Global Advance, Dallas, TX Video July 23, 2019, 9:34pm

Videos by Global Advance in Dallas. Global Advance exists to empower frontline leaders to be catalysts for the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

Global Advance is empowering pastors in Ecuador. Frontline Pastors like Daniel are the next generation of pastors who need training, resources, and strategic assistance. Please pray for the Church in Ecuador and the pastors working there to advance the Gospel.

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“You have a living hope today because of the resurrected Christ!” Hallelujah, He is risen indeed! 🙌🏻💐☀️

It's Good Friday, because there's Good News! Even on dark days, God is at work changing everything. May God fill your home with His peace, hope, and joy this Easter.

In a world that is ever changing, our hope is found in our unchanging God. On this Palm Sunday, don't miss this encouraging message from Global Advance Founder, Dr. David Shibley. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." - Hebrews 13:8

THANK YOU!!! Your prayers and Emergency Relief Pack donations are truly making a difference! This video update from our Pakistan team captures a beautiful example of a LIFE CHANGED because of your generosity. Desperate cries for help continue to flood into our Global Advance office each day. Please SHARE this opportunity with your family, friends, and church community. Together, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus, and touch even MORE lives in the midst of this crisis. GIVE HOPE! DONATE AN EMERGENCY RELIEF PACK TODAY:

In South Asia, 40-60% of the population lives on just $1 a day. In this one minute video, our Global Advance Field Director to South Asia shares the harsh ground realities imposed by COVID-19, and how together, we can help. GIVE HOPE: Your $50 donation will provide a family with an Emergency Relief Pack containing a two-week supply of food and other critical needs. Learn more and donate here:

We’ve been in daily contact with our international partners throughout this COVID-19 crisis, and Global Advance is pivoting to help meet urgent needs in some of the darkest and most challenging regions in the world. View this quick video from our leadership team to hear the latest update, and how together we can give help, healing, and hope during this critical time. GIVE HOPE:

Don't miss this powerful glimpse into our #GlobalAdvance leadership training conference for women - captured at our event in Pakistan just last week. God is transforming lives and advancing the gospel through your partnership. Glory to His name!

NextGen - Sri Lanka
We have now returned from our 2020 SAARC Gathering. It was one of the most rewarding moments to meet and fellowship with top leaders from 7 nations in South Asia. We had the privilege to sit with our Sri Lanka NextGen team to pray and collaborate for our upcoming NextGen training conference. We learned that there are no training resources focusing on the next generation in this country. Global Advance is honored to partner with the leaders here to bring the first ever training resources for the next generation this year! Watch this short clip from the team as they share their vision to bring together young leaders from all 25 districts in Sri Lanka. We believe that God has uniquely fashioned the upcoming generation with gifts, talents, and abilities that the world needs. Partner with us as Global Advance champions the next generation of Great Commission leaders!

Pastor Daniel is passionate about the growth of the church and the expansion of the Gospel. This year we will partner with him to empower leaders in Quito Ecuador. With your partnership we can help lift the arms of pastors like Daniel and help grow the health and influence of the church. Join us and be a “Change Maker” in the nations!

Merry Christmas 2019 from Global Advance!
Thank you for partnering with Global Advance as we come alongside hidden heroes across the globe to share the gospel of Jesus. Whether you are a new partner or have been with us from the beginning, your support has propelled us forward in reaching the unreached. We are so very thankful for each and every one of you. From our families to yours, have a blessed and merry Christmas!

You're invited to participate in the Giving Tuesday Facebook 7 Million Dollar Match on December 3, 2019!
TOMORROW is Giving Tuesday, and you have the INCREDIBLE opportunity to maximize your gift to Global Advance through Facebook's $7,000,000 Match. Check out this quick video to learn more!

NextGen Engagement
Join us in praying for the upcoming NextGen Conferences in Cameroon and Southasia. NextGen conferences strengthen the identity of NextGen leaders, help them cultivate their influence, and catalyze their impact for God’s Kingdom. Would you say a quick prayer for the hundreds of leaders who will join us in these regions? They are the future leaders of the Church, and the key to advancing the gospel in every sphere of culture.

