The Weekday School at UPUMC

Traditional, established preschool located in the Park Cities area of Dallas. We serve children ages 9 months through kindergarten.


Tuesday Tips from Tara!

Have your children been asking for their favorite snacks from the WDS?!
If so, here is our Top Ten Favorite Snack List and where you can purchase the items. 😊

1. Yogurt and Vanilla Wafers...we usually serve vanilla Greek make the snack fun, change up the color with food coloring! The students loved it when we served "blue yogurt" when classes were discussing the color blue!

2. Tzatziki Dip with Pita chips and/or carrot sticks ....believe it or not, your children love this snack!...Trader Joe's brand is the best.

3. Animal Crackers....the Aldi brand Benton's has the best love to pick out and talk about their favorite animals

4. Fresh fruits...cutie oranges, bananas, apple slices and of course their favorite....strawberries with whipped cream!

5. Rice cakes and cream cheese (honey, peanut butter, Nutella are also favorite toppings)

6. Tortillas with butter and cinnamon sugar and/or honey

7. Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies from Trader Joe' activity is to have your children spell out their names and/or identify the letters of alphabet

8. Cheese Its, Goldfish, and Aldi brand Penguin cheddar snacks

9. Pirates Booty and Veggie Straws.....again, Trader Joe's brand has great taste and prices!

10. Chex marshmallows, pretzels, Craisins, Cheerios, Rice Chex cereal, Fruit Loops cereal...they love to separate the ingredients, count them and tell you their favorites.

Make a Connection Monday!

The WDS staff misses our hugs from all our friends! We can’t wait to be back together someday soon. Until then, check this out!

Some fine motor activities to try!

Teamwork today! Join the fun!

Dolly Parton will be reading bedtime stories for your kids!

Words on Wednesday!

Researchers agree, reading aloud to children is vital. Children love to hear their favorite stories read over and over. They love curling up in a lap with a new book. And it is so important for their little brains! It increases their fluency, their exposure to complex vocabulary words, and their understanding of social nuances, amongst so many other things. It is proven that children who have increased exposure to good books as a child will consistantly receive higher reading test scores as a teen.

Here are just a few of my favorite children books:
Hug, by Jen Alborough
Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton
One, by Kathryn Otoshi
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by Judith Viorst
Dear Zoo, by Ron Campbell
Good Night Gorilla, by Peggy Rathmann
The Little Mouse, the Big Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear, by Audrey Wood
Peanut Butter and Cupcake, by Terry Border

There are lots of opportunities to find celebrities and authors reading aloud on the internet right now! Here’s a link to Dolly Parton’s session tomorrow night. She will be reading some old favorites and introducing some new ones every Thursday night for the next ten weeks.

What are the favorite read aloud titles for your family? List them below! Calling herself "the book lady," Dolly invited everyone to join her for "Goodnight with Dolly."

Two weeks worth of fun and easy science experiments

Try it out Tuesday!

Today, try something new! Mrs Tara, the amazing WDS “snack lady” sends some ideas for some snacks to try at home. Since most of our classes are talking about bugs, this first one fits right in!

1. Celery Snails
This creative preschool snack is a twist on “ants on a log”. Fill celery with nut or seed butter or hummus. Then, use a grape as the snail’s head and sliced apple, kiwi or cucumber as the snail shell. Creative snacks for toddlers like this one present foods in a fun, new way, which may help with picky eating.

2. Apple Donuts
This creative snack idea for kids is quick, easy, and fun. Start by thinly slicing an apple, and use a small cookie cutter to cut a whole in the middle so your slices resemble a donut. Spread the “donuts” with nut or seed butter or yogurt, and then finish off with fun toppings like berries, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

3. Snack Time Creatures
Everyone eats with their eyes – especially toddlers and preschoolers. Bring snack time to life with a creative snack for toddlers that uses common ingredients. Make a string cheese octopus by cutting about halfway up a stick of cheese with kitchen scissors to create tentacles. Serve this creature upright on a plate, using raisins for eyes.

4. Frozen Yogurt Blueberries
This frozen treat is a perfect spring/summer snack for kids. Simply coat fresh blueberries with yogurt, and freeze on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Keep this creative preschool snack in the freezer for a quick, cool and healthy treat.

