Aubrey Malphurs

Former Senior Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary, and author of over 25 books on church leadership, and strategic planning.

Aubrey is the founder of The Malphurs Group, a non-profit church consulting organization. Aubrey is a prolific and award-winning author of more than 20 books, with titles focusing on topics such as strategic planning, leadership development, church planting and organizational strategies. In addition to being the inspirational leader of the organization, Aubrey is a Senior Professor of Leadership a

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Timeline Photos 02/09/2021

Timeline Photos

🚗 Given time, churches accumulate ministries and programs. It’s inevitable. 🚗:

Only one in four churches is growing. That means the majority of churches have cluttered “ministry garages” that are preventing them from doing what God designed them to do.

Learn more about decluttering your ministry garage:


The Malphurs Group

Which church are you?
1. Doing the same Christmas programming as last year.
2. Cancelled everything.
3. Trying something new.
4. We don't know what to do! Help!

We have three ideas for you. Click below to read, listen or watch.

Did new rules and COVID restrictions in your area bust your Christmas plans?

We've got you covered ✅

Check out our recent episode of The Church Revitalization podcast for 3 easy to implement, low-cost, COVID-friendly Christmas outreach ideas: 11/05/2020

There Is Only One Winning Campaign | The Malphurs Group

This week on The Church Revitalization Podcast, A.J. Mathieu, and Scott Ball talked about what Christians can do to participate in the political process, but more importantly, what we can do for Jesus's spiritual campaign. #HealthyChurches #MakeDisciples There Is Only One Winning Campaign by A.J. Mathieu | Church Consulting, Church Culture, Church Governance, Church Growth, Church Health, Church Revitalization, Podcast Church Revitalization Podcast – Episode 62 In 2009 I entered the political world with a run for elected office and won. I spent th...


The Malphurs Group

On this weeks' podcast, a conversation with GregAtkinson about the upcoming First Impressions Conference, and timeless foundations of first impressions in the church. #healthychurches #makedisciples


The Malphurs Group

Did you know that The Malphurs Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization? An easy way that you can help us help churches thrive is by activating AmazonSmile. When you shop, churches win! #healthychurches #makedisciples


How to Plan for 2021

There is so much uncertainty, so how can you make a solid plan for 2021? A.J. and Scott will share how.


The Malphurs Group

A.J. and Scott are going live this morning at 10 am central over on The Malphurs Group page. Don't miss it! They're talking about planning for a great 2021.

We are going LIVE this morning with the Church Revitalization Podcast right here on the TMG page. Come back at the top of the hour (10 am central time US). Today...How To Plan For 2021. #healthychurches #makesdisciples 08/17/2020

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Five Ways to Boost Online Engagement. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

If your church's online engagement has struggled since Easter, you are not alone. Big and small churches alike are working hard to recapture their pre-Covid attenders and reach new people online.

Tomorrow at 3pm Eastern, my team is hosting a free training called "Five Ways to Boost Online Engagement."

Learn five strategies you can implement right away to navigate the technical and human challenges of engaging your community online with the gospel.

Click the link to register. If you cannot attend live, don't worry. The replay will be automatically sent to you to watch on-demand: If you're like most churches, most of your members haven't come back to in-person services. Your church might not even have them yet! At the same time, online attendance has been plummeting since Easter. According to Barna, as many as 30% of all engaged Christians, and 50% of millennials who attende...


Church Revitalization University Free Preview Account

Since March, churches have lost 50% of their millennial members to disengagement, and 30% of members overall. They aren't tuning in online, and they haven't come back to your building (if it's even open).

The key to thriving today is to act strategically and in alignment with God's Word.

My Strategic Envisioning process has helped churches for over 20 years. Our framework is custom to your church, and the principles are biblical. It's not a one-size-fits-all process that tries to fit your church into a model that worked ten years ago but isn't ready for our post-Covid world.

Church Revitalization University delivers my process and framework in a digital format. You save thousands of dollars over the cost of traditional church consulting, and you set your church up to thrive in our new reality.

You can check it out for free with a preview account. No payment information required or obligation. Simply visit: to set up your free preview account today.


The Malphurs Group

Tune in this afternoon!

The greatest barrier to making disciples is a lack of intentionality in our ministry. Given time, churches accumulate ministries and programs. It's inevitable. The majority of churches have cluttered "ministry garages" that are preventing them from doing what God designed them to do.

Learn the four steps churches can take to build a more effective ministry in our post-Covid world.

Read the show notes at 08/11/2020

Church Revitalization University | Helping churches experience healthy, sustainable growth.

