Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies

Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies


Wooo I'm going in! If you.want to get fired up, listen to this ! Fire ! I'm Excited!
" Spiritual Unity and Apostolic Alignment "
Worship God with Praise
Good God Sunday Morning
For Those Who Mourn
"To Be Absent Of The Body Is To Be In The Presence of The LORD"

At one time or another we've all loss a love one. There's nothing any of us can do about it. There's one thing in life that most certainly will happen to us all;The living will one day die. But hold this truth ,this blesseth assurance, if we believe and receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior; If we have been born of water and the spirit " Death has no sting and the grave has no victory".
God bless you
Prophet Sandra Dukes Lively
Good GOD Sunday Morning
Part 3 of 3
"IS There Anybody IN Here ?"
Good GOD Sunday Morning
Part 2 of 3
"IS There Anybody IN Here ? "

AWSD is purposed for the needs of artists with literary, performing and creative arts.

Operating as usual

Join us for Sunday Morning Service at The Potter's House of Dallas! 05/16/2021

Join us for Sunday Morning Service at The Potter's House of Dallas!

Good God Sunday Morning
Powerful Message ...Converted

Join us for Sunday Morning Service at The Potter's House of Dallas! Join us for Sunday Morning Service at The Potter's House of Dallas!Attach your seed to this anointing, sow into good soil! or Text TDJM... 10/07/2020

Powerful Prayers for the fire of God to increase upon your life By Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes

Good God Morning
LET US TOUCH AND AGREE IN THE NAME OF JESUS, AMEN. Powerful prophetic Prayers for the fire of God to increase upon your life so that God will use you in ministry. By Evangelist Gabriel Fernandes •If you would... 09/24/2020

America's Got Talent 2020 Brandon Leake Grand Final Full Performance

The Word - We Are Willed To Speak

The Word - The Spoken Word has won .
Won a nation; won a nation and a world . A world in need of a word. A Truth, a hope, a fulfilled promise. As lungs need air and the body needs blood; as life needs love, to thrive, to survive; we are willed to speak.
" In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God". He, the Creator spoke into existence all there is and all there is to be. As He and we are part of His creations...We speak to life and it's liberties and love will appear.
The Word is the Beginning,the Alpha ; and The Word is the End, our Omega. Speak to It ! March to It !
...and Love and all God's Promises Will Appear.(c) Sandra Dukes-awsd Lively Nbc And America's Got Talent Own Rights To This Video My Twitter Simon Cowell Sofia Vergara Heidi Klum Howie Mandel Terry... 07/26/2020

O'Jay's, A Prayer (with lyrics)

Good God Sunday Morning 🙏
In Honor of Beloved American Politician and Civil Rights Leader John Lewis 1940 - 2020
Civil Rights Leader Final Crossing of Edmund Pettus Bridge.
A Prayer
Sandra Dukes-awsd Lively AWSD This can be found hidden in one of the O'Jay's treasure chest of songs. When I heard it back in the 1990's I immediately connected with it. I was thrilled to...


LEAVE THEM ALONE; THEY ARE DANGEROUS | Inspirational & Motivational Video

Good God Sunday Morning

LEAVE THEM ALONE; THEY ARE DANGEROUS | Inspirational & Motivational Video This channel was created to add value and to give you Godly instructions in your da...


5 Types Of People You Can't Help

Dharius Daniels is a cultural architect and trendsetter for his generation. He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Change Church. Change Church is a vibrant mi... 06/02/2020

'Who is the thug?': Anderson Cooper blasts Trump's 'outrageous and dangerous' photo op stunt

Whether you have discernment OR you just recognize weak game . We now know that those that don't see, don't want to see. "People have waited for days for this wannabe wartime president to say something. And this is what he says."


WALKING IN VICTORY - Pastor Clarisse Okenwa Cameroonian/Nigerian Gospel Artist Ft. David Etta King

The Anointed Works of Clarisse Okenwa

Sandra Dukes Lively-AWSD Group

WALKING IN VICTORY LYRICS I'm walking in Victory, I’m walking in Victory Casting my burdens down, tearing down the veil Breaking loose of every chain, walkin...


🎼This is the season of (me singing🎤 ) Wisdom ..You betta get it for yourself. I'll pray for you but ain't doing nothing else. CAUSE This is the season to get wisdom for yourself🎶 awsd


Worship Medley

Good God Tuesday Morning
In Celebration of his life and godly gifts and talents.
Heartfelt Condolences and Prayers to Troy Sneed's family and friends . May God comfort you as you mourn. In Jesus' Name we pray,
Amen .

Provided to YouTube by Emtro Gospel Worship Medley · Troy Sneed In His Presence ℗ 2006 Emtro Gospel Auto-generated by YouTube.


