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Thank You For Your Unconditional

Deuteronomy 28:6 says
Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.

Thank You
my thought for you tonight is : In this world you will have trouble.But take heart I have overcome the world. John 16:33.
My thought for you this evening:you are the light of the one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lamp stand and it gives light to all in the house.In the same way let your light shine before others....Matthews-5--14-16 KEEP A bright light shining over Shady Grove P.B.CHURCH and no one will be lost,God Bless Our Family.

"A church expressing the love of Christ with a Common touch"

Operating as usual


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We will be having Monday School on tomorrow night. We will be studying the November 1st lesson entitled

"Loving by Serving"

John 13:1-15, 34-35

Although, we skipped a few lessons. I strongly encourage you to at least read over those lessons as there might be some discussion involving those lessons (hint, hint).

See you there! 7pm sharp!!!

Aeschere Mcmillian is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Monday School Studies
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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[07/03/16]   To all of our FB family and friends, we would like to solicit your prayers for our ministry. From time to time we are met with challenges that serve to draw us together in prayer and fasting. We believe that such a time has come for us while realizing that God is our vindicator and will uphold us in His power, hide us in His sanctuary, until these storms be passed over. Thank you in advance for standing with us!
In The Master's service,
Elder M Morgan, Pastor

[11/08/15]   In a football game many believe you are only as good as your offensive and defensively line. A good player will study his opponent for tendencies he can exploit. In order for you to overcome your enemy to your Christian life, you have to be strong in the trenches. Studying the Word of God and prayer will prepare you for the battle. And you have to know when to call an audible. For the Cowboy fan, you are accustom to seeing Toni Romo come to the line and after a quick scan of the defense, depending upon how they are set, you will hear him shout to the offensive team, "Omaha, Omaha, kill, kill, kill" Everyone knows he is changing the play at the line to a secondary play. When you are being overwhelmed by an unexpected attack, you better know it's time to call an audible! Hold my mule right there! okay I'm back. Message today: In The Trenches 1 Peter 5:8-9 C U @ the Grove.

[11/01/15]   It is no wonder that we battle with the whole idea of submission. The key to a submitted life is humility. The hidden treasure of both is the peace of God. Therefore they are both graces given by God. That which robs us of both is pride and impatience. The need to handle up on those who mistake your kindness for weakness, afraid my goals may not be realized, I'm running out of time. We've been dooped by the enemy. Come and lets hear the real truth. Sermon today: Empowered Through Submission 1 Peter 5:5-7, Phil 2:1-11
It is clearly not desired by everyone, but it is provided if you dare to pursue it. This is pastor Morgan signing out - C U @ the Grove.

[05/17/15]   Great message Pastor Morgan "If God is asking, its for your benefit."

John 4:1-10

Jesus was weary.

A lot of times we confused weary in the journey to ministry and weary in ministry.

When you in love with what you do you dont have to worry about getting weary.

Dont get weary in the journey because ministry is on the line.

Becareful of what you hold on to. What are you u willing to give up? You are a slave to it.

In the ask was a trigger to a gift. All is needed to receive the gift God is giving is a yes.

If God is asking it is for your benefit not his.

The gift is in the asking a yes will give you power to tell your spirit no.

God is saying if you just give me what I ask I will replace it with something heavenly of like kind.

Matt. 19:29
Luke 6:38
Romans 8:18
II cor. 4:17-18

If He's asking its in an area that is holding you down.

So in order to fix it Hes just asking you to give it to Him.

Jesus is into like kind exchange.

There is ask on the table that has a gift attached. Will you say yes?

Shady Grove!!!

[04/11/15]   Hello Shady Grove!!!!! All I wanted to alert you of a slight change in plans. The Quiz bowl scheduled for this Saturday has been moved to the 3rd Sunday during the BTU hour at 3:30 pm.

[11/27/14]   From the Shady Grove Church family to your family we wish you a joyful and blessed Thanksgiving day!

[09/04/14]   Attention Super Sunday School Goers!!!!!!!! Sunday School books are in. I gave some out today at bible study. For everyone else I will give them to you on Sunday. But you still have to study your lesson. This new quarter is about sustaining hope. The first lesson is entitled "A Vision of the Future" The background scripture is Jeremiah 30. The lesson text is Jeremiah 30:1-3, 18-22. For devotional reading read Jeremiah 29:10-14. Please study your lesson, we have wonderful teaching (discussions) coming from Sis. Morgan. So study your lesson and come prepared for a great lesson. See you Sunday 9 am sharp!!!!! lol

[07/18/14]   Attention all Grove members: Please come out tonight to the BTU Sunday School Congress starting at 7pm. Please come out and support. It is held at Bethlehem on Reed st. Come on out and support.

[06/22/14]   Sermon for today:
The Lions and the Bears

Rev.17:10-11 1 Samuel 17:32-37

You must have staying power to do a great work in the Lord.

You must stand on His word and trust Him knowing that He is God.

God has sent the Lions and bears so He can show His might.

