US Full Gospel Mission Texas

US Full Gospel Mission Texas


Your objectives are what?
Mr Ghamu Amos Bonzum is the founder,President and Chairman of Amos money organisation.He is a living evidence of God's grace blessings.
Jesus is the lover of my life and because he leaves i can cornfes to morro because he leaves all fear is gone Amenooooo
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How are u ppl doing dad, more grace
We need those who have gone up to carry us up every man in this life needs a man to hold his hand to the place of destiny hold this young generation
Voiceofhope Devotionals Topic: The Believer's responsibility towards the Bible Pt.8 Text: Psalms 119:9 How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. 8) To daily live by the word: we have a choice to live by their word or by any other thing. The psalmist here says an effective & productive holy life comes by living by the word i.e allowing the word to influence, transform & shape our mindsets, lifestyles, actions, etc. Our actions & lives should always agree to the teachings & standards of God's words. Never adjust the word of God to your standard & culture. Rather adjust from your culture & standards towards the word of God. Moses said the word of God is our very life Dt.32:46-47. Jesus in Mt 4:4 said we live by the word of God. We live by the word when we permit the life of the word to be in us. Jn.6:63, 2cor.3:6 and permit the word to teach us, rebuke us, instruct us, correct us in all righteousness according to 2Tim.3:16. We must live up to the word, patterning our lives in light of the word/Gospel we received. Eph.4:1, 20-24, 2 Thes.3:6. We must permit the word of God to nourish our hearts & life until our lives become the product of the word, till we become the visible word, the practical & tangible word i.e living epistles 2Cor.3:2-3. We become wordy or word-incarnate. We feed on it, act the word, speak the word, live the word. Christians are the bibles the world of sinners and pagans can read better. 1Thes.1:6-9. Our lives should not hinder the gospel. It should rather further it. Paul says the word is effectively at work in us who believe. 1Thes.2:13 and our faith which is the result of the word should be known by all. We must permit the word of God to move from the bible to our hearts, to grow from our hearts through our lives & actions to our communities. We need daily examination to see if we are still acting in the faith. 2 Cor.13:5. Do we live daily by the word of God? Can people read and believe the bible through our lives? Are we living epistles? Are we adjusting the word to suit us or adjusting our lives to meet up with the the demands of the word? Prayers: Lord may your word be my very life and actions, help me become your living & visible bible everywhere, that my life constantly reflects and radiates your life & word in Jesus' name! Amen! Wait for the next episode. God bless u. Brother John Neba Full Gospel mission. Cameroon. Center of Hope Mancho Street. email: [email protected] Tel: +237672259161, +237695417462
Voiceofhope Devotionals Topic: The Believer's responsibility towards the Bible Pt.7 Text:Ps.119:30-31: I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws. I hold fast to your statutes, LORD; do not let me be put to shame. 7) To hold fast to the word: Mankind in these last days generally has the tendency to turned away or drift from the truth & from God's standards 1Tim.4:1. We must be careful not drift away or follow those who have drifted Heb.2:1-3, Mic.4:5, To holdfast means to be stable in commitment & convictions, to be loyal to the word, to bond ourselves to the word. A true believer will resolve to be steadfast to the word of God, to hold fast to God's status irrespective of the numerous deviations & compromises around him/her. What is right is not based on what everybody around you is doing. The popular opinion or idea is not always the proper idea. We must deny every wrong, preachings, revelations, practices, ideas and philosophies around us which are wrong and stick only to the word of God which is authentic. Ps.119:101, The psalmist took a commitment to stick to the word of God. Paul told Timothy to hold on to the pattern of sound doctrine 2Tim.1:13, 3:14, God told Joshua not to turn from the word to the left or to the right Josh.1:7, Moses told the Israelites to cleave to the word of God. Jude writes to the church to contend for the faith Jd.1:4. It takes a personal decision and commitment to hold fast to what the bible says, to hang on the teachings of the word even when you are the only one, God is asking you to refuse to be tossed by every wind of doctrine or fall for any & everything, to refuse to follow every new thing in the name of revelation which contradicts the word of God. A true & maturing disciple is also proven by his steadfast commitment to the truth Jn.8:32, Eph.4'14-16. Apostle John was happy to hear that his spiritual children were still walking in faithfulness & the truth after several years. 3Jn.1:3 God is asking us to hold fast to his word & ways. 1Thes.5:21. Rev.3:11 For how long do you want to hold on to the truth & God's ways? If Jesus stays for 30 more years, will you still be standing for what you first believed? How many of us easily change our commitment to the word? Are you amongst those drifting away from the truth? Are you still holding to the pure word that was given to you? Are you unstable in your convictions & faith? Prayer: Father, help me to stay true to your word, that I be rooted in your word. That my heart will be steadfast on your word in Jesus' name! Amen. Wait for the next episode. God bless u. Brother John Neba Full Gospel mission. Cameroon. Center of Hope Mancho Street. email: [email protected] Tel: +237672259161, +237695417462
Voiceofhope Devotionals Topic: The Believer's responsibility towards the Bible Pt.6 Text: Ps.119:8 I will obey your decrees; do not utterly forsake me. 6) To Keep & obey the word of God: this is our greatest, choice, task and responsibility with regards to the word of God. The word of God is beneficial to us as we mix it with faithful obedience. Obedience is the practical applications we make with what we hear from God's word. It is the positive actions and response to the word of God. Obedience is demanded repeatedly from us over a thousand times. It is our loving & reverential obedience to the word & God that binds us to our covenant relationship with Him. Our righteousness is in our obedience Dt.6:25, Mt.7:24-30, 1Jn.3:7. Christ lordship over us is proven by our obedience to his words. Lk.6:46. Our covenant blessings are tied to our our obedience to the word of God Dt.28:1. Obedience is not first of all what we do but the attitude of submitting our hearts and surrendering our wills to God, his ways, will, and committing our selves to do just all he wants & pleases. Right actions taken without submission of the heart and will is rebellion in disguise & self deception. God evaluates our obedience from the loyalty and submission of our hearts towards his word & will. Obedience validates & strengthens our love for God. Jn.14:15. We must observe to obey all that which is commanded in the scriptures. Josh.1:8, Dt.28:1-2, 6:24-25. Partial obedience or selective obedience is unacceptable before God. God demands total obedience to his word even when it is costly, difficult, or apparently foolish. Do you struggle to submit and obey God's word? Are you selective in your obedience of scriptures? Do you have a willing heart to obey? Is there an area of disobedience in your heart to God? Prayer: Lord give me a submissive heart, a willing & an obedient heart. Teach & help me to obey your word at all times in Jesus' name! Amen. Wait for the next episode. God bless u. Wait for the next episode. God bless u. Brother John Neba Full Gospel mission. Cameroon. Center of Hope Mancho Street. email: [email protected] Tel: +237672259161, +237695417462