Worship Medley

Good God Tuesday Morning
In Celebration of his life and godly gifts and talents.
Heartfelt Condolences and Prayers to Troy Sneed's family and friends . May God comfort you as you mourn. In Jesus' Name we pray,
Amen .

Provided to YouTube by Emtro Gospel Worship Medley · Troy Sneed In His Presence ℗ 2006 Emtro Gospel Auto-generated by YouTube.


Life Stories

Sharing Facebook Memory
Tears of Joy have been just flowing this morning. ..Move Holy Ghost!
Keep Praying! Keep Working ! Your Sanctified Destiny Is Waiting Just Around the Corner! "Faith without Work Is Dead"
Prophetess Sandra Dukes Lively AWSD

Chris Gardner was a homeless single father trying to make a better life for his son when he had a chance encounter with a man in a red Ferrari that changed his life forever. This is his story.


Yolanda Adams - Sisters In the Spirit - (TBN)

To my Sisters In The Spirit " Good God Friday Morning 😊"
I pray you will take a moment to listen. Sent with love, respect and honor.

Sisters In The Spirit - "Come"
God is Just a Prayer Away

Sisters In The Spirit - "Come"
God has opened a "Way "

Let Us...
Walk in Integrity. Remember God sees what we are unable to see.

Sisters In The Spirit- "Come"
Walk into your sanctified destiny.

As a puzzle fits together ,each piece having a part, such is God's plan formed from His heart.

Sandra Dukes Lively

If you take away anything please remember
"WATCH how you treat people"( Each and Everyone)

Juanita Bynum introduces Yolanda Adams and she speaks. (2005)


Jennifer Hudson - Moan (Live)

And God heard their moaning and He remembered His covenant with Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
Good God Thursday Morning
Be Blessed - Be Bold - Be Brave
Abide in Him and He in you, in Jesus Name
Love, Prayers and Blessings,

Jhud Singing her song "Moan" for Oprah


Lillie McCloud - Crowd-Surprising Cover of CeCe Winans' "Alabaster Box" - THE X FACTOR USA 2013

This morning as we pray REMEMBER
and give JESUS all the praise ! Let the JOY OF THE MORNING OVERTAKE YOU! Let.the words of this song filled with worship, admiration,love and gratitude from this woman's praise ignite your spirit man.
Have a blessed and joyous day full of new grace, new favor and new mercy.
In Jesus Name

Lillie is here to win it all and to prove that it's never too late to give up on a dream. Subscribe now for more THE X FACTOR USA clips:



Healing Wounded Wombs 🙏👥👥👥👥👥👥
A Song that 🗣👂Cries Out to Spiritual Midwives 💥

“Sunday Best” 💜 Donald Lawrence


T.D. Jakes Ministries

When birds fly in formation, structure and order without competing with each other, they complement each other. They are lifted by the flapping of the wings of the bird in front of them and around them!

WATCH "Destiny Flocks Together"


Sometimes all people need is to hear your story . To hear your " 🎼🎶How I got over🎵, to be ignited ,inspired to tell or/and write theirs. Each one of "US" is brimming with impossible dreams that became possible,let yours flow. Be the Oil that saturates someone else's dry spots.
Sandra Dukes-awsd Lively
Anointed Works Sanctified Destines




Thou Art the Christ, The Son of God

Who do you say HE is?
You have the power to bind and loosen on earth what is in heaven! Wow do you say He is?

Matthew 16:13-20 (KJV)
Who do you say I Am?

This morning has been amazing because our Lord Jesus is Amazing !

Who do I say He is ? "HE is the Son of the Living God ; The Morning Glory , the Lillie of the Valley; the Evening Star, the Rose of Sharon , a Cloud by day and Fire by Night, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega". I say He is " Food when I am hungry and Water when I am Thirsty. He is Jehovah -Jireh- my Provider; my Savior, Deliverer and Redeemer; My King of all kings; Healer, Teacher, the Sacrificial Lamb of God; God who came flesh. My All in all ; The Wheel within the wheel; Yeshua ha' Mesiach, Jesus Christ The Messiah. The Voice in the Night . The Joy in the Morning. ......" Hallelujah!
Sandra Dukes-awsd Peter testifies that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus declares that He will give the keys of the kingdo... 04/14/2017

Holy Saturday - Wikipedia Holy Saturday (Latin: Sabbatum Sanctum), the Saturday of Holy Week, also known as the Great Sabbath, Black Saturday, or Easter Eve,[1] and called "Joyous Saturday" or "the Saturday of Light" among Coptic Christians, is the day after Good Friday. It is the day before Easter and the last day of Holy W... 03/18/2017

MegaFest 2017 | More Than a Festival… It’s An Experience! More Than a Festival… It’s An Experience!


