearly expressed fear in the Garden of…

Everlasting off to a great start!

10,000 Reasons! First song to sight read at today’s Instrumental Convergence with Camp Kirkland (his arrangement)

Tonight in Abilene!


4 ways to get closer to God if you don't attend church

christianpost.com Christians have steadily stopped attending Church over the past 20 years. Here is why and four ways you can make sure you and your faith don't stagnate.


Texas Baptists - Everlasting Choir Celebration

Tomorrow is last day of early registration for Everlasting! Join us in Grand Prairie or San Antonio!


texasbaptists.org Everlasting Choir Celebration is an opportunity for Boomer and Senior Adult Choirs to come together for rehearsal with a qualified choral director, encouragemen...


Texas Baptists - Everlasting Choir Celebration

texasbaptists.org Everlasting Choir Celebration is an opportunity for Boomer and Senior Adult Choirs to come together for rehearsal with a qualified choral director, encouragemen...

Texas Baptists Music & Worship

Texas Baptists Music & Worship partners with ministry leaders to encourage, provide resources, and develop worship leadership. We help equip churches through training events, consultations, and opportunities for fellowship. To find out more, visit www.texasbaptists.org/music

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Texas Baptists Music & Worship
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