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On Monday, February 24, PHPC will welcome Kimberly L. Bates to our staff as Director of Business Operations.

Best known as Kim Latrece, she is an East Texas native, born and raised in Longview. She transitioned to Dallas Ft. Worth in 2007. Her hometown holds sweet memories of her childhood and her family’s legacy which still positively impacts the city. Kim gained influence from her late grandfather who is a NAACP Trailblazer Award recipient, and one of the founding members of Teacher’s Alliance Credit Union.

Kim possesses over 10 years of financial and executive level leadership experience, which includes Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, to name a few. She holds a B.S degree in Psychology, B.B.S degree in Finance and is currently pursuing her MBA degree with a focus in Business Innovation Strategy. She is also a licensed minister, soon to be ordained Elder, and has a heart for all people. Kim’s specific passion is for marginalized groups, in which, she spends several volunteer hours teaching financial literacy in low to moderate income communities.
Kim is a proud member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She enjoys networking, engaging her community members, and being a servant leader to her colleagues and church.

“From our first interaction, I found Kim to be warm, personable and passionate about the church,” says Mark Brainerd. “We are pleased to have Kim join our staff as she brings energy, intelligence and imagination to this season of our life and ministry together.”

2020 Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage - Birmingham | PHPC Blog | Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Our team headed to Birmingham yesterday, where they met with Janice Wesley Kelsey , who participated in the Children's Crusade in 1963. They also had the amazing opportunity to eat dinner with Sarah Collins Rudolph, a survivor of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. Read more below! “Always remember that the freedoms we enjoy now came at a cost. We shouldn’t take that freedom for granted.” – Sarah Collins Rudolph. In 1963 Birmingham was a pivotal location in the fight for Civil Rights in America...

Friends! We can’t wait to show you what our youth have been working on...FROZEN JR!! The musical premieres on March 6, and there will be three performances that weekend - details and tickets available at It’s perfect for all ages - invite your friends and neighbors! ❄️ 🎶 🎤

2020 Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage - Day One | PHPC Blog | Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Our Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage is underway in Glendora, Mississippi. Read below to learn more about their travels! “And the Lord said, “What have you done? Listen; your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground!” -Genesis 4 On the road again… On Sunday afternoon, a group of members and friends of Preston...

Is it Just Me? Perfectionism

“I wonder how many of us are taking on this posture of perfectionism? Perfectionism is on the rise - we are a culture obsessed with perfection. The perfect job, the perfect marriage, the perfect kids, the perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect faith - the faith that is strong and never unwavering. I think the church has been complicit in this. I think somehow, along the way as Christians, we got the notion that things are good, and we are faithful and holy, or we are bad. But the American church has sprinkled in a cup of American exceptionalism with Protestant work ethic - and coupled with the idea that faith has to be perfect, it becomes a deadly cocktail.” - Rev. Matthew Ruffner

Rev. Matthew Ruffner preaches on 2 Corinthians 4:7-9.

Academic Festival Overture (Brahms)

Jared Cook, organ

Worship at 5, 2/16/2020

Cap off a weekend of amazing weather with us tonight at Worship at Five! We’d love to see you! #worship #phpc #pcusa #contemporaryworship

11 AM Worship, 2/16/2020

Rev. Matthew Ruffner

Dr. Brian Williams is not only a world-class trauma surgeon; he is a world-class leader. If I had to guess, my first introduction to Brian was like yours, through the television screen, as he took his place at the podium at Parkland Hospital for the press conference following the police shooting on the night of July 7, 2016.

As Dr. Williams spoke, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that he was the surgeon on call that evening at Parkland. I was grateful that we have access to world-class surgeons of Brian’s caliber in Dallas. But, then, as he spoke, his remarks shifted from medicine to his experiences of that evening’s gun violence and then to race in America. I was deeply moved by his thoughtful, emotional, and honest reflections.

Dr. Williams now serves as an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Chicago, Division of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. In addition to his work as a trauma surgeon, Dr. Williams travels the country as a thought-provoking speaker sharing his unique insight on resilience, gun violence, and racial justice. He is also an opinion writer featured in the Dallas Morning News and hosts the podcast Race, Violence & Medicine.

Several months ago, Brian invited me to be on his podcast. I was honored by his invitation, and our calendars finally aligned this past week. We were able to spend a bit of time talking about leadership and purpose. You can listen to our conversation by clicking the link below.

This will not be the last time you hear of Brian, as we are working to bring him to PHPC in some capacity in the future!

