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Happy Birthday with blessings and honors to a true leader of the Body of Christ, Dr. David Shibley!
je suis heureux et reconnaissant pour les faveurs de Dieu dans ma vie.
Your Prayers and Support are Highly needed. Church planting and Inauguration @ the hinterlands of Southeast Nigeria!
"Hie i invite you to kenya for church planting assistance: One of the most subtle burdens God ever puts on us as saints is this burden of discernment concerning other souls. He reveals things in order that we may take the burden of these souls before Him and form the mind of Christ about them. It is not that we bring God into touch with our minds, but that we rouse ourselves until God is able to convey His mind to us about the one for whom we intercede."
The BBC News report that 137 people were killed in three Churches and Hotels bombing in Siri Lanka. Please let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.
I'M PASTOR WAMBI FRED ELEAZAR .PASTORING A {p.a.g} Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Uganda. I'm a student in Kenya university in KITALE.
I'm blessed more in the conference held Uganda and his book Five faith declarations.
I'm BLESSED DR DAVID THE ANOINTED PREACHER. If he is still a live let him bless me with a word of pray. Most well come in uganda again . Email:[email protected] Mobil:+256782709550 P.o.Box 149 mbale UGANDA, E.A.
I'm BLESSED DR DAVID THE ANOINTED PREACHER. If he is still a live let him bless me with a word of pray. Most well come in uganda again . Email:[email protected]
I am thankfull to God for the great motivation recieved after a three day PASTORS TRAINING held in Mbale (Eastern Uganda) by a team from Global Advance. Pastoring a two month old GROWING church i felt blessed to be TRAINED and EQUIPED by these humbled men of God Pr Ken, Pr Tim and Pr Jordan. My desire and wish is for them to come back to Kapchorwa (in uganda) we need that training here. I am praying that God opens the way. May the Lord bless you Global Advance.

Global Advance exists to empower frontline leaders to be catalysts for the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

For 30 years we've been firm in our mission. God's Kingdom is going to march on, and our job is to get on board with what He is doing. “God-honoring passion is not just living dangerously, it's loving dangerously. And that love for the Lord and the lost has led many to pay the ultimate price for the gospel's global advance.” - Dr. David Shibley #30years

Today thirty-two families in Kenya benefited from Global Advance emergency relief packets. This food will feed one hundred and twenty persons for about three weeks. This also provided pastors an opportunity to meet, fellowship, and worship together. Thank you for helping Global Advance meet the physical needs of others during this difficult global crisis.

For over 30 years, Global Advance has championed indigenous leaders on the front lines of the gospel’s advance. With a history of working in over 100 nations, Global Advance trains, resources, and empowers Christian leaders in every sphere of society, helping to bring God’s light to some of the darkest regions of the world. Together, we are igniting changemakers worldwide to advance God’s Kingdom purposes in their nations. Thank you for partnering with us!

In Bangladesh, this happy recipient celebrates receiving his emergency relief pack, provided by Global Advance partners. Hundreds of such packs were distributed throughout the country thanks to your financial assistance during this urgent time of need around the world.

President Jonathan Shibley shares what God used to draw his heart to Global Advance over 20 years ago, and what continues to propel the ministry forward in this season. Watch his inspiring message in this 3-minute video, and learn how you can partner with us:

"Two of the most significant issues for frontline gospel workers are a lack of training and a lack of resources. I’ve had the opportunity to converse with many devoted church leaders in this great nation over the past thirty years, and the cry has always been for equipping to do the Lord’s work. The willingness is there. In fact, many serve sacrificially and tenaciously, plodding ahead with what they have - all the while believing there must be more."

Read more:

Global Advance is an advocate for the next generation of Great Commission leaders. We have joyfully embraced the responsibility of assessing their needs and providing a practical resource to help develop NextGen leaders. In our NextGen Rising Manual, we discuss seven principles that were utilized by Jesus in His leadership development ministry. Thank you for your partnership with Global Advance. Together, we are igniting change makers worldwide!

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THANK YOU for your generous partnership that has helped provide food relief packs to this treasured network of Kenyan pastors and their families in the midst of unexpected COVID-19 church closures.

Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to GIVE HOPE as we empower frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission!

Thank you for praying for our Global Advance International Coordinators and citizens in the South Asia region. Category 4 - Super Cyclone Amphan has badly hit certain areas. We have been in constant communication with our leaders. They have reported no deaths so far; however, many of their houses are completely destroyed in some places. Reports are still coming in. We have been standing with them in prayer, and have assured them that you are covering them in prayer as well. They have extended their gratitude to each of you.

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing financial support of Global Advance’s efforts in South Asia.

The entire world is affected by the Coronavirus. This empowerment sewing center for marginalized women in Pakistan, funded through Global Advance Marketplace business programming, has been required to close. Please pray for the center’s ten students who now struggle to help provide for their families. Global Advance helps people help themselves through our Marketplace initiatives world-wide. Thank you for your partnership.


