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je suis heureux et reconnaissant pour les faveurs de Dieu dans ma vie.
Your Prayers and Support are Highly needed. Church planting and Inauguration @ the hinterlands of Southeast Nigeria!
"Hie i invite you to kenya for church planting assistance: One of the most subtle burdens God ever puts on us as saints is this burden of discernment concerning other souls. He reveals things in order that we may take the burden of these souls before Him and form the mind of Christ about them. It is not that we bring God into touch with our minds, but that we rouse ourselves until God is able to convey His mind to us about the one for whom we intercede."
The BBC News report that 137 people were killed in three Churches and Hotels bombing in Siri Lanka. Please let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.
I'M PASTOR WAMBI FRED ELEAZAR .PASTORING A {p.a.g} Pentecostal Assemblies of God in Uganda. I'm a student in Kenya university in KITALE.
I'm blessed more in the conference held Uganda and his book Five faith declarations.
I'm BLESSED DR DAVID THE ANOINTED PREACHER. If he is still a live let him bless me with a word of pray. Most well come in uganda again . Email:[email protected] Mobil:+256782709550 P.o.Box 149 mbale UGANDA, E.A.
I'm BLESSED DR DAVID THE ANOINTED PREACHER. If he is still a live let him bless me with a word of pray. Most well come in uganda again . Email:[email protected]
I am thankfull to God for the great motivation recieved after a three day PASTORS TRAINING held in Mbale (Eastern Uganda) by a team from Global Advance. Pastoring a two month old GROWING church i felt blessed to be TRAINED and EQUIPED by these humbled men of God Pr Ken, Pr Tim and Pr Jordan. My desire and wish is for them to come back to Kapchorwa (in uganda) we need that training here. I am praying that God opens the way. May the Lord bless you Global Advance.
歡迎參加Marketplace Mission Conference Vietnam June 2018- GLOBAL ADVANCE , , Date:June 23,Time:9am - 5pm,Venue:The Hanoi Club Hotel ,Price:500,000VND Including Lunch & Break Tea,特會報名表:500,000越南盾約22美金當天在會場繳交,所有大會費用全部捐給河內聖經學院 。13:10-13:30 Warship Taiwan Financial Fellowship 保證會銀聯合團契帶領敬拜20分鐘 , ,1.What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong ,2.You Are Good-Bethel Church ,3.主你是我的一切(越南文) , 。15:15-15:35 Solo-2 Hanoi International Fellowship :1.能不能 Let Me Stay ,2.願 Pray 。也請大家為這次越南職場特會代禱,求主耶穌預備所有一切,用敬拜彰顯祂的榮耀~

Global Advance exists to empower frontline leaders to be catalysts for the fulfilling of the Great Commission.

While we stay on top of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are consistently reminded of the effectiveness of our model to empower and equip indigenous leadership. Throughout this pandemic health crisis, kingdom efforts continue to march forward through technology and our partnerships with high capacity nationals in country. We invite you to watch this brief video from the India-Pakistan border. Would you consider giving to Global Advance today? Your financial support helps us operate as a supply line to the front lines of the gospel's advance. Thank you for standing with us.

Watch the video and donate:

Even though she is only nineteen, the young lady on the right is a Muslim widow who just came to know the Lord in Nepal through the efforts of the undercover missionary on the left. Thanks to your support of Global Advance, this undercover missionary has also just started her first house church in Nepal!

Don't miss this powerful glimpse into our #GlobalAdvance leadership training conference for women - captured at our event in Pakistan just last week. God is transforming lives and advancing the gospel through your partnership. Glory to His name!

Years ago, the missionary statesman John R. Mott said, “The worldwide proclamation of the gospel awaits accomplishment by a generation which shall have the obedience, courage, and determination to attempt the task.” Global Advance is convinced to reach and bless the next generation. Contact us to see how YOU can partner with us to be a Changemaker in the nations! Pray for our young leaders in Afghanistan. 🇦🇫

THANK YOU for partnering with Global Advance! In just twelve months, Global Advance:

· Trained 14,000 frontline leaders

· Partnered with leaders in 20 of the 50 most persecuted nations

· Commissioned national pastors to plant 1,300 churches among the unreached

· Helped launch Kingdom Business Networks on 4 continents

· Launched the David Shibley Institute for global missional leaders

· Provided relief to Christian families facing severe threats and persecution

· Provided clean water and the message of the gospel to hundreds of families in unreached villages

New blog post: Check out more highlights on how your partnership makes a difference!

These are Global Advance partners in India engaged in street evangelism and praying for those they meet. With Global Advance’s assistance, these missionaries hope to plant ten new churches in 2020 in this one region alone. Please continue to pray for our missionaries on the frontlines!

In Northern Nigeria, our team of National-led pastors is meeting to build effective strategies for reaching and planting God’s Church. The persecution of Christians is high both in the northern region and in the Middle Belt. They suffer from violence perpetrated by Islamic extremist groups, such as militant Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram. Such violence often results in loss of life, physical injury, as well as loss of property. Please pray for our team in Nigeria, and for our ongoing work there.

