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The power of Jesus at Christmas

We might think that we are "above" certain people or certain actions... but King Jesus came to earth, "loved low" and served the least of these. If He is able to love anyone, certainly we can too.

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25 Days of Faith: Day 17
25 Days of Faith: Day 17 Action Points: 1.) Memorize 1 Thess 5:18. 2.) Comment the surprising blessing of this season that you are grateful for.

25 Days of Faith: Day 16
25 Days of Faith: Day 16 Action Points: 1) Read through John 14-17 this week as you prepare for Easter. Look for how Jesus promises his peace. 2) Where is a place that you like to go for peace? Comment on Facebook and Instagram.

25 Days of Faith: Day 15
25 Days of Faith: Day 15 Action Points: • Leave a comment below to tell us what area where you need to trust God more today. • Memorize Prov 3:5

25 Days of Faith: Day 14
25 Days of Faith: Day 14 Action Points: 1. Write a comment telling everyone about your dream car or other possession that you wanted or had when you were growing up. I think it would be cool to find out what types of things people are into / passionate about. 2. Read Matthew 5:13-16 again. What one thing can you do that will add to your faith and let your light shine for the Glory of God while we wait?

25 Days of Faith: Day 13
25 Days of Faith: Day 13 Action Points: • Take time today to read John 15:4. Check out the Message Version as well. It hits home since we are all being asked to stay home right now! • Comment below with the verse or song you are using to focus on God during this time of uncertainty. What you share can help all of us!!

25 Days of Faith: Day 12
25 Days of Faith: Day 12 Action Points: • Study Matthew 6:6-14. • PRAY: 1) God will grant researchers to find good therapy and a vaccine for Codiv-19 2) The God will rid the earth of Codiv-19

25 Days of Faith: Day 11
25 Days of Faith: Day 11 Action Points: • Take some time to remember... recognize that your story goes back to the beginning! • Leave a comment that tells what your 10 condiments would be!

Brian scares Rosie
What's the best (harmless) practical joke or prank you've ever pulled? Tell the story in the comments!! Brian Latvatalo, our facilities director, likes to scare people in the office... what about you?

25 Days of Faith: Day 10
25 Days of Faith: Day 10 Action Points: • Leave a comment that tells us how you are seeking the source. • Memorize John 6:35!

25 Days of Faith: Day 9
25 Days of Faith: Day 9 Action Point: • Leave a comment and tell us what age you think you'll have to give up your keys! • Use some different postures when you pray today to illustrate surrender.

25 Days of Faith: Day 8
25 Days of Faith: Day 8 Action Points: • Read and memorize Psalm 121:1-2. • Leave a comment about the ways God is sustaining and taking care of you!

25 Days of Faith: Day 7
25 Days of Faith: Day 7 Action Points: 1. Comment with where/when you like to pray! 2. Read what Jesus says about prayer in Matthew 6. A few different translations might connect with you differently! 3. Turn on a five minute timer, and pray. Don't know where to start? Go through the Lord's Prayer, and personalize each statement: after "give us our daily bread", ask God for something you specifically need provision for! You can also find inspiring prayers throughout the book of Psalms. My favorite is Psalm 16, but Psalm 91 feels pretty relevant right now.

25 Days of Faith: Day 6
25 Days of Faith: Day 6 Action points: • Read Psalm 34:1 and Isaiah 12:5. • Write down the good things from your reality that need to be connected to your worship. See you tomorrow morning to worship together online!

25 Days of Faith: Day 5
25 Days of Faith: Day 5! Practice these 3 things this week: • Trust God • Pray... a lot • Act (encourage others, check on a neighbor, let the staff know you love them) Read these passages: • Judges, chapter 6 and 7 • Proverbs 3:5-6 • Philippians 4:6-7

25 Days of Faith: Day 4
25 Days of Prayer: Day 4 Action Items : • Read Psalm 145 in 3 different translations. • Memorize 1 Chronicles 16:34.

25 Days of Faith: Day 3
25 Days of Faith: Day 3. Some action items: • Read Psalm 57:5 and Hebrews 13:8. • Leave a comment in this post that is an exclamation on the character and goodness of God!

25 Days of Faith: Day 2
25 Days of Faith: Day 2! Action items: 1. Comment on this post and let us know if you like to ride roller coasters! Which one is your favorite? 2. Read Isaiah 40. 3. Plan to focus on having faith in God’s character, and not the fear around us. Put limits on how long you will be reading the news, social media, etc.

