Tree of Knowledge Coven

The Tree of Knowledge Coven is located in Dallas, Texas teaching and celebrating Witchcraft from The Spiral Web Tradition.

The Tree of Knowledge Coven follows a triple path of study that mirrors the sacred tree with its roots connecting it deeply to the earth, the trunk that connects it to the life we share, and the flexible branches and fluttering leaves that connect it to the heavens above. To Learn – the roots are the foundation for our path To Do – the trunk is our actions in the world To Know – the heavenly leaves are our connection to the divine As Above, So Below As Within, So Without As the Universe, So the Soul

Mission: Our mission is to teach and inspire strong witches to make a positive impact on their world by working practical and creative magic every day. Together, we will build strong connections to the earth and each other and even stronger magic for ourselves, our communities, and our world; transforming ourselves and everything around us in the process.

A Modern Pagan Guide to Cursing

I really like how sensible this is. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Cursing is the big hammer in the toolbox of the magician. You don’t need it often, and if you try to use it when you need a smaller tool you’ll just make things worse. But when you need it, you need it.

Blessed Ostara. May this time bring you balance.

CoG expresses concern for community over COVID-19

via CoG expresses concern for community over COVID-19 via CoG expresses concern for community over COVID-19

Clear The Path ​5 Signs It's Time To Change Your Life

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A Lonely Mystic by Molly Remer

Love this. I want to be a lonely mystic dwelling in devotion, constantly dialoging with divinity, drenched in wonder, and doused with delight in knowing my place in the family of things. I want to weave spell…

May you have a blessed Imbolc.

A Talk with the Creators of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot One of the most exciting new Tarot decks that I’ve seen in some time is the Herbcrafter’s Tarot, with art work by Joanna Powell Colbert and a wonderful book by Latisha Guthrie. They re…

Inner Journey Events

Imbolg & Lá Fhéile Bríde (St Brigid’s Day) will soon be here, celebrating early spring, and the goddess Brighid and St Brigid.

Brighid lights the fires of the hearth, inspiration, and the forge, and is the patron of both the healing arts (and childbirth), the creative arts and the sacred wells.

Let Brighid inspire your cruthaitheacht (creativity in Irish) as you light a candle for Brighid, create your Brighid’s Cross, altar, and prepare your Bhrat Bríde (strips of red cloth representing Brighid’s mantle) for placing outside at dusk tonight (Imbolg Eve).

Pictured are some materials for prepping tonight and tomorrow ceremonies (including a tealight ignited within Brigid’s Fire Temple from the #MoonMnáLantern which was lit from the #SolasBhridhe Perpetual Flame and holds the sacred energy of all three), plus some pics from previous Imbolg altars.

I am trying something new today: preparing a new Brighid’s Cross using dried quarter-inch reed — which I’ll soak for a couple of hours to increase the pliability — as my foraging this week did not find something (yet!) I could use for this Imbolg celebration. And I will be making a few more Bhrat Bríde strips with this bright red organic cotton cloth.

How are you celebrating Imbolg and Brighid?

cruthaitheacht (Irish) = creativity

Pronunciation (approximate) per
Connacht dialect: croy-(h)ee-uhkt
Ulster dialect: crew-vee-acht
Munster dialect : croy-hah-huckt

Listen here:

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Less than a month from Imbolc. Times seems to be moving faster the older I get!

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December 30, 2018 Winter Solstice Divination for 2019

As I've done in years past, (though I am not always consistent), here is my reading for 2019 that was done at the end of 2018. I used 4 Decks to answer 3 questions. Links to the decks are at the bottom. The Gaian Tarot (GT) by Joanna Powell-Colbert Siren’s Song Lenormand (SSL) by Carrie Paris Froud Faeries Oracle (FF) by Brian Froud with text by Jessica Macbeth… [ 1,022 more word ] As I’ve done in years past, (though I am not always consistent), here is my reading for 2019 that was done at the end of 2018. I used 4 Decks to answer 3 questions. Links to the decks are at …

Tarot for 2020

As I sometimes do, though I have not posted anything for a while, my Coven or myself will often pull cards for the New Year. Here is what we did for 2020. It will be interesting to review at the end of the year to see whether these themes were prominent in our lives. We used the Gaian Tarot (GT) by Joanna Powell-Colbert (JPC) because the cards have an affirmation we can focus on during the year and the Herbcrafters Tarot (HT) by Lathisha Guthrie and Joanna Powell-Colbert because they have actions we can take. [ 1,319 more word ] As I sometimes do, though I have not posted anything for a while, my Coven or myself will often pull cards for the New Year. Here is what we did for 2020. It will be interesting to review at the en…

The Divine Feminine

The Shortest Day - Sol Invictus

Happy Yule!