Global Advance has gathered national leaders from 11 nations here in Dallas for the David Shibley Institute to empower global mission leaders. Let the the nations rejoice together and declare, “How great is our God.” #hopeisrising

Our David Shibley Institute delegates worshiping together in Dr. Shibley’s home.

Global Advance is empowering pastors in Ecuador. Frontline Pastors like Daniel are the next generation of pastors who need training, resources, and strategic assistance. Please pray for the Church in Ecuador and the pastors working there to advance the Gospel.

Checkout this live update from Jonathan Shibley in Vietnam. #marketplacemissions #hopeisrising

Enjoy a little worship from the local leadership team prior to the kickoff of our Global Advance Church Plant training in Vietnam this week. . A church for every people, so the gospel can reach every person, will mean the completion of the Great Commission!

Marketplace Missions | Scotland
Have you ever wondered what a Global Advance Marketplace Conference looks like when we go and empower the entrepreneurs and business leaders of a city? Here is a glimpse of our recent marketplace gathering in Scotland. If you are an entrepreneur or a business person and have a passion to encourage and bless others, then sign up today to be an Ambassador to go train leaders in the nations. You are called to be a BLESSING! #marketplacemissions #impactbusiness #kingdomnetwork #multiplyyourblessing

THE MARKETPLACE MILLION! Global Advance has a robust vision to see one million marketplace leaders around the world become catalysts for God’s purposes through their lives, their work, and their businesses. Recently, from Leeds in the North of England to Aberdeen Scotland, we have mobilized Marketplace leaders for the Great Commission. Here's a quick update from the Thrive Conference. Thank you for partnering with us at Global Advance.

Motorbikes for Missionaries
In rural areas of South Asia, often one pastor or missionary is shepherding communities of believers spread throughout dozens of remote villages. Supplying them with reliable transportation is hugely empowering, and enables them to ensure successful church planting through discipleship and regular follow up. It's all part of the Alpha Relief initiative's strategic engagement approach to empowering frontline leaders. Click to give $250 toward the purchase of a new motorbike for rural missionaries. 🏍🏍

Global Advance has a robust vision to see one million marketplace leaders around the world become catalysts for God’s purposes through their lives, their work, and their businesses. Please continue to pray for our upcoming Marketplace Conferences in South Asia. Here is short clip from Jonathan Shibley…

This month, Global Advance facilitated our Nextgen Training In Siberia, Russia. Watch this video and see how we are equipping young leaders to step forward into their Great Commission role. The Church is being strengthened across the vast Siberian plains.

Pastor Ken Janke | INDIA
Our Global Advance team is in India this week, responding to the great need to train and resource pastors who are living among the highest number of unreached people groups in the world.

Please join us in praying for the nations today. Global Advance President Jonathan Shibley shares an urgent request from the front lines...

Thank you for responding to help rescue Ugandans devastated by mudslides. Enjoy this report provided by our local church partner: It was a warm morning on Monday 23rd October, 2018 when we loaded a truckload of blankets, water containers, basins, maize flour (food stuff), soap and clothes, shoes that were given by our church to give to victims of the Bukalasi mudslide in Bududa district, Uganda. The journey was a pleasant one as we were filled with excitement and optimism - most of the landscape is green. Bududa is a beautiful fertile place with mountains, bananas and trees lining up the sides of the road. We headed straight to the district headquarters and after about 5 hours of deliberations, the officials finally let us distribute the items to the villagers. Nothing along the way alerts you of what is ahead. Even when you get to the area, you won’t know it until you have been told by everyone you meet that the place you are staring at was once filled by houses. Naposhi and Tsume, buried villages in Bukalasi, look like a rocky mountain place. All you see over the place that was a few weeks ago a trading centre are heavy stones that were swept down from Mt. Elgon. The lady with a cane in the above photo has a story that would break the hardest heart. She was in Mbale town at her daughter’s place seeking treatment for an illness when she was informed that her house back in the village had been washed away along with all the children who were in the house and the tenants. Her blood pressure and sugar levels shot up. She is still clearly under traumatic shock today as the words that come out of her mouth are not coherent. She came back to Bukalasi from Mbale and is waiting to have her name registered for relocation by government to a safer place. Her only surviving child declined to come to the village because she says she can’t bear to look at the village. A good ‘Samaritan’ gave the lady a mattress to use and she shares it with 6 other people. They all place th