25 Days of Faith: Day 1
25 Days of Faith: Day 1. Here are some action points after watching the video: • Read 2 Peter 1:1-8 • Write down what you sense God is asking you to add to your faith. Then work on that! • Memorize 1 Corinthians 16:13 • Comment the date of your baptism, the day your faith in Jesus started, on this post!

Faith over fear! Watch Joe's response to the coronavirus and read the details for this weekend here:

Love is Powerful
This is why we Love Dallas... because Love can bring people to Jesus.

The power of Jesus at Christmas
We might think that we are "above" certain people or certain actions... but King Jesus came to earth, "loved low" and served the least of these. If He is able to love anyone, certainly we can too.

Worship Over Worry
"God does not promise the absence of struggle, but he does promise an abundance of strength!" Joe's first sermon after completing cancer treatment was powerful! Don't miss what God has to give you in the middle of your struggle.

Fall 2019 Rooted Posterboard Testimonies
Rooted is an 11-week discipleship experience designed to connect you to God, to the church, and to your purpose! Register online at

Job: Man's Response to Suffering
Chad's message yesterday was a powerful reminder that the reality of Jesus' resurrection can bring hope to us every single day. Even when we're suffering, we have a reason to worship... that reason is Jesus.

New Life at Valley View
We are so excited New Life to begin meeting this August. These groups will walk through 40 weeks of intentional discipleship, using 12 steps to grow, find healing, and LIVE FREE. If you're interested in joining the first groups in our New Life ministry, you can read more about the 12 steps at, and come to the church on Tuesday, August 20, at 6:45pm for the first meeting.

VBS 2019: Shipwrecked
We had an incredible time last week during VBS! Thankful for everything Jesus did in our church family, the kids who attended, and the volunteers who gave so much time to serve. Jesus rescues!

This Father's Day, do what you know your Heavenly Father wants for you: love one another.

Sword of the Spirit
Jesus is our example in using Scripture to thwart the attacks of the enemy!

Helmet of Salvation
Salvation is not the finish line. Salvation is the initiation that secures for us a place in the battlefield. Baptism isn't the end goal... there is more for us to do after we rise from those waters.

Shield of Faith
This is important: the shield of faith was not meant for one person to operate alone. Each person carrying a shield was meant to be standing next to another, and another, and another... each shield able to overlap with the others, creating an impenetrable barrier to attacks from the enemy. We are not meant to live isolated in our faith! We are meant to hold each other up through faith, safe in a community that fights for each other, protects each other, prays for each other in faith. Who has your back in faith?

Shoes of Peace
This is a life-changing realization: being equipped with peace can allow you to stand your ground anywhere, under any circumstances. The peace that comes from the Gospel can give you the traction you need to stay stable in the midst of a disaster, and to move forward against the work of the enemy, and to help others get back on their feet when it seems impossible for anyone to stand.

Breastplate of Righteousness
The next piece of the Armor of God is the Breastplate of Righteousness! Joel gives some historical and theological context for understanding how this helps us in our spiritual walk.

Belt of Truth
The Apostle Paul wrote instructions about spiritual armor we can "put on" to equip us for spiritual warfare. Christians will experience trouble from the forces of darkness, but there is equipment that will give us what we need to stand firm, and stand together. It starts here: The Belt of Truth.

Vacation Bible School 2019
You are invited to join us for VBS this Summer! The theme is Shipwrecked, and kids will learn all about how Jesus rescues them. Vacation Bible School will be from 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Monday through Thursday, June 24 - 27. The kids will play games, make crafts, get a snack, participate in worship, and learn how to Love Dallas together! Register your children, or sign up to serve, at

Easter Sunday Announcements
Missed yesterday's announcements? Here's the video! See you next Sunday for Sack Lunch Sunday in The Backyard!

Brian's Story
"Before my baptism on August 19th, I consider myself to be another person... a dead person. But now... it's been a good year. And I look forward to many more to come." Content warning: suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

"If you can worry, you can pray." Please join us in prayer as our Senior Minister Joe Weece navigates a Lymphoma diagnosis. We are praying for his healing, and thanking God for all the good He is already doing.

Rooted Fall 2018 Cardboard Testimonies
Choosing to invest in your faith will make a huge difference for your life! Sign up for a Rooted group at Groups begin meeting January 20.

Christmas from the Heart 2018
Last week's Christmas from the Heart event was a beautiful way to show God's love to local families! Thank you for Loving Dallas. #lovedallas

God's Work In You
God brought Elijah to a place of isolation and preparation in order to build him into the person who would Lead Others back to God. Remember, God doesn't waste anything... He will do something IN you in order to do something THROUGH you. Catch the rest of the sermon video on our website at

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