Five years from now, your church is going to look vastly different than it does today.

Here’s the truth, you either get to be a victim of change or have a voice in it. We believe your church deserves the tools and resources to shape your future for the better, and you shouldn’t have to have a big budget to afford them.

Church Revitalization University delivers my Strategic Envisioning Process to your church in a fully digital format, so you can reduce your stress, grow your church, and change your world.

You’ll save thousands of dollars over the cost of traditional church consulting while preparing your church to thrive in our post-COVID world.

And! You can sign up today for a FREE preview account. Get access to the full introduction module PLUS previews of the entire process so you can be sure it’s a good fit for you and your church. No credit card required, and no obligation.

But, you’ll want to get your free account soon, because early bird pricing—which saves you $250—only lasts until August 18.

Visit to get a free preview account today! Church Revitalization online training course to help churches revitalize, grow, and make disciples.


Aubrey Malphurs's cover photo


The Malphurs Group

COVID isn't killing the church. It just exposed a pre-existing condition.

Covid-19 did not create problems for the Church, it merely exposed them and accelerated the consequences. In this episode, Scott Ball and A.J. Mathieu detail the shortcomings that Covid exposed in the Church and how your church can overcome them.

Read the show notes at


The Malphurs Group

Important interview with Greg Atkinson on balancing online and digital ministry. Tune in and ask your questions below.

As churches begin to transition back to in-person services, it's more important than ever that you don't leave your online audience behind. Watch our interview with Greg Atkinson, founder of Worship Impressions, the author of Secrets of a Secret Shopper, and found of the Weekend Worship and Guest Services group. Greg shares critical insight for managing the balance between physical and digital ministry.


The Malphurs Group

The topic of racial tension is difficult to navigate. Undoubtedly there are an abundance of opinions in your congregation. In this episode, our team was focused on discovering positive and meaningful ways you can lead your church through this unprecedented moment.

Yes, this is a long video. Leaders are learners, and I encourage you to invest the time in learning how to lead well.

As a pastor or church leader, you have an unparalleled opportunity to lead positive, Kingdom-minded change in your community.

While culture wants to tear us apart and force us into corners, the God of Heaven wants to draw us together nearer to Him.

The current racial tension in America is an opportunity for pastors to learn, lean-in, and lead well.

Since the release of the George Floyd video, our team has been focused on trying to listen. Particularly, we want to listen to church leaders of color that we know and respect. Secondly, we wanted to hear from white pastors who have been knee-deep in leading well through this issue for years.

In the three interviews we conducted for this episode, we began with a simple question: How would you encourage pastors to lead well through this historic moment?

For the audio podcast and to read this week's show notes visit


The Malphurs Group

How much of your congregation will be back when you reopen? You may be surprised by what some surveys reveal.

The Church Revitalization Podcast : Episode 41: Three Church Insights from COVID-19 Studies


The Malphurs Group

How your church can work the wait!

Your church can and should be leveraging this moment to become more effective than ever before. In this week's episode, we interview Jason Burns--the found of Radiant Printing and the Lead Pastor at Access Church. Jason's unique role in leading an organization that helps churches be more effective in communicating their mission and vision while serving as a pastor gives a deep weight to his perspective and insight. Let's dive in!


100 miles on a treadmill or 100 miles on a path? One wastes energy and the other moves towards a vision. Stop wasting energy.

100 miles on a treadmill or 100 miles on a path? One wastes energy and the other moves towards a vision. Stop wasting energy.


The Malphurs Group

Courage is critical! Great discussion with author and speaker Michael Anthony on how to lead with humble courage.

Join us for a live interview with Michael Anthony, author of A Call to Courage and founder of Courage Matters. Learn how to lead with courage through this crisis, and how to lead change in your church with courage.


The Malphurs Group


The Malphurs Group

This is critical guidance--how to open your church in phases.

Scott & A.J. walk through a phased approach to reopeing your church campus.


The Malphurs Group

This is a must-watch for pastors who want to prepare for reopening their church.

Learn five critical actions you must take right now to be ready to reopen your church campus.


The Malphurs Group

Today, we interview three pastors from around North America. We get a "field report" on Easter--what went well, what were the challenges, and what is ahead.


The Malphurs Group

Learn a step-by-step system to follow-up with first-time guests (viewers) for this Easter!

Scott & A.J. walk you through a customizable guest follow-up system in Episode 34 of the Church Revitalization Podcast Live!


The Malphurs Group

Please have a listen to this message from our team member, A.J. Mathieu.