Meet Pastor Simon, who is gearing up for our upcoming NextGen Conference. He serves as the Associate and Worship Pastor at a thriving local church in the Dallas metroplex. He is very passionate about investing, mentoring, and raising up the next generation. If you have a passion to reach the next generation, come join our Ambassador Team. Together, let’s reach this fearless generation for Jesus Christ! #ambassadornetwork #nextgeneration

Global Advance partners in Myanmar have created a “Safe House” to help bring relief and the gospel to war victims. In this home, young women, children, and men can take refuge from the fighting in their region. In the past year alone, some 120 women and over 50 children have been rescued. At any given date, up to fourteen young people can be found living in the safe house.

Read more on how your partnership makes a difference:

In December, twelve minority Bheel women in Pakistan graduated from sewing school. This month, thanks to your support of Global Advance, twelve new students have begun their classes. With your help, these at-risk women now have lifetime skills that will not only help in keeping them out of the trafficking trade but will also allow them to support their families. Pictured are the new sewing machines purchased with your assistance.

We've received a wonderful report from our Rwanda team this week! Following our Global Advance training conference for women last November, women are now convening in the rural community on Saturdays to dive into deeper study using our leadership training resources. Not only does this follow-up provide much needed training; mentoring relationships and a deeper sense of community are being established as they study God's Word together.

It's farming season, so the women must be creative in finding a time to meet each week. Please PRAY as they commit to this life-changing time together!

You can learn more about our women's leadership training here:

We are training pastors by building partnerships in a way that leverages the strengths of multiple pastoral networks, creating optimum impact for God's glory. Global Advance and our South Asia Coalition is empowering Pastors in these nations to reach and present to the Father redeemed people from among some of the 3,218 unreached people groups in South Asia. Please pray for the harvest!

Happy Monday 👋

Check out the recent blog post from David Shibley, Global Advance Founder & World Representative.

The David Shibley Institute: Lifting & Launching Young Nation Builders:

📸: Pictured are the 12 young leaders from 11 nations at the 2019 David Shibley Institute graduation...

"At this stage of life, my most fulfilling times of ministry are when I’m imparting my life into younger gospel proclaimers. Last summer, the David Shibley Institute (DSI) was launched in Dallas. I view this annual Institute as something of a capstone on the ministry God has privileged me to steward."

Read more from David Shibley, Global Advance Founder & World Representative, on today's blog post...

The David Shibley Institute: Lifting & Launching Young Nation Builders:

In a small town in rural Uganda, a GA missionary ministers to the needs of women in her community. One woman, one lesson at a time, a movement for Jesus Christ is steadily growing in this nation thanks to your support for Global Advance.

We’ve just returned from our South Asia national team gathering in Sri Lanka, and to say that our hearts are full would be an understatement. We’re so grateful for testimonies like this one, from a pastor who faces great challenges in a high-conflict region in North India:

“I was feeling quite burdened and heavy when I arrived, but during these days my burden has been lifted. I am empowered, refreshed, and motivated to move forward."

This past week in Sri Lanka we gathered key pastoral leaders to train and empower them to accomplish strategic plans to advance the gospel in the region. As we met together, we fixed our thoughts on the Word, opened our hearts to the Father, recommitted our hands to the work, and opened our lips in prayer and worship. What these pastors heard was this, “You are loved, and you are not alone in your work!” Your partnership with Global Advance is propelling these leaders back to their nations with encouraged hearts, anchored hope, and fresh vision to grow the Church in South Asia.

NextGen - Sri Lanka

We have now returned from our 2020 SAARC Gathering. It was one of the most rewarding moments to meet and fellowship with top leaders from 7 nations in South Asia.

We had the privilege to sit with our Sri Lanka NextGen team to pray and collaborate for our upcoming NextGen training conference. We learned that there are no training resources focusing on the next generation in this country. Global Advance is honored to partner with the leaders here to bring the first ever training resources for the next generation this year!

Watch this short clip from the team as they share their vision to bring together young leaders from all 25 districts in Sri Lanka. We believe that God has uniquely fashioned the upcoming generation with gifts, talents, and abilities that the world needs. Partner with us as Global Advance champions the next generation of Great Commission leaders!

"All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations shall worship before you. For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations." - Psalm 22:27-28

At Global Advance, we're empowering frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. Join us!

Timeline Photos

Global Advance is partnering in Siberia, Russia to train church planters. Recently our team of ambassadors traveled to Novokuznetsk to train and equip national leaders to plant churches. The national leaders have targeted a goal to see 200 new churches planted across Siberia by 2030. Thank you for partnering with us to empower pastors, and strengthen the Church globally.

Thank you for helping Global Advance train leaders to transform their cities. We're honored to engage the marketplace with strategies that can broker the realities needed to unlock potential in people - and the cities they call home - for the glory of God and the advance of the gospel.

For a powerful glimpse into our recent training event in the United Kingdom, be sure to watch the video and read the full story here:

Nasser, from Ethiopia, is a recent convert from Islam and is severely persecuted for his new faith. When asked about his future plans, Nasser said, “I plan to win Muslims to Christ, not by my might, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Thank you for your support of undercover missionaries through Global Advance.

