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I love it, Jesus is Lord
May God do great wonders that will beat human imagination the power of his resurrection will be made real in Jesus name Amen
Excellent way of preaching the gospel around the world, need now more than ever !
Our two local leadership teams for the Pokomo and Waata tribes in Tana River county today met with Bramuel Musya of our CAP Team to review their Bible stories and pray together before a recording session for their cycle 1 process. Thank you for your support to Spoken Worldwide; God's Stories are going where written words can't go!

Spoken Worldwide Deliver Truth...Where Written Words Can't Go www.spoken.org

Over 4 Billion people in the world do not read as their primary method of learning. These people represent oral cultures or oral preference cultures and they consume information via stories, songs, proverbs and poetry. They do not read books, newspapers or magazines. Spoken communicates Truth to these oral cultures among the poorest of the poor around the world with communication strategies that fit the style they are accustomed to using. These stores, songs and dramas are created and recorded in the local communities and shared via digital audio devices in small listening groups for interactive discussion. Lives are changed forever in these small group discussions, and therefore this work, this calling is burned on our hearts. These people have been overlooked for so long - please join with us in reaching out a hand to help them grow.

Spoken Worldwide is 100% focused on crafting Christ-centered communications strategies for oral cultures. We partner with domestic and international churches and ministries to develop and distribute holistic audio content to accomplish Transformation that conveys Truth, offers context-sensitive Translation (not just linguistic), recognizes Trust is core to communication and utilizes appropriate Technology.

Mission: Distributing life-changing information in culturally appropriate forms through local partnerships

“Let's us pray that our efforts to educate and help our communities will be fruitful and greatly impact them”- Spoken Leader, Ghana

Mission Network News

COVID-19 restrictions leave a lot for church leaders to consider as churches start to gather again. Spoken Worldwide

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Please pray with us. Currently 98% of our partners and local leaders we serve report they are facing food scarcity. Markets closing, interstate travel restrictions and poor farming have all contributed to this challenge. We ask you to be a PRAYER WARRIOR, for our brothers and sisters in Christ and to pray that God will provide for ALL of their physical needs at this time. Let us unite and give hope to vulnerable families struggling to survive.

Did you know you can join the Spoken mission team without leaving your home? By donating today and offering a monthly recurring gift to Spoken, YOU become one of our valued disciples and your generosity brings much needed resources to your fellow disciples in the field. Won’t you join our mission and help bring Truth to oral learners around the globe? 👉Click the link to join today - https://spoken.org/landing_page/monthly/

#SpokenDisciple #DigitalDisciple #DonateToDisciple

Restrictions in Ghana have eased and religious gatherings are now allowed for groups smaller than 100 people. Pray for the oral learners that have gathered together to discuss the story of The Lost Sheep, Luke 15:1-7. We praise God for all He is doing during these challenging times!

Pray with us as we ask the Lord for peace in the US, and to unite all persons to love as He intended.

We invite you to be a part of God's work at Spoken by praying with us today.

Did you know? The content created by indigenous leaders, such as poems, songs, and stories, are recorded in their heart language. That content is then used to facilitate small Bible discussion groups with oral learners. When listeners engage with Scripture passages in their preferred language, they receive the Word of God without unnecessary barriers.

*Spoken leaders are adhering to the COVID-19 recommended social distancing precautions. This picture was previously taken last year.

Biblical stories can be shared in households and small groups that are practicing social distancing. Technology, like MP3 players and SD cards with ready-made content and stories, can be easily distributed to oral learners within the community. We pray God will strengthen all who hear!

“Through these storytellers, God has done many wonderful things. For the first time, people can know about God and know that He is the creator of all the Earth.” - Spoken Leader, India

*Spoken leaders are adhering to the COVID-19 recommended social distancing precautions, including limiting the group size to 10 persons. This picture was previously taken last year.

Local leaders in Nigeria are making face masks for our ILT team to support them as they continue discipling their small groups! We are so proud of their ongoing dedication to share Truth!