We are committed to God in touch hearts, transforming lives and to influence the world with the gospel of Christ. Also, we do charitable projects.

We are committed to the Holy Spirit in creating real fellowship between believers and cultivating honesty, humility, courtesy, confidentiality, frequency in the body of Christ. Speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the head, that. Is Christ. Ephesians 4/15 (NIV.). Our goal is to help everyone to find God's abundant grace. So you are welcome to partner with USFGM and together we will make an eternal difference. USFGM's core values Reverence to God, Integrity, Compassion, Excellency, Love, and Respect for each person.

Mission: Scholarship, Empowerment, Seminar, Evangelistic Conference,

Operating as usual

US Full Gospel Mission Texas

Paul was tortured and then beheaded by the evil Emperor Nero at Rome in A.D. 67. Paul endured a lengthy imprisonment, which allowed him to write his many epistles to the churches he had formed throughout the Roman Empire. These letters, which taught many of the foundational Doctrines of Christianity, form a large portion of the New Testament.

Perhaps this is a reminder to us that our sufferings here are indeed minor compared to the intense persecution and cold cruelty faced by the apostles and disciples during their times For the sake of the Faith.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: But he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

Pass on to encourage other Christians.

Many have suffered and given their lives so that you can hear about the good news, That Jesus the Son of God came to us, Suffered for us, Died for our Sins, Arose from the grave triumphantly, and is now seated on the Right Hand of Almighty God, interceding for us. That, same Jesus, now our Lord and Saviour will be coming back again to execute judgment upon this earth as recorded in the Book of Revolution.
God’s people, it is time we stand up and stand out for Christ as we see the signs of His coming soon

2 Timothy 1/12-14
Gentiles. For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.
Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. That good thing which was committed unto thee keep by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us.

