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Victory Church of McKinney

What did the early church do...and why did the Lord add to it daily? Here are some highlights from the message yesterday!

Victory Church of McKinney

Join us on Facebook Live for our livestream this Sunday at 10:30 AM CST. We will discuss just what the Church has been called to devote themselves to! Share and get ready to worship!

Victory Church of McKinney

Pastor Matthew and what prayer will do...


Matthew Long Ministries of Dallas, Texas - "Reaching the world one soul at a time..." This message, entitled "You Paid The Price, Now Dance!," was shared at ...

Time For A word with Pastor Matthew Long " Don't Let Go " In this podcast, Pastor Matthew takes us through 2 Corinthians 4 spotlighting the afflictions and testimony of the Apostle Paul and why we should never let go of the faith that saves us. If you have ever been afflicted and troubled, you need to listen to t...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long "God Is Good All The Time"    What do you hold onto when life causes you to question God and His goodness? Listen to this podcast with Pastor Matthew as he does a study of James 1 proving that God is in fact good all the time, despite whatever the trial is you are currently facing!...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long " Healthy Church Expectations" On today’s podcast, Pastor Matthew addresses what healthy (reasonable) church expectations look like. Have you ever wondered what you are to expect from the Pastors and what they, in turn, expect from the congregation? Tune in and turn in your Bibles to 1 ...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long "Why Should I Confess" Using the example of King David in Psalm 32, we see that hidden sins on earth are an open scandal in Heaven. In this program, Pastor Matthew gives us five reasons and benefits why we need to confess our sins to the Lord. Also discussed are the traits that ...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long "God Honors Persistence" The parable of the crooked judge and persistent widow in Luke 18 is a reminder for us why we should always pray. There are two important questions Pastor Matthew will tackle in this week’s show. 1. Is God like the crooked judge?2. Are we like the persisten...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long " God's Prescription for Depression" On today’s podcast we discuss of what can lead to depression and most importantly, (using the example of Elijah in 1 Kings 19) what God will do for us to help us get out of the mental darkness. You need to hear this! ...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long :"When God Changed the Church's Thinking" We all get into mental ruts and often need God to jar us into new and better ways of thinking. Many of us bring a lot of wrong-thinking into the Christian life. In this episode we explore how God had to change Peter’s way of thinking in order to accomplish...

Time For A Word with Pastor Matthew Long “Assembly Required”

Listen to our first weekly podcast! On this edition, Pastor Matthew tackles the topic, “Do I Have To Attend Church If I’m A Christian?” Is it possible to be an unchurched Christian? Do you need to be part of the local church to be used by God? Listen to this, we’re going into the Word!

We look forward to being in Mt. Pleasant, Texas with our friends at Kingdom Covenant Connection Church!

MissionsRadio Podcast: Give Yourself To God (7/30/2015)

[07/24/15]   A spirit of entitlement has infected the Body of Christ. Always have gratitude and appreciation for others, THEY DID NOT HAVE TO HELP! #Spoiled #Ungrateful

[07/24/15]   Wasted Breath: Preaching about any old problem without providing the solution. REVELATION without APPLICATION leads to FRUSTRATION! #TieThemTogether

The Lord is a MIGHTY GOOD Shepherd! Ain't he ALRIGHT?!

It's Time for a Word: "Encountering Critics"

If you are called to do anything for the Kingdom, expect OPPOSITION and CRITICISM! Don't let those with the 'gift' of discouragement hinder you from what God has directed you to do! Listen and share with others, be blessed!

[07/16/15]   Constant criticism is NOT a gift of the Holy Spirit! Yeah, you're being led by a spirit alright...but it ain't HOLY!

[07/15/15]   I am automatically leery of church folk that only want to speak to others when they view them as a candidate for business commerce. So let me get this straight, you can't talk to me in the hallway, but just so happened to be thinking of me and the welfare of my family? #WalletOnLockdown #TransparentMotive

[07/14/15]   CATCH and SHARE THIS: Beware folks who only support you privately but will never vouch for you publicly. No covert connections welcome! #CloakAndDaggerPartners #SleuthfulSaints #ImminentBetrayal

[07/14/15]   We are in an unprecedented age of total ignorance and deception in the Body of Christ. We live in the season of 'sounds like a good idea,' folks with a tinker's dam knowledge of the Word have become a 'voice' preaching damnable heresy, Protestant and Catholic leaders moonlighting with those who have Anti-Christ agendas all in the name of 'peace,' and all the while we are taking steps leading millions to Hell. Matthew 24:24 is transpiring before your very eyes. Understand the signs of the times, soon and very soon we are going to see THE KING! #Discernment #CatchThis

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[07/10/15]   THE END OF SHOW AND TELL: Jesus accepted Thomas’ doubt-filled demand for personal examination, challenging him to look and touch His wounds to see for himself that Jesus had truly risen from the dead. But going forward, Jesus would not deal with doubt by submitting to personal examinations. People want to see and believe, but with Jesus it is now hear and believe. While Jesus did make a special appearance for Thomas, it was just that – a SPECIAL appearance. Jesus has already done enough to prove that He is Lord and God!

[07/10/15]   I once heard a general in the faith say this to us in a Bible training class when I was younger: "Please consider your attire before ascending the stage and taking the pulpit. If we can see more skin on your body than Bible in your message, go back to the closet. (And while you are in there, pray through!)"

[07/07/15]   I have learned that you cannot help everyone, try as you might. Some folks are NOT promotable! Do not put your reputation on the line to open doors for those that have a repeated history of burning bridges!

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[07/03/15]   Psalm 23 asks the reader: "Do you want to know how well the Shepherd has blessed me when I trust him in the valley season? Look at my ENEMIES, look at my HEAD, look at my CUP!" #PeepThis

[07/02/15]   It is the height of arrogance (or ignorance) when you put your critical mouth on the ministry of EVERY preacher (out of your own insecurities) then expect everyone take you seriously when it comes time to minister. #SitDown #KingdomHindrance

[07/01/15]   We are on the brink of American Christianity facing SEVERE persecution (regarding more than just a 501c3). The AUTHENTIC Church shall soon see vacancies in pews that were once inhabited by those that merely PLAYED church. Mark 13:13 tells us that we will be hated for the Lord's name sake, but (THE GOOD NEWS IS) those that endure unto the end shall be saved. #HoldOn #HeIsComingBack #JesusStrong #KingdomMinded #WinInTheEnd

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[06/23/15]   Church Ministry Leaders: It does not create a conducive environment to retain church volunteers when they are berated (especially for situations that are out of their control). Keyword: VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers are not there for a check, they are there to function in service to the Body of Christ. More than likely, there are several hundred churches in a twenty mile radius; yours does not have to be the one where they serve.

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[06/19/15]   The weeds of doubt grow fast and strong in the soil of isolation.

[06/18/15]   Prayers for Charleston, SC. It is a reminder that there is an enemy always at work. #BeSoberBeVigilant

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