Please pray for the nations of India and Bangladesh, that God will protect all the citizens in that region who are preparing for Super Cyclone Amphan. It is said to be moving with the force of a strong Category 4 hurricane. Amphan is the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal. We have been receiving calls and WhatsApp messages from our International Coordinators for prayers. Would you join us and pray for our brothers and sisters in this area?

Photo Credit: India Today

Village to Village by Motorbike!

Our Global Advance Village Vision is working to serve remote villages in Pakistan to provide clean water, and plant the Church. Our indigenous leadership travel by motor bike to each village training and equipping leaders as these villages come to Christ. Thank you for helping us carry the gospel to remote locations and bring resources to those in desperate need.

THIS is the beauty of lifting the arms of frontline leaders: THEY REMAIN. They are experts in their culture, they live in regular proximity, they’re called to this community, they have developed trusted relationships, and they’re committed to keep shining God’s light in the darkest places. Even more, JESUS remains, drawing hearts to Himself with Good News that is not of this world.

Together, as we provide Emergency Relief Packs and the message of the gospel throughout this crisis, we are empowering frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. On behalf of Sedoya and her children huddled in a cave in rural Afghanistan - and the over 4,500 additional families receiving relief packs in unthinkable circumstances around the world - THANK YOU for your compassion in giving to Global Advance.

Learn more about Sedoya's story here:

As we've pivoted to meet urgent needs during the COVID-19 crisis, moving stories - ones where HOPE has entered into immense tragedy - continue to flood into our office each day. We’re humbled to share just one of these stories with you today...


This young boy was born to Muslim parents in Ethiopia. Because they assumed he would forever be poor, they gave him no name. Now, people simply call him “you, boy!” But he’s an individual, loved by God, and loved by Global Advance and our partners in Ethiopia who now pay his school fees so that he will one day know Christ and succeed in life. Thank you for your support of Global Advance’s efforts in Ethiopia.

Methods may change, but the MESSAGE remains...

As we take bold steps to move forward in the things of God, we are pivoting our delivery, but not our content. There is only one all-sufficient gospel, and its reverberations transform every aspect of life. As we train through technology and help provide Emergency Relief Packs, we are empowering frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. THANK YOU for partnering with us!

Learn more:

Pray for our India National Team of frontline leaders who will be meeting tonight to pray and discuss our ongoing training models. For over 30 years, Global Advance has built relationships with high capacity leaders on a global scale. These leaders are working together in national teams to develop innovative strategies that inform our partnership objectives. Moving forward, this positions us with a “Train-the-Trainer” model of empowering national leaders. We believe that utilizing technology will accelerate this process. As we innovate and strategically look to the future, we can expect His provision, protection, and power… because He's the never-changing God.

Extending Our Reach by Training Through Technology — GLOBAL ADVANCE

"...our new technology platforms can help ensure that during times of increased crisis, persecution, and government restrictions, our ability to resource and train frontline leaders is not impeded."

Learn more about how Global Advance is extending our reach by training through technology: At Global Advance, we are firm on our  mission, but we  will always be evaluating the best methods to accomplish the mission.  One of our core competencies is training leaders. Recently, we began leveraging technology to put the next level of digital training tools into the hands

"When we went there to share food, she had mentioned that the six members of the family eat the amount of one person’s food for the entire day. As a mother, when she cannot feed her children, and the children are crying day in and day out, these things are killing her softly inside. Stories of this kind break our hearts and make us think about our good God and how He has helped us. As we have seen this kind of poverty first hand, we could not help but come together and stand beside them." - Global Advance International Coordinator, Bangladesh

THANK YOU for helping us GIVE HOPE through our Emergency Relief Packs during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more here:

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Global Advance is moving forward to train frontline leaders virtually through Zoom, Skype, Teams, and WhatsApp calls. The kingdom of God is effectively advancing in the world and in our generation! Recently, NextGen leaders from 5 regions in Sri Lanka gathered on a video call for training and encouragement. THANK YOU for your partnership. You are making a difference around the world.

During this unprecedented time of crisis, we recognize that we have an unprecedented opportunity. Over the last month, together with your partnership, we have helped provide over 950,000 meals and the message of the gospel to families around the world in dire circumstances. Perhaps this is a time like none other in modern history when we have such an opportunity for the gospel to draw people’s hearts to Him! 🙌🏻

Whether you’re a more recent friend or you’ve faithfully stood with Global Advance throughout our 30-year history, THANK YOU. On this Giving Tuesday, would you prayerfully consider a generous gift to Global Advance? Your prayers and financial support will help both stabilize our current positioning, and propel our mission forward in innovative ways. Jesus is Lord. Together, we’ll emerge stronger.