5. Silly Rice Cake Faces
This is another opportunity to turn snack time into a fun activity. For this creative snack for kids, you will need rice cakes, lunch meat, cheese, and sliced veggies. Help your kids cut the cheese and lunch meat into shapes to make funny faces on their rice cake. If you have a picky eater, use veggies like matchstick carrots or spinach as hair or eyebrows.

6. Banana Sushi
Start with a tortilla spread evenly with nut or seed butter. Place a peeled banana in the middle and roll it up. Then, just slice and serve. You’re sure to have a lot of laughs if you let your kids attempt to eat this creative preschool snack with chopsticks!

Also, some fun science experiments to to try: Our readers have told us they are half looking forward to time at home with their kids, and half nervous for entertaining them all day long, for an extended period of time. To keep the learning going, try one of these science experiments each day. They each take about 30 minutes, and use super simpl...

Mr. Russell's Music For Kids

It’s Monday, so we are going to share some Music and Movement activities to add to your arsenal. Enjoy! Mr. Russell performs classic kids songs and originals to get you singing and moving!

The WDS page is going to look a little different during this distance learning adventure. We have seen some incredibly resourceful posts lately. Our hope is to share some new ideas with you and help you navigate this crazy time. Some will be activities to do with your children. Some will be to make you smile. Some will be informative articles about early childhood. Please feel free to share photos in the comments. We miss you and your children! 💙💚

The Weekday Schol

Thank you for your patience, grace and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.
Information regarding programming and Summer Fun will be shared as it is available.

Spring break starts early! Due to a second water main break at the Hyer site, our water has been shut off. Since we can’t operate without water, it’s early dismissal! Enjoy your spring break! #wdsupumc

A WDS short story: The drain flooded. The boys discovered too much sand was blocking the drain. The boys used their tools to clear out the extra sand, and had a blast with messy play! #letthemgetmessy #it’sgoodfordevelopment #wdsupumc

Our 3s wrapped up their transportation unit last week with a visit from the UP Fire Department. The children were so excited! Thank you for coming to talk with us. It’s always such a treat! @cityofuptx #wdsupumc

Contigo Reannounces Recall of 5.7 Million Kids Water Bottles Due to Choking Hazard; Additional Incidents with Replacement Lids Provided in Previous Recall

Did you know that the WDS checks monthly for product recalls that might affect our children and posts information on the bulletin board outside the office? Here's a recall that might pertain to a lot of our families. Stay safe! Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled water bottles and the replacement lids provided in the previous recall, take them away from children, and contact Contigo for a free water bottle. Consumers who received replacement lids in the previous recall should contact Contigo for the new wa...

Our T2/2.5s friends have been talking about community helpers. Thanks to the guys from the UP Department of Sanitation for coming to visit! The children LOVE the recycling truck and these men are such good sports to talk to all of these classes! @cityofuptx #wdsupumc

The 4s are talking about healthy bodies and healthy teeth this week, and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy! Special thanks to Dr. Sandra Petrocchi’s staff for visiting with your special friend! It’s always fun to host a celebrity! @drsandrapetrocchi 🦷 🧚‍♀️👍🏼

The WDS was treated to a visit from the Dallas String Quartet yesterday. It was awesome!! They talked to us about their instruments and played some familiar songs.... 👶 🐬doo doo doo! #wdsupumc @dallasstringquartet

Happy ❤️ Day! The WDS kiddos celebrated all day long! #wdsupumc

We ❤️ Mystery Reader Friday! We appreciate our parents who will take time from their day to come read to our classes, and your kids love to have you visit. It’s a win/win!

Every day is Read Aloud Day at the WDS, but today is OFFICIALLY #WorldReadAloudDay so we definitely want to participate. Post a photo of your little reader and a favorite story and tag us at #wdsupumc. We can’t wait to see what stories you love!

Keeping those germs away! The WDS friends are doing our very best, washing hands, cleaning tables and toys, and catching our coughs. We want everyone healthy so they can come play! #wdsupumc

Megan Michelson with Birds and Bees, will lead this program that equips parents to have age appropriate conversations with their children about sex.