Water wells in South India
After recent catastrophic flooding in South India, Global Advance's Alpha Relief initiative engaged with local believers to assess the needs. Wells were filled with silt, and clean water was in short supply. Drilling this bore well for a local church enables it to be a light in the community in this time of need! Thanks for your support! 💦 #hopeisrising #lightthenations #missions #kerala #india #globaladvance #alpharelief #cleanwater

URGENT Need for Bibles!
We just received an update from our team in Uganda sharing the URGENT need for Bibles. Watch this video to learn more, and help us put Bibles in the hands of these frontline leaders. Our team was able to purchase 50 bibles to give out tomorrow on day two of our Church Plant training conference. To donate, click this link and in the memo write “Bibles”:

So, what does a Nextgen Conference look like? Take a look at this short video from our Brazil Conference, full of young leaders passionate about Jesus and the Great Commission. Thanks for praying for, and supporting our Nextgen initiative!

Last week God enabled Global Advance to host the first Marketplace Conference ever in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Thank you all for praying for our teams out serving! The team has now transitioned to Saigon. Please pray for favor, open doors, safety, and that our Kingdom Business Network will continue to expand in this nation. Your prayers matter. #HopeisRising

Global Advance held a Frontline Pastors Training in Northern Nigeria. Islam has a strong hold in this region and there is significant persecution of Christians resulting from radical Islamic teaching and activity. With your prayer and support, we trained 260 key frontline pastors during this conference. This training will help lead the way for Africa-wide mission mobilization. Your impact by supporting Global Advance can be clearly seen through the gratitude of the local leaders! Enjoy this brief video:

Myanmar house church worship
The simple and earnest worship of a small house church gathering in Myanmar is so inspiring! Several of the members are missionaries in training, preparing to be sent out to the myriad unreached tribes of Myanmar. When they go, they get by on subsistence farming and a small stipend from the training ministry to buy Gospel tracts and bus tickets. Sign up to give monthly and support frontline missionaries to plant more house churches like this one!

“And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” - Jeremiah‬ ‭29:7‬

Bangladesh Frontline Pastors Conference
The nation of Bangladesh boasts the most dense population in the world. For perspective, Louisiana is the same land size as Bangladesh; however, Louisiana is home to 4.6 million people, whereas the population of Bangladesh is an astounding 180 million. In this small nation there are 173 million Muslims and only an estimated 7 million Christians. Global Advance is committed to helping advance the Gospel in Bangladesh where it has yet to go. You're invited to watch this short video and celebrate with us how God propelled this vision forward at our Frontline Pastors conference last weekend.

Marketplace Missions in Tecpan, Guatemala
Global Advance is teaming up with business owners to grow the Kingdom of God through Marketplace Missions. Don't miss this inspiring story as Global Advance President Jonathan Shibley takes us behind the scenes of a textile business in Tecpan, Guatemala...

Tecpan, Guatemala
Global Advance is honored to partner with a high-impact church in Tecpan, Guatemala next week to empower Frontline Pastors and Marketplace Leaders. We are excited to have a few Dallas-based, high-level entrepreneurs and businessmen from our Ambassador Network join us for the Marketplace Missions Conference. The Marketplace Missions conference vision is to propel city transformation and development through the training of top Christian marketplace leaders. We are thankful to each one of our partners for sending and supporting us to empower these frontline leaders.

Ilya and Janet Bantseev
It is a great blessing to work with amazing leaders from around the world. Please meet our international ministry coordinators in Novokuznetsk Russia working to grow the church and advance the Gospel in Siberia.

Our leadership Network in Rwanda sharing about the training that was given this past week in Kigali Rwanda. Thank you for partnering with Global Advance.

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