Our world and its values are constantly changing. The fundamentals of the gospel and the Christ-honoring life will never change! At Global Advance we are firm on our mission, but will always be evaluating the best methods to accomplish the mission. As we take bold steps to move forward in the things of God, we can expect His provision, protection, and power because He's the never-changing God!

Global Advance partners in Rwanda meet with 84 new believers in a rural community. After hearing and receiving the gospel message by faith, local pastors met with these new sisters in Christ to pursue discipleship follow-up according to each woman’s location. With your help, the gospel is advancing in the nations! All praise and glory to God!

Give the gospel!

During Christmas outreaches in rural Thailand, Global Advance Partners performed Christmas baptisms. In fact, in the past twelve years, over 200 villagers have been baptized into the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in this region thanks to your generous support.

“Serving as an ambassador in India aligns with the vision and assignment God has given me to see his daughters restored and discipled through the Word of God. Thank you, Global Advance, for being intentional and strategic to equip women leaders around the globe.”

Learn more:

Today we are training pastors on the front lines as they stand in desperate need of God’s grace and mercy. In prayer, the cry of their heart is to see the Church strengthened regardless of the cost.

Would you stand with us and help uphold these hidden heroes of the faith with your partnership? You can be a difference maker in the lives of these pastors.

It’s time to empower young people to step into their roles of discipling their nations; then it’s time to link arms with them as the global missions force for this new decade. Partner with us as Global Advance champions the next generation of Church leaders!

We’re called to take territory.

We’re called to move forward.

We’re called to lead the way.

We’re called to ADVANCE.

As we enter a new ministry year, don’t miss this powerful update from Global Advance President Jonathan Shibley:

A Call to Advance:


A Call to ADVANCE: Our names are important. Many times we embody the very names given to us. It's no mistake that God gave our founder, Dr. David Shibley, the name Global Advance over 30 years ago. Yes, we are global, but this year God is highlighting the word ADVANCE. Here are some of the foundational ways God is speaking to us regarding our call to ADVANCE... Our names are important. Many times we embody the very names given to us. It's no mistake that God gave our founder, Dr. David Shibley, the name Global Advance over 30 years ago. Yes, we are global, but this year God is highlighting the word advance. Here are some of the foundational ways God is spe

The Sheb rebel forces in Myanmar have recently started recruiting their army by abducting young men and women and forcing them into their ranks. Thanks to partners of Global Advance and Alpha Relief, a safe house has been established in one of these rural areas. This past month, eleven young people took refuge in this safe house and will soon return to their homes when rebel forces retreat from the region. All of this, because of your support for our efforts!

"The Esther Initiative has just encouraged me so much. Going through the Esther Manual was so uplifting and encouraging in my personal life, which helped me commit to this national vision of taking the Esther Initiative to every church; to every woman... getting them mentored and coached with what the Word of God says. We were blessed to host the first Esther Initiative conference here in my church, and I was in tears as I was listening to the testimonies. Many of them left so encouraged, and they have been begging me; asking me when the next Esther Initiative program will be." - Esther Initiative National Coordinator in South Asia

Across Asia we are training pastors to train leaders to grow the church. Opening God’s Word to expose poor doctrine, and raise up fully devoted followers to ensure the future of the church in the region. Together with your help we are advancing, now 30 years of advancement.

God has blessed the Earth with a little over 1.8 billion young people. For perspective, the total population of the United States is 327.2 million. It is a pivotal time in history for this generation and the one behind it, to win the world for Christ… or lose the world for Christ. Global Advance has formed a growing relationship with leaders in over 100+ nations globally to equip, encourage, and empower the next generation of leaders. Through these partnerships, thousands of youths are sent out to the frontlines of missions and the marketplace! Contact us to see how YOU can partner with us to be a Change Maker in the nations!

The City: God's Invention — GLOBAL ADVANCE

"The city is God’s invention. His purpose for a city is to allow people to collectively utilize the resources of God’s creation to build a civilization that blesses people and ultimately glorifies Him."

Read more about how God is bringing city transformation to the United Kingdom through our Marketplace Missions initiative! Global Advance has been training leaders in the United Kingdom, working with high capacity leaders who want to see their cities discipled.  Our most recent training conference was held in the city of Chelmsford. The Chelmsford story is unique: it is the U.K.’s newest city; the place where t

Each year, Global Advance and Alpha Relief partners in Thailand put on a Christmas play presenting the gospel message to Burmese refugees. This year, ninety children and eighty adults were in attendance, and seven came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

These smiles are a beautiful reminder of how God is using the #GlobalAdvance #EstherInitiative to encourage and empower women in 29 nations to the areas of leadership for which they are gifted and created. Thank you for your partnership that will help us train more women leaders for the advance of the gospel in 2020 and beyond!

#LighttheNations #HopeisRising

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NextGen - Sri Lanka
Merry Christmas 2019 from Global Advance!
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