A message to pastors. Don't let this unique opportunity in history pass you by. Be the leader that your church and the world needs right now. #healthychurches #makedisciples #bethechurch #buildthechurch


The Malphurs Group

Scott & AJ are walking folks through how to use online tools to build a robust groups strategy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Episode 33 of the Church Revitalization Podcast! We are walking through the practicalities of running virtual groups--specifically how to use Zoom, Band, and get people connected into groups.



In this critical moment, we want to help bring you together.

To do this, our team is setting up free Church Leader Huddles.

What is a Church Leader Huddle?

Church Leader Huddles are once-a-week, one-hour Zoom calls with other church leaders like you across the country to share what’s working in leading through COVID-19, what’s not working, and prayer requests.

Who are Church Leader Huddles for?

Because we are limiting the size of Church Leader Huddles, we ask that only lead, senior, executive, or associate-level pastors request to join. These are the leaders making the key decisions and need the most help navigating this crisis. Right now, we are only forming Huddles for North American churches. If possible, we will expand to include international Huddles in the future.

What does it cost to join a Church Leader Huddle?

Absolutely nothing. It’s completely free, and this isn’t a "freemium" plug to ultimately sell a product or service.

What role will TMG Guides play in the Church Leader Huddle?

Well, we will be Guides! We’ll facilitate conversation, ask questions, share what we’re learning, and act as the "host." But the purpose is to connect you to other leaders—not listen to a lecture from us.

What time will the Church Leadership Huddles meet?

Depending on demand, we will arrange multiple huddles, likely based on timezones. Details will be arranged with the Huddles once the groups are formed.

When will Church Leader Huddles begin meeting, and when will they end?

As soon as we can, hopefully by the end of this week. There is an urgent need for us to learn from one another as this situation is evolving week to week. The Huddles will continue to meet weekly as long as there is a need.

What do I need to do to apply for a Church Leader Huddle?

Click here:


The Malphurs Group

New episode of the Church Revitalization Podcast is up!

Listen to the whole thing and read the show notes:

Our latest episode of the Church Revitalization Podcast is live! Listen to the whole episode and read the show notes here:


The Malphurs Group

My team has worked extremely hard over the past couple of months to bring massive innovation to our Strategic Envisioning process.

As a result, they were able to lower the cost by over 60%. We've also created the role of Implementation Specialist on our team, which means that every church who works with us gets one year of coaching from a Specialist whose primary job is to focus on your success.

If you think Strategic Envisioning is only for churches with lots of money, I'm pleased to tell you this is not true. We are a non-profit group and are dedicated to delivering an affordable process to help the most number of churches possible.

Want to know more about our process? Click below.

Did you know that TMG is a non-profit ministry?

The Strategic Envisioning process from The Malphurs Group is more affordable and streamlined than ever before. If you thought working with a church consulting group was only for big or rich churches, we're happy to let you know that it isn't true!

See how our process works here: 03/05/2020

Developing a Crisis Logistics Plan | The Malphurs Group

You can now stream the audio or video of our recent webinar and get the PDF downloads by clicking below. There are no forms to fill out; we hope this helps your church prepare! Developing a Crisis Logistics Plan by Scott Ball | Church Health, Church Revitalization, Community Outreach, Developing Leaders, Leadership, Podcast, Strategic Planning Note: This week’s episode is unique. Earlier in the week, A.J. and I hosted a webinar on Crisis Logistics in the church. Given th...


The Malphurs Group

If your church doesn't have a crisis plan in place, join our team tomorrow at 11am. If you cannot attend live, you can still register and you'll receive the recording via email.

We aren't here to spread fear (or germs!), but the coronavirus outbreak is a good reminder that every church needs a crisis plan. Chances are, your church will experience a crisis at some point due to weather, accidental damage like a fire, or even a health advisory.

It's simply good stewardship to have a plan for the unexpected.

TOMORROW at 11am Eastern, join our free Crisis Logistics Webinar and get the information you need to be prepared for a crisis.


The Malphurs Group

Pastor, do you have a clear plan for if your church couldn't meet for a few weeks? This free training next week will help you have a plan--hopefully, you'll never need to use it! But being prepared is a wise step. Register for free at the link below.

As the likelihood of community spread of the coronavirus increases, there's no need to panic--but there is a need to prepare. If your church couldn't meet for a few weeks, would you be ready? Join us next Tuesday at 11am Eastern for a free webinar and get a plan for the unexpected.

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Church Revitalization University Free Preview Account
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