You must trust the Lord in all things.

Know that He is God and ruler over everything. Not somethings but all things.

You lions and bears come to challenge you and your knowing that He is God. You must know that He has you and trust Him.

Reckon it to be so.

Now that you have faced the Lions and bears you can face the Giants in your life with confidence that the mighty God that delivered you back then can deliver you now. Knowing this will allow you to grab the devil by the jaw and club him to death with the might of the Lord.


So yesterday was the last day of Vacation Bible School our theme was The Jesus Connection.... What a friend we have! (1Cor.1:9). What a great time we had in the Lord! I want to say thank you to all who came out and thank you yo all who helped whether it was by teaching donating or just being there I thank you. Love you all!

[06/18/14]   It's not too late... Vacation Bible School tonight 7pm. Come on out! Let's learn about our Jesus connection..... What a friend we have!!!!!! Bring your kids, bring yourself, bring your family. VBS is for everyone... see you there!

[06/18/14]   Day two of Vacation Bible School and today we learned "To Say no to Sin." Yesterday we learned that we were "Created with a Purpose" put that all together: We were created with a purpose and because of that we must say no to sin so that we can be used to fulfill our purpose. Day three we will learn that We are forgiven..... so I expect to see you there. You will find that knowing you are forgiven is an important piece in understanding our purpose..... come on out tomorrow. It's not too late.... Two more days. Vacation Bible School.... The Jesus Connection.... What a friend we have!!!!!!!

[06/11/14]   Hey all, don't forget Vacation bible school next week June 16th through the 19th 7 pm nightly here at the Grove. Please come out. Bring your kids, bring your family, bring yourself. Please come out and be blessed. Shady Grove please remember we are asking you to please help us by donating snacks for that week. The items we are asking for are listed below:

Snack bars
Nacho cheese
Nacho chips
And any thing else the Lord lays on your heart to bring. Thank you and be blessed.


Joyce Meyer Ministries

[05/03/14]   Sunday school questions to be answered in class over the article for homework:

1. The term church has become what we do instead of who we are. True or false and why?

2. Does your life reflect that of a true Christian?(personal)

3. How do we know if we are living our lives Christ-like? What kind of self check can we do?

4. We often make excuses for the sin we like and don't want to stop doing.... why is that?

5. What is the definition of repent?

6. Finish this sentence: Reforming means our________, our ________, and even our ________ will begin to reflect Christ.

[04/27/14]   Good morning Saints!!!!!!!!!

[04/13/14]   One of the greatest obstacles to healing is mental. Doubt, fear and despair war within and distractions from without that serve to bind. How do you remain hopeful when it seems hopeless? Come and let's talk about "The Chain Breaker." Luke 8:44-48 C U @ the Grove!

[04/04/14]   Greeting Everyone! We hope that you will join us this Sunday Morning and every Sunday Morning for our super Sunday School. Here is the homework for this Sunday.

1. God never asked the Gentiles to join the Jews in keeping the Sabbath before, Why do you think He did so (Isaiah 56:6)?

2. What do you think was the significance of mentioning six of the ten commandments (Jeremiah 7:9)?

3. Why do believers think there are times when we can hide from an omnipresent God (Jeremiah 7:11)?

Please make sure that you study your lesson and come with some excitement. I would love to see all of your smiling faces there.

Love you all

Sis. A. McMillian

[03/30/14]   Hello every one Just a reminder Super Sunday School is tomorrow and EVERY Sunday at 9 am sharp. Beat me there don't meet me there. Don't forget the homework assignment given out last Sunday. For the adults: Do questions 1-4 on page 353 and for the kids they are suppose to use meek and humble in a sentence. We are super excited about our Sunday School and hope you are too! See you there!!!!!!!


Journey of Moses

Comment Amen if you agree!


Joel Osteen Ministries


Cindy Hageman

Say, "NO!" to FEAR! God is on your side.

[03/08/14]   Good morning all!!!!! Breakfast with the Morgans is still going on. You have plenty of time to get down here for our Breakfast buffet. Come on out!!!!

4802 Burma road Dallas Texas 75216
Donation: $10.00

Come out and enjoy!!!!! Lots of food!!!!!!!

[03/08/14]   Super Sunday Goer's here is the first Homework Assignment due SUNDAY 3/9/2014.

1. What promises does the Bible extend to believers?
2. Why do you think the promise God made to David is still important to how we live our lives today?
3. Why should we trust God in the face of circumstances we can't understand? What are the benefits? What are the challenges?
4. How will knowing that God is trustworhty affect your response to difficult circumstances?

[03/08/14]   Back by popular demand..... The Shady Grove Christian Education Ministry sponsors SUPER SUNDAY'S!!!!!! Come one and all to our Super Sunday School each and every Sunday morning starting bright and early at 9 am!!!!!!!! I can promise a great time studying our Bible. We have dynamic teachers who do there best to bring the lesson alive for each and every one. So please come out and learn with us I promise it is worth it!!!!!!!! Beat us there don't meet us there.


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