Seven important life journey lesson that can help you finish strongly as a child of God
1) Every negative challenge can be used as a stepping stone to life victory.

2) A Thanksgiving Mind or Heart is Trusting God for the Present and Future

3) The places Jesus want to reach you, show how far He can go to touch you

4) Life is not measured by the number of breath you take but by the moments that take your breath away

5) A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain.

6) Always Remember You need some people in your life to reach your dream goal line.

7) Always Trust your God with the people, He has put in your life to help you reach your dream goals.

When we come back, remember that we are just a guests. And Not masters or owner of this world."
We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another world.
Suddenly Disney is out of magic,
Paris is no longer romantic,
New York doesn't stand up anymore,
the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress, and Mecca is empty.
Hugs & kisses suddenly become weapons, and not visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.
Suddenly you realise that power, beauty & money are worthless, and can't get you the oxygen you're fighting for.
The world continues its life and it is beautiful. It only puts humans in cages. I think it's sending us a message:
"Really, we are not necessary. The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine.
When we come back, remember that we are just a guests. And Not masters."
Please just think about this, whenever your spirit or heart, stop thinking about God
Matthew 10/28
We have said God is love and He can not destroy man, my people the word of God is true and God will do what He says in His word, so read and study it for yourself.

We should not compete with one another, but congratulate those who get there before us.
I believe this life has an express road that we are allowed to overtake each other.
Please trust God in all you do or say, your life is not your own but His because He has the power to take both your spirit and body, do well to fear only God and not any sickness or what man can do against you.
Know He is the keeper of your soul.
Stop competing with others
Live your life journey today as there is no other day to come.
Love one other as yourself

God’s Plan is always the best. Sometimes the process is painful and hard.
But don’t forget that when God is silent, He is doing something great for you
So walk with God when your heart needs company.
Turn to God when you need someone to lean on.
Take God’s hand when you feel lost and alone.
When no one can be there, remember God is always there. You are never alone!

[04/06/20]   A story to learn from
I went to a GCB Banking hall some time ago, as I was about entering the hall, a lady ran ahead of me and pushed me away so she could quickly joined the long queue before I got to the queue.
I did not say anything, she thought I will queue up behind her but I was actually not there to withdraw, I went to deposit.
So I walked to the deposit teller and I was the only one there. No single person on the queue.
When I finished depositing, I was about leaving the hall, when this lady came from the queue and apologized to me for pushing me away from the line.
With "sorry smile on her face" she said: I am very sorry dear for pushing you away, I thought you were coming to the queue to withdraw..............
I smiled and told her not to bother that it's not a big deal.
*Friends, believe me, I learnt a big lesson from that incident*.
Who are you 'pushing' away and trying to outrun in the race of destiny, relationship, business, ministry, career, marriage, political position or appointment?
How many People have you pushed aside, pushed away or pushed down on this platform or in this life?
Are you among those that destroy people through pushing?
By slandering them, hindering their progress, blocking their promotion, lying, backstabbing, condemning them before their helpers, backbiting, discriminating, and spoiling their good names either through lies or rumor all in a bid to 'get there' before them?
I challenge you today to take it easy because you might not be going to the same destination.
Unknown to you, the path may look alike but your destinations are different.
It might surprise you later that, with all the pushing away you are doing or planning to do, they may still leave you in the 'queue' of destiny and go ahead of you.
Has anyone ever pushed you away, aside, or down in your school, office, ministry, business, marriage,relationship, church or workplace?
Are they trying to push you away or have they pushed you away already so that they can get ahead of you?
Don't worry, God will use your case to prove to them that, "it is not of him who runs, but of the Lord that shows mercy. He will show you mercy and give you an overtaking speed and those who are pushing you here and there will later come and tell you they are sorry.
Beloved friends;
Please push nobody! because you might not be heading to the same destination.
May God help us all and if we can PUSH let do it God’s way.

[03/30/20]   Greeting brethren we believe you all are blessed and safe

Appreciate what you have, since you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s taken away from you
That’s when it too late

Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

Mistake is a single page of life, but relation is a complete book. So don’t lose a full book for a single page.

Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go
Nothing can stop God’s Plan for your life
Isaiah 14:27

Never lose hope. Just when you think it’s over, God will send you a miracle!
Faith makes everything possible.
Hope makes everything work.
Love makes everything beautiful.
Jesus makes everything justifiable.
The Holy Spirit makes everything Knowledgeable
God makes everything eternal

[03/10/20]   Greeting brethren, we want to thank all who attended papa and mama Manga’s visit and pastor and madam Ojong’s child dedication service last Sunday at US Full Gospel Mission in Texas
Thanks again and stay blessed

[03/02/20]   Greeting brethren, I believe all is well,
Just to inform you all papa Manga and wife from Cameroon are in Maryland but they will be in Dallas on Saturday and at US Gospel Mission on Sunday March 8, 2020 to attend their grandson DANIEL EMEH OJONG’S dedication.
Please Invite a friend
No other moment like this, to have our mother in the house @ 10am.
👉God’s Word
👉Prophetic declaration etc.
with God in control.
Come and be bless!
From 10:00am to 12:30pm
At 9550 Forest Lane Suite 420 Dallas Texas 75243

[01/01/20]   Happy new year to you all and we pray that “2020 will be a Year of Praises and Access into God’s Abundance for Kingdom Expansion”

[05/12/19]   Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers

[02/18/19]   If you allow the light that shines on you become the spotlight,
but not the light from inside of you,
it will kill you.

Many of us wants to be in the front line but few will like to work from the background.

I think the best place to saved, is when no one knows but the master Himself.

Please let learn to save the Lord from our hearts or as our calling and not from our feeling or talents.

[01/21/19]   Come with us to Israel November 3, to November 10, 2019 to celebrate my Justina Eben’s birthday at Holy land Tours Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus.

To confirm your reservation, a non-refundable deposit of $250 USD per person is due at time of booking, then you will have the chance to pay in instalments and finalize the full payment by 60 days prior to departure.

Please be advise to pay your reservation fee by February ending, if you would like us to hold a space for you by calling 214-924-7236 or email us at [email protected]

Please find the rates for the Tour Package below. I’m giving you both rates, for the Regular Tour to Join a Group and also the rate for your own Private Tour and ticket only cost $1316 – with American and Israeli Airlines

REGULAR TOUR - Dates: November 3 - 10, 2019
PRIVATE GROUP TOUR - Dates: November 3 - 10, 2019
Hotel Category
Price per person based on Double Occupancy
3 stars
$ 1,427 USD
3 .5 stars
$ 1,567 USD
✓ Sharing Transfers on arrival & departure
✓ 7 Nights accommodation
✓ Daily Buffet Breakfast
✓ Daily Dinners throughout the tour (except in Day 2 in 3* Package)
✓ 6 touring days as per itinerary
✓ Professional licensed English speaking guide
✓ All transport and entrance fees to the sites visited as per itinerary

For Private Tour -Group Holy land Tours Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus Tour – Sunday to Sunday. Dates: November 3 - 10, 2019 information (based on 15 paying passengers)
Hotel Category
Price per person based on Double Occupancy
$ 1,660 USD (will offer 3.5 Hotels)
✓ 1 FREE Land Package for every 15 paying passengers
✓ Meeting and assistance upon arrival and departure at Airport by IBMT Tour Rep.
✓ Escorted group transfers on arrival and departure
✓ IBMT hat and wallet
✓ 7 nights’ accommodation at the suggested hotels
✓ 6 full days of touring in a deluxe air-conditioned motor coach
✓ All visits and entrance fees to sites as per your itinerary
✓ Government Licensed English Speaking guide
✓ Daily buffet breakfast
✓ Daily Dinner throughout the tour
✓ 1 Lunch “Traditional first century meal”
✓ *Nazareth Village program
✓ Porterage at hotels and airport

Believe me, God has empowered you and I this 2019 To Endure, Overcome, Overtake, and Recover all
2 Kings 6/10-17

Ezekiel 22/30

AND In This 2019 I Will Remember as I wake up each morning, THAT I was created to SUCCEED, designed to WIN, equipped to OVERCOME, anointed to PROSPER and blessed to become a BLESSING!

No matter what it takes, I WILL continue to Endure, Overcome, Overtake because I will surely Recover all God’s blessings

To Make A Difference And Impact Others By Living A Legacy For Other To Follow

With humble and thanksgiving mind set I will:





Justina and John Eben

[12/23/18]   You are also invited for Rebecca Ejah Eben Love Fountain’s Children Christmas gifts Event, we have forty gifts of ten dollar each and five special $20.00 dollar gift to the children who will answer the must questions
Tomorrow Sunday 23, 2018
Time: 10am
9550 Forest Lane
Suite 420
Dallas Texas 75243

If a child want a special gift for the ten dollar than you will need to text the name of the gift and the child’s name with the name of the store for us to get that gift.