You can find more information and other episodes of his podcast at his website,

Kids are such an important part of our PHPC family - we love seeing families in worship and children engaging with their faith! #worship #childrensministry #worshipatfive #pcusa

Hot chocolate after worship was definitely a hit! Grateful for a moment to worship and fellowship together at the end of the weekend. #worship #worshipatfive #hotchocolate #pcusa #christian #faith #dallasfaith @ Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

We love this Affirmation of Faith, written by our Youth and used during worship two weeks ago for Youth Ministry Sunday. Thank you to our youth and leadership for such a meaningful service!

I believe that I am loved.
I believe that God created us to love one another.
I believe that we should lift one another up, instead of competing.
I believe in giving the microphone.
I believe in running to God when it gets dark out.
I believe in the power of friendship.
I believe that we were made to love one another.
I believe that kindness goes a long way.
I believe that being yourself is the best thing you can be.
I believe in encouraging others.
I believe that actions speak louder than words.
I believe that from time to time, we all need help.
And I believe that from time to time, we all have help to give.
So until God’s promise day, we promise to do our best.
We promise to keep showing up.
We promise to live with compassion and empathy.
We promise to work hard.
We promise to love deeply.
We promise to open the doors wide.
And we promise to extend a hand.
Let it be so.
Amen. @ Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church


These beautiful flowers are in honor of Mummy on her birthday. This arrangement & a 2nd one were in the sanctuary at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church. My thanks to Peggy & the flower committee for their lovely work & thanks to King for taking the picture. Now that the Service is over, the flowers will go to people in the hospital or nursing home #MummysBirthday

11AM Worship

Creating a Focused Vacation Bible School Experience | PHPC Blog | Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Did you know that our children's ministry team designs a custom VBS each year, focusing on a different mission theme? Read all about last year's theme and this summer's upcoming experience, and make sure to sign up for VBS and our other summer programming before it fills up! “Trash for Ann”, - that was a common phrase you might have heard around the church last spring and it has still been repeated several times since Vacation Bible School last year. Although we laughed about how we were collecting trash...

We love these special moments helping our sixth grade liturgists prepare for worship! #schoolchapel #worship #schoolworship #phps #phpc

Festival Sanctus

The Sanctuary Choir Directed by Steve Jobman John Leavitt

Worship at 5, 2/2/20

Our own Zach Light-Wells and Rev. Sarah Are helped lead worship last week at the 2020 APCE conference - the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators - in Little Rock, Arkansas. Thank you for your leadership and for representing PHPC! @ Little Rock, Arkansas

11AM Worship

Flasback Friday! From Epiphany Ministry coordinator Brian Spann: “When I first received my call into ministry I was an intern at Joni & Friends Texas. As a part of my internship, I traveled to area churches with special needs ministries to learn and observe. In 2014 I observed the Epiphany Ministry at PHPC. Little did I know that I would be coordinating the amazing ministry just a few years later. I am so thankful that the Lord has brought me back to PHPC and that the Epiphany Ministry continues in the ministry of inclusion.”

Have you subscribed to our podcast yet? Search “PHPC” on Apple podcasts! This is a perfect week to subscribe - hear reflections from our senior high students from last Sunday! Each week we post our sermon and offertory, along with seasonal devotionals!

#podcast #sermons #presbyterian #christian #youthsunday

All young adults (20s and 30s) are invited to our third annual Lake House Retreat! April 24-26, $40 per person. You won’t want to miss this unplugged, relaxing weekend of growth, fun, food and fellowship!

Contact Sarah Are, [email protected]

11AM Worship

It’s difficult to deal with things alone, especially if you think you’re the only one facing a challenge. We are lifting up prayers this month at Worship at Five as we talk through different things we all face during our sermon series, “Is It Just Me?” Come add your prayers to our chain, as we hope to lift up our collective prayers as we realize are not alone! #prayer #sermon #pcusa #presbyterian #christian #faith

They say home is where the heart is. For me, my home is built on the corner of Preston and Walnut Hill, surrounded by four brick walls and a small sign above that reads Youth House.⁣

Through the years, I have been fortunate enough to personally see the level of involvement within the Dallas area flourish and it is such a beautiful thing. On the ASP mission trip, we visited Hazard, Kentucky and helped families with different types of physical labor. During this time, I made a deep connection with my family and the sweet two year old, Micaylee. She and her family live at the bottom of a landslide with a camper that would flood every time it rained. It was beat up and broken, but Micaylee’s level of joy was not. She had the most contagious laugh I have ever heard and a heart of gold. ⁣