I read this 📖 post/ message this morning🌄 I implore you women and men of God to please read . There is an urgency for a binding and loosening in the earthly realm as it is in the heavenly realm.
This intro is my comment to the woman of God Minister La Tanya Scott after reading and receiving. May God bless you.

Bless you for speaking Truth . You gave a prophetic "Selah" message calling the flesh to die so the spirit might thrive, and in some cases, survive. The wise will hear, listen and recieve. The rebellious will not, "false pride comes before the fall". They will not understand your warning was concieved out of love and born out of obedience. Bless you woman of God for being the obedient spiritual mid-wife needed for this delivery. Clean hands and a pure heart were needed so as not to contaminate the Birthing Pool. You may have noticed I generally don't come to your page and speak in such depth, because of respect and "to be decent and in order". But like you and other obedient daughters of Zion, I dare not disobey my heavenly Father. "I go where HE says go ; do what HE says do; say what HE says say. "You are Honored and Well Recieved".
Sandra Dukes-awsd

We have GOT to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL who we SPEAK/COME AGAINST! Just because WE may not personally AGREE with, LIKE, or UNDERSTAND a person’s MESSAGE, DELIVERY, PERSONALITY, CALLING, ANOINTING, etc., does NOT mean they aren’t SPEAKING FOR/BEING USED BY GOD! Sometimes WE THINK we are talking about/coming against a PERSON, but really we are talking about/coming against GOD! BE CAREFUL BELOVEDS AS THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS TERRITORY! Remember that Miriam and Aaron spoke/came against Moses, and we know how that turned out?! {Numbers 12}Selah... ~Minister LaTanya Scott~


Copyright © 2017

[01/10/17]   God's Hand is moving and His breathe is has created a prophetic wind. Those that can hear " Listen to the Wind."
Sandra Dukes-awsd


Apostle John Eckhardt

via MaShani Allen


Greater New Hope Church



Cicely Tyson is a pioneer, an activist and legendary style icon! Help us wish her a Happy 92nd Birthday 🎉🎂


Woman of God

All married couples should memorize this powerful prayer! 🙏


TD Jakes Video 2014, Don't Die In Your Nest, Motivational Sermons, Birds

Greetings in the Name of Jesus . I'm posting this sermon that has been not only a blessing but I KNOW without a doubt sent by God to me as well as others. A message to soar as an eagle to a divine breakthrough in our lives. I heard parts of this message 3 times in separate segments in 2 days. NOW I understand that what has been happening, what I have been experiencing physically, emotionally, psychologically is a STIRRING encouraging me, warning me Not to Die in my nest . Glory to God ! I bless God for giving this prophetic,motivating,Selah sermon/teaching to Bishop T.D. Jakes . Hallelujah Jesus! I beseech you Please Hear this Word ; Receive this Word and Soar. AS Always Love and Prayers Prophetess Sandra Dukes awsd -Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies

the best and latest sermon praising God, let the Lord be glorified! please subscribe to the channel! thank you! be blessed!


New Beginning Outreach Service Online Radio by New Beginning Outreach

The Apostle Speaks
Many of us have traveled with Sessel L. Bent as he journeyed as a Prophet to the Anointing and Appointing as an Apostle. Come Join us Monday Night as he speaks of the travel and the travailing to reach where only God could send him. Come Join us as he speaks of where we as a people , a church and ministries are about to explore . Come Join us as we Give Praise to the Heavenly Father and congratulate Apostle Sessel L. Bent.
Join the New Beginnings Outreach Ministries as we congratulate Apostle S.L. Bent
Tonight’s Topic: Watch, Walk, Pray …and If You Do Not Faint …
WO MAN Women of Messiah –Anointed Nation is the Women Ministry within
Founder and Visionary Apostle S.L. Bent
Prophetess Sandra Dukes – National Overseer of New Beginnings
Women Ministry
New Beginnings Women Ministry Monday Night Blogtalk

“In the Beginning …And She Shall Be Called WO MAN”
In your womb lays many nations

Receiving a new beginning in your life.


T Won The Gospel God Father & Debra Price Go To Heaven Video

Good God Friday Everyone ! Here’s a Energizing Tune to Kick-Start Your Weekend ! Join Us Monday Night On W.O.M.A.N. Blogtalk Radio when this wife and husband Musical Team will tell you their Amazing Story !
Love and Prayers
T Won The Gospel God Father & Debra Price Video “Go To Heaven”
New Beginnings Outreach Women Ministry Monday Night Blogtalk
September 15,2014
Debra Price … Transformed!
My mission is to be Pleasing to my Father and a good steward over the gifts, talents and people He is trusting me to encourage, inspire, uplift, edify…

WO MAN Women of Messiah –Anointed Nation is the Women Ministry within New Beginnings Outreach Ministries International,
Founder and Visionary of NBOM Apostle-Elect S.L. Bent, Sr. Pastor
Prophetess Sandra Dukes –awsd
National Overseer of New Beginnings Women Ministry, Asst. Pastor Online Ministry- WOMAN- host and facilitator

new music video shot and edited by Brother Stone for U N I Media service.