UPUMC Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, February 5, 2020
9:15am or 6:00pm

All WDS staff, subs and teachers are required to get at least 24 hours of professional development training each school year. We do this in lots of fun ways, because learning with friends is always better! This year, we have explored the Children’s Garden at the Arboretum, painted together, and had some outstanding professional trainers come visit. Mrs. Nicodemus, Mrs. Golden, Mrs. Galloway, and Mrs. Hodges travelled to Nashville for the NAEYC conference in November. Additionally, we meet in small age level groups several times a year. All of this is to help us stay abreast of current trends and research in early childhood. We feel so lucky to be part of a school that places value on this type of learning! #wdsupumc

Some of our 4s classes are talking about the letter M today and celebrated with Mustache Monday! We love it when stories come to life in our classrooms! #wdsupumc

Some of our 4s classes are talking about the letter M today and celebrated Mustache Monday! We love it when stories come to life in our classrooms! #wdsupumc

It might not FEEL like winter yet, but it sure LOOKS like winter at the WDS! Lots of fun and blue and snowy things to explore across the age levels! #wdsupumc

The WDS is a great place to be! Applications for the 2020-2021 school year are available NOW. Please share with your friends! We'd love to have you join us!

Today in Bethlehem, God's son is born! Glory to God in the highest!

Merry Christmas from The Weekday School at UPUMC. We are thankful for each student, family, and staff member. May your Christmas be full of light and peace!

Merry Christmas from the WDS staff!

Looking for a great preschool? The WDS is accepting applications for next school year! Check out our website for more information. #wdsupumc

The WDS is thankful for all of our friends, but we are ESPECIALLY thankful for our custodians! Thank you for helping keep our school clean and healthy! Everyone loves Charles, Terrance, Carlos, Dan, and Sandra! #wdsupumc

Harvard Medical School tells us that playing outside is crucial for children of all ages. WDS kids love to play outside! Play = learning = happy friends! #wdsupumc

For 80 years, UPUMC has loved people well at the corner of Caruth and Preston. The Weekday School wishes generations of church members a very “happy birthday!” and a heartfelt “thank you” for all of the support during our 63 year partnership. #wdsupumc

The Weekday School is located in an established quiet neighborhood in the center of Dallas. Our school is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our learning environments are intentionally designed for children ages 9 months through kindergarten. The Weekday School offers spiritual life lessons and a developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum.

Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.
Learn more and sign up for a tour by visiting our website.

Happy Halloween from the WDS. It’s been a fun week! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! 🎃. #wdsupumc

Rainy day recess means that we all get to play in the Activity Center! It’s fun to see the different groups playing side by side, and getting creative with their spaces! #wdsupumc

WDS 3s connected with some barn animals this week, wrapping up their farm unit! We ❤️ Farmer Sheryl! #wdsupumc

Come one, come all! The WDS Carnival is TOMORROW! The weather looks perfect, and we can’t wait to see everyone! Special thanks to our amazing Parents’ Association and our Carnival Chair Superwoman Courtney August for all their hard work. It’s going to be a fun day! #wdsupumc

Fred Rogers said, “for children, play is serious learning.” In that case, WDS friends are seriously learning! It’s fun to see the way play evolves as the children get older...

WDS Dads’ Night was a big hit! Thanks to our awesome PA coordinators, and to all the dads who came to eat, play, and visit. We had a blast! #wdsupumc

The WDS operates at the intersection of Christ and children. Weekly chapel with Mrs Alison is such a fun time of our week! Thank you to the families of our 4s and K classes who joined us for our first Family Chapel on Monday! It was lovely to worship together!

Our “Friday only” friends come once a week, so it typically takes them a bit longer to settle into the routine. Not these kiddos! They are rocking and rolling at The Weekday School! #wdsupumc

The 4s are playing with their whole bodies and minds!

WDS kindergartners are off to a flying start! They visited the office today to “read the room”. Mrs Youngblood tried to trick them with some really hard words, but they didn’t stumble at all! #wdsupumc #wdskinder

The WDS staff is excited to start the new school year!

Summer Fun week 2 was a blast!


The purpose of The Weekday School at UPUMC is to build a strong, Christian foundation of love and learning in every child through nurturing and challenging them appropriately in all developmental areas.

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