After our mission trip, I came home with my faith completely transformed. I believed in God on a whole new level and continue to trust in His unconditional love. Through the Youth House, the impacts on the community of Hazard are continuing to be enacted here in Dallas.Growing up in the church, I immediately had a personal connection with multiple members, however none of those relationships could ever compare to the ones I made at the Youth House. ⁣

Whether it was summer trips, bible study or confirmation, the friendships you make with others are sure to last a lifetime.⁣

The people of the Youth House have not only impacted who I am, but also my relationship with God. The Sunday school teachers, my friends, and Sarah Are have all changed me for the better and continue to turn me towards the Lord. When life challenges feel too heavy to carry, I can always rely on the people of the Youth House to be my rock and remind me that I’m not alone because God is with me.⁣

I am so thankful to be a part of this group and cannot wait to grow our community. We have all been claimed as His and the Youth House is a place for youth to dive deeper into that while making incredible memories. It is welcoming, safe, and a home for everyone.

-written by Emma Ghighi, senior

#youthministry #youth #pcusa #presbyterian #youthsunday @ Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Youth Sunday is a special day in the life of the church that happens once a year. This Sunday, you will find all four worship services to be led entirely by our 7th-12th grade youth.

In preparation, our youth have spent the last month working with the youth staff and volunteers to study scripture texts, select a theme and passage for this day, write liturgy and prepare homilies. All of the music and words you hear in this Sunday’s services reflect their values, ideas and energy.

#youthsunday #youthministry #pcusa #presbyterian #christian @ Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

Care Needs in the New Year | PHPC Blog | Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

What care needs are you facing in the new year? Read our new post by Mahlon Hight, Coordinator for Care and Senior Adults, and if you need support after losing a loved one, register for our grief support group, Good Grief, starting tonight ( We also have some upcoming sessions on handling the transition to caring for older parents - check out those opportunities at! Happy New Year! We have come through another holiday season and into a new year, in fact, a new decade. This year we seem to be starting the new year with a lot of disturbing events. Mother Nature is wreaking havoc with wildfires in Australia...

“Love is the only cement that can hold this broken community together. When I am commanded to love, I am commanded to restore community, resist injustice, and meet the needs of my fellow human bings.” MLK Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story

Interested in our Racial Justice and Equity Pilgrimage? Email Sarah Johnson at [email protected]! #mlk #mlkday #pcusa @ Dallas, Texas

Worship at 5, 1/19/20

11AM Worship

What Difference Will I Make? MLK Day 2020 | PHPC Blog | Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church

"Behind the towering figures that we know, were countless everyday people whose courage and daily choices made change in our country. I cannot help but think that as we celebrate his legacy, the fullness of the Movement and our part to play in justice, is something Dr. King would have us consider.

This weekend, I am challenging myself not just to remember and celebrate and talk only about what a hero King and others were in our history, but to ask what kind of hero I want to be. What difference will I make? What difference will your choices and actions make in the world?"

Check out our new blog from Sarah Anne Johnson on MLK weekend! "Movements are like jigsaw puzzles. Everybody represents a piece. Without your piece, the change puzzle would not be complete."             - Joanne Bland, Civil Rights...

Have you picked up your copy of our Spring Adult Learning guide? Grab one in the Atrium or Founders to find out more about upcoming classes, speakers, retreats and more! Visit to register! #pcusa #christian #learning #adulted #sundayschool #biblestudy

We love hearing from our members! Stephanie Miguez attends Worship at Five and shared her thoughts on the service with us. We would love to invite you every Sunday at 5 p.m for this one-of-a-kind worship experience! ⁣

“When I first stepped foot into this new worship space I just wanted to find out what it was all about. Now, it’s my favorite time to worship. I have learned how to worship with new songs that have become as precious as the hymns I sang as a child. They are soothing, renewing and fill my spirit. ⁣

Worship at Five has reconnected me with God in a new way. I love that it feels unrushed, and everyone is acknowledged. It has given me a new sense of community at PHPC. Worship at Five is a space where no matter where you are in your journey of faith you feel welcome and accepted. ⁣

I know that God is at work in this space when I see the children-friendly spaces that have been incorporated into the worship area. I particularly love worshiping with my grandchildren during this service. They love eating the snacks, watching the band play, singing, and taking communion together. They can stand in the aisles to get a better view and that’s okay! I also enjoy teaching Sunday school on a monthly rotation to see first-hand how parents are teaching their children to pray, to think about how we should treat each other, and care for one another. ⁣

Come give Worship at Five a try, and you will fall in love with this service just as I have.”

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Worship at 5, 2/16/2020
11 AM Worship, 2/16/2020
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