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Videos by Metanoya Dallas in Dallas. We will do anything short of sin to reach those who do not know Christ

We are ready to engage with you all... FB Live at 11am! Join us on Palm Sunday

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We are ready to engage with you all... FB Live at 11am! Join us on Palm Sunday

We're going live tomorrow at 11AM for our Sunday service!! You don't want to miss this🔥🔥🔥

Where is God? The talk @billyisland_ tackled this past Sunday... Check it out on YouTube or podcast #Godofthevalley #Godofthewilderness #Godofthestorms

Tomorrow let’s make sure we have watch parties all over the city... Get your tribe together around a phone, tablet, television, computer... Its gonna be 🔥 #metanoyadallas #onlineservice

Billy Island will be giving us ALL an uplifting word for such a time as this... Join us tomorrow at 11am

You Are NOT Alone...
Here’s a snippet of Billy Island’s talk You are NOT alone! Click the link 👇🏿 to hear 👂🏿 more

MATTHEW 25 ALIVE update... Thanks for ALL that contributed towards this cause of helping people... #loveGodlovepeople

We want you here! You are invited to join us at our weekend worship service(s) THIS SUNDAY 10am | 12pm | 8353 Lake June Rd #wewantyouhere #youbelonghere #welcomehome #metanoyadallas #metanoya #dallas #pray #spreadthelove #Jesus #Jesuslovesyou #visitus #joinus #God #worship #takesnotes #weeklyposts

Funny Vid
Me trying to make it to Metanoya Dallas for the 10AM service... Worship Times: 10AM + 12PM / 8353 Lake June Rd.

Pastor @billyisland_ said it best yesterday in our Sunday services.... #wewantyouhere! You don’t have to believe to belong or behave to be loved! Check this out on our podcast station #podcast #podbean #metanoyadallas #wewantyouhere

Our team would like to invite you to our 2 Sunday services #wewantyouhere

My Movie 2
Join us for "GO FIGHT THE VIOLENCE IN DFW" on Jan. 3rd at 7PM & Jan 4th at 9AM! 8353 Lake June Rd.

Headed to Metanoya Dallas Like.... Join us this Sunday at 10AM or 12PM for one of our services! 8353 Lake June Rd.

"Lead" By Pastor Billy Island
Go check out yesterdys talk from Pastor @Billy Island on our Podcast and YouTube Channel! ##ListenOnTheGo

You can go on our podcast or YouTube channel & stream the conclusion of the series “ChristMESS” — Here’s a snippet you give you an idea of what took place yesterday...

Funny Meme Vid
When you find this Sunday is Metanoya Dallas 6th Anniversary! Join us this weekend to celebrate! Sunday / 10AM + 12PM / 8353 Lake June Rd.

When you realize tomorrow is SUNDAY! You don't want to miss our Worship Experience! JOIN US! 10AM | 12PM 8353 Lake June Rd.

WhatsApp Video at 7.41.23 PM
Listen On The Go! Go subscribe to our Podcast and YouTube Channel! Yesterdays talk from Midweek is NOW available

Are you ready for MIDWEEK Worship tonight? We will continue in our discussion about ChristMESS w/ Billy Island! Join Us at 7PM! #wewantyouhere 8353 Lake June Rd.

Nick Young Meme
When your friend says they've never been to Sunday Service at Metanoya Dallas... Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend and JOIN US tomorrow! 10AM | 12PM 8353 Lake June Rd.

Tune in to our latest series "MERRY CHRISTMESS" | Now Available on our Podcast and Youtube channel | #ListenOnTheGo

Sunday 12:1
When you're headed to Sunday Worship at Metanoya! See you soon! 10AM | 12PM | 8353 Lake June Rd.

Saturday Post
MOOD! When you realize it's almost time for Metanoya Dallas Worship Experience! 10AM + 12PM / 8353 Lake June Rd.

Go checkout our Podcast and YouTube Channel to stream Billy Island ‘s talk on “I Quit...Making Excuses!” Tag a friend and share!

Tune into our podcast and YouTube Channel to checkout Pastor Billy Island ‘s talk from Sunday’s service! Link is in bio.

Ridiculous Redemption
Here is more insight from Pastor Billy Island 's Midweek talk on "Ridiculous Redemption"

Yesterday’s talk by Billy Island “Ridiculous Redemption” is now up on our Podcast! Go check it out and listen on the Go!

What are your plans for today? Join us at Metanoya Dallas for our afternoon service! You Belong Here! 12PM / 8353 Lake June Rd.

Good morning! Our 10AM service starts soon! So grab your coffee and make your way over to Metanoya Dallas for an incredible worship experience! 10AM / 8353 Lake June Rd.

My Movie 9
The response you have when you find out Pastor Billy Island is back this Sunday

This is how we feel when you say you haven’t made plans to join us for one of our worship experiences this weekend! 😂 Sunday | 10AM + 12PM | 8353 Lake June Rd.

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