T Won The Gospel God Father & Debra Price Go To Heaven Video

new music video shot and edited by Brother Stone for U N I Media service.



If you desire to be in an anointed, empowering, Holy Spirit-filled atmosphere, you are invited


Patti - Never Walk Alone - Motown (High Quality)

Good Morning
I pray all is well with you this beautiful God-given morning. First I just want to give God a grateful praise for allowing me to share this encouraging word and song. I know it may seem that as we all go about walking out the life that has been set in front of us it may seem that this journey is a lonesome walk. Whether we are in ministry, or not; whether we are on an assignment or a mission or a project; whether we live alone or we are surrounded by a house full of people; understood by many or only a few; or no one seems to understand our journey at all. In some cases, not even we ourselves understand why ours is a road that is best traveled alone. I come this morning to remind you to “Be encouraged, with Jesus you are never - ever alone”. Imagine in your mind’s eye, a road with many, each on their own path with Jesus. Each flourishing in what He {God} has planted in them to bud, blossom, and bloom and pollinate for His Glory. This is a time of cultivation! There is a powerful and power-filled intimate and bonding relationship growing in our aloneness with Him.
Let His teachings be your guide and let His Holy Spirit be your companion, and you’ll never walk alone. He will lead you, walk with you; and talk and direct you. At the end of the day if you do these things His Mercy will be everlasting; His Grace will be more than sufficient; and His favor will be abounding!
So this gracious morning I encourage you “Don’t Stop Walking”!
Enjoy the Song in its entirety and Then “Walk On”!
With Love and Prayers,
Prophetess Sandra Dukes-AWSD and NBOM
Please Click Link

Rare - Patti Labelle sings You'll never Walk Alone at motown returns to the apollo, Digitally Enahanced for High Qaulity.


Donnie McClurkin & Marvin Winans - "STAND"

Father God we your people; your sons and daughters "STAND UNDER YOUR SHADOW " we come as a body of believers . Whatever we are going through, No matter the problem; No matter the heartache; No matter the health isssue; No matter the disappointment ; No matter the situation or curcumstance we STAND on YOUR WORD for YOU ARE a GOD that cannot lie and YOUR WORD cannot and will not return void . So Father as we lay prostrate before the Throne of Grace and at the Seat of Mercy we speak YOUR Holy Scriptures into the atmosphere and declare and decree Victory in all areas of our lives .Your Word says in ..

Jeremiah 32:17 Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.

Jeremiah 32:27 “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.

Luke 18:27 Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”

We plead the blood of Jesus over this prayer We give YOU all our praise in our thanksgiving for it is already done in Jesus' Mighty Name. Amen

Prophetess Sandra Dukes -Anointed Works Sanctified Destinies Ministry
and New Beginning Outreach Ministries

Homegoing of Bis. G. E. Patterson, the National Service





9540 Garland Rd Suite 381-283
Dallas, TX
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Redeemer Bible Church Redeemer Bible Church
721 Easton Rd
Dallas, 75218-1817

We hope that no matter where you are on your faith journey that you feel welcome and at home at Redeemer Bible Church. Now streaming and meeting live for Sunday Service at 11 am. Click the link to our website and save your seat!

Ideal Family Church Ideal Family Church
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Ideal is known as the Pool Of Bethesda and a church on the move. We believe in ministering to the spirit man as well as the natural man.

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Our purpose is to help build strong transformational churches within the African American community by equipping, encouraging, & empowering them in Christ.

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Pentecostales en victoria!

A- Life Church A- Life Church
4033 Ivanhoe Ln.
Dallas, 75212

Sunday - 9:45 A. M. Pray, Praise, & Proclamation (Sunday School) 11:00 A.M. Worship Service Wednesday-7:00 P.M. Prayer Conference call 877-746-4263 code 0208055

Our Impact Church Our Impact Church
7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd
Dallas, 75236

We are a church where no one walks alone;where every member is connected. Expect to experience authentic love and God centered worship.

Holy Temple Church Holy Temple Church
4831 Sunnyvale St
Dallas, 75216

Come and experience a Powerful Move of God!!!! For booking please contact Ashley Smith [email protected]

Ministerio Lirios Del Valle Dallas Ministerio Lirios Del Valle Dallas
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Como una iglesia, Nuestra Vision es llegar al mundo con el mensaje de Jesucristo, Con la esperanza de transformar vidas con el amor de nuestro Padre.

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Dallas Bible Students

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We are a Church with a big heart and a lot of love.

8517 Scyene Rd
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