You won't want to miss this video update (and these SMILES!) from our partners in Uganda. God is moving in big ways in the midst of this crisis as, together, we GIVE HOPE through our Emergency Relief Packs. THANK YOU for your generous support. Your partnership is making a profound kingdom impact, for such a time as this.

TOGETHER, WE CAN HELP (giving HOPE to over 4,000 families and counting!):

Global Advance missionaries are on the move around the world. Two young men in a remote region of Pakistan were recently baptized after being introduced to the Lord for the first time, thanks in part to your support.

Due to advancements in technology, even the most remote areas of the world are gaining access to information like never before. This allows Global Advance, through vetted frontline leader networks, to train, resource, and encourage additional frontline trainers in innovative and pioneering ways.

THANK YOU for partnering with us!

Moving reports continue to flood in from around the world as our international coordinators distribute Emergency Relief Packs to the most vulnerable in their nations. The following update from Pakistan is just one example of how your partnership is changing lives:

"This 85 year old sister had nothing to eat. Her son is a poor rickshaw driver, but now that he is jobless he cannot earn income for his family. They had no hope for food, but by the divine grace of God and with the support of our Global Advance family, we gave them a food pack so they can survive for a month. She was very happy."

THANK YOU for helping Global Advance GIVE HOPE in the midst of this crisis. We can help even more families with your continued support!


A New Wave of Church Planting — GLOBAL ADVANCE

Check out the latest update from the field:

A NEW WAVE OF CHURCH PLANTING - Last week, we learned through one pastor that over 3,000 families met in their homes for prayer and worship. Innovative and creative strides are being made in order to penetrate the unreached corners of this world with the hope of Christ. The Lord replied, “Look to the nations, watch and be utterly amazed, for I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” - Habakkuk 1:5

THIS WEEK'S PRAYER FOCUS: Brother Aso - International Coordinator, India

Aso and his family work in a challenging region in Northeast India, leading a school which provides literacy and education to 110 children from extremely poor communities. Due to the COVID-19 lock down, the school is shut down, with no financial resources to support the missionary staff. Please pray for provision for their immediate needs, as well as for the safety of Aso, his family, and the missionary team. Due to poor health care in the village, one of the school children has died. Aso is now praying towards the establishment of a health care center to help provide medical support to those in great need.

Please "Like" or "Comment" to let us know you are praying for Brother Aso with us!

It started with a water well, and now, in this tribal village in Pakistan, a new church has been constructed thanks to the assistance of Global Advance supporters and the evangelism efforts of our partnering missionaries. This community hosts the first physical church building in Global Advance’s “Village Vision “ outreach in Pakistan, which incorporates faith, health, and business empowerment.

In February, Global Advance convened 39 South Asia national team leaders from 7 nations, plus 5 Global Advance staff members, in a neutral location in Sri Lanka. Little did we know then how precious and mission-fueling that time would be for us now, as we navigate through this COVID-19 crisis together.

NEW BLOG POST: Read several powerful testimonies from our 2020 South Asia Gathering!

In this uncertain time, you, the Church, have risen to the occasion by giving HOPE to our brothers and sisters in some of the most challenging regions of the world. THANK YOU for helping Global Advance partners give Emergency Relief Packs to over 2,000 families, which has provided nearly 250,000 meals delivered in Jesus’ name!

We’ve already received word that many have come to faith in Christ through these efforts. Praise God for His power that draws hearts to Himself, and multiplies our partnership together for his glory!


We don’t know how long this COVID-19 crisis will last, but we do know that we have a unique opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus during this time. As we empower frontline leaders through Emergency Relief Packs, God is powerfully saving lives – both on this earth, and for eternity.

THANK YOU for standing with us! Read more about how your partnership is making a difference in Rwanda...

New Blog Post:

THIS WEEK'S PRAYER FOCUS: B* - International Coordinator, Closed Nation

B* is boldly serving the purposes of God as the threat of COVID-19 looms over his small nation. Due to decades of war and terror-related crises, this nation remains economically very poor. God has opened the door for B* to bring awareness and hygiene education to address the rapid spread of coronavirus in his nation. Please pray for B* and his family as he travels deep into villages to carry the love of Christ to communities gripped by fear and religious darkness.

Please "Like" or "Comment" to let us know you are praying for B* with us!

The Sleeping Giant In Missions — iWork4Him

On this podcast interview with iWork4Him radio, listen as Jonathan Shibley, Global Advance President, shares how God is using people in the marketplace worldwide to fulfill the Great Commission: We go to work every day? Why? We have bills to pay but if you have been listening to iWork4Him you realize that it’s because it is our mission field. We’re talking with Jonathan Shibley from Global Advance. Featured Guest: Jonathan Shibley Workplace/Ministry: Global Advance

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