This past March, Victor, (pictured in the orange shirt) was being trained as a program manager for an Indigenous Leadership Team under the Pastor Development Program. Victor and the other team members (pictured here) are volunteering with no hopes of compensation or technology. They are FAITHFUL men laboring for God and for their community to hear the word of God!

*Spoken leaders are adhering to the COVID-19 recommended social distancing precautions, including limiting the group size to 10 persons. This picture was previously taken.


Spoken Audio: Jesus Birth - Spoken

STORYTIME: Pastor Edward from Ghana tells the story of the birth of Jesus from Mathew 1:18-24, Listen in his mother tongue Kusaal, to experience it as a community member in Ghana. 👉To listen to Pastor Edward, click here - https://spoken.org/jesus-birth/

spoken.org Pastor Edward tells the story of Jesus' birth in English and in Kusaal.

Our mission staff is sending messages of encouragement and praying for us and with us. Right now, churches are no longer meeting in large groups, but people have been meeting in families and groups of about four people. Reports that our content in audio devices are of great help right now as the church continues to meet in small groups. We praise God and lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Mission field staff are feeling encouraged and are finding ways to effectively minister during this time. Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for our field staff as they learn to lead Spoken programs in new ways.

"As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day- though I know not how to relate them all. I will come and proclaim your mighty acts, Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim your righteous deeds, yours alone.” - Psalm 71:14-16

This year the Pastor Development Program’s goal is to complete 10 community development stories and 30 Bible stories for each country and in each spoken language. The PDP is currently working in 8 different countries, and seeks to have advanced spiritual growth for ALL local leaders. Pray with us that we will meet these goals so that unreached oral learners can be reached with Truth. *Local leaders are pictured here completing an exercise in working together to accomplish more than they could on their own.*

We invite you to be a part of God's work at Spoken by praying with us today.

“In the community where I lived, I was the only Christian. The Dukawa people in the village were Muslims. I have been preaching to them about Christ. I did not know how to read and write in either the Hausa language or in English - which became a barrier to preach or share the love of God. Anytime I go to them to preach, I am always short of words to convince a sinner to see the need for him to repent. But since the time I received the audio device, it became my voice to share the love of God. As a result of this device and the stories on it, seven Muslims and their families have accepted Christ to be their Lord and personal Savior. There was no Church before in the village, but now we are a Church.” - Spoken Local leader, West Africa

Spoken’s Pastor Development Program serves communities that are oral in their style of learning. The 3- year program enables emerging local leaders, pastors and partner ministries to create and utilize passages of scripture and community development information in the form of stories, songs, dramas or poems. These are then used in active discipleship and evangelism to create a network of leaders for lasting and sustainable ministry in each community.

*Spoken leaders are adhering to the COVID-19 recommended social distancing precautions, including limiting the group size to 10 persons. This photo was previously taken last year.


Living Vertically in a Horizontal World - Spoken

A new blog post on our website is now live!

"While we feel out of control, we rejoice in knowing that God IS in control, and His sovereignty covers this pandemic and any other crisis we’ve been through in the past, or will go through in the future."

spoken.org We’ve found ourselves, unwillingly, in the middle of a medical crisis. Our once busy lifestyles have come to an abrupt halt. And we are suddenly aware of our dependence on these elements. This is what I like to call horizontal living.

Our field teams use creative ways to help oral learners process and best understand Bible passages. One way, as pictured above, is by using a cutout magazine puzzle to help internalize the passage. Other creative ways include drawing or acting out the passage. By doing this, oral learners enthusiastically engage with and internalize Bible stories in a new way.

*Spoken leaders are adhering to the COVID-19 recommended social distancing precautions, including limiting the group size to 10 persons. This photo was previously taken last year.


Nigerian pastors are training for ministry in a violent country - Mission Network News

The Nigerian government has finally acknowledged that radical Islamist groups like Boko Haram are targeting Christians for attacks. It only recently released a statement saying as much, but the problem has been going on for years.