[11/22/18]   We will live to appreciate our God for His love and blessings
Happy Thanksgiving To You All

Never lose hope. Just when you think it’s over, God will send you a miracle!
Faith makes everything possible.
Hope makes everything work.
Love makes everything beautiful.
Jesus makes everything justifiable.
The Holy Spirit makes everything Knowledgeable
God makes everything eternal

[10/04/18]   This preacher was driving home one night with his wife and two daughters in the car. It was dark, raining and intensely so and the pastor could hardly see past his headlights.

On the way he had to drive over a huge bridge. There were posted signs "DO NOT PICK UP HITCH-HIKERS."

By the base of the bridge, there was an institution for the criminally insane and sometimes people would escape from it and try to catch a ride.

On this night, as the pastor slowly approached the bridge, a man suddenly appeared in the headlights.
He was soaked, standing in the middle of the road, frantically waving his shirt over his head and screaming.

The preacher's wife cautioned her husband , "Oh please don't stop, try to drive around him!"

Car was too close, the man was unavoidable, except to stop or kill him.

As soon as the Pastor stoped, the man slapped his hand down on the hood of the car and continued screaming, at the top of his lungs, unabated.

The preacher looked over at his wife and said to lock the door after him and not to unlock it until he returned.

His family understandably perturbed and crying, pleaded with him not to get out of the car.

He opened the door and stepped outside...He was immediately soaked from the rain.

As he approached the the man, all of a sudden he could make out what the man was screaming,


As these words registered in the pastor's mind, he looked back in the car at his wife and two daughters. He wrapped his arm around the man and wept in gratitude.

The preacher stood there with the man for the next half-hour in the middle of the road, waving his jacket above his head screaming to warn other commuters.


For a lost and a dying world, "THE BRIDGE IS OUT!"

For a people heading to a Christless Eternity,"THE BRIDGE IS OUT!"

where are the men and the women who will stand in the middle of the road and forbid people to perish ?


Where are those who will stand in the gap, on the streets, the highways and the byways to forbid multitudes with the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, to warn others from going to such a horrible place ?


Remember JESUS Loves us all and wants nothing, absolutely nothing but that we be saved . .....

If you can, please share this message to all your friends and enemies, if any, both Saved and unsaved.

THE BRIDGE IS OUT.! And Time is Running Out

If you choose not to share nothing will happen.

It just won't hurt to encourage one another.


We should not compete with one another, but congratulate those who get there before us.
I believe this life has an express road that we are allowed to overtake each other

[10/01/18]   My brothers and sisters remember, this battle is of the Lord


· Laziness kills marriage

· Suspicion kills marriage

· Lack of trust kills marriage

· Lack of mutual respect kills marriage

· Unforgiveness kills marriage (Forgiveness is not optional but mandatory)

· Arguments kills marriage

· Keeping secrets from your spouse kills marriage

· Every form of infidelity kills marriage (financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc)

· Poor communication kills marriage

. Lies easily kills marriage, be sincere to your spouse in every aspect.

· Relating more with your parents than your spouse kills marriage

· Lack of, inadequate or unenjoyable sex kills marriage.

· Nagging kills marriage

· Too much talk and careless talk kills marriage

· Spending less or little time with your spouse kills marriage

· Being too independent minded kills marriage

· Love for party, money and spending/partying kills marriage

· Exposing the inadequacies of your spouse to your parents or siblings kills marriage

· Not being steadfast/fervent in the spirit kills not only marriage but your life

· Spurning correction and reprimand kills marriage.

· Always wearing a sad face and being moody kills marriage.

· FEMINISM ADVOCACY kills marriage.

· Uncontrolled or hot temperament kills marriage.

· Not understanding your role and position in marriage as instituted by God kills marriage.

· Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your spouse kills marriage

· When anything threatens the position/security of a wife, her reaction(s) will be detrimental to her marriage.

· Lack of the knowledge of the word of God kills marriage.

May God bring healing to every troubled home and family. Amen

.Please, save a marriage today by sharing this.

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