Welcome, Yule! May you all be warmly blessed at this season. The joyous poem 'The Shortest Day' is by Susan Cooper. Music is 'Sol Invictus' by Thea Gilmore. ...

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For us in Dallas, it is 12/11/19 at 11:12 PM. Go outside tonight and look at that beautiful Full Moon!

Remembering The Deer Mother of Winter Solstice

It's the season when we begin to tell children the tales of Santa and his flying reindeer. But this year why not tell the story of the sacred "Deer Mother"…

Column: The Law of the Sphinx | The Wild Hunt Pagan News - Stacy Psaros describes a theory of magick and intentionality, the Law of the Sphinx.

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Hecate Moon

BBC - The Social, Scotland, A Poem For All The 'Old Hags'


Slice of Life

My homemade costume...

I had fun at the Witches' Ball on Saturday night! Thanks to all the volunteers and the wonderful Committee that put it on! This Local Council of COG rocks!

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Practically Magical

How local wise-women who carried on ancient traditions were exterminated by Christianity The church likes to pretend that "only a few hundred thousand" were murdered, but secular sources estimate as many as nine million.

Grove of Gaia

🖤 True!

Grove of Gaia

Thicket of a Witch

Beautiful Friday the 13th Full Harvest Moon. My pic off my phone doesn't do it justice...

Pisces Full Moon: Dancing with the Leaves - Mooncircles At this Harvest Full Moon, instead of wringing productivity from the last hours of light, why not pause your labors and celebrate the bounty of what’s already been harvested? Since the Virgo New Moon two short weeks ago, you’ve probably done enough work for an entire month. Your bushel baskets a...

Tree of Knowledge Coven

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The Practical Pisces Full Moon - Mooncircles Full Moons are by nature more liquid, porous, and absorbent periods. These qualities grow even stronger in water sign Moons. How can you take advantage this weekend?

You Didn’t Learn Witchcraft To Find A Parking Space You didn’t become a witch so you could find a parking space at a crowded mall. You became a witch because it brought a bit of power and autonomy into your life. It’s time to put that power to use.

Sacred Stones and Witches Bones

We used to be one, you and I.
All of us, Sisters, remember?
Forever we gathered the grain,
And under the warm harvest sun,
With breaking backs,
We would laugh at the absurdities of life.
Together we raised the children
So that I knew yours like I knew my own,
Our love for them knowing no difference.
For we were the village,
Cascaded from ancient lines
Built on stories and song
As our roots entwined
Deep under the earthen floors
Of our tumbledown cottages.
Together we thrived,
Together we struggled,
Your pain was my pain
As we stared into the bottomless wells
Made by lost infants and elders.
I couldn't have done it without you.
I couldn't have made it alone.
But now here we are,
Centuries on down that ribbon of love,
And silently it is each other we grieve.
For they drove wedges between us,
Forced us as foe into battle
And shut down our hearts which grew black.
Our Sisterhood smashed,
By fear and mistrust
We invented ways to stay safe;
Cruel devices of separation,
Worn as badges of honour,
Stored in cabinets of gold
And passed down as heirlooms
To tarnish the unborn ones who followed.
Whilst all along, alone in our hearts
we secretly yearned for each other.
But our bones will always remember
And mine are shaking me woke.
I have seen through the lies they spun us
Which we continue to wear
As our mantles of truth,
Weaving their rotten yarn into
The fabric of our lives.
For the cauldron of love
Has been stirred once again,
As Sisters, I know you can feel it.
It's time to return red to our hearts
And rebuild the village of home.
It is time to end our own tragedy
And come home to where we belong.
I am calling to you my Sisters,
To come home to our living as one. ♥️

Words By Cali White
Artist Malcolm Malm

Sacred Stones and Witches Bones

In the cave of our Mother it is dark,
In the womb of our Mother it is safe,
Sat in that darkness I am struck by silence
And in it, the ancestors roar.
From ever so close in the unseen realm
They've long awaited me there.
Be still they urge, and quiet,
For we have stories to share,
Of the land and of life and of beauty,
And of how we have grieved your loss.
It's good to have you back now daughter.
It's good to welcome you home. ❤

Our Story

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