Here is a more in-depth look at what Christians in Northern Nigeria are facing.

"Believers in the West need to surround their African brothers and sisters in prayer. They’re out there doing a pretty lonely job. And so if we can come alongside in prayer, that’s going to be incredibly valuable.”- Ed Weaver CEO

mnnonline.org Nigeria (MNN) — In Nigeria, the violence towards Christians at the hands of Muslims continues, but Spoken Worldwide is training pastors anyway.

Meet Mrs. Margret. She is one of the first-generation disciples in her heart language in West Africa. After training with a Spoken leader under the Pastor Development Program, she felt it was God’s calling for her to go to the neighboring village where she could reach out to the women, so they too, could listen to the word of God. She has now led a group of women, and not only shared the gospel but has shared community development stories. Most notably, one story talks about the potential dangers of delivering a child at home. As a result, lives have been saved. Today, Margret’s disciples are now in the field, sharing the same messages helping to extend Margret’s reach. Praise God for Margret and the work she is doing in His name.


Newsletter | 2020 Q1 - Spoken

Our first newsletter of the year has arrived in your mailboxes. This edition focuses on our Pastor Development Program and describes how the program works, the progress we’ve made, and an inspirational transformation story. Be sure to check it out for a detailed update!

Not currently receiving our newsletter? It is now available to read digitally on our website - https://spoken.org/2020-quarter-1-newsletter/

spoken.org In our 2019 Newsletters we explored the various aspects of orality and how Spoken Delivers truth. In this issue, we bring it all together and show how it's happening around the world.

Happy Easter, He is Risen! “For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.” - 1 Thessalonians 4:14

“In God I trust and am not afraid.”- Psalm 56:11

A group being trained to work with oral cultures in Mozambique comes forward to pray immediately after hearing the word of God!

*Spoken leaders are adhering to the COVID-19 recommended social distancing precautions, including limiting the group size to 10 persons. Photo shown was previously taken in February.

As many governments have halted public gatherings such as religious activities, leaders are continuing to find ways to share the Word of God. Last week, Dr. Ray Neu, Spoken’s Director of Orality Coaching, taught program leaders via phone how to learn and share biblical stories in an oral format. Pray for God's guidance and protection during this time so that we may continue to facilitate ministry in a safe and effective way.

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.”- Psalm 95:6-7

We invite you to be a part of God's work at Spoken by praying with us today.

We praise God for the 17 Bible stories that were recorded in Liberia last weekend. The Coaching Program in Liberia now has more than 50 stories completed! Even through difficult times, FAITHFUL leaders are laboring for their communities in order to best reach oral learners through stories.

We have a God of Hope. When we are going through stressful and difficult times, He reminds us each day to find our peace and strength in Him.

"Today, the people of our Church had a fasting prayer, and all those who participated in it worshipped God, and when the time came to share the word of God, we shared a story of the Bible, instead of preaching. They continued to meditate for a long time on the Bible story. The main thing was that if it had been preaching, only one man would have spoken, and the other people would have only listened. But everyone got into the story, and every man discussed what they thought and took from the story, and to better know God's will. It was truly amazing." - Spoken Leader, India

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The Need Most missiologists agree that 60-70 percent of the world does not read: - They either cannot (illiterate), do not (semi-literate) or will not (oral preference) - Removing populations from North America and Western Europe 80 percent of the missions focus is in this category of “oral learner”. - Oral learners consume information via stories, songs, dramas, village proverbs, and poetry, rather than through reading. The Solution - Spoken is one of a handful of ministries that exclusively focus on this audience. - We partner with indigenous leaders to design and record appropriate communication strategies for evangelism, discipleship or pastor training and include community development content to meet the needs of the whole person. - All audio recordings are placed on digital audio devices with external speakers to enable small listening groups to gather and discuss life-changing information. - We believe that third party evaluation is critical to unbiased analysis of how we performed as ministry, but more importantly how God has moved through the programs He has enabled.

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